Clickbank Affiliate Marketing For Beginners:The Ultimate Guide

Ultimate Guide To Clickbank Affiliate Marketing

Clickbank Affiliate Marketing

Looking for a guide on Clickbank affiliate marketing for beginners? You’re in the right place.

Clickbank affiliate marketing allows every affiliate marketer to promote products and get commissions for any sales made through the affiliate link.

You can check Commission Hero’s free training to learn how you can make 1k per day on Clickbank.

Before you start Clickbank affiliate marketing, there are things you might need to understand, you don’t just wake up and think about affiliate marketing and start making money online.

I’m sure you already know what affiliate means, but it is a wise decision to learn a little about it before taking action. We are going to look into various ways to make money with Clickbank affiliate marketing.

I know you have heard about Clickbank before but if not, it is a platform with more than 10,000 products available for affiliate marketers to promote.

If you have been looking for how to make money with Clickbank, this article will help you understand how Clickbank affiliate marketing works.

I know more than 10 top affiliate marketers who are making 6- figures every month on Clickbank, and you can also be part of them. You only need to learn about affiliate marketing.

There are many affiliate marketing courses you can join to learn how to build a successful affiliate marketing business.

Are you ready to start taking your own share from the Clickbank affiliate program?

Below is what you will learn from the:

Clickbank Affiliate Marketing For Beginners 2022


What is ClickBank?

ClickBank is an online retailer and affiliate network with secure payment processing, reliable tracking and payouts. They bring together ClickBank vendors with the evolving ClickBank Affiliates.

They have more than 10,000 products affiliates can promote in different niches. It is one of the largest digital networks that connect both vendors and affiliates together.

With ClickBank’s affiliate program, all affiliates can promote vendors’ products and earn commissions.

But before we can get started, you will need a Clickbank account. If you already have a Clickbank account, then continue reading otherwise click here to create an account.

How To Open and Setting ClickBank Account

Clickbank affiliate marketing

To open a Clickbank account, go to and click on Create account.

Select your preferred language and fill in all the necessary information.

Click on the next step to fill in the Banking and account information. Make sure you check all your information before you hit submit. After submitting your account, wait till your account is approved.

After the approval of your account, you can log in to your account to change any payment information if needed.

Create clickbank account

Make sure you fill in the following correctly:

  • Personal Information
  • Banking Information
  • Account Information

To log in to your account, go to and click on login at the top right-hand side. Click on the setting at the top to view all your account information.

You may want to change your payment information. From there you can set your payment threshold, this depends on your payment method.

Now that you have created your account and set up everything, it is time to move to the next step.

I will also recommend you go check their ‘Knowledge Base’ articles as it will help you to get started and navigate around their marketplace.

Now that you have created an account, it is time to pick a profitable and evergreen niche that has buyer intent.

Terms Use on Clickbank


Gravity shows a statistic for products in the ClickBank marketplace. It is the number of affiliates who are promoting a ClickBank product and earned a commission over the previous 12 weeks. The higher the gravity of a product, the more affiliates that are earning commissions from that product at that moment.

For example, if a product has a GRAVITY of 45, it shows that 45 affiliates are earning a commission from that product at that moment.

Clickbank ID: The Clickbank ID is the username created when opening an account. It is this ID that will be used to track your affiliate earnings on Clickbank. Therefore two people can’t have the same ID. Your Clickbank ID is a unique ID attached to your account.

Clickbank Tracking ID: The Tracking IDs are codes you create up to eight alpha-numeric digits to add to the end of your Hoplinks (Clickbank affiliate link). For example, you are promoting a product, and the affiliate link for those product is

The ‘’zzzzzzzz’ is your custom Tracking ID. This ID can be anything you want which allows you to know which of your advertisements or promotions are the most successful.

Affiliate can create more than one tracking ID for any product, mostly if the affiliate is using a different traffic source and wants to find out which one is getting the best result.

Let’s say I am promoting a product using three websites and I want to track the sales to know which site is performing better., and

I only need to add a tracking ID to the end of my Hoplink to be able to track the results of each website. The result of Hoplinks with tracking IDs corresponding to the sites above would look like this:

  • HTTP://
  • HTTP://

From the above link, my Clickbank ID is funny2912 while the tracking ID for each site is makeup, ketchup and date.

Now that you’re familiar with Clickbank terms, it is time to pick a profitable and evergreen niche that has buyer intent.

How to Find a Profitable Niche

The first step to take before starting to make money on Clickbank is to select a profitable niche where there are a lot of quality products you can promote and where there’s a lot of money to be made.

Though it requires a little bit of time to pick a niche that works well with this system. Below are steps to find a niche to get started.

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Pick Your Niche

Go to and click marketplace, at the left-hand side, you will see all the niches, find time to go through them and come out with the one you have little experience with, this can help you when it comes to written content for your blog.

Clickbank Affiliate Marketing


It is a good idea to have little knowledge of your niche but not mandatory. There are many affiliate marketers that make money from different niches without any prior experience but you may need to prepare for challenges.

Choosing a sub-niche

After choosing a niche, then break it down into sub-niche. For example, if you prefer niche is health, then there are sub-niches on health such as addiction, Beauty, weight loss, nutrition, yoga etc. Look at the image above.

Once you’ve chosen a general niche you’re interested in, it is very important to break it into smaller sub-sections of that niche to focus on.

For instance, if you are into a self-help niche, you might focus on, anger management, career development or the law of attraction. If you wanted to go into the dating tips for men niche, you might focus on online dating for men, or how to attract women online, or how to keep your girlfriend once you’re in a relationship.

Those niches I mentioned are HUGE. Even if you’re just focusing on a small section of it, you can completely make more money out of it, AND it makes marketing a lot easier.

Choose A Product To Promote From Clickbank

A lot of markets struggle when it comes to choosing a product to promote. Different products have different conversion payout rates. Depending on the niche you choose, you may or may not be able to scale big in most niches.

For example, would you rather promote a weight loss product with many products or a wedding speech product with few products?

A wedding speech offer may give you a tighter return on investment because your target audience is so small. Also, you will be able to scale like you can with the weight loss offer.

Of course, there is a balance between “Competition & Scalability” and believe me when I say, tapping into competitive niches isn’t as difficult as most people think.

For instance, your niche is health and your sub-niche is weight loss. There are many products on weight loss to choose from with different gravity. Clickbank uses gravity to show which products are selling most and it can also indicate that the product is very competitive.

Clickbank Affiliate Marketing

In my own case, I prefer to choose a product with a gravity 20 to 50 which I think will not be too competitive. You can scroll down to the second page and find a product to promote and at the same time, it depends on you.

How to promote Clickbank products  

Build A Single Page Website and Put the Signup Form

Now that you have picked a niche and narrowed it down to a sub-niche, it is time to create a single page or sales funnel to capture the email of your visitors while giving them a bonus in exchange for their email.

The simplest way to do this is to use WordPress. You can build a page website in less than 20 minutes. I agree that you know how to create a single-page website.

Clickbank Affiliate Marketing

Click here to learn how to create a blog in less than 20 minutes

3 Steps to Build a single Page Website

  1. Get your domain and hosting
  2. Installing WordPress and setting up your blog
  3. Customize your blog

Creating a single page will require a plugin. This can’t be done with just a theme. There are many plugins that can be used to create an opt-in page that converts like crazy. You can check PROFITbuilder, it is one of the best plugins. Click here to check it.

Add Some Content To Your Website

Once your website is set up, you may brand it with your logo and design and then start filling it with content.

Hey! Did you hear the word content?

I‘m not just talking about content, but content that will make your reader happy, answer the problem and find a solution to such problems.

If they get what they want they will be ready to give their email and download whatever you offer them. Failure to grab their attention may result in low opt-in.

Add your signup box to your website – This is the key!

Your autoresponder will give you a code to include on your website to create the signup form.

You can just paste this code into your website to be able to start receiving subscribers.

There are many email software like Convertkit, Getresponse etc. Sign up for 30 day free trial from Getresponse.

Create Some Great Bait To Increase Your Opt-in

After building a page website, there is 3 step process to follow when creating an opt-in page and getting your automated email to follow up in place. The steps are as follows:

  • Step 1. Create a bait
  • Step 2: Write your opt-in page content (headline)
  • Step 3: Write your email course or newsletter

The next step is to create some “bait” to attract visitors to sign up for your newsletter. It doesn’t necessarily have to be an eBook or a written report; though these are the type of “bait” people use most often. In some niches, you could also create something like an infographic or video etc.

The important thing is that it needs to be a digital download that people will receive immediately upon signing up for the newsletter.

Create Newsletter Sequence

Once you are through with the site and bait, the next step is to create the sequence newsletter that will be drip-fed to your subscribers and generate sales and commissions for you.

Remember that this is the heart of affiliate marketing: The emails do not get mailed out “live”, they go into software called an autoresponder that will automatically send them out to your subscribers at the specified time.

You only need to create the content for the sequence, and the rest will be automated. It is significant in some cases to create a lot of content up-front to have more content for your visitors, after that it’s plain sailing.

How to make this work perfectly?

For example, if you are promoting weight loss, you can create a mini-course like ‘’7 days to lose fat fast without spending a Dime’’

The newsletter will contain important information on how to lose weight, and it will be sent in maybe 2 days intervals.

For instance,

  • Day 1. The newsletter will contain an introduction on how to lose weight
  • Day 2. Sending newsletter without an affiliate link
  • Day 3: You can talk about the product you want to promote along with a newsletter but no affiliate link.
  • Day 4. Send the newsletter with an affiliate link
  • DAY 5. Send without link
  • Day 6 . Send plus affiliate link
  • Day 7. Newsletter plus affiliate link

Remember that you need to build a relationship with your subscribers in other to trust you. Your content must be very useful and solve a certain problem, not just content with no value to your visitors or subscribers.

If you help them to solve their problem they will be ready to listen to you and any products recommended to them will be welcomed. Before you think about promoting anything to your subscribers, it is very important to let them trust you first.

Clickbank Affiliate Marketing: Getting Traffic

Getting traffic is one of the most difficult tasks for many internet marketers and bloggers. Many find it very easy while to some, it is just like hell. But worry not there are some better yet simple ways to get targeted traffic to your website and build your list.

There are two ways to get traffic: Paid and free

I strongly recommend paid traffic as it can give you a result in no time compared to free traffic. Free traffic requires a lot of work and the result may not even be encouraging except if you are an expert in SEO.

Clickbank Affiliate Marketing: Paid Traffic

When it comes to targeted traffic Google, Bing which is a search engine is simply the best. Facebook is really the best when it comes to social networking. These giants on the internet can send millions of traffic to your website.

How to get traffic from Google using Google Adword

Well, there are many resources that can help you to get your ad running on Google. It is very important to learn how to advertise on Google Ad before you place your first ad if you have not done it before. Below is the resource to help you

Bing Ad

Bing is the second search engine where thousands of internet marketers are advertising their business. You can also get a good result from Bing if done properly.

Facebook Ad

Everybody knows that Facebook is almost taking over the internet. Remember that there are almost billions of people on Facebook.

With Facebook, you can target your audience with age, interest, People who went to college, people who have a degree and more.

Free Traffic That Works

I know everybody wants free but the bottom line is that free traffic doesn’t convert well in most cases. Don’t misunderstand me, I know many marketers who depend on free traffic but it requires a lot of time to invest before getting a result.

I’m going to share with you some free traffic that converts well when promoting Clickbank affiliate products.

Facebook Pages and group

You have already known that Facebook gets a lot of traffic and if done correctly you will eventually get a result. Create a Facebook page for your blog and post regularly. The more likes you get more traffic to your website. Also, search for Facebook groups related to the product or your website and start posting.

Creating attractive images along with powerful headlines can make people click on your link which can increase your sales.


Instagram is HOT now and a lot of people are getting thousands of free traffic to their site. I recommend Instagram and if you’re new or a beginner, you can check Engagermate training to learn how to drive free traffic to your website or offer.

Create Slides and share them

Most internet marketers ignore the power of slide shares. If you can create a perfect slide you can build a list of huge subscribers within a short period. If you don’t know how to create a perfect slide that can attract readers or visitors, below are the resource to help you.

List of best slides shares website you can sign up and upload your slides


Forum Posting

Do you think posting on forums to get targeted traffic is an outdated method? A forum is still one of the active ways to get free traffic if done properly.

Find a forum related to your niche, create an account and start posting content that solves a certain problem, I can assure you that there is going to be a flood of traffic into your website which can easily be converted to subscribers. Don’t ignore this method.

Guest Post

I’m sure you have heard about a guest post before, if you are serious about getting traffic to your offer or building a list, I can assure you that guest post can pave the way to unlimited traffic if done effectively- Clickbank Affiliate Marketing Strategies

However, in most cases, it seems difficult to achieve and a lot of work needs to be done before getting a maximum result if you concentrate on it, you will rip the reward.

Here are simple steps to follow when preparing to start a guest post.

  1. Look for a related website that accepts guest post
  2. Email the owner and request to submit a guest post
  3. Write outstanding content that solves a certain problem and answers different questions
  4. Submit your content with your bio with a link to your website. Most people submit their landing page in order to capture the email of visitors which I think is the best option.

NOTE: You need to find a website that has a lot of traffic to get a better result. Check out the resources below to learn more about the guest post.

How To Increase Your Conversion

If you want to increase the conversion rate you need to increase traffic, we are talking about massive profits. The best tip that I can give to everyone, who is doing affiliate marketing, is to give VALUE first before thinking of making sales.

You see, unlike many affiliate marketers who only focus on getting sales.

What you need to do instead, is to provide your subscribers and visitors with good-quality content and build trust first as I said earlier.

Once you have established relationships, then you can introduce a product to them.

The easiest way to build a relationship and trust with your subscribers is through email marketing.

Other Ways To Promote Clickbank Affiliate Program

There are so many ways to promote Clickbank affiliate products and make cool money. Although some may require more effort at the same time without a website you can still make money promoting affiliate products and increase your conversion.

Here is how to make money with the Clickbank affiliate program without a website

  1. Sign up with – With buysellads, you can promote Clickbank products without the worry of creating a website. After signing up, look at the left-hand side of the site, you will see different categories such as internet marketing, style, beauty etc.

Clickbank Affiliate Marketing2. Click on the category related to the product you want to promote. You will see different websites where you can advertise a product through the banner. For example, you may ask to pay $25 to place ads on a website for 5 days while some pay per impression

Many affiliate markers are making $50 to$100 dollars payday using this simple method and it only takes less than 30 minutes to set up.

Most webmasters or bloggers don’t know how to monetize their website to make a profit, which is the reason they submit their website with is one of the best ways to make money with the Clickbank website.

This method works for marketers who want to make money fast but if you want to build a business that longs for years, I strongly recommend directing the traffic to an opt-in page where you can capture their email to build a list.

Clickbank Affiliate Marketing For Beginners: Summary

Making money with Clickbank is not rocket science, it does not require a degree or college certificate but one only needs to learn how it works by doing more research or joining training on Clickbank affiliate marketing.

If you follow what you have learned from this article with a little more research you can start making money on Clickbank within 72 hours.

Also, don’t forget to direct most of your traffic to a squeeze page where you can collect tier emails to build a list. List building is a great way to build an online business and you heard the word ” money is in the list’‘.

If you have been making money on Clickbank, kindly share your success and let others learn from it. Also, if you have one or two things to add to this content let us know, we will be glad to share your opinion.

If you want to learn more about how to make money promoting other people’s products, you can check my Clickbank University Review. It is one of the best training where you can learn how to make more commissions by promoting high ticket offers that pay you more than $1,000 per sale.

Commission hero is a great affiliate marketing training where you can learn more on how to promote Clickbank products.

Recommended Resources

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I hope you have gained something after reading  ”Ultimate Guide to Clickbank Affiliate Marketing for Beginners”.If you have a question, please don’t hesitate to ask for a comment.

You can also check my other posts such as Funnel Scripts pricing, Best Marketing Book and Russell Brunson books.


Is ClickBank good for affiliate marketing?

ClickBank is a good affiliate network for bloggers and content creators who wish to promote digital products on the platform.

How much do ClickBank affiliates make?

The amount of income you generate will depend on your experience and how much effort and time you put into the business.

Experienced affiliate marketers make up to $1K per week, while some make 10k per week or more with Clickbank.

Is ClickBank affiliate marketing free?

Yes, it is free to join. Anyone can become a ClickBank affiliate. After completing your account, you can find products to promote and make a commission.

Is ClickBank legit and safe?

Yes, Clickbank is legit and safe to make money online. There are thousands of people who are making thousands of dollars every month. And it is not too late to join.

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