ConvertKit Review 2018 – The Best Email Marketing For Bloggers

ConvertKit Review 2018 – The Best Email Marketing For Bloggers

convertkit review

If you are a blogger or internet marketer, you know email marketing is very essential and is one of the major tool to build solid online business. If you have a list or just want to start, then the convertkit review is for you.

ConvertKit Review 2018

Convertkit has been describe as one of the best autoresponse software for email marketing and no argument about it.

It have a great features need by bloggers and other marketers.

The convertkit review will show you the features and what you need to know about convertkit and how it can help your grow your list and online business to increase your online business income.

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What is convertkit?

Convertkit is an email marketing software specifically created for blogger to improve their email marketing experience. It built with features tailored to bloggers needs.

ConvertKit helps you to grow your list through attractive forms, trackable data, and simple but powerful automations.

Convertkit Features


Create easy-to-embed, customizable opt-in forms that help you turn casual readers into repeat customers in less than 2 minutes.


With this app, you can easily track your growth with a quick look at your homepage dashboard that shows the subscriber data and opt-in conversions.

Double your conversions with automated emails that feel personal

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With ConvertKit, marketing automation is easy. Convertkit built with simple but powerful automations that do the difficult work for you to send targeted and well-timed content to your subscribers.


If you are a blogger and want a simple workflows with automation rules that make it stress-free to create your own custom rules, than try convertkit.

Convertkit Sequences

The amazing and easy to use drag-and-drop sequence builder helps you simply create personalized automated emails to grow your list while scaling your online business.

Understand and organize your subscribers

This is one of the features of Convertkit that make it the best among the autoresponde software. User can send the right message to the right people at the right time.

With convertkit tags and segments, bloggers and internet marketers can learn more about their subscribers by organizing them and sending highly targeted content designed to their location, interests, and others.

ConvertKit is email marketing with subscriber-centric. Means you can easily organize all your subscribers from one list with tags and segments without any stress.

Convertkit Integration

The ConvertKit only focuses on being the best at email marketing, excellent integrations with landing page, e-commerce, and membership site providers.

Excellent and Reliable Supports

In case you are experiencing any issue, worry not, they have an incredible Customer Success team ready to answer all your questions and help you grow your business. Not only that, they also host live training, weekly workshops to help you get a better result.

Convertkit Concierge migration

If you have already register with any of the email marketing software and you want to switch to ConvertKit, it is now simple and in less than a minute it can be done.

They have removed all the roadblocks to make the switch, no need to worry about the hassle. And if you have even more than 5,000 subscribers, their concierge migration team will handle moving everything from your lists to your very last form without losing anything.

Amazing Community

Convertkit customers join the Slack Community to connect with other users, get answers for questions, and learn more about blogging and email marketing in a safe space.

Convertkit Review- Deliverability

Thier main goal is to build trustworthy deliverability to help you land in your reader’s inbox.You gain trust with your readers and you can be seen as an authority in your niche.

Avoid Spam Filters In Text-based emails

ConvertKit’s text emails not only give your email marketing a personal feel, they also help you avoid spam filters that is amazing.

You’ll start getting higher open rates that turn into more conversions to help you grow your online business.

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Email marketing is the best marketing secrets to scale up your online business. If you have to start growing your list, here is an amazing post that can help you get started:

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You can subscribe to my email course here, where you will learn how to increase your subscribers and learn how to monetize it.

If you have question about convertkit review, kindly let know from your comment.

Oyundoyin Anthony is a blogger and an affiliate marketer that offers helpful contents to people who are looking for different products for their needs. He enjoys helping people to achieve success in their business.

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