Software Secrets Review 2020 :Build Your Own Software Business Faster

Software Secrets Review 2020

How To Build Your Own Software Empire Faster Than You Ever Thought Possible.

Software secrets review

Hey, welcome to my software secrets review. I N-E-V-E-R review a book, product or course without finding out if it can help my readers and the same thing goes to software secrets book.

Well to let you know more about the software secrets book 2020. I am not just writing this review for the sake of making money. I bought the software secrets book when I was thinking of starting a software business.

So, rest assured that this is an unbiased software secrets review and after reading, you will know if this book is for you or not.

Now let me tell you what the software secrets is all about.

What is Software Secrets Book?

software secrets review

Software Secrets is a book that teaches you how to build a highly successful software business starting from idea to launch in record time. It revealed every software secret, system, strategies, and process that they have never discovered.

About the Authors

Now that you understand what software secrets book is all about, let talks about the authors of this book. This book was writing by two successful software business in American. Garrett Pierson and Scott Brandley.

They have built almost 21 successful software which made them be among USA inc 500 and the creator of one of the fastest-growing software companies in American according to Inc. Magazine.

The Software secrets was forwarded by one of the top entrepreneurs who has built multi-million dollar software business, Russell Brunson.

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If you don’t know Russell Brunson, then probably you have not heard about Clickfunels, All in one tool to build amazing sales funnel that convert like crazy. He is author of the best-selling books, Expert secrets book and Dotcomsecrets book.

If you are looking for a book to read on how to build a sales funnel to market your online business, you may need to check out the two books.

Introducing Software Secrets Review

  • Name of the Book: Software Secrets
  • Authors: Garrett Pierson and Scott Brandley
  • Foreword by Russell Brunson
  • Price: $37

What You Will Learn From This Book

This book contains 9 chapters and each chapter where explained in details. The first chapter explained why you need to start a software business and how you can be successful without missing the road.

Chapter one: Why software?

Garrett Pierson stated that there are virtually unlimited opportunities in the world today. Here is the reason you need to start your own software business.

You make 100% of the revenue on each sale, instead of paying a wholesaler 50-80% and leaving you with the scraps.

Without know nothing about programming, code, you can start your own software business.

You will be able to leverage your time once and make money over and over again, which gives you…

Recurring billing And more.

They explained 4 different types of software with examples, so if you want to start a software business, you will know where to start and how to choose the type of software you want to create without any fear.

Chapter 2: Software Ideas

In this chapter, Garrett Pierson and Scott Brandley stated different types of software ideas and this is one of the keys to the successful software business. I know it may be difficult to get ideas of what you want to build, but with this book, you don’t need to worry on how to get a hundred even more software ideas to get started

They explained the 7 Key Criteria for Software Success. This will help you to determine whether or not your ideas are worth pursuing.

Also, in this chapter, they explained in detail how to come up with a Great Idea. So, if you don’t have any software ideas, then you will learn some steps you can take to help you come up with your big software breakthrough.

Not only that, but you will also learn how to Validating your idea, this will give you the real picture of how to build a successful software business and more.

Chapter 3: The secrets of funding your ideas

I know that most people who are interested in one business or the other face one or two challenges when it comes to building a solid business.

If you don’t have enough found to start a software business, don’t worry too much, in this chapter, you will learn the simple but powerful steps to fund your software business. Garrett shares this tips base on their own experience.

In this chapter, they also explained different types of funding such as Bootstrap Funding and Investment Funding. They even share their steps on how they choose the self-funded, bootstrap method of funding all their businesses.

There are pros and cons of getting fund to start a software business, and in this book, you will learn the simple steps to avoid pitfall when looking for ways to found your business.

Chapter 4: Getting Started

In this chapter, you will learn the 12 Steps to Building Successful Software. Garrett Pierson and Scott Brandley dive into the actual conception, planning and preparation stages of a new software product. So, when you’re just getting started, it is very important that you get things right and do things in the right order.

Here are the 12 steps you need to do before you start programming your software. If you follow these 12 steps, you will be able to fully understand the entire scope of your project, dramatically slash your timeline, and significantly reduce your development costs.

Here are the 12 Steps to Building Successful Software:

  1. Brainstorm ‘why’ your idea should exist
  2. Register domain name
  3. Design your logo
  4. Create your Software Funnels account
  5. Brainstorm and Mind Mapping
  6. Wireframe Mockups for your designer
  7. Hire a graphic designer
  8. Build and Design pages
  9. Hire programmers
  10. HTML/CSS development
  11. Set up Hosting & Servers
  12. Create an opt-in page

Each of these was explained in details for you to understand.

Chapter 5 – Project Management 101

In this chapter, you will learn the amazing ways to manage your project and how you can avoid any mistake that can affect your software business. Here is what you will learn :

  • Goal Setting
  • Project Management System
  • How to Communicate With Your Team
  • Daily report
  • Testing the Code
  • And more.

Chapter 6: Beta Testing: Your Stepping Stone to Success

Once you’ve put the necessary time and effort in, and your software is finished, you are ready to start the beta testing process.

The following are items you need to consider when planning out your beta test according to Scott Brandley.

  • How long will the beta test run?
  • How many beta testers do you need?
  • How are you going to find beta testers?

.How will beta testers communicate with you?

  • Are you going to make them sign any agreements?
  • Are you going to do an exit survey at the end of the test?

They explained each of these points to fully understand how you can get a better tester with good result.

Chapter 7 – Build A Sales Funnels

Garrett Pierson, Scott Brandley and Russell Brunson make millions of dollars in recurring revenue selling software, but the superpower is actually in online marketing.

You need to understand how to market your software to attract visitors who are interested in your business, build a strong relationship with them. This is where sales funnels is very important in any online business.

Russell and his team have cracked the code on how to sell pretty much anything online, including physical products, info products, software products using one of the best sales funnels script called Clickfunnels.

In this chapter, they will show you step by step to build successful sales funnels that can significantly triple your sales using a simple but powerful tool.

If you are not experts in marketing, you are not alone, fortunately, Russell has written two amazing books to help in this area. One is called ‘DotCom Secrets and the other is called ‘Expert Secrets’.

DotCom Secrets teaches you everything you need to know about sales funnels and growing your company online. In this book, Russell teaches you about:

  • Value ladders and sales funnels
  • The 3 types of traffic
  • How to create an attractive character
  • How to create engaging email sequences
  • The 23 building blocks of a successful sales funnel
  • The top 7 most popular sales funnels

DotCom Secrets book is a wealth of information that can ignite your entire sales process, and maximize your software sales.

Expert Secrets book, which teaches anyone how to become an expert and create a passionate tribe of followers and paying customers.

According to Garrett Pierson and Scott Brandley, these are the two books that help them to build a successful and profitable sales funnels that have generated millions of dollar from their software business.

Chapter 8 – It’s Time to Launch

In this chapter, they explained step by step guide to launch your first software. They talk about sales vs marketing and how to generate lead. Also, you will learn how to look for a strategic partner to maximize your profit.

Even if you know nothing about sales and marketing, you will get more ideas from this book on how to market your software.

Chapter 9 – Mistakes We Wish We Had Avoided

The last chapter is where they share their mistakes, myths and preconceptions that have slowed down their progress at different times in their software careers. This will help you to avoid some of the pain and issues that will more than likely arise in your journey.

In this chapter, they also share their top-secret process of hiring great people for any job. This is very crucial when it comes to building a successful business.

There are more to learn in this chapter as it full of information that will guide you in your software journey.

So, here we go, these are the chapters of the software secrets book. But it does not stop there, there is a workshop and seminar that will help you to achieve your goal faster than you think.

Software Secrets Review; My Final Thought

The software secrets is a book you MUST read if you want to start a successful software business. It will guide you and teaches you everything you need to know about this business.

I learnt a lot from this book and help me to avoids some common mistake to build a profitable software business.

But to get a clear picture and in-depth information, you may need to subscribe to the Software secrets webinar. You will get access to live training after purchasing the software secrets book.

I hope this review answers all your question about the software secrets book.

Thanks for taking the time to read my software secrets review. If you have any question about this book, kindly let me know from your comment.

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