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My story


My name is Oyundoyin Anthony and I do internet marketing, affiliate marketing and blogging. I started my blog Entrepreneurs Class a few years ago, and I am very happy to take such as step.

I’m from Lagos, Nigeria. Back in 2010 when I faced a financial problem not being able to pay for a one-bedroom apartment as a Chemistry Tutor in a private secondary school in Lagos, earning about 25k (naira) equivalent to $100 now.

Fast-forward to April 2015, when I started earning little money to take care of myself, pay NEPA bills, etc.

So, what happened? I became an internet marketer though it didn’t happen overnight, I’m happy I’m getting little income from it.

I started my blogging career in 2010, and it has been my major source of income.

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1 thought on “About”

  1. Hello Antony
    Glad to know you followed your dreams to do affiliate marketing.Would like to know how things are going so far, what do you find the most challenging in affiliate marketing.
    To me like any affiliate marketer, it`s targeted quality traffic.
    Would like to hear from you.


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