Product Launch Formula Review [2024] By Jeff Walker & Bonus

product launch formula review 2024

If you’re reading this post, you’re considering joining the Product Launch Formula program and want to learn more about the training course before taking action.

This is an honest Product Launch formula review. so we shared more details about the course and the cost.

And if you’re looking for a proven online training course that works, not just hyper programs that make false promises, then you’re in the right place.

You can enrol in the Product Launch Formula and get all the bonuses.

Product Launch Formula is mainly for people looking for a course on launching their product, services or eBook online to build the business they’ve been dreaming of.

The PLF launch strategies have generated more than a billion dollars in sales, and the approach works for any online business.

 Product Launch Formula Review: At A Glance

Product Name: Product Launch Formula

Official website:

Author: Jeff Walker

Price:$1,997 OR $397 X 6

Recommended: 99.999%

What Is Product Launch Formula?

plf course

The Product Launch Formula program teaches you how to launch your product, service, online course, membership training, or book from scratch without any prior experience, build a life-changing business you can be proud of, generate income, and scale up your business.

Jeff Walker’s product launch formula has three CORE strategies for product launching. The THREE core strategies are :

  • Initial launch
  • Seed launch
  • Joint venture launch.

These are the framework for your marketing.

So, if you’re thinking of launching your product, the Jeff Walker product launch course is what you need to get started.

Inside PLF Dashboard

product launch formula coaching program

The 2023 training program has 9 Modules, unlike the previous one, which has seven modules. The first module is ”Your Launch Foundation”. Jeff explains the foundation of any successful launch.

In module 2, you will learn how to plan your launch. This is very important if you want to have a successful launch. Every launch requires a plan to avoid losing focus along the way.

Module 3 is where the pre-launch starts. Jeff analyses two significant launches, the seed launch and quick launch, and how to use them to pre-launch your product.

Modules 4 to 9 explain everything to have a profitable and successful product launch and how you can present your launch to other JV/affiliate marketers to promote your product.

PLF Program Modules

product launch formula 2024

Module 1: Launch Foundation

  • Introduction to Product Launch Formula
  • 5 Types of Launches
  • Sequences
  • Sideways Sales Letter
  • Launch Conversation

Module 2: Your Launch Plan

  • Find Your Niches
  •  Avatar
  •  List Building
  • Warm Cold List
  • Launch Goal

Module 3: The Pre-Launch

  • Introduction
  • Pre-Pre Launch Strategy
  • Pre-Launch Sequences
  • Identify And Test Your Offer
  • Pre-Launch Case Studies

Module 4: Pre-Launch Contest

  • The Prelaunch Sequence
  • Prelaunch Content :
  • The Opportunity
  • The Transformation
  • Scripting Your Prelaunch Content
  • Creating Prelaunch Video and more

Module 5: Open Cart

  • Introduction
  • The Open Cart Sequence
  • Bonus Strategies
  • Sales Strategies
  • Design Your Sales Page

Module 6: Internal and Seed Launches

  • Introduction
  • Internal Launch Strategies
  • Seed Launch Strategy
  • Internal Launch Case Studies
  • Seed Launch Prelaunch Plan
  • Creating Your Seed Launch Product

Module 7: The Join Ventures Launch (JV Launch)

  • Join Ventures Launch Strategy
  • Finding Joint Venture Partners
  • Preparing Your Partners for Launch
  • Joint Ventures Email Sequence

Module 8: The Evergreen Launch

  • Evergreen Launch Strategy
  • Types of Evergreen Launch
  • Making Your Launch Evergreen
  • Scarcity In Evergreen Launches
  • Evergreen Launch Case Studies

Module 9: Business Launch Formula

  • The Launch Life
  • Business Launch Strategy
  • Building A-Team
  • And More

Who Is Jeff Walker?

Jeff walker product launch formula

Jeff Walker is a launch expert who has taught product launch formula since 2005. Many things have changed since the first launch, and thousands of people have undergone his training.

Jell has worked with top entrepreneurs like Bill Glazer, Tony Robbins, and Dean Graziosi.

They have launched various products, online courses, services, and books in every market.

He is the author of the bestselling book Launch and developed the PLF as a proven step-by-step training for launching any product online that you can follow and implement in your business.

Since the first release of PLF in 2005, over 100,000 people have undergone his training, and the Jeff students have launched over $1 billion using PLF in hundreds of different markets and niches worldwide.

If you want to learn more about how the Jeff Walker-Product Launch Formula works, join the FREE Launch Workshop.  

You’ll learn to launch your first product, service, book or business with maximum results and success.

Product Launch Formula Workshop

product launch formula masterclass

The product launch formula workshop consists of FOUR part training videos and PDFs you can download. In this launch master class workshop,

Jeff will reveal the secrets he has been teaching in the product launch formula (PLF).

Here is What Jeff covers in his Product Launch Formula masterclass

  • How to Launch
  • Your Launch Path
  • Your Launch Blueprint
  • Getting You Launched

With more than three hours of content planned for each lesson, 12+ hours of absolutely 100% FREE training to help you launch your product.

It is a proven formula that thousands have tested and used to start and build a profitable online business.

Each of the videos in the training series represents an essential part of product launches, which are:

  • The core element of a successful launch
  • Seed launch
  • The product launch blueprint

How Does Product Launch Formula Work?

Jeff walks you through the process of seed launching. You will learn to use seed launch to create your product and build an email list.

Seed launch is creating quality content about your product to build an email list.

The second step is to do an internal launch and create a sideways sales letter. Since you have delivered some great value to get people excited about your launch, your list has started growing.

Because your internal launch has great value and helps people solve their problems through your pre-launch content, it caught the attention of many JV partners in your niche.

This leads you to do a JV launch for your product. And suddenly, you have some established marketers ready to promote your product and business to give your product launch more exposure.

Your list is growing faster, and sales are 10x what you did in your internal launching.

You have the commission to pay to the affiliates who promote your launch, and your result is impressive. What an incredible internal launch!

That is a quick preview of Launch stacking, and it doesn’t stop there because you have an idea for more products to create and launch.

Once you master these, it will not be your final product to launch, and you can replicate the whole process.

The Product Launch Formula Coaching Program

The product launch formula coaching program contains 80 video series from Jeff and his team and almost 40 hours of premium content. It walks you through a step-by-step process for creating and launching your first product.

The training includes a launch roadmap and NINE modules that reveal Jeff’s fundamental sales strategy:

‘’ The SideWays Sales Letter’’ to prepare your first launch, build your email list, develop pre-launch content and create engaging videos that convert.

The training walks you through creating your first launch and marketing it to reach thousands of customers. Email swipe copy and checklists to help keep and help you on track, module by module.

A Comprehensive launch video and scripts for launches in various markets with a breakdown by Jeff Walker.

Jeff Product Launch Swipe File: This file contains the email copy from Jeff’s $7 million in launches, plus more copy from some of PLF Owners’ launches.

You can use this copy to avoid a blank page when you plan your first launch.

PLF Portal Community, where all students can ask questions, get answers, and receive support from Jeff’s team and fellow community members.

Transcripts of all the training videos if you like to read more than watch videos

Do you love listening to the training instead of watching the videos? Audio-only files are available for all the training videos. You can listen while you’re driving or taking a walk).

Twelve months of live Coaching Calls with Jeff and his in-house team of coaches. The Facebook PLF Owners Alumni group.

Extra Bonuses From Jeff Walker ($ 6,997.00 Value)

  • Launching Your List: a video training course that shows you how to grow an email list of people hungry for your offer.
  • The full-blown “Product Creation Code. The video training shows you how to create an online training program for which people will pay you.
  • Get two tickets to Jeff’s “PLF Live 2023” program – this is a three-day, live, in-person workshop led by Jeff. The event will likely be in April.
  • Book Launch Campaigns: How to launch your book.
  • The Secrets of Leverage And Scale mini-module is about creating proper leverage and scale in your business ( make more money and have more impact without working more hours).
  • The Launch Partnership: This mini-module teaches you the lucrative business of helping other people with their launches.
  • Spatial Launch Training
  • Your Tech Stack Quick Start
  • Operation QuickStart and more.

>> Click here to learn more about the bonuses

Who Is the Launch Program For?

Jeff Walker’s product launch formula is for people with an audience and business or looking to start a new business.

  • If you have a product to sell and failed
  • Have a great idea for a product but don’t know where and how to start
  • Bloggers
  • Affiliate marketers
  • Coaches
  • Consultants
  • Speakers
  • Health and fitness trainers
  • Publishers
  • Podcasters
  • Etc

Jeff PLF Launch Guarantee

One of the questions people ask is their guarantee before investing in the course. No other training can teach you the ins and outs of product launching.

If you track Jeff’s record, there is no question about his ability to deliver. Since 2005, his course has helped countless people to launch their six-figure products.

If his strategies don’t work, the course won’t still be available.

Jeff Walker has a wealth of experience in product launching and is well-known as the KING of product launch.

If you still doubt his skills and strategies, you can take his FREE masterclass training to know what you will get from the PLF program.

Jeff offers a 30-day money-back guarantee if you’re unsatisfied with his training.

 What Is Good About Product Launch Formula

Jeff applies a practical approach to his training. Unlike other courses, his training goes beyond just theory. There is no fluff in his course.

Jeff  Walker has a proven record. He has taught top entrepreneurs like Stu McLearn, Ray Edwards and more.

The Step By Step Instruction: The program contains a step by step instructions and actionable steps to apply what you learn in the course

Live Calls: As a PLF student, you will have direct, free access to Jeff, where you can ask him any questions about the product launch.

Lifetime Access: You will get lifetime access to Jeff’s PLF launch training. You only need to pay once; no other payment is required.

What Is Not Good About The Launch Formula

I love Jeff’s training, which is still the best, but honestly, there are a few cons about the product launch formula.

It is not a get-rich-quick.

It costs $1,997, and beginners may be unable to afford it.

A lot of Info: The PLF is not for lazy people or those looking to copy and paste to make money online.

You must prepare to work hard to learn all Jeff Walker teaches in this course. He makes the training easy to digest and understand.

The Product Launch Formula Cost

I know that not everybody can afford the cost, which is $1997 for a one-time payment and $397 for six months.

However, the price should not be a factor in preventing you from achieving your goals. The knowledge and training you will gain are worth the cost.

Now that you understand how the product launch formula works, you can take action and get your hands on your way to launching a profitable and successful product.

Is Product Launch Formula Right For You?

You need to decide for yourself if the course is right for you. But if you are considering launching a product or service or starting a new business, I firmly believe the course is a roadmap to success.

Even if you have no product ideas or want to re-launch an old product, the PLF course will provide a step-by-step guide and support for successfully launching your product.

Product Launch Formula Review: My Thought

100% Recommended.

You will get a lot of quality materials such as videos, PDF downloads, live webinars, active community, bonuses, Q & A sessions and more.

No program can give you all it takes to launch a successful product or service.

If you’re yet to decide if the training is for you, register for the free launch master class program.

The main goal of Jeff Walker’s course is to help you build a successful and profitable online business and gain the freedom to work from anywhere.

 The 2023 Product Launch Formula is a proven system to launch, build and scale your product launch into six figures.

 My Product Launch Formula Bonus

For those who purchase the product launch formula through my link, I have a huge bonus that will help you to get more results when launching your product.

NOTE: My bonus is only for the first TEN people who join through my link, so be the FIRST person to grab this bonus.

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You need a funnel to sell your product and service; this is where these books come in.

Along with other incredible books that can help you in your business. Here is what you will get from the Trilogy Secrets Box:

  • Dotcom secrets book
  • Expert Secrets Book
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  • Unlock The Secrets

What if you can get all these books shipped to your doorstep?

You will get the books for free as part of my bonus.

Bonus #2: Million Dollar Ad Swipe Library ($197 Value)

best Clickfunnels bonus

Want to learn from the best marketers in the business?

Access the Facebook ads of 40 top-rated entrepreneurs who have made more than a million dollars selling their products or services online.

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Bonus #3: Recurring Affiliate Programs ($27 Value)

best Clickfunnels affiliate bonuses

Get access to my white-label rights to my Lifetime Recurring Affiliate Programs List.

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How To Get All My PLF Bonus

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Step 2: Email me your receipt/purchase and your name

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Here are a few of the frequently asked questions about the PLF course.

How much does the PLF cost?

Product Launch Course costs $1,997 for a one-time payment, while the six-time payment is $397 monthly. If you’re on a tight budget, you can subscribe for six payments of $397 per month.

Does the product launch formula work?

Yes. It is an excellent program that over-delivered. There are many success stories about the training, and PLF students are killing it. Their success is attributed to this course.

So, join the program today and start to launch your products.

Is The PLF Worth The Price?

The PLF program is worth the price. Jeff is an expert who has taught thousands of people with incredible results. The course contains theory and practical sections with actionable steps to launch your first product.

It is inspiring to learn from a world-class expert and coach. The program may be expensive, but it offers value for the price.

I hope my product launch formula review has helped you decide if the program is right for you.

You need to decide now and get early access to the training to receive all the bonuses.

If you have any questions about the course, kindly let me know from your comments.

Affiliate Disclaimer: The Product Launch Formula review contains affiliate links, meaning that if you purchase Jeff’s course after the free Masterclass, I might receive a commission at no extra cost.

I’m only promoting Jeff’s program because it can help you spread your message to the world.


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