Hustlers University Review 2024 By Andrew Tate

12 Things to know about Andrew Tate Training

Welcome to the complete Hustler University review. We have spent time researching and learning more about the creator himself to find out if the training is worth it or hype.

If you want to know….

  • Who is Andrew Tate
  • What he teaches in his course
  • The pros and cons
  • Is Hustler University legit?
  • Real student’s case studies

Then you’re in the right place for the details about the Andrew Tate and the Hustler University program.

Hustlers University Review- Key Notes

About The Course: Many training courses in one program teach different ways to make money online.

Course price: $49.9 per month

Pros: No upsell, detailed training, student success stories and testimonies

Cons: The training has no refund, and many controversies about Andrew Tate

The Best Online Business Course

My main goal is to find the best course to help you make money and build a profitable business based on research and feedback from students.

The Andrew Tate Hustler University training covers many ways to make money online, such as affiliate marketing, drop shipping, Amazon FBA, freelancing and copywriting, stock & investing and more.

Hustler University is legit and has many pros, but it does not provide advanced training in his courses to help you build a successful online business and generate passive income.

How Does Andrew Tate Couse help you make money?

Hustler University combines online courses that teach anyone how to earn money online.

Below is the list of training inside the Hustlers University course.

  • Affiliate marketing
  •  eCommerce
  •  Amazon FBA
  •  Freelancing
  • Copywriting
  • Stock
  • Cryptocurrency investing
  • Analysis & NFTs

You will learn different online businesses from different instructors.

Andrew Tate claimed that all his instructors make $1M in profits using the same method they teach in his course-Hustlers University.

Who is Hustler’s University for?

Andrew Tate created HU to teach people how to make money online. The course is specifically for beginners who just want to learn different ways to build an online business and generate income.

Since Tate teaches different ways to build an online business and make money, he may not cover the most essential aspects of some of his HU training.

In my opinion, Andrew Tate launched the Hustlers University course to put you on the line, understand different types of online businesses, and choose one where you can build your business.

For anyone looking for a profitable online business who wants to learn how it works, the training will put you on track.

As you can see from the price, it only costs $49 per month to access the training.

Andrew Tate Reputation

There are a lot of people who question Tate’s reputation, especially when it comes to his marketing strategies.

Also, information about his behaviour is on the internet.

But that does not mean his training program is not worth trying if you’re interested.

Who Created Hustlers University?

hustlers university

Andrew Tate is a creator of Hustlers University, a controversial guy who claimed to have generated thousands of dollars using the same formula he teaches in his course.

He is an entrepreneur and influencer; no wonder he has millions of followers and gained more momentum for his training.

Are hustler’s university students getting results?

Even though there are some misconceptions about Andrew Tate Hustler University, many students find success in his training.

Below are student’s results that display on the sales page of the Tate Hustler University program.

hustlers university results

It shows that the training is very effective and helpful for people who work hard after completing it.

Now that you know you can get results when you join the course let’s look at the cost of the training.

What is the cost of Hustler’s University?

Andrew Tate Hustler University costs $49.99 per month.

The price is not expensive, but there may be additional expenses for some of the campuses.

For example, if you choose cryptocurrency training, before you can start making money, you will need to invest money to trade.

Also, in an eCommerce business, you must invest in the dropshipping business if you want to build your brand.

Refund Policy

Hustlers University has no refund. So, before you join the training, ensure you’re convinced, as there is no money-back guarantee.

Hustlers University Course Structure

hustlers university review

Below are what you will learn when you join Hustlers University.

The first step is to choose a skill from the listed online businesses, including eCommerce, Amazon FBA, affiliate marketing, freelancing and copywriting.

The Hustlers University teaches 18 effective ways to make money online.

Andrew claimed that Hustlers University students support each other to overcome challenges through community and collaborate for better achievement.

Aside from getting access to the courses, students will also get free access to a community of like-minded people to help each other.

Hustlers University Updates

There are many updates about the course, and the first launched was Hustlers University 1.0.

Andrew has upgraded the Hustlers University to make the training more advanced and help people achieve their goals.

The latest version is Hustlers University 4.0. The HU 4.0 has 18 wealth creation courses with full lesson plans.

If you want to join the training today, you will get access to the latest version of Andrew Tate’s online training.

Hustlers University 4.0

The Hustlers University 4.0 has been renamed The Real World and includes an artificial intelligence class in the training.

The 4.0 has been tweaked and improved to ensure it provides a practical approach to teaching students to make the training more effective.

Hustlers University 4.0 Review: Pros and Cons

Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of the training.


  • Many students’ case studies and proof of earning
  • Active private community
  • Very low price tag
  • Many online business training programs are put together


  • No refund
  • The creator is very controversial
  • The training can be overwhelming

Should you join Hustlers University?

If you’re new to online business, you can take action and join Andrew Tate Hustler University 4.0.

I can assure you that you will find valuable information to help you make money online.

The latest version, Hostlers University 4.0 provides comprehensive training on different ways of building online business and generating income online.

Since the price is very low, you can join the course for one month and decide if it is worth your money.You can cancel at any time, so you have nothing to lose.

When considering the information inside the training, I think Hustlers University is worth the price for anyone looking to earn money online and build a successful online business.

But, you may not get everything you need to build a profitable business.

Hustlers University Review: FAQs

Is Hustlers University 4.0 Legit?

Yes, Hustlers University is legit, and there is proof from students making money after implementing what they learned from the course.

Hustlers University 4.0 teaches the skills you need to make money, and you need to work hard to make the system work for you.

Is Hustlers University 4.0 Worth It?

The course is worth it, and you can test it for a month and then decide.

If others can follow what they learnt from Andrew Tate Hustlers University 4.0 and make money, then you can be assured that it will also work for you.

I have seen many Hustlers University reviews online claiming that what he taught can be found free online, but I can’t entirely agree, and even if it can be found online, it will take you more time to research and get what you need.

If you’re looking for in-depth training, this is not for you.

Hustlers University Review- Final Thought

Andrew Tate Hustlers University is a legitimate online training that teaches people 18 online business models to make money online.

Tate program teaches you how to make money online and introduces an artificial intelligence class to teach you how to use AI to make money online.

For beginners who want to start an online business in the following niches:

  • Amazon FBA
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Dropshipping
  • Freelancing
  • Copywriting
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Stock
  • Investing

And so on, then you can join Hustlers University training to get started.

The training will provide insight into these business models to determine which is good for you.

Then, you can join more advanced online course that teach you how to build highly profitable online business that can guarantee you success in the long run.

Your Thoughts on Hustlers University Training

What do you think about the Andrew Tate training program> Share it in the comment section. Also, let us know if the course has helped you make money.


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