How To Register A Domain Name For Your Website


How To Register A Domain Name

Are you interested in online business? If you yes, then you need to read how to register a domain name and how to pick the best name for your site on the Internet first, for that you will have to register a domain name that related to your business.

    How To Register A Domain Name

Acquire a domain name only involves registering the name you want with domain registrar that has been approved by an organization called ICANN. For example, if you pick a name like “”, you will have to go to a registrar company such as, pay a registration fee that only costs you around $8 to $15 for that domain name.

A good domain name provides your site an Internet address. Under the Domain Name System ( DNS), domain names are framed of the 4 elements – a server prefix, a domain name, a domain suffix or domain extension, and a country code which is optional. For example, is an example of a domain name where ‘www’ is the server prefix, ‘business’ is the domain name while ‘com’ is the domain suffix.

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‘Dot-com’ for instance is a top level domain extension. There are some generic top level domains ( gTLDs ), and country code top level domains ( ccTLDs). Most of ‘Internet Service Providers and Web Hosting also offer free or bargain-rate domain services that mainly make a domain name an extension of theirs.

For instance, if the ISP is fictional like ‘bestneedweserve’, then the resulting domain name could be www.bestweserve/bus/index.html.

When registering your own domain name, ensure that the extension name look like a professional one. With an extension domain name, you always have to change the ISP or web host.

Many online marketers do not realize it, but it is a fact that the names on the Internet really matter. Choose a domain name that identifies your business and also be easy to remember. Many people just type the names or partial names into some search engines for finding the website that they are seeking for.

Most of the best domain names are already registered by the people. To come out with the good domain name you need to add to the prefix or suffix. For example, you want to register domain on home business and is not available then you can add some words to it such as,,

Registering a generic domain name or a country code top-level domain sometimes depend on the nature of the business or the product or service. For example, if you are selling your product or services to the only USA, you can use the country code top-level domain name such as, etc.

If you are marketing the products or services globally, It is essential to use a top level domain name which is Dot-com, Dot-org, or Dot-net.Also, you can choose to register the online business such as dot-biz but Dot-com is preferable.

There are much best domain name registrar to register your domain name but I will suggest two out of the best domain name registrar that are well known, they have a very simple interface and you can register your domain in less than 2 minutes without any stress.

Where to buy domain names? There are many places to register your domain but below are the best place to register the domain name in less than two minutes.

  How Much Does It Cost To Register A Domain Name?

The price of domain registration varies and this depends on the registrar companies. The price starts from $8 to 12 dollar. There are many cases in which there is coupon code for domain release by the domain registrar.

Domain Registrar And Web Hosting

Also if you are looking for best place to host your site without wasting your time below are my recommended web hosting that can give you everything you need to host your website with good customers care in case you have any question or you are facing little problem along the way.

Bluehost-Host your website with bluehost and claim your free domain for one year without paying dime.


How To Choose a Web Hosting Service

Hosting is an engine of your website because you need somewhere to store all your files, Documents, Images, etc.  And without webhosting it is impossible. Pricing for web hosting varies and it depends on the individual company but majorly it ranges from $3.95 to $15 or more per month, which depending on the following: Number of Visitors, large files hosted, and images.

What is bandwidth?

Each webhosting plan has its own bandwidth limit, this is usually a per month limit. There are many webhosting that give you unlimited space and there are some that have specific limitations such as 2G,4G and so on. If you have big video file or if your website is a video site, it takes up more bandwidth that means you will need hosting plan that gives you unlimited bandwidth to host your video site.

It is important to know the type of website you want to run before sign up for web hosting in order to have enough bandwidth tough there are many hosting that gives you unlimited but ensure you check you hosting to know if it offer unlimited or not. I will list some best web hosting later if you are not sure of any hosting you want or need.

Differences between Windows and Linux host?

There are two types of server “Windows server” and “Linux server” some webhosting use window server while some use Linux server and this gives you the option on what programming language your website is written in.

You can ask the customer care of your web hosting if you really want to know more about the types of server your hosting is using. ASP programming language runs on Windows systems while PHP programming language runs on Linux systems.

Domain Name:  You need a simple way to point to your hosting space. For your site to look professional and easy to remember it is very important to register a domain name that related to your business. A domain name looks like “” or “” etc.

There are many domain extensions but the most common is.COM. Domain names are extremely cheap nowadays and I would recommend the following registrar in case you don’t know where to register your own domain.

There are hundreds of hosting website and domain name registration places, but if you are looking for web hosting that are reliable then I would like to introduce the following webhosting to you :

Best domain web hosting


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I have used both hosting and I have to recommend them simply because they are the most reliable wweb hostingand their customer care is very great. You can sign up for Bluehost and claim your free domain for one year or sign up with Hostgator and save 25% now using this code…Both these web hosting is a One-click install script (forum, photo galleries, blogging) and more without any stress.

You can host unlimited websites with both bluehost and HostGator, the choice is yours even if you want to change you hosting or transfer your site, and they can do it for you without paying any money after you registered with them.

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FAQ on How To Register A Domain Name

What is the domain name? A domain name is a name that represents your company or your business online.

What was the first registered domain name? First register domain name is a domain you newly register before it expires and renews it. It is a domain name that has not been registered before which also known as a fresh domain.

Whois domain?  Whois domain simply means the information of the owner of the domain which contains the name and the address of the owner of the domain. You can use to find more information about any domain.

How do I register a domain name? Register domain name is very simple; the first step is to find the best domain registrar, then follow the step by step lay down by the registrar to register a  domain under their platform. You only need a card and your address to register your domain.

Thanks for reading our guide on how to register a Domain Name, if you have anything to add to this article kindly let us know through your comment.Share your experience with others.

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