Email Marketing For Beginners In 2024: Your Perfect Guide

Email Marketing Made Easy: Your Perfect Guide

email marketing for beginners

Email marketing made it easy to reach out to your targeted customers. Undoubtedly, it is one of the most preferred and effective ways to reach out to your customers, nurture them and build a long time relationship.

This guide will take you through a complete step-by-step procedure for learning and understanding email marketing techniques, acquiring more leads, and growing and driving sales for your business.

What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is one of the most effective and oldest digital marketing strategies. In simple terms, it refers to the strategy of sending emails to prospects and customers.

If the emails are compelling enough, they convert prospects into customers and turn them into long-time buyers.

This guide is specifically for people who wish to commit to email marketing. To make it easier to understand all the complexities involved, the guide below is segmented into different sections as defined in the Table Of Contents.

Here is what you will learn in this guide

  1. How you can build an active email list of targeted prospects or customers.
  2. How to optimise email marketing to increase open rates and click-through rates (CTR).
  3. A powerful tool to automate the entire process of turning your leads into customers.

With these agendas in mind, let us now venture deeper into this comprehensive email marketing guide.

 Does email marketing still relevant?

Despite social media taking over the internet and extensive use of unsolicited spam emails, email marketing still tops the list of the best methods to nurture business prospects and convert them into loyal customers.

Email marketing should undoubtedly be your topmost priority,

Here’s why:

A Channel  To Communicate With Your Customers

Almost 90% of people check their mail inbox every day. When we compare it with other communication channels, there aren’t any even close.

You Own your list.

One drawback of social media platforms is that your account or your followers’ fans’ accounts can get blocked at any time. They can be suspended or deleted at any time without any notice! But that is certainly not in the case of an email list that you NURTURED. You are the owner of your email list. No one can take your leads or customers away from you!

Increase Conversions With  Emails Marketing

According to statistics, the number of people who purchase products through email is approximately a 138% increase compared to the individuals who don’t receive any offers via email.

Email marketing provides a Return On Investment (ROI) of over 4400%. That is indeed a huge one!

In case you are assuming that social media would be better than this rate, you are wrong here. The average order value via an email is 3x more than that of social media.

All these reasons clearly show that email marketing is the best way to drive better sales online.

Getting started with email marketing

There are many things you must know to be successful when it comes to email marketing. However, this factor does not have to mean that it’s a complicated process!

Here, we break it down step by step to get a better understanding of how email marketing works.

Build Email List.

WordPress plugin like OptinMonster has made it simple and hassle-free to start collecting leads from various sources without any email marketing service in play. You can do this with the help of Monster Leads to integration.

Monster Leads helps you in building your email list and reaching out to them. Your leads remain safe and stored on your OptinMonster dashboard.

Add an email service provider.

There are many email service providers out there. However, we take the guesswork part of it and make it simpler for you to pick the right email marketing service that can help you reach your email marketing goals.

Refining the email list and messaging to reach your target audience and connect appropriately. Moreover, you will also be able to automate your email service, which makes the process easier.

Let us dive into it a little deeper.

How to grow your email list?

There are different ways to build and grow your list, but most people are getting it wrong by just putting a simple Opt-in form on their website and hoping for people to sign up.

It may take a lot of time to grow your list, though it may work; the bitter truth is that the strategy is straightforward but usually isn’t much help.

If you want to grow your email list much faster, you need to lure people and attract them with some valuable FREE offers.

That is where you need a ‘Lead Magnet.’

What is a lead magnet?


A lead magnet or an Opt-in bribe is a process of giving away attractive and quality material at no cost when people sign up for your emails. The best part is- you don’t have to spend MUCH money to create it.

Most of these lead magnets are MP3 audio files, PDFs or videos, checklists, etc. All these can be created at a bare minimum or no cost.

Here are a few common lead magnets examples:

  • Case studies
  • Free software
  • Quizzes or self-assessment kits
  • A cheat sheet of valuable tips
  • eBooks, etc.
  • Video
  • Webinar

And more

Best Lead Magnet?

There are five main criteria that you must keep in mind to make Lead magnets Effective in email marketing:

Easy To Read and Digest

If you wish to attract your audience, the lead magnets must be of high quality. For example, if you plan on providing a guide of 200-300 pages, nobody would be interested in reading something that lengthy. Thus, you must be smart while creating them.

It must be relevant

It is crucial to target the right people. If you have done your research correctly, you will be able to come up with quality lead magnets that are more relevant and will be able to solve people’s problems.

Make It Available On Time

It is a good idea to give material that can be downloaded instantly so that people can build trust with you. OptinMonster makes it super easy for you with its amazing features.

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Tips To Create High Converting Opt-in For better conversions

An opt-in form can help you get better conversions. The primary purpose of Optin Form is to make it easier for visitors to subscribe to your newsletter.

Optin Form components

  1. Enticing headline: You need to ensure that your headline is clear and descriptive. It must show the significant benefit of the lead magnet.
  2. Helpful description: Make the story clear and short. You could use bullet points to help the reader understand your content.
  3. Make it attractive with visuals: You can include an image to make the lead magnet more exciting for the visitors. There are some fantastic visual content creation tools by OptinMonster.
  4. Make Opt-in Form Simple: Make it simple and easy. Just ask for your first name and email address. Asking for more information may make your visitor lose interest and decrease your conversion.
  5. Create Button: A different colour scheme is essential. It should match the theme of the page and stand out at the same time. Also, instead of the standard ‘Submit’ or ‘Subscribe’ button, be a little creative and put text such as ‘Send me the coupon!’Click here to get FREE access; this can trigger users to subscribe to your list.

A well-created Optin Form is a great way to enhance your conversions. Once you are done creating the fantastic Optin Form using all the necessary components, it is time to place the forms in the right position!

Below are the different places to add your opt-in form

  • Floating bar
  • Your website header
  • Within the blog posts
  • website’s sidebar
  • A well-timed lightbox popup
  • Exit-Intent popup

Out of all the listed above, the exit-intent popup is the best to get the highest number of subscribers to subscribe to your list.

This popup shows up on the screen in an extremely well-times manner, that is when the visitors are about to leave your website or opt-in page. It doesn’t interrupt the reading experience in any way.

Asking them to subscribe when they are about to exit the site is the best time to make them pause, think and then, eventually, give you their email address.

You can check out multiple examples available to use the exit-intent popup effectively.

Choosing the best email marketing Tool

You can’t just send an email to people; you need a tool to help If you start building your list with the Opt-in form directly.

To avoid wasting your money and time, here are the two essential tasks that you must do to get started with ROI.

  1. Build an effective Opt-in form
  2. Good email marketing service

There are many tools to help you create high-converting opt-in pages, such as Clickfunnels, kajabi, OptinMonster etc.

If you are using WordPress, I recommend Optin Monster when creating an opt-in page using WordPress.

The plugin has excellent features that can help you to create smarter and more effective Opt-in forms and A/B test them without needing you to hire a developer or designer.

With OptinMonster, you can create targeted and personalised forms to embed on your website without any hassles.

It also gives you the option for your forms. You can select certain times when you want the opt-in form to appear to maximise your conversions.

To understand more about creating high-converting forms using OptinMonster, check the official website.

 List of Best Email Marketing Tools

Active Campaign

active campaign email marketing

Active Campaign is a service that is more focused on providing marketing automation services to its users. The users can add specific tags to individual subscriber profiles. These tags are based on different behaviours.

ActiveCampaign tool works significantly with OptinMonster plugin that can help you grow your list faster than you even imagine.

The Active Campaign plan starts at $15 per month for up to 500 subscribers, and the price range goes up to $229 per month for Enterprise users.

Active Campaign Pricing Plan

$15 for 500 subscribers

$29 for 1000 subscribers

Click here to learn more about the Active Campaign


getresponse email marketing tool

GetResponse is another great email marketing service that allows its users to create and send responsive emails to its subscribers. The software also offers in-built autoresponders with A/B testing.

The customers can send targeted emails to individual subscribers in their list. The service’s functionality is excellent with the combination of GetResponse Campaigns + OptinMonster.

The GetResponse starts at $15 per month for up to 1,000 subscribers and extends up to $1,199 per month for enterprise users.

You can access the 30-day free trial and upgrade to $15 per month. I have used Getresponse, and I can tell you that it is by far better than most email marketing tools online.

It has incredible features and is one of the oldest tools in the market.

Click here for a 30-day free trial


email marketing service

Choosing ConvertKit is an excellent decision if you are planning to start with something basic with advanced features. For example, autoresponders can be used with ease using ConvertKit Tags + OptinMonster. ConvertKit can be well compared to a CRM, except, it costs much lower.

ConvertKit is considered to be a great email marketing service choice for authors, speakers, and professional bloggers. Its paid plans start at $29 per month (for up to 1,000 subscribers), and as the number of subscribers increases, you can upgrade your account.

Click here to get a 14-day free trial


HubSpot is an extensive email marketing service that goes beyond its basic functionality to offer much more to its users.

HubSpot tool is designed to cater to the needs of medium and large businesses. Besides email marketing, HubSpot assists its users in maintaining or enhancing their SEO and helps their customers convert leads to customers successfully.

HubSpot + OptinMonster is a great combination that works together to send highly relevant emails to subscribers.

The paid plans start at $50 per month for up to 1,000 subscribers, and the plans’ pricing keeps on increasing by $20 per month for every additional 1,000 subscribers.

Apart from these basic plans, the service also offers a Professional Plan for business owners that starts at $800 per month with up to 1,000 contacts with additional charges as the number of subscribers increases.

Click here to learn more about HubSpot


mailjet email software

Mailjet is a popular email marketing service that can help you with your email marketing journey. It has a drag and drop builder to create compelling emails and newsletters.

Its builder is considered to be one of the best in the market. The service has a real-time collaboration facility available that helps you to design personalised emails, which are more effective when it comes to marketing.

Mailjet provides services catering to marketing automation, emails, SMS, and newsletters. The platform allows its users to send up to 6000 emails monthly at no cost with Mailjet branding. The paid plans on the platform start from $9.65 per month, and SMS service with an additional cost.

Click here to learn more about MailJet

Constant Contact

Constant Contact is one of the most popular email marketing services globally. Constant Contact helps you manage your subscribers and create multiple professional emails with attractive templates.

You can even make use of drag-and-drop tools to edit and create forms easily. It also provides you with the option of sending automated emails to newer subscribers.

You can get a better result and increase your conversion when you combine the Constant Contact tool + OptinMonster, with these tools, you can track their performance for real results.

Constant Contact allows you to try its services FREE for 60 days. It offers plans starting at $20 per month.


Drip is a great marketing automation tool. It allows its users to create simple as well as highly complex automation workflows with conditional statements under email messaging. The different workflows, campaigns, and triggers are all well-organised.

Drip satisfies requirements, and it can be used for simple and complex tasks by marketers. The drip + OptinMonster combination makes creating lists and nurturing leads even easier.

There is a 14-day free trial available for the new users. After which, they need to opt for a paid plan.

The Basic plan starts at $49 per month for up to 2500 subscribers, and a Pro plan starts at $99 per month for up to 5,000 subscribers.

If the subscribers are more than 5000, that is ‘Enterprise’ you can get a quote for the plan separately.


SendinBlue is an email marketing as well as an SMS marketing software that is quite famous amongst various marketing software. Its platform is easy-to-use and offers multiple drag-and-drop tools for users.

The tool helps make the emails and newsletters extremely exciting, engaging, automatic workflows, and segment the users.

SendinBlue allows users to send up to 300 emails daily with SendinBlue’s branding. There are paid plans which start at $25 per month. You can add the SMS marketing package to your budget and needs.


MailChimp is a well-known email marketing software used by internet marketers. The service is considered to be great for those who are new to the world of email marketing.

It is simple and easy to set up with an attractive user interface. The functionality of MailChimp Groups + OptinMonster is even more enhanced and provides the tool for adding new subscribers to specific segments of the list.

The software offers a free plan to new users for up to 2,000 subscribers. However, the features are quite basic. To get access to advanced features such as autoresponders and automation, a paid plan is required.

Paid plans for Mailchimp are quite affordable. They start at just $10 per month and go up to $30 for 2,500 subscribers.


AWeber is well-known in the market; it offers a lot of exciting features. The most attractive features of AWeber include segments, email builder, autoresponders, and many more. The users can send highly targeted emails to their prospects as well as customers using AWeber Lists + OptinMonster.

The customer support offered by Aweber service is also highly appreciated.

The service offers a free trial for 30 days for new users, and the paid plans start at just $19 per month, thus, making it quite reasonable.

Now that you have access to the list of the best email marketing services, you can choose any of the software that is perfect for your business and create an account.

Terms Used in Email Marketing

Email Marketing Segmentation

One of the best ways to get a better result is to segment your list. However, most email marketing expert doesn’t want to reveal this secret; they only tell you to build a huge list and monetise it.

Email lists WITHOUT proper segmentation will fail to deliver, which may decrease both the open rate and the click-through rate.

What is email list segmentation?

It is a process by which you break the subscribers into smaller lists based on their interests. It helps in sending an email that is more personalised and relevant to the subscriber.

Sending all the emails to every subscriber will be useless, and it can make your customers not trust you. Therefore, with email list segmentation, you can send emails to those who will find the helpful content, which can lead to a higher conversion rate.

Reason To Segment Your List?

One of the benefits of segmenting your list is higher open rates when emails are sent. Not only that, but it will also help in boosting the click-through rates and engaging the readers.

Proper email list segmentation can significantly decrease the number of unsubscribers from your list. The benefit of segmenting the lists is to make your email marketing productive and profitable.

Email segmentation will also help in providing powerful subject lines and messages to the subscribers depending on their interests.

However, to properly segment your email list, you should know how the subscriber got into your list in the first place. Did they buy your services? Or are they existing customers?

Here are a few ways by which you can break your subscribers into active email lists.

  • New subscribers: To all new subscribers, you can send welcome emails or provide great welcome offers.
  • Preferences: Different subscribers have different choices. Some are looking to gain information from your blog posts, and few are only interested in sales and offers.
  • Location: Segmenting subscribers based on location is one of the most used methods. Segment the users who live in a particular region and provide location-specific details.
  • Interests: Marketers also segment their email lists based on their preferences and interests.
  • Lead magnet: Send emails based on the lead magnet that they opted for. For example, if a visitor subscribes to an affiliate marketing list, you may not want to send them an email on health-related products.
  • Open rate: Provide more benefits to the subscribers who have shown more engagement in your campaign and probably reword them with quality offers that can help them.
  • Shopping cart abandonment: If you’re selling a product either physical or digital, always remind the subscribers who show interest and have items in their cart to check out.
  • Inactivity: You can also send emails to those subscribers who haven’t engaged for a long time, and let them know that you will delete their contact if they are no more open to your email.

These are a few ways to segment your email lists for an effective marketing campaign.

Now, let’s talk about the SINGLE and DOUBLE opt-in. It is essential to know the difference between the two.

Difference Between Single and Double Opt-in

A single opt-in is when the visitor clicks on “Subscribe” and adds them to your email list without the need to confirm their subscription.

A double opt-in is when the visitors click on the “subscribe” button and ask them to check their email to confirm their action. Visitors will receive an email with a link for confirmation.

Usually, single opt-in is of much more benefit for the marketer who is running the email marketing campaign. Still, there may be a risk, as most visitor may submit a fake email or their unused email for the sake of getting access to the lead magnet.

The double opt-in is safer and can reduce the number of spam emails, it also has more benefits than single opt-in.

How to Improve Your Email Open Rates?

Improving open rates is a crucial factor in email marketing. Time and money are wasted if subscribers do not open the emails.

After taking more time and effort to build and grow your email list and segment them, ensure the emails you send are at least a 15 to 60 per cent open rate.

Many deciding factors determine the open rates. Let us examine each of them a little deeper for better understanding.

1. Avoid Spam Filter

The most common reason your emails go unopened is that they end up in the spam folder of your subscribers.

Given below are a few practices that can prevent your emails from landing in the subscriber spam folders:

  • The most important is to make sure that only the recipients who have genuinely opted for your newsletters receive email
  • Use a suitable IP address to send your emails. Avoid sending an email with an IP that has already been marked as spam. It can hurt your email marketing, and most emails will probably land in the spam folder.
  • Sending emails through verified domains prevents them from going into the spam folder.
  • Include your location in the emails.
  • Avoid using language that is sales-oriented as much as possible. That is, using words such as ‘discount,’ ‘buy,’ ‘cash,’ make money, commission, etc., triggers the spam.
  • Make sure that your email template code is clean.
  • Use merge tags to personalise the ‘To:’ field in your campaign.
  • You could show your subscribers how to whitelist your emails and ask them to add your address to their address book.
  • Provide an easy way for the subscribers to opt out of your emails to prevent marking them as spam.

Choosing a reliable email marketing service can address these and increase your email open rate.

2. Keep your list fresh by deleting Inactive subscribers

Sending emails regularly to subscribers is a way to engage them and keep them active. But make sure that your email list does not go ‘stale.

There might be some subscribers who would have probably changed their email addresses. Or, maybe they aren’t interested or need your information anymore.

In email marketing, it is essential to keep the list fresh to allow only engaged subscribers who are ready to check your emails to listen to your message.

Filtering email lists is necessary to get rid of inactive subscribers. You could categorise an inactive subscriber as someone who has not checked your emails in over six months.

However, it is wise to send an email once more to re-engage them. If they remain inactive, it is time to filter them from your email list.

For example, sending them an email saying, ‘Do I bore you?’ or something like ‘Are you interested in continuing with us?’ would be an excellent tip.

You could ask them if they still wish to stay subscribed or if they want to update their information. The few who respond remain on the list, while the others can be deleted.

Another way to keep a check on your subscribers and make sure that they are active is by sending them weekly or monthly mail, depending on your approach. You could ask if they would like any update on their information.

Timing is a crucial factor.

Timing is very crucial and can have a considerable impact on email open rates. If you want your subscriber to click and open your email, understand what time and day to send out an email.

Identifying the perfect timing might be a little hard. However, you could still perform some A/B tests to find out the specific time in which people open your emails to get an idea of when to send emails to engage with the subscribers.

There are many studies conducted to identify the time frame for sending emails to improve open rates.

For example, according to data collected by Mailchimp, the best day to send emails is weekdays, while many suggested that the email open rate tends to increase during the weekend.

According to the research, most people got a better result sending the emails around 10 AM as per the recipient’s time zone.

However, different studies revealed different results. In conclusion, this depends on some factors, such as location, age, and occupation.

Make Your  Email Subject Line Stand Out

Subject lines impact open rates significantly. Thus, your main job is to ensure the subject lines stand out. It determines whether people will open your email or not — a compelling headline helps to increase both open rates and click-through rates.

Here are a few tips to make your subject line amazing

  • Add curiosity, but don’t try to be extra smart and make the subject lines so exciting that your subscribers don’t even know about the email.
  • Numbers are more eye-catching. Thus, include numbers in subject lines to increase the open rate.
  • Using a friendly and conversational tone for the subject line is essential to ensure the recipient’s comfort.
  • Speak the language that your subscribers would understand.

Personalize Your Message

Describe your subject line in a way as if you are addressing a single person. You will indeed be sending the mail to thousands of subscribers. But don’t try to generalise. Instead, have some exclusivity and give a personal touch to them.

Also, learn to write like a friend. The right way to appeal to your prospects and customers is by being friendly in your message and not a salesman.

Bring out a conversational tone and a friendly gesture in the mail that you are sending.

You need to remember that people are looking for a reason to ignore your mail because there are so many emails already existing in their inbox.

Therefore, all you have is a chance to lure them to open your mail with a catchy subject line.

Quality content is the key.

Opening your email is just the first step. Remember, the ultimate goal is to get them to click the link in your email.

This is where the quality of content in your emails comes into play. If the users find your content helpful and very informative, they are more likely to read the entire message and click the link to learn more about your business and the services you offer.

And, if you are only sending cabbage, then be ready to receive a massive number of unsubscribers; even if they stay, they probably won’t also check your future emails.

Therefore, every time you send an email or newsletter, educate them and provide informative content to solve their problem. The higher the value of your emails, the more likely your emails will have high open rates.

Optimise For Mobile

Mobiles are the primary gadgets that people use these days. According to the research, Mobile email accounts for 70% of all email opens. Depending on your target audience and email type. Mobile users can’t be ignored when it comes to email marketing.

The most important thing is to ensure your email is responsive with easily loadable media. Note that long subject lines may get cut off on mobile devices as mobile screens are smaller.

Here are some more tips to get the best from mobile users:

  • Keep the formatting simple
  • Make sure to use a larger font, as small fonts may be complicated to read on mobile.
  • Reduce load time for smaller images
  • Use a large button call-to-action button.

These tips can help any email campaign get better open rates but don’t feel discouraged if there is no considerable turnaround, as it happens on a few occasions.

Email marketing is like art and science; there is room to experiment and find what strategies work best for your business and your subscribers.

Use Autoresponders To Automate Your Email Marketing

After all the hard work of segmenting your lists, filtering, selecting the right campaign, and choosing the best email marketing tools for your business, it is time to learn how to use an autoresponder to improve your email marketing experience.

You have learned how to grow your email lists and segment your list to make them highly relevant to each subscriber. Also, you’ve learned how to send unique emails that can increase the open rate.

Now it is time to learn how to automate the process and turn your campaigns into a system that can generate consistent income and double your profits.

The autoresponder series is the most powerful tool for online marketers in making sales. It helps you to positively engage your email list, build strong relationships, and turn prospects into buyers.

The fun part is that once you’ve created it, your work is done so that you can focus on other aspects of your online business.

What is an autoresponder?

If you are still wondering what an autoresponder is, here is everything you need to know.

An autoresponder is a series of emails that are sent automatically to the different segments of subscribers in your lists. These are usually triggered whenever there is a special event, such as buying a product or downloading material such as PDF, video or audio files.

For example, whenever you get a new subscriber, the autoresponder will send an automatic welcome mail. These can be for certain events, which will help in providing quick updates to the subscribers.

The autoresponder sends the emails at an appropriate time to increase engagement.

The autoresponder email will be set all up with the help of your email marketing tool.

Why Most Online Businesses Need Autoresponder?

  • It will help in nurturing your leads
  • Turning Prospects into Real Customer

It is a channel to educate your list and provide relevant information to solve most of their problems. Besides, an autoresponder helps to engage your list by sending and updating them in their area of interest.

After building credibility with your message, you can now promote any offer to your list based on the list segment.

You only need to set it up once; then, the tool will do the rest of the job.

How To Create An Engaging Autoresponder Series

1. What Is The Goal of Your Autoresponder?

It is vital to have a purpose for your autoresponder. To enhance your autoresponder series, choose one of the goals mentioned below.

  • Welcome messages

Sending new subscribers a welcome message is a great way to build a strong relationship. It can contain a link to your lead magnet, which will provide an easy download. You can also include a compelling call to action and tell the new subscribers about what type of information they will receive from yours.

  • Use it as a lead magnet

Marketers can also use autoresponders as lead magnets to get new subscribers to the email list. You can do it like mini-courses, which can promise to deliver through mail. The information must be relevant with valuable information to help the subscribers.

If you want to generate more leads using a sales funnel, check out Russell Brunson’s books.

  • Make recurring sales

It is one of the most extensive techniques used by top internet marketers. You can write an autoresponder series to educate the list of your product and service or offer you are promoting and add a link to your sales page or submit page.

If you provide helpful information, they will willingly buy your product or any offer you recommend.

You can also create a sequence of educational emails and then include a link to a  webinar where you promote an offer. If you’re in eCommerce niches, your autoresponder sales sequence may contain discount offers for products your subscriber has just viewed on your store.

 Promote up-sells 

Setting up an autoresponder once a visitor purchases an item is a smart move. However, the marketer should be smart at this point and not turn a subscriber into an ATM.

This will reduce the credibility of the email marketing campaign, and the subscriber might end up unsubscribing.

However, by providing relevant information and educating them about the product, how it can help them, tell the benefits and not feature to make them a repeat customer.

You could also offer to upsell depending on the product you sell to you’re your customer.

For example, if someone buys a T-shirt from your e-commerce store, you can also try to upsell products related to t-shirts, such as a pair of quality jeans or shoes. The buyer can add these at the checkout page without having to place a new order.

Another option is offering the consumers new items that will go well with the purchased product. The idea is to sell more products to the same customer, and this can 3x your sales and double your income significantly.

This is one of the best ways to profit from email marketing techniques.

Step 2: Draft your email sequence

The first thing to do is to draft an outline for the email series. However, you should know how long the email sequence should be how many emails you want to send, which days of the week and the specific time you want your customers to receive your message.

The decision is depending on you and your team. You need to come up and make a decision on how many emails are required to accomplish your goal.

Next, figure out the exact time to send each email. Your emails shouldn’t be so frequent that the subscriber gets tired and irritated and unsubscribed.

Educational emails with useful information should be sent every two days. However, this will depend on the goal of your campaign.

You can follow the rule that the ratio of the email sent should be 80:20, where 80% of the emails should be informative and educative.

Next, write an outline of your sequence, explain what topic(s) each email will cover and the call-to-action for each email. Include a strong call to action to ensure people click the link in your email.

Step 3: Write a Powerful autoresponder series that can convert

This aspect might be the hardest step in preparing your autoresponder series. And if you’re not a copywriter, you may need to learn how to write an email series that can increase open rate CTR.

Alternatively, you can opt for a professional writer for the best results. However, the emails should be able to get subscribers to trust you before they can become your fans and are ready to buy any recommended product or services.

If you want to write your autoresponder series, keep the following tips in mind:

  • Your Reader First

What you need to have in mind is how to help your customer to achieve their goal. Educate them, ask questions about their business, solve problems and provide solutions.

Let your focus be on the needs of the subscribers. Try to provide solutions to their problems and not always talk about your products and benefits. Try to solve their current problem, ask them questions about their business, guide them and introduce your offer; they will be happy to buy anything you recommend.

  • Subject lines are crucial.

Remember that people see your headline first. If it doesn’t catch their attention, they won’t open the email. So, spend more time writing and polishing your subject line.

A great email subject line arouses curiosity about the content of the email and indicates whether the content is highly relevant to the recipient.

Subject lines are just as important as an email is. Without a catchy and attractive subject line, the recipient might not even open the email.

  • Personalisation

Personalising the content of your emails will make it so much more valuable to them. It goes beyond adding your subscriber’s first name to the email. You need to ensure that the actual content of the email addresses their needs.

Step 4: Analyse and improve

Even though the autoresponder will be doing most of your tasks, it is crucial to keep a check. If you are looking to get the best results, make sure you monitor the performance accurately.

To get better results, monitor the performance of your emails to find areas that need improvement. You can then A/B test some changes to make improvements.

Always pay attention to the following when you are monitoring your autoresponder campaigns:

  • Open rates

This is very crucial in email marketing. If nobody opens your email, then you are in a problem. If the open rate is sucks, here is what may be the course:

Check if your autoresponder is relevant to the email list, if the subject line is compelling enough to make people open the email, and what is the best time to send an email. Having a high open rate is one of the initial goals for most campaigns.

  • Click-through rates

Are they taking the action you expect them to take after opening your email? A low click-through rate means the content is not as effective as it needs to be.

Here are the few things that can cause a low click-through rate(CTR)

  •  Is the content of your email relevant to the subject line?
  • Was the content educative and informative to provide value to your subscribers?
  • Where did you place the link?
  • Is your call to action clear enough?
  • Was the link bold enough to see, especially on mobile?

Accurately analyse and find out what is lacking and make a change.

Rates of unsubscribing

Every email you send will indeed have people who will unsubscribe from the list. This is normal and will always happen no matter what; however, a high unsubscribe rate can indicate that you are losing more potential customers.

You must fix it on time to prevent losing them, which can negatively affect your business.

Here is what may be the reason:

  • Are you delivering based on your promise?
  • Is your autoresponder content highly relevant to the segment of the list?
  • Are you sending too many emails with little or no value?

Now that you have mastered how to automate and target each of your email marketing campaigns, you can turn those campaigns into profits and grow your online business.

Email Marketing For Beginners In 2024:Wrapping Up

Thanks for taking the time to check this guide; I hope it helped you learn how to create an effective email marketing campaign for your business.

In this guide, we explain the following items in detail:

  • Why Email Marketing Is Important In Online Business
  • How to Get Started
  • How To Grow Your Email List
  • How To Choose Your Email Marketing Service
  • How to Segment Your Email List
  • Step To Improving Your Email Open and Click Rates
  • Email Automation with Autoresponders

As you are growing your email list, it is vital to keep your email copy on point to engage subscribers and educate them to build a long time relationships.

One of the best ways to grow your list faster than you think is to use the OptinMonster plugin to create a high converting opt-in page.

You can also learn more about how to be more successful in email marketing by joining OptinMonster University training. It is free for all customers.

If you want to go in in advance, you can check the Clickfunnels tool.

FAQ About Email Marketing

Below are some common frequently asked questions about email marketing. Most of these have already been covered in this guide but will still list them for people who want a quick reference.

How do I build an email list?

The content in this guide is a great way to learn email marketing strategy, and I strongly encourage reading it over again and following the step by step. You can also check this post on how to build and grow your list fast.

How often should I send marketing emails?

Most people get confused about this question. But there is no specific rule when it comes to how often to send marketing emails.

Most people prefer to send email THREE times a week while some prefer to email every day of the week. It depends on the nature of online business and what your subscribers want.

Some experts in email marketing suggest and recommend asking your subscribers how often they want to receive emails from you.

When should I send marketing emails?

Timing is another factor to consider, and it can vary depending on your list. We advise you to experiment with this and see what time gives you the best results

Most of the email marketing services are also provided analytically, check your dashboard to check the time you have a more open rate. You can also use Google Analytics to find out when your subscribers are most active, and ensure you are sending your emails at a particular time.

What metrics should I track?

Here are the top 3 metrics to track for effective marketing:

  • Open Rate. Open rate means the number of recipients who opened your email.
  • Click-Through Rate (CTR). The click-through rate is the percentage of subscribers who clicked a link in your email.
  • Deliverability. The number of emails delivered successfully to the target recipient’s inbox.

Is there any difference between single opt-in and double opt-in?

I explained the difference between the two in the guide, but let me show more light between the two terms.

Single opt-in means that once a visitor “subscribes” they don’t need to take any action. They’re already on your list,

Double opt-in means that visitors who click “subscribe” will receive an email with a confirmation link, they need to click the link and confirm their subscription to the email address they submitted.

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