Is Apex Focus Group Legit? The truth Is Revealed.

is apex focus group legit

For those looking for an easy way to earn extra cash online, you might try Apex Group, a company that pays people to share their opinions.

But is Apex Focus Group legit or a scam?

In this post, I will answer some of the most common questions about the Apex Focus Group company.

First of all,

What is Apex Focus Group?

Apex Focus Group is a marketing research group that connects users to thousands of focus groups and many survey sites. The Apex Focus Group platform is free to join, offering a wide range of market research groups that fit your interests, lifestyle, and location.

It allows anyone to use their knowledge and expertise to influence product and service decisions.

The Apex Focus Group Market Research Services

The Apex Focus Group market research focuses on three types of services as follows:

Focus Groups

The groups allow you to receive compensation for your voice. They have more than 1,000 legitimate focus group opportunities and work with much market research in the US.

Clinical Trials

The clinical trial gets you access to the experimental treatment. The Apex Focus Group connects people with clinical research studies for therapy under development.

Paid Survey Panels

They help companies improve their products through surveys. You get paid by telling them what you think about the products you use or new ones before they hit the market.

As you can see, all these are legitimate, and when you join the Apex Focus Group, you get paid by sharing your opinion on the products you have used.

How Does The Apex Focus Group Works?

They help you find paid focus groups near you.They have a team that gathers focus groups and works directly with many top market research companies to get you legitimate paid focus group opportunities.

Is Apex Focus Group Legit?

Yes, it is a legitimate company that has paid surveys for anyone who wants to share their opinion.

I visited their website and read one of the testimonies of a member about the company.

And currently, at the time of writing this post, they have 824 active participants and over 1000 market research opportunities.

In addition, keep in mind that joining Apex Focus Group to earn money is not a get-rich-quick.

It is impossible to make a full-time income with Apex Focus Group by participating on surveys and focus groups.

It can earn you a few bucks any time you complete a survey.

Is Apex A Real Company?

Yes, Apex Focus Group is a real company and one of the well-known survey platforms on the net.

They have been around a while, and you can easily find them when you search for the company.

How Does The Apex Focus Group Pay You?

They pay their participants in cash for completing surveys and participating in focus groups. Apex Focus Group pay with PayPal or check within the weeks.

It is essential to read their payment policies before applying for a survey. Ensure you read the payment policies before participating in Apex Focus Group studies for any study you sign up for.

Is Apex Focus Group Worth It?

If participating in focus groups and surveys is your hobby to earn cash in your spare time, Apex Focus Group may be worth it.

But if you’re looking for better side hustles that can generate thousands of dollars every month, you need to find a better online business you can start.

Many profitable online businesses include blogging, affiliate marketing, Amazon KDP, etc. You can start today to build a successful business that can generate thousands tomorrow.

What People Are Saying About Apex Focus Group

There are many case studies and testimonies of this company on the internet.

I have done my research and found out that many people are getting paid by completing surveys and participating in focus groups through the Apex Focus Group Company.

If you want to read more case studies and testimonies of the company, you can check these groups and websites.

Read more about Apex Focus Group on Glassdoor and Reddit.

This will help you decide whether the program is worth your time.


Apex Focus Group is a legitimate company that provides opportunities to make money online through surveys and focus groups.

It is worth trying if you want to earn some extra cash, but it is not as get-rich-quick as many people may think.

It takes more time to participate in the focus group and more time to accept you.

I can’t recommend this type of online business for someone who desires to build a profitable online business.

Apex Focus Group Alternative

If you want the best alternative for Apex Focus Group, you can check the list of the best survey sites that pay you cash for completing a survey.

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How much money can you make from Apex Focus Group?

The amount you can make from Apex Focus Group will depend on the number of surveys you complete or the number of focus groups you participate in.

The compensation is $35-$75 per hour session, while you get paid $350-$750 per multiple studies.

Who Can Join Apex Focus Group?

Anyone can join the group, but I think it works better for people from the United States.

If you want to join the company, visit their official website and learn more about them.

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