Free Plus Shipping Funnel:5 Book Funnel For Authors

Free Plus Shipping Funnel For Authors

Hey, thanks for checking my article on Clickfunnels free plus shipping funnel for authors. If you are thinking about selling a book or you want to increase the conversion and sell more with ROI, then you need to learn how to use free book + shipping tripwire funnel to attract thousands of customers to buy your product.

There are many authors like Russell Brunson, Grant Cardon, Peng Joon that sold millions of dollars using free shipping book funnel.

A free plus shipping funnel is a funnel to help the customer get something for free, while still promoting something related to offer and make customer purchase any product present to them since they got something for free.

For example, if you are giving a free book on blogging, you can present another offer to the customer such as video, course, and membership on how to get traffic to a blog.

Another example is a free book on Affiliate marketing, and then presents an Upsell offer on affiliate marketing training.

Russell Brunson gives away a free book, Dotcom Secrets, and only ask to pay for shipping, then, he added upsell where the same customer can sign up for Clickfunnels software.

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Examples of Successful Free Plus Shipping Funnels

Now let look at some examples of Successful Free Plus Shipping Funnels used by top entrepreneurs of our time.

1:Expert Secret Book

free plus shipping funnel

Expert Secret Book is one of the bestselling books by Russell, and he sold thousands of copies of this book.

You can check the Expert Secret book sales page here

Now, you can get this free shipping funnel for free if you have Clickfunnels account. You can also sign up for 14 days free trial.

Here is the share funnel for the Expert Secrets book link download.

Click here to download Expert Secret book free plus shipping funnel template.

2.Dotcom Secrets Book

dotcom secrets book free plus shipping funnel

Another great book by Russell Brunson is Dotcom secrets book. The book is bestselling and sold more than Ten of thousands of copies.

Check Dotcom Secrets book sales page here

You can also get the Dotcom Secrets share funnel and use it to sell your book. What you only need to do is to edit the funnel, and you’re ready to go.

Download Dotcom Secret book free plus shipping funnel template

3:Grant Cardone Free Shipping Funnel

free book + shipping tripwire funnel

Grant Cardone is a well-known entrepreneur and also seller of the millionaire booklet. He used 5 steps free shipping funnels to sell his book.

You can check the Grant Cardone free shipping funnel here

4.Peng Joon Book Funnel

clickfunnels free plus shipping funnel

Peng Joon is a creator of the Content Multiplier Formula, which has made over $10 million in sales. Peng Joon uses 4-step long-form Funnel with TWO upsells to sell his book.

Check the sales page of the book here

If it interests you and wants to use his funnel, then download Peng Joon  here

5:Best-Selling Book Funnel

clickfunnels free plus shipping funnel

If you’re author, you will also love this share funnel. It perfect for selling any type of book. You only need to edit it and add your content, upload images, and you’re good to go.

You can download the share funnel to your Clickfunnels account.

So, these are the best free shipping funnels used by TOP marketers to sell their book with huge profits.

Why this method Work So well — Potential for Upsells

The key point here is FREE. And everybody wants a free cool product, you too right?

The free shipping offer has the potential to convince customers into availing upsells. Not only you get high ROI, but you profited from it as well.

The main benefit of using this type of funnel is that you can add up to two or three upsells to increase your ROI.

It works well for any author in any niche, and if you want to join the group of people who sold millions of dollar using free shipping plus funnel, then choose any of these high converting funnels to sell your book.

If you’re new to Clickfunnel, you can start 14-day free trial to test your funnel.

Clickfunnels Tutorial

If you want to learn how to use Clickfunnels and get more ideas on how to edit any of these share funnels, then download this funnel that contains 14 video tutorial on Clickfunnels.

The funnel and video were created by one of my mentors, Spencer.

Download the share funnel here.

Here we go.

All these book funnel has Upsell and OTO pages. You don’t need to stress yourself, even if you’re new to Clickfunnels. The video tutorial will help you. You can also join Clickfunnel Facebook page where you can ask any questions.

I hope this article helps you, and sure any of this sales funnel fits your business.

If you have any question concerning Clickfunnels tutorial etc., kindly let me know from your comment.

You can also email me through if there is a need.

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