eCommerce Sales Funnels: Best Conversion Funnel Templates


Hey, in this post, you will learn how you can get more conversions using eCommerce Sales Funnels designed with the best sales funnels tools.

If you are selling physical products on Amazon or you’re dropshipping on Shopify, Obelo, then you may need to read this content.

Selling on Amazon can be profitable, and many people are making millions of dollars per year through Amazon FBA. Still, the major disadvantage is that they don’t get access to their customer’s information so that they can sell them more of the products.

Also, selling on Amazon or other eCommerce platforms is very competitive now since more and more people moving into e-commerce.

Now, how can you stand out and sell more of your products and have thousands of your customers on your list?

Before you dig down, let look at the benefits and disadvantages of selling on Amazon.

  • Amazon gives you traffic
  • High conversion rate
  • And handle the logistic, they sell and ship your product to the customers.

The massive downside of selling on Amazon

  • You don’t get customers information
  • Very competitive
  • They can ban you forever

This had happened on many occasions when you messed up with your Amazon account.

So, if you have been selling on Amazon for years and suddenly, the account is shouting down, what would you do?

You don’t need to put all your egg in the same basket.

That is why you need to make something different.

What can you do to differentiate you from other eCommerce sellers?

Build a MASSIVE customer list where you can promote different types of products without the need to spend any money on ads or competing with others.

This is where sales funnel specially design to BUILD and grow your customers.

eCommerce Store Vs Sales Funnels

You are selling on Amazon, which is your e-commerce store. I know many people find it difficult to expose their products in front to customers and ended up with no sales. Because you have to build trust, which can take more time and money.

  • You need to write great and compelling product information
  • You need to rank your product on Amazon and more.
  • But you can do something different with a sales funnel.
  • You Need Sales Funnel

With high converting sales funnel, you may not need to worry about ranking your product on Amazon, writing compelling products information and more.

Since you have been selling on Amazon and other e-commerce platforms, you already have a product, you know who your customers are, and have knowledge about products  that are HOT and selling like crazy on Amazon

What you need to know is how to 3X your sales and conversion with Sales funnels?

It is one of the easiest ways to increase your sales, conversion and make more money. Here is how sales funnel can help you grow your eCommerce and Amazon business.

What Can Sales Funnel do for you and your eCommerce business?

According to the report,8/10 U.S Amazon shopper buy something at least once in a month. Amazon spends over $40 million a month on only advertising.

With the right funnels:

  • You can easily rank on Amazon search results
  • You can 3x your conversion rate and sales.

How to use Funnels to increase conversion and sales

  1. Search, find and Buy
  2. Free + Shipping

Now, let look at the first one, Search, Find and Buy a funnel

Here is how it work:

You want people to buy your product on Amazon through search so that they can rank your product and improve visibility to new customers.

Create a sale page with an opt-in pop-up box

The page will contain the description of your product and how they can get it through coupon code.

You will need to create a coupon code for your product through Amazon.

Here is what you will ask them to do.

  1. Ask them to click HERE to unlock the coupon code( Opt-in pop-up box will appear)
  2. Ask them to go to Amazon and type the name of your product say GREEN TEA. Make sure you show them the image of your product, so they can quickly identify it on Amazon.

The amazon link should direct them to the HOMEPAGE. They will need to types the name of your product as a keyword.

  1. At the checkout, ask them to enter your coupon code. Show them where to paste the coupon code.

When they find your product, they purchase it through the coupon code giving to them.

With this system, Amazon may move your product to the top and make you like a VIP.

Free Shipping

You want to expand your presence and go beyond Amazon.

Promote your product with Free shipping is a great way to sell more while still building the list of customers.

The benefits of the free shipping plus offer are to build a list of customers that are ready to buy your product more and more.

What is FREE + Shipping Offer?

It is a process where you give a product for FREE and ask the customers to only pay for the shipping.

Everybody loves freebies, even you too.

Those who subscribe to your free shipping offers are people that are ready to spend more money with you.

There are thousands of product you can get for a small fraction like $ 2 to $3 product that your audience will love.

NOTE: Don’t forget to incorporate the cost of product in the shipping and handling.

Why does Free Shipping Funnel work?

Cart Abandonment

The free shipping page is a 2 step form. If customers input his/her information without buying your product, you already have the contact, so you can still re-engage them via email, phone calls etc.

This is a powerful feature where you can even sell more than one products to your customers.

Order Bumps

This is where you can increase conversion and sales by adding bonus at the order page as an option.

The bonus option is known as order Bump. You offer another product that related to the free one they are ordering or complement it with a discount.

For example, with my green coffee, I could easily include MUG for 25% off.

You can also ask the customer to order more than one with a discount. This can simply increase and double sales.

eCommerce Sales Funnels: 5 Conversion Templates (For FREE)

eCommerce Tripwire Funnel

The e-commerce tripwire funnel is the best for selling specific products to your target market. Instead of directing your website visitors to browse all your pages, which will waste any advertising dollars you spent on driven traffic.

You send those visitors directly to a sales page which focuses on selling a single high converting product. This is what we call a “Two-Step Sales Page“.

The main goal behind the Two-Step Sales Page is to get the prospect or visitor to take the first two crucial steps toward purchasing your product — entering their shipping and billing information.

If you want to get more conversion with this funnel and make it even more powerfully, then give the visitors something for free on this page, and they’ll be willing to enter their information.

Here’s how the funnel might look like:

ecommerce funnel template

After the visitors enter their information and click through, then, you present them with the OTO (One Time Offer) page.

This is where you present the offers that the prospect can’t resist. It may be a discounted product.

ecommerce sales funnel template

Want this funnel template? Download it here:

The prospect has already taken the most important steps by entering their shipping and payment information; they’re more likely to buy the product offer on your OTO page.

Lastly, the tripwire funnel takes your customer to your “Thank You” page. And you have made a sale.

Want to try the best eCommerce conversion funnels?

For some time, eCommerce stores have been the best way to sell products and increase conversion rates by allowing visitors to browse store pages.

Ecommerce conversion funnels have now been designed to guide the visitor from new prospect to paying customer, and are very effective at making sales and growing businesses.

The conversion funnels have helped thousands of store owners build sustainable businesses, make more profits, and even become financially independent.

If you want to give a conversion funnel a try, click the link below to download the funnel. You will need ClickFunnels account.

If you don’t have Clickfunnel, just click the download link, and sign up free for 14 days.

There are many other eCommerce conversion funnels used by experts to generate millions of dollars.

Below are few of them you can check and download them into your Clickfunnel account.

Other eCommerce Tripwire Funnel

Health and Fitness

ecommerce funnel health

This is Clickfunnel share template to sell your health-related products. All that you have to do is to customise and edit the funnel to suit your business.

If you’re in the health and fitness niche and want to sell physical products, then the Clickfunnels share funnel template is perfect for you.

Download the funnel template here:

Physical Product Share Funnel: Free Offer Shipping Funnel

 funnels ecommerce

This is another great share funnel for free shipping. It has the following:

  • Order form
  • One time offer and
  • Order confirmation

You can download the share funnel here:

Rachel S Lee eCommerce Funnel 

This is another best e-commerce sales funnel that Rachel has used to build a 6 figure e-commerce business. This is 9 steps ecom funnels.

It has the following pages:

  • eCom Home Page
  • About page
  • eCom store page
  • FAQ
  • Support
  • Get XYZ
  • Special Offer page
  • Bonus Special Offer page
  • Order Confirmation

If you’re dropshipping, then this is a funnel that can help you get more sales and increase your conversions.

Click the link to download the funnel.

Clickfunnels Tutorials

I know you new to this software, so here is a share funnel that contains 14 videos tutorial on Clickfunnels. The training will help you on how to edit your funnel and design a new one.

Download the funnel now

If you have any question on eCommerce Sales Funnels, kindly send me an email at or use contact form


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