72 Best Home Business Ideas To Start While Working Full-Time

72 Best Home Business Ideas To Start While Working Full-Time

72 Best Home Business Ideas to Start with $25 even less while working full-time

Several entrepreneurs think they need to borrow or spend a lot of money to start their own business. There are many small businesses you can start with a just small fraction of the money to grow it to thousands of dollars in the next few months.

There are many people who are making thousands of dollars working at home.

Chris makes the case for starting a business for under $100.No need to borrow money, no employees, no office, and there is no need for a long business plan.

Instead, here are 72 small businesses ideas anyone can start from $25 to $100 by leveraging their skills, computer, and connection.

What You need to know before starting your own business

To become a successful entrepreneur is not a science but most people fear the risks that may be involved. Those who sacrifice and endure get the reward and live a better lifestyle being their own boss.

Many people who are interested in becoming business owners or entrepreneurs always face many challenges and it may be difficult to know the type of business ideas to start with to get better results.

The questions most people ask when starting out are, “how do I start a business?”; “how do I quit my day job and start a new business?” Etc.

It may be very challenging to come up with any home business ideas especially if you are interested in home businesses that require little or no stress.

Many of us are afraid of quitting our day jobs to pursue business without having to worry about how we’re going to meet the financial responsibilities and move forward with no immediate profits.

This is the reason why I tell people who want to start a business that they don’t need to quit their day job. They need to test their business and service before thinking of quitting their day job.

No matter where you are working or the nature of your work, there must be a time schedule to start your own small investment business from home.

You need to grow your business while keeping your day job to avoid trouble once you’re self-employed.

Before you think of small business ideas to start, there are two things you need to consider: PASSION and IDEAS or your hobby.

Check out the essential tools and resources I used to launch profitable side businesses.

I have carried out in-depth research and put together this massive list of 72 best small business ideas you can check out to see which one will suit you.

This will help you think of profitable business ideas to start.

It will be a little challenging to work as a full-time employee while working on your personal business.

But remember that some of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs struggled with this when they were about to start a business for the first time without quitting their day job.

Some of these home business ideas have more earning potential than others, but there is relatively no difficulty when starting.

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Below is the list of the best home business ideas you can start right now, while you’re still working full-time.

    72 Best Home Business Ideas To Start In 2022

Want to become a boss? Here are 72 unique business ideas you can start without quitting your day job.

NEW: Lead Generation Business

Lead generation business is one of the best online businesses you can start, and it requires low investment to get started. It is a method of selling leads to local businesses owners and marketers.

There are many people who’re making more than 10k per month with this business. Chad & Daven are hosting a LIVE event on how to start a profitable business fast and 10x your profits.>>Register for the workshop now.

1.eCommerce Business

eCommerce is booming and a lot of people are making money either selling on amazon FBA or creating stores to sell their products. There are different ways to start an e-commerce business and start making money.

Amazon FBA Business

If you want to build a brand by leveraging the power of Amazon and creating your dream life, the Amazon FBA business is the way to go. There are thousands of people like you who are making from $10,000 to $100,000 per month selling on Amazon.

If you want to start selling on Amazon, you can check one of the best training where you can learn how to start a successful Amazon business.


Dropshipping is another type of e-commerce that require a store to sell your product. With this model, you don’t need to worry about inventory or need an Amazon account.

  1. Web Design.

It is well-known that the world is moving toward eCommerce, and the number of people creating websites to grow their business is increasing every day. Web design is one of the best home business ideas that can bring thousands of dollars into your pocket every month.

Web designers are amazingly valuable for technology companies. It is just about mastering the art of creating an attractive website.

If web design is your passion, then you only need to take time to learn how to build a website in the following area. HTML, CMS, PHP etc.

There are many companies and individuals looking for professional web designers to help them build a website. Check the sites below to learn how to design a website.

Skillcrush, CareerFoundry.com

  1. Online training and Courses.

Do you have any experience in your field? If you’re an expert in a specific field, there are people who would be willing to pay to become an expert in your field like you.

For example, if you know how to train dogs or if you are good with social media, then you can create an online course teaching people how to use social media to grow their business.

How to create a 7 figure online course in 2021

Everybody knows that we are in a digital era. If you can turn your knowledge and skills into an eBook and share it with people who are seeking these skills, an eBook is a great idea to start your online business.

Packaging your skills and knowledge into a downloadable PDF that delivers value to those seeking to learn a skill or start their own unique business is a game-changer if you target the right audience.

If you want to start an online business by selling digital books, you may need to learn from experts who have successfully built multi-million dollar companies online selling eBooks and other types of files like videos online.

Although, you may have the base skills and rudimentary knowledge, having the knowledge of experts within you can speed up your success while you learn to become a professional within the market.

  1. Instagram Marketing.

Do you know where people are hiding now?

A growing number of people have started spending most of their leisure time using social media. Social media has become one of the best tools to promote your business and brand.

It’s no wonder why big companies like Coca-Cola have spent real money building their Facebook and Instagram pages with millions of followers.

Build up millions of followers on your Instagram account and you could quickly be approached by major brands, companies, and other business owners that sell products or services related to the type of content you share on your Instagram account.

If you have thousands of followers, you can easily charge $300 to $1000 per post or more.

There are some big brands and companies who are killing it with Instagram.

Learn how to make money from Instagram

  1. Online Coaching.

Online coaching is a way of helping people achieve their goals by giving them training and helping them learn specific skills from you.

If you have something you’re skilled and passionate about, you can offer your services with one-on-one online coaching.

For example, if you are passionate about fitness, you can create online coaching for people with busy lives, family or those who do not want to meet with a trainer weekly.

You can implement your own system so that you only work with clients that you can help. Online coaching is a good home business idea for people who like creating videos, organizing online seminars, start a mastermind group like  Knowledge Broker Blueprint.

7. Podcasting

A podcast is a series of digital audio files which a user can set up so that new episodes are automatically downloaded via web syndication to the user’s own local computer or portable media player.

Podcasting is very popular nowadays and most businesses and entrepreneurs find it useful to gain more customers by creating a series of podcasts to attract more clients.

If you can produce a regular audience for your podcast on a specific topic or niche, it will be a great way to get sponsors.

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Most people pay $75-$200 and even more depending on the audience size per episode.

This is useful if you already have an online audience who listens to your regular podcast, and that has not stopped you from building a successful business on the back of podcasting.

Check out this eBook to learn how to make money podcasting and improve your podcasting business. Also, if you’re ready to start a podcast business, here is the list of best podcast hosting to help you choose the one that fit your need. Check the Podbean podcast hosting review.

  1. Amazon Kindle Publishing.

Anyone can sell an eBook on Amazon, provided you have good products to sell. You can sell any genre of eBooks on Amazon kindle such as business books, fictional books,, marketing books, health-related books and so on.

If you want to step your Amazon kindle game up, check out this detailed guide to Amazon kindle publishing. You can learn step by step how to publish your own Kindle eBook without spending a dime.

Kindle book publishing is the best home business idea for those without capital as you don’t need to invest any money before publishing your Kindle book on Amazon.

NOTE: If you want to make thousands of dollars every month with Kindle publishing, I strongly recommend kindle mystery.No 1 kindle training.

Click here to learn more about Kindle publishing mystery.

  1. Business Consulting.

Do you have consulting skills or any certification in an industry? This may be an opportunity for you to start a consulting business.

Business consultants are among the top home business ideas. They help organizations or individuals improve their performance and efficiency, analyze businesses and create solutions while also helping companies or people meet their goals.

If you’ve developed a set of skills or qualifications within your industry over the years, consider putting your skills to use by offering your consulting services to business owners in your local area.

Whether you’re a professional marketer, business strategist or social media expert, there’s likely a local business owner who’s willing to pay you to help them solve certain problems within their company.

Check out consultant Bible:  Everything You Need to Know to Build a Seven-Figure Consulting Practice

  1. Affiliate Marketing.

Affiliate marketing is the process of making a commission by promoting the products of other people or companies. You need to find a product you like, promote it to your own network, and earn a slice of profit from each sale made.

If you already have a blog with targeted traffic, the best way to make money from your blog or website is through affiliate marketing.

There are many affiliate programs and networks you can register with to start promoting their products. The best place to get started is Spencer training program, he revealed his 7 figure affiliate commission.

Read the lists of Best Affiliate Programs for Bloggers to monetize their blogs. Also, you can learn how to create sales funnel to grow your online business.

  1. Virtual Assistant.

A virtual assistant (VA) also known as a virtual office assistant: is a self-employed person who provides professional administrative, technical, or creative assistance to clients from a home office. Virtual Assistants work for other small businesses.

If you are interested in becoming a virtual assistant, there are many places to find great gigs such as Elance.com, Upwork, freelancer, Fiverr etc.

It can be an amazing way to meet people and you’ll have the opportunity to start this as a home-based business idea.

  1. Become an Online Teacher/Tutor.

Teaching and tutoring online is a great way to make a solid income. No matter what the area of your specialization is, such as the English language, Mathematics or any other subject.

There are many students who have problems passing exams such as SAT, ACT or other college exams. Why not start tutoring to help them out?

Most Parents are more than willing to pay $100/hr to the right tutor for their child to get admitted to the college or university of their choice.

Not only that, you can start by helping kids out with their homework and get paid for it.

Here are 5 tips to start an SAT tutoring home business.

  1. Social Media Manager.

Are you a social media expert? Do you spend more time on Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook? So why not get paid to put your expertise to work?

There are many big companies and business owners who need social media to boost their brands and business.

If you have a strong social media presence, there are many people and companies who need your service to help them grow their brands online through social media.

This is one of the most lucrative business ideas as it can help you grow your own business while still making money by helping others. You can make a lot of money as a social media manager.

  1. Paid Ad Specialist.

If you know about internet marketing, there are many opportunities to become a Google, Bing, and Facebook ads specialist. It is a great way to make some extra income by managing a company’s or people’s ads campaign.

You can help clients or companies set up Google, Bing and Facebook Ad Campaigns, and gradually start bringing in more clients to your consulting business and start growing.

This is a purely online business idea that requires training to become an expert in paid ad specialization.

15. Blogging

Blogging is one of my major sources of online income, so if you think blogging is just a way of creating content for people to read, you better think twice. There are many bloggers who are making more than $5000 per month.

You have no excuse to start blogging even as a full-time job simply because it does not require much time to set up. Learning how to blog is fun and you can get the best out of it without quitting your day job.

The first step is to think about what to blog about, do you have a passion for something?

Here are some niches or markets you can consider: Food, juicing, health-related niches such as fitness and nutrition, home cooking, travel, lifestyle, and more.

If you want to start a home business that can quickly give you results, I suggest blogging, one of the best online businesses that can be set up for less than $25.

If you have skills in writing articles that can drive traffic to your blog post, you are on your way to making thousands of dollars every month.

If you want to speed up the process of starting a blog, here is an article on how to start a profitable blog in less than five minutes.

You only need to register your domain and sign up for web hosting. Read the step by step guide to starting your own money-making blog.

  1. Travel Agent and Consultant.

This is another opportunity for those who love travelling. Not only becoming a travel agent, you can also become a travel blogger who writes articles on travelling.

There are many travel agents and bloggers who are making 5 figures every month by providing content that helps people know more about travelling, tickets and more.

You can start with friends who love travelling and show them how to get the cheapest flights, vacations etc. There are millions of people who are looking for more in-depth information about travelling, hotels, vacations etc.

There are also many travel affiliate programs you can join. When you refer people to them, you get paid.

  1. Freelance Copywriter

Copywriting is one of the most important elements of effective online marketing. It is the art and science of tactically writing words that get people to take a specific action. It’s aimed to get people up and running with the basics of writing great copy.

Copywriting is one of the greatest opportunities as there is a high demand and can often be one of the highest-paid projects for freelance writers. For people who are looking for the best home business ideas related to the internet or online business, Freelance copywriting is a profitable business to think of.

If you want to become a freelance copywriter, check out this awesome eBook on How to Become a Copywriter with No Experience.

  1. Interior Design and Modeling Consultant.

Interior Design is the art or process of designing the interior decoration of a room or building. It’s all about finding creative design solutions for interior environments while supporting the health, safety and well-being of the people.

Your friend is remodelling his/her room and needs to know which shade of granite will match best with the flooring. Such people will often be happy to pay you for your advice and service.

If you are looking for small business ideas with low investment and high profit, consider becoming an interior design consultant.

Learn more about Interior Design and Modeling Consultant.

  1. Property Manager.

A property manager or estate manager is a person or organization charged with operating a real estate property for a fee when the owner is unable to attend to such details or is not interested in doing so.

Many property owners employ property managers to manage their investment properties.

You can easily make money on the side with little work on your part by collecting rental checks, managing repairs and making improvements. A property manager is important for most real estate investors.

Get access to Be A Successful Property Manager eBook on Amazon.com

  1. Sell Hand Work on Etsy.

Business Ideas to Start While Working a Full-Time Job

There are thousands of people making money on Etsy by just selling handmade materials. If you have talent in crafting or creating other handmade goods, this is an opportunity to make money on Etsy.

There are a few things you can make and sell, for example, phone cases, bracelets, rings, furniture, jewellery, woodwork and more.

Etsy is the world’s largest independent marketplace which is perfect for anyone who is very creative and willing to sell their handmade work.

Selling on Etsy can be one of the best home business ideas that can be started with very little capital and investment.

The Everything Guide to Selling Arts & Crafts Online

  1. eBay Seller.

Selling on eBay is very similar to selling on Amazon. eBay is one of the largest e-commerce sites and is a great place to make money selling anything from electronic items, to clothing and household items.

You can sell anything you can think of, using the auction selling model and this will often be more rewarding than you expected. Selling on eBay is another unique business idea but requires training to get the best result without wasting much time.

Read: eBay PowerSeller Secrets: Insider Tips from eBay’s Most Successful Sellers (2nd Edition) (v. 2)

22. Selling your skills on Fiverr

There are more than hundreds of thousands of people selling their skills and knowledge on Fiverr.com. It is a great place for people that are just starting as a freelancer with little or no experience and want to build up a portfolio of their work.

There are many simple tasks you can complete from logo design, creating animations, eCover design, written articles and more. Learn more about making money on Fiverr.

  1. Wedding Photographer.

A wedding is one of the important aspects of human life. If you know how to hold a camera and make people feel about their past events, you will surely be paid for it. There are many photographers who are getting paid by taking photos.

Imaging capturing is one of a couple’s most important life moments. Many professional wedding photographers charge from $2,000 – $8,000 to shoot a wedding and other occasions.

Read: The Best Wedding Photography book to speed up everything you need to learn how to become a successful wedding photographer.

  1. Online Dating Consultant.

Are you a male or a female?

I’m sure you understand the word online dating. Do you know that there are millions of people, both male and female, who find it difficult to hook up or find someone they love? What if you could help them?

Believe me or not, most people have such a difficult time at dating, they can’t even handle the online aspect of it. If you understand the game better, why not leverage that skill and become a paid matchmaker?

People are ready to pay you any amount if you can help them find their lover.

Learn how to start a dating consultant

  1. Writing Erotic Fiction.

If you can write erotic fiction, there are chances to make 5 figures monthly. People love reading fiction books and some see it as fun. One of the best places to sell your fiction book without spending a dime is Amazon Kindle.

I have seen many people sell thousands of erotic fiction books every month on amazon kindle. This is a great home business idea that can make you more money than your day job.

  1. Catering Business.

A catering business is a huge business that has a lot of benefits. It does not require much capital to set up. If you have little experience in catering, then this is an opportunity for you to convert your skills into thousands of dollars every month.

Here is How to Start a Home Catering Business

  1. App Development.

Did I just say the word app? Yes of course. The app business is a multi-billion dollar business.

There are thousands of apps created every day and people are making more money by creating apps.

Creating an app is not rocket science and if you don’t have any experience, you can learn it within just three months. You can build an app without any knowledge of coding but it is advisable to learn the skill.

If you are interested in a lucrative home business idea, I strongly recommend the app development business. It requires some training and little capital to get started.

There are many places you can learn how to build an app like Udemy. etc.

Learn how to build app here.

  1. Online News Correspondent.

If writing is your hobby and you have an idea on how to write news, then you can earn more by writing news for most of the online news websites. It is not necessary to have a degree in journalism before you can be a reporter these days.

Websites like The Examiner, HuffPost and Forbes, will reward contributors based on ad revenue generated per article written.

Learn how to become an online correspondent

  1. Domain Flipping

Domain flipping is a method of buying and selling domain names. Domain flipping has been around for many years and there is a lot of money to be made. If you can think of a great domain, people would love to pay for it. Slot.com was sold for 5 million dollars.

You need to be familiar with this type of online business and learn the types of domains people are buying.

To get you started, here are some tips from DNJOURNER.COM, the world’s largest and most famous information on how to sell domain names.

  1. Proofreading and Editing.

Proofreading and Editing is a great ways to earn more money when you are still working. There are thousands of people who are looking for an editor to help them in one way or the other.

Editing and proofreading give you the chance to read about potentially interesting topics. Freelance proofreading allows you to engage with different types of content in any area within the digital world.

There are many job postings from companies and individuals who are in need of writing, proofreading, and editing services. Ready to start proofreading and editing job? Click here to learn how to make money with proofreading and editing.

  1. Buying and Selling Refurbished Electronics.

If you know how to repair any type of electronics such as phones, cameras, laptops etc, then this is a good business idea. The idea is that you buy used electronics at cheaper rates, repair them, and then sell them at a higher price.

There are some people that give up easily on their faulty mobile phones, cameras, laptops etc. without even looking into the cause of their faults.

If you have the expertise to fix them, consider this as a side business idea, then learn more about it, start refurbishing and reselling used electronics.

Increase Revenue by Selling Refurbished Products

  1. Data Analysis.

If you know how to analyze data, there are many companies that need the service of data analysis and you can be part of them.

Check Upwork. They are great for freelancers with analytical skills and looking for extra work.

  1. Become a Licensed Product Distributor.

To become a licensed product distributor, you may need to learn more about it with diligent research on how it works.

Licensing a foreign product for sale domestically is a real and profitable business. Make sure you invest intelligently and only sell a product you believe in, and you will be well on the way to reaping the rewards for years to come.

  1. Online Surveys.

There is some money to be made by just taking 10 minutes out of your time to fill an online form. The only downside of it is that you can’t make much from the online survey but it’s worth a try.

Click here to get access to online survey sites

  1. Fitness and Nutrition Trainer

If you’re a fitness trainer and you have the skills, working as a part-time fitness trainer can be both physically and financially rewarding.

The first thing is to build up a reputation for yourself, it may seem difficult but it’s achievable.

You can check out several fitness blog owners who are making a living online to get details about fitness training and come out on your strategies.

Fitness and Nutrition training is a unique business idea where you can make real money due to the population of people who want to lose weight and improve their health with the help of a nutritionist.

Alternatively, you can create a fitness and nutrition blog and provide useful and informative content about fitness. There are many fitness affiliate programs you can promote and get paid.

You can also learn how Lady Boss generate millions of dollars from her Fitness course without prior experience. You will get free access to her training, webinar and all the sales funnel she used to sell her products and service.

  1. Yoga Instructor.

The population of people who are interested in yoga is increasing every day, meaning that yoga instructors are more in demand than ever before.

Check out how to become a successful yoga instructor with a good business idea and plan.

  1. YouTube Channel Business.

If you have a camera and know how to make use of it, then a YouTube channel business is a business to start with a low investment.

If you can create entertaining video content and grow your subscriber base, your videos can start generating substantial income from all the ads displayed.

There are many people who are making thousands of dollars every month on YouTube by just uploading funny videos, creating videos about what they like, sharing their skills and more.

You don’t need expensive tools or Cameras to create a video that can go viral. You can use the video creation tool to create any kind of video.

37. Translation 

If you study languages at university or college, then this may be a source of income for you.

Translating is a great small business to set up for yourself and can be done remotely.

Head to Flexjob to get access to hundreds of freelance, remote translator jobs available right now.

  1. Become Music Instructor.

If you are in the entertainment industry, you will know that there is money in entertainment.

There are many opportunities if you can play any musical instruments such as piano, flute etc.

You can start your own private music class as an instructor and charge $50-100/hr.

  1. Selling Images and Pictures Online.

If you love taking pictures of smiling and laughing children or any objects that are attractive, consider becoming a stock photographer and selling your pictures to a stock photo company.

Here are the places you can sell all your images: Shutterstock and iStockPhoto.

You’ll get royalties any time someone licenses your image. To be on the silver side, you can build your own photography website to display your portfolio and start getting visitors.

  1. Teach DIYs.[Do it yourself]

If you are the kind of person who enjoys teaching people how to fish instead of giving them fish, there are many people who need your service.

One of the best ways to make more income is to teach novice learners about their passion, hobby, or craft.

You can create videos to teach people how to make hand jewellery, play the piano, create woodwork and more.

50 Easy DIY Projects to Make and Sell 

  1. Freelance Content Marketing.

Do you know about marketing? If you have the right skills and experience to back it up, this is one of the best home business ideas that can give you money without any need to invest in it. Learn how to make money from freelance content marketing.

Written quality content is not a science, it just requires little research with a little knowledge to get started.

Most brands and webmasters will always need high-quality content to attract new customers, your skills will always remain an asset to invest in now and in the future.

If you are interested in the best home business ideas with low start-up costs, then freelancer content marketing is one of the best options

  1. EBook Writing and Publishing

Have you ever thought of publishing your own book? This is the time to get started. Book publishing is a profitable online business and we are in a digital era.

EBook publishers are currently earning up to five figures each month. If writing a book is your hobby, you can demand around $500- $1000 per eBook project as a ghostwriter.

EBook writing is a good business idea as it only requires time and not much capital to invest.

Most people are scared of the word investing, but the truth of it is that it is one of the fastest ways to increase your income. There are many benefits to investing if you invest your money in an investment that has a future. You can read my Product Launch Formula review to learn from Jeff.

  1. Niche Website Creation.

Having a niche website is one of the best home business ideas that can be easily set up and run in less than 72 hours. You can build your niche site based on your hobby or what you have a passion for and make money out of it.

There is little investment required when setting up a niche website such as domain registration, web hosting etc

If your passion is fitness, yoga or even food, you can build a niche website on these topics, writing quality content and monetizing it. You will eventually get paid for your hard work. Adam and Bobby will be releasing their new training, Niche Profit Fast Track. If you are interested in starting a niche site business, you may check their course.

  1. Car Washing.

Car washing is one of the businesses that is very easy to set up in your local area. A lot of car owners don’t have enough time to personally take care of their vehicles.

If you can afford simple equipment such as car shampoo, tire polish, sponges, a bucket and a hose, you can start making a decent income by making cars look fresh in your free time after work and get more done during the weekend.

  1. Caregiving.

A caregiver is a person who cares about ageing people and is ready to render assistance in every aspect.

The caregiving business may require licenses, training certificates, business permits, and tax forms. This depends on which state you wish to operate in and the level of care you intend to provide.
In most cases, you will need to have genuine affection for elderly people, a lot of patience, and good knowledge of first aid and elderly care basics, which will be an added advantage.

  1. House Cleaning.

If you are the type of person who is passionate about cleaning, then make the entire house look neat and clean, and get paid for it.

House cleaning services cover the following aspects: windows, walls, roofs, carpets, floors, lawns and garages. For this, you will need a whole range of cleaning tools.

You can handle administrative and customer service aspects and hire someone to do the actual cleaning. Learn more about the House Cleaning job before launching your own cleaning business.

Check out the ultimate guide to starting a cleaning business.

  1. Child Care.

Many families with kids have very limited time to take care of their kids, and what if they get someone to help them? They will definitely be ready to pay huge amounts of money for people who are ready to take on their responsibility on their behalf.

If you love kids and have some spare time, looking after children while their parents are away to work can earn you income. Starting a daycare service is a lucrative business idea.

Read this book: Caring for Your Baby and Young Child, 6th Edition

  1. Computer and Laptop Repair.

If you have good knowledge of computers, you can leverage both software and hardware skills by offering computer repair services.

You can provide home service locally as well as offer remote support through Skype and video calling services. You can create a blog and teach people how to repair their computers or laptop through online training.

Learn how to repair computers and laptop

  1. Computer Training and Lessons.

Everyone knows that we are in the computer age and many are interested in getting more knowledge on how to be a computer techie. Your level of technical know-how will be of help to train people who need the service.

If you’re a computer techie, you can offer lessons and tutorials within your local area and online through the popular YouTube, Udemy and Teachable. You can even set up your own website where you offer your service with online payments.

  1. Real Estate Sales Consultant.

Without exaggeration, everybody knows that there is money in real estate. Many people are buying and selling properties in many locations across the world. There are a lot of business opportunities for estate experts and professionals who know about the legal, financial, and commercial aspects of real estate.

52. Human Billboard.

If you love parading yourself around in public places and enjoy attracting the attention of people, then working as a human billboard can earn you big money. You can start by holding a placard or wearing a sandwich board.

If you think this is a good business idea for you, you can go all the way and turn it into a full business.

You can render your service on Fiverr. Check out Fiverr.com and get more people who are interested in hiring you as a human billboard.

Read : How to make money from the survey

  1. Website Flipping.

Website flipping is when you buy a website and resell it or update the content and monetize it to generate more revenue.

You can buy and sell websites based on traffic and income. It is a good online business if you have experience in blogging.

One of the largest marketplaces for selling and buying websites is Flippa.com.

  1. Handmade Jewelry Business.

If you are very creative in handmade jewellery, there is an opportunity for you to launch your own hand-made jewellery business. Etsy is one of the best places to sell your handmade jewellery and make 3-4 figures per month without quitting your day job.

The number of people showing interest in handmade materials is increasing significantly with the industry set to shine with an annual growth rate of 5-6%. Many people are moving toward the idea of handmade businesses.

Starting a handmade business can double your income if you’re looking for the best home business ideas with a low investment to get started.

  1. Laundry Service.

The laundry industry is a lucrative business but many people look down on it. However, there are thousands of people who need the service, including companies.

Home laundry pickup & delivery services are springing up every year.

56. Wedding Planning.

This is a home-based business idea that has a lot of benefits if you have experience in wedding planning.

Marriages happen all the time and you can treat weddings as a recurring business opportunity.

Wedding planning includes the following: wedding dresses and coats, food caterers, venue providers, jewellers, photographers, performers, flower shops, souvenir crafts, and a host of others.

Just imagine if you can form a group of networks and provide services, you can offer couples a range of stress-free wedding packages.

This can easily be done if you are the kind of person who enjoys entertainment and is friendly.

The Knot Ultimate Wedding Planner & Organizer

  1. 57. Event and Party Planning.

Just like a wedding planner, event and party planners leverage their network of service providers to cover not only weddings but all sorts of occasions such as seminars, birthdays, corporate events, holiday parties, concerts, conferences and other events.

Event Planning – The Art of Planning Your Next Successful Event

  1. Pool Cleaning.

Most pool owners employ people to do the cleaning for them. If you need additional cash and don’t mind getting physical, pool cleaning is a viable business idea for you.

59. Selling on Amazon.

Did you know that you can sell Private Labeling Products on Amazon and make 6-7 figures every month?

Amazon is a massive global market where virtually anyone can cash in when it comes to e-commerce. Take note that there is a lot of work involved and you need to do tons of research (looking for products to sell on Amazon).

To get the best from Amazon FBA, you will need to get training from marketers who are experienced in selling on Amazon. You can also check the nine University training programs to learn more about the training.

  1. Officiating Sports Games.

If you are a sports lover, then officiating sports games at college sports fields and your local area can be an exciting way to earn extra income on weekends. People love sports and find it interesting to watch all sorts of games, especially during the weekend. You only need to undergo training before you get started.

Learn more on how to become a sports game official

  1. There is money to be made by just selling t-shirts on Teespring. It’s possible to create an automated side business that makes money for you while you sleep.

There are thousands of entrepreneurs who are killing it selling customized T-shirts.

  1.  Software Developer Business.

Technology has improved all aspects of the business both online and offline. The software business is not just a business, it is a multi-billion dollar business. Here is one of the best software business books to help you and get more ideas on the type of software you can start.

If you are a software developer, it won’t take you much time to find a good-paying software development project on the following sites:

Guru.com, Freelancer.com, Upwork.com and ProFinder are owned by the popular social network LinkedIn which has a section for software developers. Check my Software Secrets review to get in-depth training from software experts.

  1. T-Shirt Printing Business.

I talked about how to make money by selling customized T-shirts on TeeSpring. But what if you can take the business to the next level by manufacturing t-shirts instead of just selling them.

The t-shirt printing business is worth millions of dollars and it can turn out to be quite rewarding. The downside of it is that you may need capital to start the business however it can be done as a small scale business.

If you want to go into print on demand business, you can check my print profits review to start the training on how to start selling a t-shirt to make profits.

  1. Yard Work Services.

To start a yard work business, you need to undergo training, get equipment, and find a network of customers. A full-time landscaping worker gets paid around $23,000, while those working on the side during evenings and weekends earn less.

  1. Public Speaking.

If you are not the type of person who is afraid of speaking in public, then public speaking is a worthy business to pursue.

A lot of authors, scientists, artisans, medical practitioners, and other experts make extra income by delivering speeches, presentations and seminars. Most motivational speakers earn an average annual salary of around $850,000 through public speaking.

How to make money from public speaking

  1. Making Seasonal Decorations.

Making seasonal decorations is a good side business idea but it is only for a specific time. There are many things that can be achieved during that particular period as there are a lot of traditional holidays that count as solid reasons to start a small business selling seasonal decorations.

Christmas, Halloween, Easter, Valentine’s Day, 4th of July, Mother’s Day and Father’s day.

Here is an Amazon eBook on Halloween Projector Lights 

People and other businesses pay good money for them. According to research, the total sale of Christmas trees in the U.S. alone was worth $1.05 billion in 2015.

What of holiday lights, nativity scenes, baskets, crafted hangings and other decorations to cover? During this period, you can rake in thousands of dollars if you plan well for it.

This is a seasonal home business idea that can give you money while still working.

  1. Selling Handmade Garments.

People are showing more interest in handmade materials such as garments, crafts and clothing, and this has called for a rise of online craft marketplaces like Etsy.

Those that have decent artisanal skills like sewing and woodworking have opened markets to sell their products. If you know how to design and make clothes by hand, then why not turn those fashion ideas into money?

  1. Dance Instructor.

A dance instructor is accountable for training students in dance techniques and dramatic skills and performance. They specialize in a range of dance types such as jazz, ballet or tap.

During the course, dance instructors also host a recital in which their students show what they’ve learned during the training. If dancing is your hobby, there’s nothing delaying you from getting money with this job.

  1. Bicycle Delivery.

Bicycle messengers, also known as bike couriers, are people who work for courier companies (messenger companies) carrying and delivering items by bicycle.

They are most often found in the central business districts of metropolitan areas. If riding a bicycle is your passion and hobby, why not turn it into a full small business?

Bike messengers are becoming more popular and they are making more money than they ever thought. Most eCommerce companies like Amazon are stepping up their efforts to expand same-day delivery.

Most companies will offer you a bicycle if you can’t afford to buy one and if you a bicycle it’s a fun way of making decent money.

  1. Home-Based Make-up Services.

A make-up artist is an artist whose medium is the human body, applying make-up and prosthetics for theatrical, fashion, television, filmmaking, magazines and other related productions including all aspects of the modelling industry.

If your talent is to help people look their best, consider using your beauty skills to create a profitable small business.

With little capital, under $1500, you can start your own make-up artist home business and grow your business in a few months.

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  1. Voice-Over Talent.

Voice-over is also known as off-stage commentary. This is a production technique where a voice that is not part of the narrative is used in a television or radio production, filmmaking, theatre and other presentations.

Most digital publishers and others like game developers, and training video producers pay a huge amount of money for voice talents so if you have a talented voice, you could earn a fair share of the money.

There are many places where you can find publishers looking for voice-over artists such as Freelancer, Upwork, and PeoplePerHour.

Read: How to start Voice-Over Business

  1. Buying and Selling Cars.

If you are good at sales and are interested in buying and selling, the car business may be a good business but it may require a lot of capital to get started.

At 3HourFlip.com, you can learn the trick on how to make car deals come to you, in order to minimize the time invested and double your profit.

  1. Hairstylist 

Hairstylists, also known as hairdressers, require experience, training and licensing to get the best results.

A hairstylist is someone whose occupation is to style or cut hair in order to change or maintain a person’s image. This is achieved using a combination of hair cutting, colouring, and hair texturing methods. Some hairdressers are professionally licensed as either a hairdresser, a barber or a cosmetologist.

If you have your cosmetology training and license plus experience working in a hairstyling salon, you’re probably well on your way to building a solid small home business idea that can make you thousands of dollars every single month.

73: Become YouTuber

Another great online business you can start is a YouTube channel and make money. If you’re good at creating videos and sharing your skills and experience, then there are many opportunities in starting a YouTube business.

It does not require much investment to get started, even you can create a good video with your smartphone.

You can read the step by step on how to make money on YouTube.To give you a better idea of how many YouTube video views your video must receive before you can join the YouTube partner program.

Wrapping Up

Now that you have more than 70 home business ideas that can earn you money without quitting your day job, pick any of these business ideas which you think you can start now and begin working toward it.

NOTE: Blogging is one of the best ways to sell your skill online no matter which small business ideas you choose. You can start blogging on any of the business ideas mentioned and it is a great way to let people know about your business.

Here is how to start a profitable blog in less than 5 minutes.

Starting small and thinking big is the sole of any business.

Kindly let me know from the comment if you have any questions.

I will be happy to hear from you about what you think about the post.

Thanks for taking the time to check out my blog.


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