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secrets trilogy Russell Brunson

Product Name: The Secrets Trilogy BOX Set

Author: Russell Brunson

Price: $127

Audio Book Price: $74

The Secrets Trilogy BOX Set Book contains all marketing books writing by Russell Brunson. The Russell Brunson Trilogy books set include the following:

Dotcom Secrets Book

Expert Secrets Book

Traffic Secrets Book

Unlock The Secrets Book

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Thanks for checking the Secrets Trilogy BOX Set book review. I will share with you how you can get your Secrets Trilogy BOX Set at a discount price.

I got my funnel hacker black box a few two years ago, and I was so happy because both books, Dotcom and Expert secrets book has helped me in my online business.

The upgrading version of the Black box book was The Secrets Trilogy BOX Set which now contains the complete FOUR books you can use to grow and scale your business.

Before I bought the set of books, I have no idea how to create a sales funnel. And getting thousands of targeted traffic is not an easy task, and I have heard many people having massive success with their funnels.

And that was my main reason to try these books, and it was my best investment so far.

The Secrets Trilogy BOX Set Overview

Product Name: The Secrets Trilogy BOX Set

Author: Russell Brunson

Price: $127

Audio Book Price: $74

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The Upgrading version is of Russell Brunson books is now called The Secrets Trilogy BOX Set.

If you want to learn the secrets behind launching a sales funnel, then you need to read the Dotcom secrets book. It details every step to build a successful funnel to grow your business, no matter any industry you find yourself in.

And your funnel can’t be successful without known how to find your message, build a tribe, sell your products and services, and change the world by becoming the expert in your field.

That is the reason the Expert Secrets book was bored.

Before you can build a tribe, getting someone to send a message to, you need to learn how to drive traffic to your marketing funnel.

As a marketer, you can only get customers interested in your products and services when you know how to generate traffic, which is the main reason behind the Traffic Secrets.

All these books work hand in hand, and it like a process to follow to start, grow and scale your business.

What Is The Secrets Trilogy BOX Set?

The secrets trilogy box set

The Clickfunnels Secrets Trilogy BOX Set contains a bundle of Russell Brunson FOUR books such as Dotcom, Expert, Traffic Secrets books and Unlock the Secrets workbook to help you understand how to grow your online business with sales funnels.

Inside The Secrets Trilogy BOX Set

  • Dotcom Secrets Book
  • Expert Secrets Book
  • Traffic Secrets Book
  • Unlock The Secrets Book

It is a pretty deal that many people do not know about, and it is only available as an Upsell for those that purchase Traffic Secrets Book,  Dotcom Secrets or Expert Secrets books.

How To Get Your Secrets Trilogy BOX Set

The secrets trilogy books by Russell Brunson has no sales page to get it, so you need to buy Traffic Secrets Book to get it.

It is an Upsell for the Traffic Secrets books. So, here are the steps to get your own Clickfunnels Secrets Trilogy BOX Set.

Step 1: Go to the Traffic Secrets Book sales page

The Traffic Secrets book is free, so you don’t need to pay any money except the shipping cost.

Step 2: On the sales page, fill in your information such as email address, name and shipping address.

Step 3: When you submit your information, you will see the option shown below to choose the upsell for Traffic Secrets which are:

  • Traffic Secrets AudioBook
  • Access to Traffic Secrets Live

Do not ADD them if you don’t want any of them.

traffic secrets book

When you click on Ship my book now, it will display to you the Secrets Trilogy BOX Set like IMAGE below.

Secrets Trilogy BOX book Set

What Included In Traffic Secrets Upsell?

The Traffic Secrets Upsell products are:

  • Secrets Trilogy BOX Set plus Free Shipping
  • Dotcom Secrets + Expert Secrets + Traffic Secrets Audiobooks

This is an opportunity to get all the books + training that Russell used to sell millions of dollars.

I will show you how to get the BOX Set for just $127 and Traffic Secrets Audiobooks for $79. So for those that are looking for audiobooks, don’t miss this opportunity.

If you want to learn how to build sales funnel using Clickfunnels or other funnel page builder?

Then you need Russell Brunson Secrets Trilogy BOX Set.

How Much Do Clickfunnels Secrets Trilogy BOX Set Cost?

From the above image, it only cost $127 to get all the books. This is a great deal to get your hand on these marketing books that can positively impact when growing your online business.

Do You Need Clickfunnels Secrets Trilogy BOX Set?

If you still doubt why you need to get all the marketing books, let me share my experience after getting my Secrets book bundle.

I learnt a lot about using a funnel to attract more visitors to my funnel and then convert them into customers.

Dotcom secrets book is a funnel book that goes deep with different illustrations on how to scale up your business using different types of funnels.

Expert Secrets Book

Russell Brunson Expert secrets book

Expert Secrets reveals the secrets of creating mass movement, shows you how to find your voice with confidence to become an expert in your industry.

It guides you to find people who are ready to pay for your advice.

DotCom Secrets Book

sales funnel book

You will learn how to Uncovered A New Secret Funnel Strategy’ That Almost Nobody Knows About.

That can grow your company faster than anything else you’ve ever experienced.

DotCom Secrets: The Underground Playbook for Growing Your Company Online With Sales Funnels

This first edition sold more than 205,381 copies and helped countless others quickly grow their companies online with sales funnels!

Traffic Secrets Book

best book for sales funnel

Traffic book is one of the best, if not the best, book that explained how to attract traffic from a different platform to grow your business faster.

If you seriously want to take your business to the next level, this book is a must, and without traffic, you can generate any sales.

It contains the 20+ Virtually UNKNOWN Secrets to getting traffic to any website or funnel.

You will learn WHERE your dream customers are HIDING online and how to find them and pull them into your website or funnels.

It also reveals how to get your Dream Customers to STOP dead in their tracks and pay attention to your story so that they will take you up on your offer and more.

Unlock The Secrets Workbook

The unlock secrets book is an amazing book you must have with over 600 pages. It is a workbook that will help you implement all you learn from the THREE books: Dotcom, Expert and Traffic secrets book.

You cannot buy this book separately; it comes with other books as a free or bonus for the Secrets Trilogy BOX Set.

How To Get Free Book + Secrets Trilogy BOX Set + Audio Book?

To get your free book + Secrets Trilogy BOX Set + Audio, you only need to follow the same process for the Secrets Trilogy BOX book  Set.

You will see this image on the page.

Tick YES Russell, I want the Secrets Trilogy BOX Set. After completing all the form, click on the green button that says,” I want all the Audio Book TOO!”

Secrets Trilogy BOX book Set

Congrats, both Secrets Trilogy BOX Set + Audiobook, will be shipped to the address provided.

If you only want Secrets Trilogy BOX Set, don’t TICK Dotcom Secret+ Expert Secrets + traffic secret Audio Books

The Dotcom Secret+ Expert Secrets + traffic secret Audiobooks cost $74, which I think is worth it.

The audiobook benefits are that you can be listening to it anywhere you find yourself, either in the car, beach etc.

The regular price of the audiobook cost $37, but when you order the three, you will save a lot of money, which is $37.

So, instead of paying $111, you can save $37 and only pay $74.

Final Thoughts: The Secrets Trilogy BOX Set

If you’re looking for a way to gain a wealth of experience in digital marketing, you must not miss these books.

Thousands of marketers like you have read these entire books with excellent results. However, learning is a continuous process, and if you want to gain more knowledge and expand your business, learn from experts in the same industry.

The Secrets Trilogy BOX Set books is a game-changer that can equip you to master how to use funnels, drive thousands of targeted traffic to your products and services.

So, what next?

>>Get The Secrets Trilogy BOX Set book now.

If you have any question about my Clickfunnels Secrets Trilogy review, kindly let me know from your comment.

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