Super Affiliate System Pro Review [2022] By John Crestani

super affiliate system review 2020

Looking for the Super Affiliate System PRO Review by John Crestani?

Super Affiliate System is your best plug, and be ready to have a fun and enlightening ride in this review.

It is common knowledge that affiliate marketing is a multi-billion industry where individuals stand the chance of making money; sadly, many jump on affiliate marketing with little or no experience.


You wouldn’t want to venture into this type of marketing without equipping yourself with the right skills.

The super affiliate system is pivotal to your success in the affiliate marketing business.

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Here is a Quick Navigation of the super affiliate system review

  • What is a Super Affiliate System?
  • What is the Super Affiliate system for?
  • Pricing and effectiveness
  • Course Breakdown
  • Pros and Cons
  • Resources, Support and Membership
  • Final Verdict

Super Affiliate System Pro Review 2022: At A Glance

  • Product Name: super affiliate system 3.0
  • Author: John Crestani
  • Official Website: Click here
  • Price: $997 one time or 3 Monthly Installments of $397
  • Rating: 4/5

What Is Super Affiliate System Pro?

super affiliate system 3.0 review

The Super Affiliate System is a reputable online training program for newbies and professional affiliate marketers. It is a six-week training program that equips you with the skills needed to become super affiliates. This course exposes all the students to the secrets, nuggets, and nitty-gritty of affiliate marketing.

John Crestani, an experienced super affiliate, teaches the course where he exposes all you need to succeed.

In this six weeks training program, he breaks down the tricks of affiliate marketing in simple language to understand.

There are a lot of online training programs, including fake ones, that teach people how to become millionaires in one week. Still, the Super affiliate system is a training program you must not miss to become successful.

This training program requires you to acquire all the techniques and over 50-hour content.

The Super affiliate system has been around since 2015. John has continued to work on how to improve on the program since its existence, and the goal was to make the fresh, impactful and filled with great features.

In 2019, a new version of the Super affiliate system 3.0 was released, and it all became better.

Who Is John Crestani?

John Crestani super affiliate system

John Crestani is a veteran internet marketer who has successfully built a profitable business through affiliate marketing. His passion and the profits he generates allow him to travel worldwide.

John is the CEO of Nutryst, a private nutraceutical affiliate network. He has been featured in media like Forbes, Yahoo finance, business insider and more.

John is well-known in the affiliate marketing world and famous in paid advertising, such as Native ads, Facebook ads, Google ads, and YouTube ads.

So, if you think John is a ghost, you’re wrong; he is an honest man that has helped countless people to build a successful affiliate marketing business.

Who is Super Affiliate System Pro for?

This online course is for everyone that wants to make a living online. No prior knowledge or experience about affiliate marketing is required; all you need is a burning passion for becoming a successful super affiliate.

No amount of money invested in this course is a waste. A super affiliate system requires a lot of hard work before you can earn a reasonable amount of money.

The training program is excellent for any person looking to make good money online, whether they know something about affiliate marketing or not. Super affiliate system contains well-researched information and updated content to help individuals become successful.

 What will you learn from the Super Affiliate System?

The Super Affiliate System 3.0 is a six-week or 50 hours training program that takes you through video tutorials on becoming successful affiliate marketers.

The course is available in five languages: English, Spanish, French, Portuguese and Deutsche.

Generally, the basic things learners will master in the space of six weeks are :

  • Google ads
  • Facebook ads
  • Youtube ads
  • native ads, and many others.

In the training program, John Crestani provides easy-to-follow templates that will guide learners on attracting their target audience and create ads and landing pages that can be used for promotions.

Introduction (The Welcome Module)

This introduces you to the Super Affiliate System (SAS) course and what learners should expect to learn.

The introductory part of the course also takes learners through what affiliate marketing is and why this type of marketing.

Access to the SAS dashboard, the secrets to being a successful affiliate marketer, badges, the extensive resources and support for the users.

You will also be introduced to the SAS community, how to navigate the membership site and other materials that will guarantee success in your training.

Week 1: The System Setup

In the first week of the SAS course, John Crestani will teach you the essence of setting a goal in affiliate marketing and how this connects with setting up your website.

Website and domain hosting is essential in affiliate marketing; if you are passionate about becoming successful in affiliate marketing, you must know how to set up your website hosting and domain.

John walks you through creating your presell page, otherwise called pre-built funnels which you can set up using either the Clickfunnels tool or the manual method.

In the first week also, you will learn how to set up your Facebook ads, create your campaigns and work with affiliate networks that will help you generate traffic.

Understanding these basic is very helpful, and John Crestani will take you through video tutorials on all of this for proper assimilation.

Here is a highlight of what you will learn in Week 1;

  • System setup
  • Setting up a website
  • How to set up a presell page (using Clickfunnels method and the Manual method)
  • Setting up Facebook ads (Targeting and creation)

After learning all this, you will start learning about paid advertising traffic.

Week 2: Google Ad and Campaign Setup

You must understand Google ad is one of the paid adverting traffic sources and know how to channel effectively as an affiliate marketer.

Through Google ads, your ads can pop up on users’ screens when they enter specific keywords on their Google search engine.

In the Google Ad and Campaign training, John will teach you how to get your ads on Google’s first page by setting up a keyword-based campaign.

There are certain key areas about setting up Google ads and Campaigns that you must learn, whether you are a beginner or you are on your way to becoming a pro.

You will also learn how to target the right location, device, and audience, which are essential if you want your Google ad and campaign to perform well. Ad split testing is another crucial area that John focuses on in week 2 of the SAS training.

Here are the things you will learn in Week 2;

  • Google ads introduction
  • Google search ads setup
  • Google Display ads setup
  • Ads Conversion Pixel setup

Week 3: Excellent YouTube Ads Setup

John Crestani aims to make his tutorial comprehensible for both beginners and intermediate affiliate marketers; it covers each topic painstakingly. In this module, John takes the student through the entire process of setting up a YouTube ads campaign using his easy-to-understand video tutorials.

Are you a beginner, and you don’t even have a YouTube channel? In this module, you will learn how to set up a YouTube channel for advertising. Below are what you stand to gain in this module;

  • YouTube Ads Introduction
  • YouTube Channel Setup
  • YouTube Ad setup

Week 4: Advanced Ads Tactics

This is a quite comprehensive module where learners are taken through the A-Z of advanced ad tactics as they proceed on their journey in making good money online.

John Crestani also highlights the common mistakes that affiliate marketers make when setting up their ads campaigns and how to correct them.

In this module, you will learn about ad compliance, how to win people’s trust through affiliate marketing, interesting keywords to use in your ad campaigns, possible headlines to attract your target audience, copywriting, and creating landing pages.

Week 5: Presell Pages & Scaling

This module focuses on scaling your affiliate campaigns through presell pages. John will take you through the nitty-gritty of setting up your presell page using click funnels and the manual method.

As an affiliate marketer aiming to a successful ride, you need to understand scaling basics, presell pages, split testing, payout bumps and other strategies useful for scaling your affiliate campaigns.

Aside from taking you through video tutorials on preselling pages and scaling, John provides you with templates for presell pages (Done for your landing pages)

Week: 6 Selecting the Right Product

Mostly, week 6 of the SAS training program focuses on product selection. This module will give you a list of evergreen niches and markets you can venture into. The three main niches include wealth (anything related to money), health and fitness, and happiness. Other lucrative niches are food and diet, and fashion, among others.

In week 6, you get to know about product setup selection, how to choose your niche, how to find Clickbank offers, navigating other affiliate networks and more.

This module also walks you through other affiliate networks you can join to see more offers to promote.

Resources, Support, and Membership

The Super Affiliate System program has a page where learners can access more resources and tools that will help them become successful in affiliate marketing.

The major training materials available on the course are:

  • ‘Affiliate Ad Swipes
  • Affiliate Network list beyond Clickbank
  • Advertising Network list
  • Compliance guidelines
  • Legal resources and others.

Super Affiliate System does not leave learners without support at the end of the training; there is a system where all answers relating to SAS can be attended to, and you receive the maximum support they need.

After completing the training program, you can access the Super Affiliate System community groups. One of the membership features of SAS is the private Facebook group for members only.

What Is Super Affiliate System Price?

Super Affiliate System pro price is VERY high but offers value worth more than the price. The training cost $997. If the one-payment price is a little high, you can subscribe to the three-monthly payment option, which is $397 for three months.

Do not let the price scare you; there is a lot to gain in this training as you start off your journey to becoming a 5 figure earner through affiliate marketing.

This training program has a 30-day money-back guarantee, which means you can request your full money after making payments if you are not satisfied with the course.

 Super Affiliate System Review: Pros and Cons


  • The Super Affiliate System has easy-to-follow steps and is very detailed.
  • The training incorporates an excellent teaching style combined with video tutorials that make learning fun and easy to digest.
  • It is incredible for both beginners and intermediate affiliate marketers.
  • John takes you through traffic skills, writing ad copy that sells and campaigns.
  • It provides useful templates and data to guide students.
  • You are given tasks to perform relating to what you have learned.


  • Learning can be somewhat cumbersome for beginners.
  • All the video lessons have no native ads.
  • Some modules do not cover the topic of discussion optimally

How Does Super Affiliate System Works?

The Super Affiliate system 3.0 contains step-by-step instructions to set up a high-converting sales funnel for the affiliate offers and send traffic to them using any of these sources of traffic, Facebook, Google, YouTube etc.

The training starts with an introduction to the course and explains how the system works, what an affiliate is, the secrets to success, setting a goal etc.

This will help you to prepare yourself and believe that you will have success after completing the training and implement all you learn.

Choose a niche: You will need to choose the market you want to jump into. For example, if you can choose health and fitness, then you will need to do your research and find an offer you want to promote under the health and fitness market.

The main training focus is on Clickbank and other affiliate programs. You will start with Clickbank offers since the training focuses mainly on it.

John shows you how to find high-converting and evergreen offers to promote on Clickbank. After selecting an affiliate offer you want to promote, then you will create a website or sales funnel for the offer.

Creating a website or using the Done For You funnel: There are two options; John gives you presales funnel built with Clickfunnels. This is a share funnel you download into your Clickfunnels account.

In the Super Affiliate System training, you will learn to set up your sales funnel to promote your offers. Now that your funnel is ready with your affiliate link, then the next step is to start driving traffic to the affiliate page.

Getting Traffic: The next step is to set up paid ads and start promoting your offer. In training, you will learn how to set up a campaign that can give you a high ROI.

You start with Facebook ads, as it is the best way to get conversions without wasting your money. John explains how to avoid a common mistake when setting up your ads campaign.

When you’re getting results with your first ads, you can then move to other paid ads such as Google ads, YouTube ads etc., depending on your offer.

The John Crestani system gives a complete guide on paid ads, so you don’t need to worry about losing money.

Once you’re getting results from your first campaign, then you can test it with order ads and see which one is converting the most.

Pre-build funnel and Scaling: You will get free access to the pre-build sales Funnel that John has used to make thousands of dollars.

He has tested all the landing pages, so you don’t need to spend more time designing the funnel. What you need to do is to change or include your affiliate link, and your funnel is ready.

John provides a video on how to do this using Clickfunnels, one of the top internet marketers’ best sales funnel tools.

If you don’t want to use CF, there is another option that John called the manual method. It is straightforward to set up and to run.

You will also learn how to set up tracking ID and A/B test in Clickfunnels to know which page is getting the highest conversion.

Affiliate programs & networks: Since the main course focus on Clickbank products, John also list other affiliate programs, and you can find better offer or products you can promote.

This is how the system works. John provides all the resources to help you in your affiliate marketing business.

You don’t need to write all the ad swipes by yourself; John includes them in your Super Affiliate System Pro resource. It saves you a ton of money.

Now that you understand how the training works, there are a few things you may want to know.

What You Will Get When You Join

  • Lifetime Access to Super Affiliate System PRO
  • ​Million Dollar Swipe File: Copy & Paste Ads
  • ​ Done-For-You Presell Pages
  • ​The Best Products + Guaranteed Acceptance
  • ​24/7 Concierge & 4x Monthly Coaching Calls
  • ​No-Risk, Success Guarantee (Get Your Money Back!)

There are more to get from this program when you join today.

Super Affiliate System Bonus

John crestani super affiliate system

John gives the entire student amazing bonuses to fast-track their success. The bonuses will help you get more work done in less time.

You will also get free traffic strategies even if you don’t want to invest in paid ads. Below are a few bonuses you will get when you join SAS today.

  • When You Succeed, Your Entry is FREE – Worth $1,997.00
  •  Free Traffic – Costs ZERO to Get Started – Worth $647.00
  • ​ $1,245 in Completely FREE Ad Credits – Worth $1,245.00
  • ​ Buyer Data for Artificial-Intelligence Ad – Worth $1,997.00
  • ​ Make High Ticket Commissions – Worth $1,950.00
  • ​Case Studies of $50,000 – Worth $747.00
  • ​Extra Login for Spouse/Biz Partner – Worth $997.00
  • ​1-on-1 Call with John Crestani – Worth $5,000.00

Join John Crestani Super Affiliate Program

Is There a Money-Back Guarantee?

Yes, John GUARANTEE that you’ll have success and make your purchase money back even MORE within 30 days of joining.

And if you don’t make any commission within 30 days, John promises to work with you until you get sales.

But if it doesn’t work out, you will get your FULL Investment no questions asked. He assures that  If you go through this program, you WILL learn how to build your own internet business.

Super Affiliate System Pro is a step-by-step and complete training that requires no expensive software and can be done without prior experience.

Other Expenses of Super Affiliate System

Getting results fast and scaling up your business requires a small investment. You will need $5/month for your website and just $5/day to spend on your ads.

But the fast action bonus you will get from the course gives you FREE traffic strategies you can use to start making sales as soon as you join.

Is Super Affiliate System Pro A Scam?

No, the super affiliate system is not a scam. The training has helped many people earn their first affiliate marketing commission.

He has also been featured on YouTube, creating a series of videos to equip people on how to make money online. If his training is a scam, he won’t have features in major media worldwide.

The super affiliate system is a legitimate business. The program is 100% legit. And if John Crestani is a scam, I wonder why media such as Forbes, Business Insider, Yahoo Finance, Inc and others will feature him.

John Crestani’s super affiliate system is an excellent training that provides all the materials and tools that can guide you to become a super affiliate and start making more than 10k per month.

Why did Most Affiliate Sites call Him A Scam?

During my research, I found some websites with a review of John Crestani’s course and called him a scammer. They tell people that his training is expensive and people are not getting results.

But they recommend wealth affiliate as their #1 affiliate training to make money. Most of them are referring people to this site for them to get a commission when their referrer joins the wealth affiliate paid program.

Don’t listen to them. You can find out by yourself who John Crestani is by joining his free webinar training.

Join John’s Free Webinar To Get Started

John Crestani super affiliate system 3.0 webinar

If you’re still thinking about the super affiliate system 3.0  program, join John’s free webinar training, where he reveals all his steps to make your first commission on Clickbank and other affiliate networks.

With the free webinar, you don’t need to pay any money to learn from John. Register for the FREE webinar now.

Super Affiliate System Pro Review: Final Thought

The Super Affiliate System has a lot of vibes; it contains everything you need to become a successful affiliate marketer.

Whether you are a beginner or you’ve gained mastery in affiliate marketing, I recommend this training for you as there is always something to learn beyond what the eyes can meet.

John is an excellent teacher and provides a simple guide to becoming excellent at what you do.

My Bonus

My review will not be complete without giving you extra bonuses to help you with your affiliate marketing journey. Most of these bonuses will guide you to grow and scale your business.

Bonus 1: Help You In Your Affiliate Business ($1,500 Value)

 super affiliate system pro

If you need help to implementing all that you have learnt in training, I am ready to help you and fast-track your success.

You will get one hour chat with me to further help you to generate more commission and find evergreen products you can promote.

Also, if you have any challenges in your online business, I can come in, and render help in making sure you have success without wasting time and money.

Bonus 2:Recurring Affiliate Programs ($27 Value)

Get access to my white-Label rights to the massive list of Lifetime Recurring Affiliate Programs.

The list contains selected high-converting affiliate programs that pay from $20 to $2,000 per commission. If you want to make 5 to 6 figures per month or year, you need to promote high-paying affiliate products.

Most of these programs have helped me and other affiliate marketers double their commissions.

Don’t limit yourself, promoting only low tickets with a tiny commission, as it will take time and more effort to make five figures per month.

Bonus 3: Traffic Secret Book (Value $97)

best book for sales funnel

You can’t succeed in online business without traffic. That is why you need to learn how to drive targeted traffic to your affiliate offer to increase your conversions.

Russell Brunson, one of the top entrepreneurs of our time, just released his new book called Traffic Secrets.

In less than 14 days, he sold over 45 thousand copies.

You can now learn how to master all these platforms to drive millions of traffic to your website or affiliate offers, including Google, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Podcasts and others.

In this book, Russell shares the strategies he used to take his software, Clickfunnels, from zero to over $100,000,000 in revenue within three years.

You can now get the Traffic Secrets book for free as my Super Affiliate System bonus. Get the same traffic formulas and blueprints Russell shares with his Inner Circle and Two Comma Club members.

Join Super Affiliate System Pro Training now

Super Affiliate System 3.0 Review 2022: FAQ

Can I Use Free Traffic

Yes, you can use free traffic and get good results. I know a lot of affiliate marketers who’re killing it with free traffic.

You only need to find high-converting affiliate offers, put in more effort, and you can make your first commission in less than 48 hours.

Who Should Join Super Affiliate System?

People who want to make money online. This business is ideal for you if you have an entrepreneurial spirit or interest in online marketing. All you need is a computer and connection to start an affiliate business.

Is There Any Payment Plan For The Program?

Yes, there is a payment plan for the course. One payment costs $997.And also, there is three payment plan which cost you $397 for three months for those who can’t afford the one payment plan or just want to try if it will work.

Is There Any Alternative To SAS Course?

Other affiliate marketing programs teach how to build a successful affiliate marketing business. One of the best alternatives is Commission Hero by Robby.

Robby Blanchard is a Top Clickbank affiliate, and he has helped thousands of people to make money through affiliate marketing. I wrote a complete review of Commission hero; you can check it to learn more.

Another great course on affiliate marketing is 12 Minute Affiliate System. The program is number two on Clickbank, meaning people register for the training. The 12 Minute Affiliate System is a good program worth checking to see if it can help you in your journey.

In case you also want to check the Toshko Raychev & Tradeology Forex training.

I hope the Super Affiliate System review helps you to determine if the training is for you or not. You can register for the free training first, and if you’re getting results, you can join the course.

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