Sales Funnel For Beginners In 2024: The Ultimate Guide

sales funnel for beginners

In this sales funnel for beginners guide, I will share how to build a sales funnel to 5X your income and grow your business.

Sales funnels are the backbone of any online business. They help you attract leads and convert them to customers.

However, many people get frustrated when creating a sales funnel; some spend a lot of money and, in the end, no result.

So, when they look at the money they invest and the profit at the end of the month, it look as if the money has disappeared.

They feel discouraged and don’t know the next step to take.

I have also been in this shoe, and I know what it takes to spend a lot of money and time, but at the end of the day, there is nothing to show.

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How Sales Funnels Help Me In My Business

When I started an online business, I had no idea how to build a sales funnel. I published a lot of content and monetised it.

I’m only making a penny.

I read a lot of testimonies from people who are making 6 to 7 figures per month. I visited their websites and looked at what they are doing.

Some only have a few articles on their website, with an opt-in form.

I was wondering how they are making such an amount of money.

I asked myself, how are they making money?

What the hell are they talking about making 6 to 7 figures when they don’t even have up to 100 articles on their site?

I only saw opt-in and lead markets on their sites. (Frontend funnel)

Until I figured it out.


There is one more funnel behind the opt-in page with the lead magnet.

It is called ‘’BACKEND FUNNEL.’’

What is a backend funnel?

It is a funnel that is only visible to their customers only.

These are the sales funnel they used to sell low and high-ticket offers.

Wow, this is their secret.

That is how they are making thousands of dollars.

When I figured it out, I took a step and learned how to build sales funnels that convert.

That was what led me to Russell Secrets Trilogy BOX and training.

Here is what helped me

1. Clickfunnels Secrets Trilogy Box

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2. One Funnel Away Challenge:

ofa challenge

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3. Clickfunnels software

This is a fantastic tool to build high-converting sales funnels in less than 10 minutes.

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Enough story and hyper.

So, don’t be discouraged.

Most successful entrepreneurs today also experience setbacks but never quit. They walk their way into success.

You, too, can do it.

It is difficult when money flows away, and nothing comes in.

So, what can entrepreneurs do to take their business to the next level and make more profits without wasting their time?

Very Simple.

You need to learn how to design an intelligent sales funnel.

Hey, but why funnel?

Because it can help you generate leads, convert them into loyal customers and turn them into qualified buyers.

Is it difficult? Probably NO.

What is a sales funnel?

A sales funnel is a path website visitors take to buy your product or service. Alternatively, it is a journey a website visitor passes through when trying to sell your product and service to them.

Why Sales Funnel Is Important In Your Business

Your sales funnel shows website visitors’ path before purchasing products or services.

Getting a better understanding of your sales funnels is very important.

it will guide you to optimise it. You can determine how visitors or readers move through the funnel and whether they eventually convert.

Now that you understand what a sales funnel means, let’s talk about the stages of a sales funnel. They are crucial and determine how successful your funnel will perform.

Sales Funnel Stages


I prefer to keep everything simple, so I stick to 4 sales funnel stages.

  • Find Your Dream Customer
  • Pre-Frame Bridge Magnet
  • Lead Magnet
  • Low Thicket offer(Tripwire)
  • Core offer (Backend Offer)

Before we dive into the sales funnel stages, let’s discuss how to identify what type of funnel you should create in the first place.

After all, there’s nothing worse than spending hours and money creating your funnel and realise that you missed the road and the conversion rate sucks

Fortunately, there are simple ways to avoid it and ensure your funnel hits the target.

How To Determine The Types of Funnel For Your Business

Before you even think of building a funnel, you must know the purpose you want your funnel to serve.

Here are a few ways to know what sales funnel you need.

Lead Generation: Opt-in or Squeeze page funnel

It is specifically designed to generate leads. This type of funnel works if you want to build a list of loyal subscribers.

It is a simple opt-in page that requires visitors to give you their email address to access something on the page. It could be an eBook, video, audio file, etc.

Free-Plus Shipping, Two Form Steps Funnel

This type of funnel combines BOTH qualified subscribers and buyers into a sequence.

The first step qualifies subscribers by asking for contact information such as name, email address, shipping address etc.

Step two qualifies buyers by asking for their credit card information. It helps to cover shipping costs.

This type of sales funnel is known as a free-plus-shipping offer.

The benefit of these types of funnel is that any visitor who fills out step one is automatically added to an email list even if he/she doesn’t fill out step two.

If you want to sell a physical book that requires shipping, then these types of funnel work correctly.

Free-Plus Shipping Case Study

Most companies have used these types of funnel to generate millions of dollars. Russell used this funnel to sell his Dotcom secrets book. He has sold thousands of copies and made millions of dollars.

You can check the Dotcom Secrets book sale page to see how it works.

Want to use the exact funnel to sell your product? Download the funnel here

Webinar Registration Funnel

Top marketers use the webinar funnel to generate leads and sell high-ticket offers. You offer a free webinar, and when people register, they need to submit their email addresses to recieve details about the webinar.

Many people prefer a webinar because it converts very well. A webinar is a great way to increase your conversion for a high-ticket offer.

How this funnel works

You drive targeted traffic to the registration page; it may be a sales letter or video asking visitors to sign up for the webinar.

After watching the video or reading the sales letter, interested visitors must register with their name and email address.

You can then send them to a confirmation page to remind them of the time and date of the webinar. When they attend the webinar, at the end of it, you can introduce your product.

Product Launch Funnel

If you’re a product creator, you will love this funnel. This is the type of funnel used by 7-figure product launches such as Jeff Walker, Josh Rhodes and others.

Jeff breaks up his sales presentation into four videos, and each of the videos provides value educates the prospects and sells his product.

Here is how Jeff Walker structures his 4 videos to introduce his offer to visitors.

Video 1: Introduction video.

He explains the concept of product launch and why people should create their products.

Video 2: Educate customers: He explained how people could look over his shoulder and walk them through the entire product launch process.

Video 3: Experience: Show visitors what they will get from their training. He has proven methods that have helped thousands launch a successful product.

Video 4: The CORE (Offer): Where he revealed what is selling, the price, and how customers can get it.

You can copy Jeff’s funnel if you want to launch your product and generate millions of dollars.

There are other types of funnels you can create such as affiliate marketing funnel,high ticket funnel,OTO funnels and so on.

In case you want to learn how to create affiliate marketing funnel, you can check Freedom Accelerator course.

Once you know what you want to create, the rest is simple.

Let start.

Sales Funnel For Beginners: 5 Steps To Build Automated Funnel That Drive Sales

Step 1: Find Your Dream Customers

For your sales funnel to be successful, you must understand your audience. Research your dream customers and find out the following:

  • Who is your target market?
  • Where do they hang out?
  •  What are their interest and desire?
  •   Where can you find them?

You can expand the list of questions depending on what you need to know

Understanding your prospects better will help you to determine:

  • How to position your product or service uniquely
  •  Where to find your audience
  • What is their pain point?
  • What problem do they want to solve?
  • What offer will you use to attract them?

Step 2: Pre-Frame Bridge Magnet

Why didn’t I start with “lead magnet”?

That’s because we believe Intelligent converting funnels don’t just open the door to COLD visitors.


  • It warms visitors up first.
  • It interacts and educates.
  • It solves and provides solutions to readers’ problems before ever asking for the opt-in.

So here’s how you can start

Start with Quizzes

One of my favourites to pre-frame leads is a quiz or survey. You can ask any question within your niche, and the main point is to get people to engage in the process. Let the question align with the type of funnel you want to build.

Blog and Article

It can be articles on your site. What you need is to promote the article

A blog post can also use to pre-frame any topic. If your marketing funnel is about ‘’how to become a better copywriter’ ’you can create a blog post such as”

‘’How to master the art and science of copywriting in 30 days, even if you failed your high school exam.

  • You can also create videos on YouTube
  • Go live on  Facebook

The main goal behind all these is to attract people who are interested in that specific topic. It depends on you to choose how you want to deliver that content.

DotCom secrets book explained more.

Here are the types of posts that typically do well:

  • How to post or video
  • List posts
  • Case studies post or video.

Need more ideas?

What of Email?

Pre-framing with email also works excellently. If you have a list, that’s fine; you can also use a solo ad, but make sure you buy one from a reputable seller.

More resources to get people to opt into your lead magnet:

These pre-frame and lead magnets are crucial to ensuring they are both related to your sales funnel.

That means relevance is very crucial. You add your lead magnet to your content to prompt people to opt in.

Once everything is set and your lead magnet is on your post, it’s time to promote it to attract visitors.

Here is how to promote your Lead Magnet

Email your list with a link to the post

Use social media such as

Submit guest posts on authority sites that can drive traffic to your post.

Don’t miss this. Call to ACTION.

Include a solid call to action when sending visitors to your pre-frame magnet.

Use Paid Traffic

  • Facebook ads
  • Google ads

The key is getting visitors to your page, reading your content, and subscribing to your lead magnet.

Getting Qualify Subscribers

The next step is to get qualified subscribers. We want people to subscribe to the list or request a free offer present to them.

It helps to separate casual visitors from those willing to give their email in exchange for the information offered to them.

Now, everything is going the way we want it.

The next step.

Step 3: The Lead Magnet

how to create a sales funnel

It is time to get the lead magnet and present it to visitors.

This is what determines the success of any sales funnel. The Internet is jam-packed with so-called information, and if you can’t stand out from the crowd, it will be challenging for people to notice your offer.

The lead magnet needs high-quality material that is valuable to the readers.

Not just scrap or so-called PLR book that has nothing but outdated information.

The era of eBooks has gone, and people tend not to give their email addresses in exchange for what doesn’t add any value to their business or service.

What am I saying?

I am talking about QUALITY and not QUANTITY.

Oh, I got it.

You need to change the GAME.

Provide quality free giveaways to entice your visitors and provide a solution to their problems.

It should be what you can deliver immediately after they subscribe to your funnel through the email address they provide.

I’m not saying eBook cannot serve as a lead magnet, but it is no more effective than before.

How many times have you subscribed to download an eBook?


What if you can give something UNIQUE?

Providing what visitors will appreciate can significantly increase your chances of generating more leads through your funnel.

Are you thinking of the best lead magnet you can offer?

Here are a few of the best that can HOOK your readers and make them give you their email addresses.

Best lead magnets to win your readers:

  • Resources list
  • Checklist
  • Cheatsheets
  • Free course
  • Video training
  • Audio files
  • Webinar
  • Swipe files
  • Quality eBook

And anything you think can help your readers.

Now that your lead magnet is ready,

Generate more leads with these lead funnels

Fun begins.

Let recap,

You have pre-framed your readers, and they subscribe to your funnel.

What is the next step?

Before we will go further, let’s see what our funnel process will look like.

Many funnel processes follow the same step, but this is how the creative sales funnel process should be.

Lead magnet—–delivery lead magnet—-sell your product/service

But I prefer this:

Pre-frame magnet — lead magnet—- Low Thicket offer (tripwire)— Deliver lead magnet—Educate— Core offer— Continuity

My funnel starts with a Pre-frame magnet. (Awareness)

I understand.

The process is simple.

Russell Brunson goes into detail in his FREE Dotcom Secrets book

But more on that later.

So, let’s talk about the offer and why it is the most important to an intelligent sales funnel.

Step 4: TripWire Offer

Tripwire is simply an irresistible, low-cost offer that converts prospects into buyers.

Remember, the main goal of this funnel is to build a strong customer relationship. It’s essential to make a relevant and low-price offer to your lead magnet based on a pre-frame when they are ready to listen to you.

Offering them something valuable and irresistible is essential.

As you read this post, I’ve guided you through creating a funnel that can 10x your sales.

Want to learn how to write copy that sells? (Check this tool).

If you opt-in, you will learn how to write copy that sells and get access to a bonus worth $127,395 to help you build a profitable sales funnel.

Can you see how this process relates to sales funnels? It is never off the topic of sales funnels.

That’s the tactic in action.

What To Include In Your TripWire Offer

  • Your introductory offer (tripwire) should be affordable and priced under $9
  • The offer should be relevant to your pre-frame magnet and lead magnet
  • It must provide value and 10x what they received in your lead magnet
  • Introduce the tripwire on the Thank You page after opt-in for your lead magnet.
  • Only use it to build a relationship and convert them to customer

So what can you offer as a Tripwire offer?

Here are a few I can suggest.

  • A video course
  • $1 trial for your product or software
  • Offer Services (website audit, SEO, design, speech, etc..)
  • Coaching calls (around 30 minutes)
  • An eBook
  • Audio course
  • Group coaching calls
  • A paid challenge
  • Paid webinar

Whatever you offer, make sure they are happy.

I assume your pre-frame, lead magnet and triple wire offer are ready by now?


The next step is, how do you go about selling your offer?


Do you mean I need to create another piece of content and record more videos?

And, yes. To be precise

But not just any piece of content.

Instead, you’re going to EDUCATE your subscribers

Educate your customers

Think of it as a pre-sell.

Once a visitor subscribes to your lead magnet, direct them to a post where you’ll HOOK them with valuable content instead of selling.

Why is this important?

We want to keep the visitors warm and engaged and educate them to create awareness before presenting our Tripwire Offer for the first time.

Intelligent funnels give more than what they take.

  • They warm the reader up. (From cold traffic to warn)
  • They build trust.
  • And to make sales to scale up your business.

You can do this through an automated funnel.

But remember that not everyone will buy your offer. Don’t be worried.

It happens; even top marketers also experience such.

But there is a way.

You can still send them an offer with your email sequence. That is why we will call this an automated funnel.

Every sales funnel links with email software to deliver your messages to your subscribers anytime you want.

Whether they decline or purchase your offer, they will receive an email sequence that will eventually pitch your MAIN offer.

While promoting your offers to subscribers, ensure they align with what you educate them.

You can’t warm your readers and educate them about ‘’how to launch their first product’’ and pitch them ‘’how to get traffic’’.

Make your offer aligned with the topic they are currently interested in. That is where they will need more information and training to guide them to achieve their goal.

Your subscribers have a problem to solve; then you provide a solution.

Provide more valuable content through email sequences with additional value-packed resources to help them achieve a particular goal.

Selling your products and services will be very easy once they TRUST and build a strong relationship with you.

Step 5: The Core Offer

Now is the time.

We started from the pre-frame to the lead magnet and moved to the triple wire.

Now the MAGIC starts.

This is where you can introduce your product, training or service to your loyal customers.

It is time to get paid for your hard work and, at the same time, help people to achieve their goals.

You need to experiment, study your customers and know when to introduce your CORE offer to get more results.

Russell Brunson  drill down on this in his training, One Funnel Away Challenge

The key to a successful product sale is ensuring that it provides value, is actionable, and guarantees a good result.

Creating a product that sells requires more effort. To create a 7 figure product, you may need to learn from EXPERTS in your niche.

You can check Jeff Walker’s training on creating a successful product from scratch.

Do you have an idea of what type of product to create?

Below are a few to help you on your journey.

  • Online training or course
  • High-ticket coaching
  • A monthly membership
  • Done-for-you services
  • Coaching programs
  • Monthly consulting sessions
  • Software
  • Mentorship
  • Digital product

The list goes on.

If you know how to build and design a sales funnel, you can offer it as a business, training people on how to design and develop a sales funnel to grow their business.

Some are selling their sales funnel at the Clickfunnels marketplace.

Before creating your core offer, ensure your niche is profitable and evergreen.

We don’t just want to create a product with a narrow audience within the niche.

Choose a niche where people are ready to spend money.

How To Have Success in Selling Your Core Offer?

There are many ways to promote your core offer.

Webinar. A webinar is one of the easy ways to have high conversion when selling products, especially high-ticket offers.

It would be very helpful if you could convince the attendees and tell them about the benefits of your offer.

Write email sequences to pain points the benefits and not the features of your offer. Show them how your core offer can help to solve their problems and back it up with testimonials.

Offer Bonus: This works well, and people love the bonus. Your bonus must be high quality and even more valuable than your offer.

Bonuses can trigger people to buy what you’re selling and increase your sales by 3x your sales.

Email Sequences: This is one of the best ways to increase conversion. You can create up to 20 days of the email sequence. Share information about the product, Point out the benefits the readers will get by using your product, and use urgency and strong call to action (CTA)

How To 10X Your Sale

Did I say 10X your sale?


You need to repeat the process to sell more and make more out of your low-ticket and high-ticket offers.


I’m glad you asked.

Capture more leads.

Drive traffic to the contents relates to your offer.

As I explained, your content may be an article, blog post, video, audio, Facebook group etc. That is to pre-frame your visitors.

Present your lead magnet: Offer your visitor quality materials in exchange for their email.

Educate them: Give them what they want. Ask questions, solve a problem and build trust.

Introduce Low-Cost offer: Offer quality, not quantity. More free training, content, and video to help them achieve their goal.

Introduce your CORE offer: (High Ticket product)

Need HELP on how to create a High Ticket Offer?

Watch this VIDEO.


Conversion may be slow, but it doesn’t mean you can scale it up.

Even the so-called GURU also experiences such things.

Not all your customers will purchase your product, which doesn’t mean they won’t buy. That is the reason for creating an email sequence.

What Next?

Continuity: Continue helping your customers and sell more of your product.

So, here we go.

Now that you understand how the sales funnel works, it is time to go and build your first sales funnel.

Remember, you are One Funnel away.

Don’t you think you need to know how to make your funnel go LIVE?

I think you should.

What is the best tool to create a sales funnel?

There are many tools, but Clickfunnels make it simple

I use Clickfunnels to build all my funnels. It has excellent features and is very simple to use.

Not only that, it has a pre-built, high-converting sales funnel you can use to design your funnel in just 10 minutes.

Clickfunnels vs shopify

Let me guide you through the simple steps to use Clickfunnels to design your funnel.

First step: Create a Clickfunnels account.

Click here to sign up for 14 days trial.

Step 2: Go to the Clickfunnel dashboard and click Create a new funnel.

It will take you to the funnel page. Decide if you want to choose a pre-made funnel or design from scratch.

You can create your funnel using the Classic Funnel Builder or Funnel Cook Book.

Within the Classic Funnel Builder, you can select a Goal (Collect Emails, Sell Your Product, Host a Webinar).

Choose a Type (Name Funnel)

And click Build Funnel.

Step 3: Select any pre-made funnel that fits your business.

Step 4: Edit your funnel.

Since we’re using a pre-made funnel, editing it and making it look more professional is crucial.

It is straightforward.

Create sales Funnel With Cookbook free book.

To learn more on how to design your funnel, download Funnel Cookbook free book

Step 5: Connect Your Funnel with Email Software

You need an autoresponder to send emails to your subscribers. Without it, it is impossible to build a list.

There are many email marketing services. Here are the best you can use to get a good result.

Once you connect your funnel with email software, your funnel is ready to go live.

OMG, your first funnel is LIVE.

What next?

Follow the steps we discussed above.

  • Pre-frame your visitors to create awareness.
  • Capture their email based on their interest.
  • Educate: Provide helpful information to solve the problem. Ask questions on how you can help them.
  • Introduce your Offer.

There is more and more to do.

Continue adding more value to your customers. Selling your product should not only be your goal. The main goal is to build trust between you and your customers.

The goal is to turn the buyer into a raving fan.


Over-delivering value. You will win the game if you can provide the best in every stage of your marketing funnel.

Go out and help.

You know, getting to this stage is a success.  You help the customer change their lives and achieve something you teach is the real win.

The ultimate goal is to make a significant impact on the lives of your customers.

Now, you better understand how to create a sales funnel in Clickfunnels. There is more training that can guide you through creating a perfect sales funnel.

When you  Clickfunnels 2.0, you get access to videos to help and learn how to use Clickfunnels to build your first or next funnel.

Best Clickfunnels alternative is another sales funnels software to create high converting funnel for your business.It has feature you need to sell your products and services.

The best of all is that you can start with the free account to tast the tool and upgrade later. The lowest plan start from $27 per month which is affordable compare to the Clickfunnels.


How long does it take to build a sales funnel?

It is difficult to predict the exact time to build a funnel. It depends on the complexity of the funnel. The time to develop two pages will differ from when creating six sales funnel pages.

If you want to build a two-page funnel using Clickfunnel, it may not take more than 15 to 20 minutes. Clickfunnels has a pre-made template; select one that relates to your business and customise it.

How do you create a sales funnel from scratch?

If you don’t want to use Clickfunnel’s pre-made template, you can build a sales funnel from scratch using Funnel Cook Book.

You can watch a video training from your dashboard that explains how to build a sales funnel starting from scratch.

Thanks for checking this post; I hope it helps you in any way.

I can’t wait to see your first funnel.

Do you have any questions or want to add to the content?

Let me know from your comments.

If this post helps you, please kindly share it with your friends.

You can check the list of the 5 best sales funnel books you can read to guide you further.

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