Print Profits Review (2.0) 2023 & Walkthrough By Real Member

Print Profits Review

print profits review

Hey, thanks for checking my Print profits review. I NEVER review any product until I find out what the product is all about and how it can have a positive impact on my readers, and the same thing goes for Print Profits.

Print Profits is created by TWO underground millionaires Fred Lam and Michel Shil, both having built a million-dollar e-commerce business.

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If you have heard about Zero up software, you properly know who Fred Lam is and Michel Shil is one of the top eCommerce businesses that has made millions of dollars through dropshipping using nothing but print-on-demand.

They are now ready to teach people who are ready to tap into the eCommerce business. Now introduce to you their new training course on how to build a successful and profitable eCommerce business using nothing but print-on-demand.

 Fred and Michael put together Print Profits training with their students in mind. They understand what eCommerce can do for the lives of people.

Inside The Print Profits Training And How It Is Structured


In Print Profits training,  you will learn the step-by-step guide on how to build a business starting from scratch using print-on-demand.

Print Profits Review

  • Product Name: Print Profits 2.0
  • Author: Micheal and Lam
  • Price:$997
  • Where to Buy: >>Click Here

To understand this training better, you will get access to case studies, blueprint formulas, and templates that all students can follow to implement right into their eCommerce business.

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The print Profits Program Has 8 Modules.

There are 8 modules in the print profits program and I will explain what you will get from each of the modules and how they can help you to get a better result.

Module 1-Build

In the first module, they talk about the opportunity of print-on-demand businesses such as low risk, low barrier of entry, easy to get started, no wirehouse requirement, large product selection and very scalable business.

Fred and Michael walk you through niche research, step by step to find a profitable niche for your store. They explained the difference between a general store and a niche store and why you need to go for a niche store instead of a general store.

Research your brand: getting insight into what is working, the step-by-step brand research, how to structure your store and leveraging other people’s stores to come up with a profitable one.

Micheal and Fred teach you how to secure a domain for your store, create your logo, acquire support email, the easiest and simplest way to setting up a successful store, creating a toll-free (this is amazing), configure your store, list of a recommended app for your store, mail chimp, abandonment protector plus, urgency text, pixel Bay, and tracker.

This module is jam-packed with a lot of information you need to build a successful e-commerce store you can’t find anywhere.

Module 2: Design

In this module, you will learn how to design your store to make it outstanding.

Design theory: They will show you things to know before you design your store such as: how to determine who you are selling to like audience, demography, what kinds of products you want to sell, things to think about and how to get inspired. These are things to consider when designing your store.

Design Research: You will learn a simple way to research your design to get a better idea. Show you different places to get design ideas such as sunfog, Pinterest etc to come up with your own unique ideas for your store.

Research Shortcut: In this video, they will walk you through the shortcut on your research using the simple but powerful tool. With this tool, you can find out what is selling like crazy, and trending and find more about audiences.

Hiring A Designer: Now you know how to do your design research, it is time for hiring designers. In this video, they will guide you through the step by step of how to hire your first designer with simple-to-follow instructions that only cost between $20- $100.

Also, you will learn how to understand the design concept for apparel and different places to find amazing designers.

In addition, you will also learn how to work with a designer, create your own design and copyright/infringe protection.

Module 3: Preparation

In this section, they talk about the suppliers and how to get your design into your store.

By now you should have your store ready and launched. That means you should have decided on your store name, domain name, a logo created, and design created and hiring your first designer.

Suppliers and Products: In this video, you will learn how to get access to product suppliers and the list of suppliers from the United State. Also, you will get a list of the best suppliers from China used by Fred and Michael.

Partner App Integration: In this video, they walk you through their best supplier app installation. This is an amazing tool to make everything easier for you.

Price Psychology: This is very important when it comes to e-commerce. Michael took time to explain price psychology and how you can use it to overthrow your competitors. This can damage your brand if not done properly. Michael breaks it down into simple steps for you to understand.

Price matters, know your USP(Unique selling proposition), sell on value, maker price, know your cost, charm prices and price ending in -9,99, or 95.

Facebook for business: In this video, they work you through Facebook for business. Starting from creating a Facebook business account. How to create an amazing Facebook page for your store, Facebook audience research and Facebook Graph search method.

Also, they explain how to use Google Ad to promote your store and get maximum ROI without losing a penny through the Google search method. With the Google search method, you can find interest to target on Facebook.

Audience Research: In this video, you will learn how to do audience research on potential customers that will be interested in your offers. They explain different ways to target your customers. You will get access to their advanced Targeting Methods to get better results.

Royal Fans: This is amazing, you will learn how to use the Royal fans technique to find more interest. This is a more advanced way to get an absolute result when it comes to marketing your store.

Module 4: Attract

This module focuses on Facebook advertising. they will teach you how to get targeted traffic to offers. They explained how to prepare your mindset and how to focus on your goal.

Here is what you will learn from this module:

Facebook Advertising: In this video, they will be talking about different ways to get traffic to your store.

Pixel mastery: Learn How to implement pixel to run a successful Facebook campaign. In this video, you will learn how to use pixels for conversion tracking and optimization. This will help you to get maximum results from your ad without the need to waste money.

Ad Types: In this section, they will walk through different types of Facebook ads. There are 5 different types of ads and ad placement. This will help you to know the types of ads to run for your store.

Ad Creative: You will learn how to use a simple but powerful tool to create very attractive ads design that gets maximum click. Also, they will show you more tools where you can get your ads created in less than a few minutes.

Interest marriage: This is a very important technique to show your ads to a specific group of people or the audience to get a low cost per click and the highest conversion. With this method, you will learn how to combine two separate interests into one.

Facebook Blueprint: In this section, they will be talking about Facebook theory, how to run your ads to get ROI, and understanding how Facebook works. Learn ins and outs of Facebook ads.

Phase 1 spearhead methods: In this section, they will be talking about Facebook blueprint phase one. The ideas are to find a structured way to run your ads. Concentrate firepower on the small front and expose weakness for advancement. Talking about conversion objective, set up process etc.

Module 5: Optimization

In this module, Fred and Michael explained in detail ads optimization and scale-up campaign. They teach all the key performance indicators such as CPM, Link click and CPC. They also walk you through whether or not to kill or scale up your ad and how to read your ad engagement.

Also, in this module, they will show you the easiest ways to scale up your ads once it starts running. They explained some of the ways to scale up your ads and increase your ROI.

Phase 2- Breakout Method: In this section, you will learn how to keep your converting ads running, how to duplicate your ad campaign, increase your ads budget to 3x,4x 5x and more. This is very important if you don’t want to lose your money.

Not only that, but they also talk about Kartel Method, Ripple method, vertical scaling, horizontal scaling and manual bidding. This is an amazing module you will not want to miss. It is jam-packed with the Facebook ads formula that can help you triple your store income.

Module 6: Delivery

In this module, they will walk you through the date-to-date task. You will learn how to manage your fan page, automated comment moderation, run your business, ads management and customer service. This module is very important if you want to run a successful store. Fred shares his experience in eCommerce word and how you can implement this into your own eCommerce business.

Module 7: Funnel Scaling

Funnels scaling deals with up-selling and increasing the market value. Michael explained how he uses funnel scaling to generate a million dollars in sales within 6 months.

Sales funnels are basically guiding your customers to take the necessary action as the customer sees your ad and comes to your site. The sales funnels will help you to get more results from up-sell products.

In this section, they show you step by step to set up your sales funnel using the most powerful tool called Clickfunnel.

Carthook set up. This is the software that allows you to connect the Clickfunnels with Shopify, so when it is connected, whenever you get a sale, it will show up in your Shopify store. This process makes it easier to automate everything without any manual work.

Shopify Buy Button: In this section, you will learn another way to create a buy bottom using Shopify. This is very easy and with a mouse click, your buy bottom is ready.

Module 8: Expansion

This is the last module and it contains a lot of information to build a solid e-commerce business. How you can expand your business through email marketing.

Email marketing allows you to build a strong relationship with your customers and drive more sales. Not only that, but Fred Lam and Micheal will also take you by hand and show you how to get more conversions through ad re-targeting.

Retargeting Ads: You will learn the secrets of ad retargeting. Learning ad retargeting is the best way to sell more to your customers and reduce the cost of your ads and get more ROI.

If you really want to build 7 figure e-commerce business, then this is very crucial and is the key to driving more targeted visitors to your store.

Google Brand Search Campaign: In this section, you will learn how to use the Google brand search campaign for your store. So when someone searches for your business, you want to be at the top. In this video, they will show you how Bryan spent $25 and made $850 using nothing but a Google Brand search campaign.

Selling Your Business: In this section, they will walk you through how to sell your Shopify store or sell your Amazon business. They explain and show you where to sell your store for maximum profit. This is an amazing way to double your income.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR): It is all about data protection, you need your customer to consent whenever you collect data from them. They show you everything you need to know about data protection for EU customers.

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Here we go, these are the amazing modules that will show you how to build a profitable and successful e-commerce business from zero to 7 figures in 12 months.

Fred and Michael go further and throw you more bonuses that can help you to get more done in less time. Here are the amazing bonuses you will get when signing up for print profits training.

Print Profits Bonus

Bonus 1: Merch By Amazon:

This training teaches you how to leverage the power of Amazon to sell more from your store and make more profits. Learn more about Amazon prime shipping, setting royalties, reaching new customers etc.

Bonus 2: Legging Mastery


Fred and Michael explained how to get started with Xlusion. In this bonus, you will learn how to create a beautiful design using simple tool Xlusion to sell more products such as LEGGINGS, Jacket etc and make more money.

Bonus 3: Funnel Stealer


Fred and Michael are giving you free access to a 7-figure funnel template that you can use for your own business You can download it and use it to build your own business.

Bonus 4: Google Shopping


In this training, you will learn how to use Google Shopping to drive more sales. You can use it to diversify your traffic. This is very good for e-commerce stores when it appears on Google shopping.

You will learn how to set up your account, conversion tracking, campaign set up and campaign optimization.

Bi-weekly LIVE training

All users will get access to bi-weekly training from Fred and Micheal. You will get access to Print Profits Boot camp Q & A. Print profits Bootcamp Facebook Blueprint, Print Profits BootCamp-Email campaign etc.

Print Profit Price

With all the information packed into this course, I would not expect the Print profits to go less than $2,500 for its quality but Fred and Michael decided to release it for just $997.

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Print Profits Review: The Pros and Cons

What I like

There is no actual online training without any pros and cons. Now, let’s look into the pros of print profits.

  • The training was taught through video and PDF which users can get access to it at any time.
  • Print Profits is in-depth training with a complete guide starting from zero to hero.
  • It breaks down into short videos for better understanding even if you are a newbie..
  • The training covered almost all aspects of the eCommerce business.

What I Don’t Like

The truth is that there were not many cons since the training is very awesome

  • The only thing I can say is that the print profits are very lengthy therefore it is not for lazy people.
  • The voice. Michael’s voice is somehow boring when compare to Fred Lam. Fred is charismatic when it comes to video but Michael has a very cool voice, but notwithstanding you will enjoy him.

In addition, I know Micheal has been making 7 figures per year with this business model for some time, so I am very happy to join him in this print-on-demand business.

Print Profits Review: Summary 

Print Profits training is a complete print-on-demand eCommerce business. You will learn everything to start your own eCommerce store, get traffic and make sales.

Whether you are a beginner or intermediate, the print profits is for you. If you are looking for the best training on how to start a print-on-demand eCommerce business, then don’t miss print profits training.

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I know it is not so simple but you need to decide the path you want to follow. Learning from experts who are ready to give you everything you need to be successful is one of the best steps to take in someone’s life.

If you have any questions about the Print Profits review, kindly let me know from your comment.

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