5 Awesome Ways To Get Traffic to Your Website & Make Them Stay Forever

5 little known Ways To Get Traffic to Your Website

ways to get traffic to your website


When it comes to content, most internet marketers find it difficult to come up with the content that their readers will love to read. It is well known that the heart of internet business is traffic and the essence of creating great content is to drive traffic to your website or offers.

In most cases, content alone might not be enough to drive traffic without been promoted. How do you make your content go viral and get traffic to your website?

What is essence of generating traffic? Simply to generate leads, make sales, earn profits and become authority.

Most bloggers have more than 20 even more blog posts that have sank inside Google without driven any traffic but what if you can take just 5 minute to twist your old content and 5 minutes for content promotion?

I have tried this method and get good result, though it may sound and look old but don’t ignore it.

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Here is 5 little know ways to twist Your Blog to attract more visitor and build strong relationship to grow your online business. If you want to know simple step on how to get more traffic to your website, then continue reading..

 5 Awsome Ways  To Get Traffic to Your Website

1.Blog Updating And Promotion (20/80) . No matter how quality and inspire your content is, if there is nobody sees and read it, it just like fetching water inside basket. You need to apply rule 20/ 80 to make sure people discover your content, read it and share it.

Creating a content is not enough, you need to develop promotion strategies to make your post go viral and triple your traffic.

If you are spending 12 hours per week, 4 hours should be dedicated to blog updating while remaining 8 hours should be for blog promotion.

The more you promote your blog, the more traffic and the more profit you make. Develop a clear strategies and spend more time in content promoting than blog updating. Don’t forget, apply rule 20/80 percent.

2.Include outbound links in your blog posting. When you write your articles, add links to other related website where visitors can find useful information on the topic related to the post. You can also links to social media accounts of well-known bloggers within the same niche.

The method can help you to increase website traffic through Google and other search engines.

The important of linking to authority site is to improve your SEO and make your visitors see you as authority. I have discovered that 80 percent of the content links with several related post get more shares that those with just few links.

Not only that, it encourage visitors to bookmark such post in case they don’t have time to go through it in the first time.

3.Social Media Accounts Updating. You want to maintain a good balance of being an authority in your field and also promoting your products and services.

Yes, everybody thinks of how to increase website traffic through social networking, not only getting traffic from social media, the traffic convert better in most cases.

Social media almost taking over entire internet. Getting a better result from your business through social media depend on how you set up your account.

Whatever you call yourself is what people will call you, so if you position yourself as authority, visitors and readers of your blog will see you as authority and have trust in you and your business.

Have you checked the social media account of Mari smith, one of the public figure?

Twitter account

Facebook account

Also, Neil Patel one of the famous bloggers? Check his twitter account

Their business reflect in their profile. It is a good idea to learn from experts if you want to boost your online business through social Media.

Share your post again on best social media. Facebook and pinterest is my favorite. But guest what, nowadays, people are getting better result with pinterest.com than others.

Although, in most cases, it depends on personal interest but if you have not been using pinterest to promote your website, you are missing, start now.

If you want to get traffic to your website through social media, take more time to study pinterest.com and see how it has helped most online marketers in terms of traffic.

4.Content Upgrading: Have you heard about content upgrading before? I’m sure you have. But why you need to upgrade your content if it is quality enough to drive traffic to your website?

I would like to share with you how to republish a post to increase your traffic through search engines with just a simple tool. This will help you to increase organic traffic to your site.

How to use one simple keyword tool to attract more traffic to your old post in less than 10 minutes. I know it might sound somehow but the truth is that I have tested this method and work for me, I’m sure it definitely work for you.

But you don’t need to game Google in other to avoid been penalized. Find out what people are searching for and then provide search engines content around that topic.

I’ll show you the easiest way to do it to get traffic to my website.

  1. Identify one of your popular post.

There are chances that one of the most popular post is getting traffic for Google and other search engines. After identified the popular post, we will use semrush.com, one of the best keywords tools.

  1. Head to   semrush.com and copy the URL of the post into search and click on search. The tool will brings some results such as the keywords and the position in Google.

iii. Click on organic search at the left hand side of the tool at the top. Below scree shoot shows the result I got from one of my post.

The main keyword for the post is ‘’high ticket affiliate programs’’, which is generating most traffic as it ranked number 2 on Google. Other keywords that are sending traffics are:

  • High ticket affiliate products
  • Top paying affiliate programs
  • High paying affiliate programs

how to get traffic to your website

After gathering all the keywords together, I wrote quality content surrounded those keywords without trying to game search engines.

The trick is, if you are getting traffic from certain keywords that are not targeted within your content, there is 80% assurance to rank for such keywords if you create content surround them.

Let your keywords flow within your content without diluting the content. Get long tail related keywords that can easily rank on Google by using other keyword tools such as long tail pro keyword and Google keyword planner.

Follow the method is a great way to get more website traffic to you blog. If you want to take a step further on how to get more traffic to your blog, check at least 6 to 7 old content and upgrade them.

5.Build A Strong Customer Relationship. Is there a good relationship between you and your customers? This is the first question to ask yourself when you are building online business.

Customers are the pillar that hold any business either online or offline. You miss it, your business collapse, get it right your business start flourishing.

Here are the tips to build strong customer relationship that make your business grow forever.

Offer Free Quality Materials.

Hm, you know everybody likes freebies, even you, but the big question is what type of free material you offer your customers? A new visitor visit your website for the first time, saw your free eBook or video and download it.

After reading the eBook visitor gained nothing but story about how you make money without even reveal any secrets, what will happen? If you were the one, what would you do?

I’m sure you will opt out immediately. The same applicable to all the visitors visiting your website. Give them what is practicable, what they can implement and see result, then you win their heart forever, at the same time if it is opposite you lose them forever.

Don’t Turn Your Visitors Into ATM Card

Selling! Selling! Selling! Everybody want to make money, yes of course that is major reason we are working but does that mean you should turn all your email marketing to promotion.

Send them useful information and tip to help them grow their business, if they are happy with what you give them and see improvement in their business, they will ready to listen to you.

Do everything you can do to encourage your current visitors to return as well. When they see the value of the content on your website they’ll return again and again.

Remember that return visitors is more valuable that new because they know whom you are and have truth in you.

Wrapping Up

Follow the above tips and you will surely get result if done properly with little commitment. Every online business needs traffic if such a business want to grow.

Take more time in developing promotion strategies has huge advantage that creating more content without any promotion.

Driving traffic to your website take a lot of time and energy, so treat them very well as your customers.There are many other ways to get traffic to your website, but the 5 tips shared above have helped me to increase my website visitors.


Oyundoyin Anthony is a blogger and an affiliate marketer that offers helpful contents to people who are looking for different products for their needs. He enjoys helping people to achieve success in their business.

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