Amazing Selling Machine 11 Review 2019 & Bonus

Amazing selling machine 11 review 2019

amazing selling machine review

Hi Everyone here. thanks for checking out my Amazing selling machine 11 review. It is updated version of 10(also know as ASMX) 

How To Build 7-Figure Business Leveraging The Power of Amazon.

Now Available in 4 Different Languages.

  • English
  • Romania
  • Spanish
  • German

I NEVER review any program WITHOUT any proof to show that it worth your time and money. This also applies to the Amazing Selling Machine review, and now I’m very excited to give you my review base on experience, research, interviews, and PROOF.

After looking at this training over the past 4 years, I was so surprised to see that Amazing Selling Machine (ASM) continues to improve every time on their training program to teach you how to build a profitable online business selling on Amazon.

One of the key factors that every reliable online training program has is Community Support.

Amazing selling machine X Free training videos

Amazing Selling Machine Review 2019

And ASM has amazing Community Support.

I understand that I was a little bit skeptical on ASM when I first looked at the program, but after having a friend registered for this training, my viewpoint on Amazing Selling Machine has changed.

The course took him 3 months to complete while still working a full-time job, and now he has an eCommerce business that is doing very well.

He’s created his own brand name product and his business is growing every day.

Here is what we’ll discourse in this ASMX review

  • Is Amazing selling machine is the best course for people who want to start selling on Amazon
  • Does it worth the price
  • Do the training offer quality and support?
  • Can you make your money back?
  • Is it the best training for beginners?
  • Before you think about joining ASM training, you should have an interest in the eCommerce business, not just for the sake of making money.

eCommerce is one of the profitable online business and there are a lot of people who are making 6 figure per month by just selling little-known products on Amazon.

Talking about e-commerce

If you want to start Amazon FBA business, you need to find a proper training course and have a community of eCommerce enthusiast support. And this is where Amazing selling machine comes into play.

You will get access to a complete structure to follow which has great support.

Amazing Selling Machine 11 Review- What You Need To Know

I know what you are thinking because most people think it is a scam but unfortunately for those people. it is not a scam. They talk about the price which I agree it is a bit expensive but when you look at what they offer, it really worth the price.

But before you jump into this training, there are a few things you need to understand.

It is not for everyone.

eCommerce is a lucrative business and thousands of people are building solid business through it but if you don’t have what it takes to get involved due to the lack of capital, there are many other ways you can build an online business and make passive income.

eCommerce requires investment and probably not everybody can avoid it.

Check ASMX free training Video training

Amazing Selling Machine 9 -At a Glance

  • Product Name: Amazing Selling Machine
  • ASMX Price: One-time payment is $4,997 while 6 times payment is $997
  • Website:
  • Author: Matt Clark and Jason Katzenback.
  • Where To Buy: Click here

The Amazing selling machine X was an updated version of amazing selling machine 11 release on April 17, 2019. This training will be open for people to sign up and get free access to FREER software tool to find hot selling products on Amazon.

The course will not be available when this launch end, so make sure to decide if the ASMX training is for you.

Apart from this training, they also have a program called seller submit which take place once a year which you need to present or watch the stream live video. The ticket cost around $475 per attendee.

Does The Amazing Selling Machine Really Work?

Absolutely yes, it works and thousands of people have taken this course with testimonies and proof that shows it 100%  work. It is intensive training, so you need to prepare yourself to work hard, it is not for lazy people. They will provide you with all the tools, training and support and you will take care of the rest.

Interested in Amazing selling machine training?

Prepare yourself to face the challenges with the hope to be successful.

One of the best ways to know if the course worth taken or not is to see if there are PROOFS and testimonies from those who have registered for the training in the past.


Paul Khan who joined this ASM course in April last year is currently making more than $10,000 per month. Before he joined ASM, he has no experience on how to sell a product on Amazon.

Angie Chacon made more than $2M within 12 month selling little know products on Amazon after ASM training.


Brandon Clark is another amazing selling machine student who has made more than $3M between July 2016 to July 2017.

amazing selling machine X review

Click here to see more PROOF

ASM Money Back Guarantee – 30 Days money back with no question.

The amazing thing about the ASM course is that they offer you 30 days money-back guarantee, so there is a free risk. If you register for the training and after 30 days you are not satisfied, you can simply have your money back in less than 10 minutes, you have nothing to lose.

What of ASM BuyBack Guarantee?

This is the fun part of Amazing selling machine. You are even given an opportunity to register for the ASM course and start the training. If you follow all the steps in the training and not satisfy after 6 months, they will buy all your inventory from you and pay you $10,000 with no question asked.

This is where ASM course better than other Amazon FBA training. No other training has done something like this before, amazing selling machine is simply the best training without facing the risk of losing your money.

What If You Don’t Have $4,997 To Invest?

Since the ASM course price is $3,997 and you can’t avoid it, don’t be discourse, there is a way out. They offer 5 months payment option where you can be paying $997 every month for 6 months.

But if you have the money to invest and you have passion and interest in the eCommerce business, then don’t hesitate to register for the course and prepare to start building a solid online business that can last for years.

What You will learn from ASMX Course

The main principle behind the Amazing selling machine course is eCommerce and dropshipping business. So, the idea is to find hot products that you can buy at wholesale and then sell them on Amazon to make a profit.

Here are the steps outlined in the Amazing selling machine training.

  1. Find RED HOT product to sell on Amazon.
  2. Find reliable suppliers for ANY product on Amazon using Alibaba etc
  3. Get 8- 10 suppliers to send you samples
  4. Test your sample for quality and durability
  5. Place the minimum order quantity (MOQ)
  6. Create an Amazon listing that converts better than anyone else’s
  7. Build your own business brand from scratch (It is easier than you might think)
  8. Send your order to Amazon FBA program and leave the rest for Amazon
  9. Rank your products on Amazon to triple your earning.

This is the nuts and bolt of Amazing selling machine course.

Does it difficult? Of course not. It sounds great.

Is Amazing Selling Machine 9 Worth The Price?

This is one of the questions bothering people but the author Matt Clark and Jason Katzenback have their own reason to place such price tag. But if you compare the result of ASM training, you will need to think twice.

If you are going to start training that can earn you $60k per month, then what’s $4,000 compared to huge potential profit every year.

There are even many people who are making from $100k to $150k per month after completing the ASM course.

Below is ASM9 package.

asm9 review

The total is $30,379 for the price of $4,997.

And at the same time, not everybody who completes the training will have huge success, some may make less profit while some may not have success. This is part of the risk every entrepreneur need to accept.


What I like about the Course

Here are some things I really like about the amazing selling machine11. I strongly agree that it is very expensive but there is some update you need to know which can help you make your decision.

The training is divided into small sections that are easy to absorb. This is not like other training where they will bombard you with unnecessary materials and bores you to death.

The training will be very helpful since is taught in audio, text, and videos. You can get access to the training course in a different format.

You will get free access to the member’s area where you can learn more from other successful eCommerce entrepreneurs.

What I Didn’t Like

Now let talk about what I don’t like…

The course is somewhat expensive.

Yes, I agree it is expensive but at the same time, if you can get in-depth information that allows you to build a solid and profitable eCommerce business that can generate 7 figure per year, Price should not be the matter on a concern. Although not everybody will be able to avoid it, if you are among those people, then you can look for another alternative.

Amazing selling machine promise that if you complete their training, you can build a $100,000 per month business. It may look like hyper but we have seen the PROOF of people who made more than $1 million dollars in a year and his experience was what he learned from Amazing selling machine.

Not only that, the potential of eCommerce business can be as high as $250,000 to $300,000 per month even more. When compared to other online business, eCommerce has high-profit potential than other online business but it requires investment.

The other side of the eCommerce is that it may not be for everybody. Some may be successful while some may not. If you really want to be successful in life, then get ready to take a risk.

Another thing about the ASM is that the training is very intensive and it may not be for lazy people. If you think you can face the challenges, then you are good to go.

Check the best alternative to amazing selling machine


The Amazing Selling Machine is definitely one of the best Amazon FBA courses to help you set up your Amazon business. It has been created by experts, who know the ins and outs of an e-commerce business. It gives you a great opportunity to create a business that will give you much more in the future.

Do You Have ASM Experience

If you have taken the Amazing selling machine course before, please kindly leave a comment and let others hear from you.

Thanks for stopping by to check my Amazing selling machine x review. I hope it helps you and gives you a new perspective on the amazing selling machine 2019.

Amazing selling machine X review: My bonus.

I know that Matt Clark and Jason Katzenback. is offering a bonus and if you buy through my link, I am given you the best tools you will need to be more successful after completing your training. Some of these tools were recommended during the ASM training.

Click here for my uncommon ASM Bonus Packages Worth $5,000.

If you have any question concerning the amazing selling machine review 2019, kindly let me know from your comment.

Oyundoyin Anthony

Amazing Selling Machine X

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