123 Profit Review [2023] By Aidan Booth & Clayton

123 Profit Review

If you are looking for a new business model that guarantees high commissions, this is an opportunity to join this 123 Profit training program by Aidan and Clayton.

In this 123 Profit review, I will share a new profit system launched by my friends, Aidan Booth and Steven Clayton, called 123 profit System.

Read on if you’re looking to build a new profitable online business in 2023 using an easy-to-follow system.

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My name is Oyundoyin Anthony, and I am a blogger and affiliate marketer helping small business owners to grow their businesses.

This online business has helped me and my family live the lifestyle and freedom  I dream about, and quitting my 9 to 5 job.

One marketing model I used is CPA marketing( cost per action), where you get paid by companies to generate leads for their businesses.

I have worked with many marketers in online business; there have been people who have stood out among the experts in marketing and product launching.

They are Aidan Booth and Steven Clayton. They have been crushing it with this new business model and are ready to reveal all the strategies to the public for the first time.

Aidan Booth shares the 123 profit model and how the whole system works in his new book.

The Free book is called The Big Secret. The big secret reveals the steps to put the method into practice and use it to build a profitable business that can generate passive income online.

It guides you on how to make money through Affiliate Marketing, revealing the same system that is generating Aidan and Steven 10k per day using the same strategies you will learn from their free training- The Profit Lab.

123 Profit Review: An Overview

Product: 123 Profit

Creator: Aidan Booth & Clayton

Official Website: Click Here

Date: 4th of Jan.2023

>> Watch The Video & Download The Free Profit Plan Book

What is 123 Profit?

123 Profit Review

123 Profit is a training program that teaches how to make money online as an affiliate by promoting CPA offers using both free and paid traffic.

The 123 profit method is like CPA marketing but with a twist. It’s simple and easy to run and has nothing to do with customer support, suppliers, or product inventory.

All you need is a simple webpage and a strong headline and targeted free traffic, and that is all. You will learn to find the best CPA network that pays high commissions.

This unique approach to CPA marketing has produced mind-blowing results and has nothing to do with eCommerce, inventory, suppliers etc.

Below are the recent results

$937.10 an hour

$10,914 in 24 hours

$45,778 in a week

$183,103 in a month

NOTE: Disclaimer: Results may not be typical for every person and not guarantee. Your results may vary.

The 123 profit system is a reverse engineer of (the CPA) adverting model. The benefit is that it is easy to set up and eliminates all the challenges in online business such as customers, suppliers, etc.

No Selling: Unlike affiliate marketing, the profit system does not require you to sell anything, where people need to buy the products you’re promoting before making commissions.

Visitors only need to take actions such as filling out the form, joining the newsletter, etc.

The Aidan booth 123 profit is a new method of making money without hard work.

You will learn the ins and outs of CPA marketing while they still guide you through the whole process until you’re making money.

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123 Profit System-The Three Steps process

Stage 1: Identify offers

The first stage of the system is to identify 5 high-converting offers to promote.

You can find the best offers in many network programs, such as Flex, Max Bounty, etc.

Most of these networks take time to accept newcomers but don’t worry; Aidan and Steven provide step-by-step guides to get received and fast-track the process.

With the 123 profit method, you’re not choosing offers based on a niche; you are selecting offers based on conversion rate and the payout per lead—the audience size, location, etc.

You can find high-converting offers in the market, such as insurance, skin cream, credit repair, diet, weight loss, etc.

Most of these offers pay out hundreds of dollars per lead.

For example, let say

You find a weight loss offer that pays a $50 commission per conversion.  

If you send 100 clicks and get a 20% conversion rate, that is 20 sales.

So, 20 sales x $50 = $1000

And many companies offer $100 to $150 commission per conversion.

Remember, you’re not selling anything.

Once you have completed stage one, we move to stage two.

Stage 2:  Set up a one-page website

This is not a complete website but a web page for each offer. There are many website builder software out there to build your pages fast.

Each offer you want to promote requires a web page for higher conversion. You can use Funnel Scripts to write the copy.

This type of page does not require design and coding skills, as they are all super easy to create. The page only contains a handful of words; some web pages are done for you.

The main goal of the web page is for visitors to take action. When visitors get to the page, they read your headline and take action based on your call to action.

And once the visitor takes action, you generate commission. It has simple as that.

You design the page based on the offer so visitors can quickly scan it and decide.

Now let’s dive into the last step.

Step 3: Generate Traffic

Getting traffic to your web page will not be a problem. You have two options, free traffic or paid traffic.

You can use any of the two options to drive traffic to your offer, but if you want quick results and have little budget, you can run paid ads.

In the 123 profit training, you will learn how to use super low-cost traffic strategies to generate thousands of targeted traffic and get fast results in a matter of hours, not a day.

After a few days, you will be able to identify which offers are converting very well from the 5 high-converting offers you choose and the most profitable one, then move to other types of traffic, including free methods to increase your commissions.

After you have completed the three steps and are making money, the next step is to double your earnings by scaling up.

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Step 4: Scaling Up

Once you identify the ads getting conversion and ROI, you need to increase your budget and 5x your commissions.

Then find more profitable offers and test the traffic.

The more good offer you find, the more money you will make. Repeat steps one to three.

Remember, the main goal of this method is to generate leads for the company you’re promoting.

This is an opportunity to start a new business model to generate more income without selling anything.

These are just a few of the results of the better tester of their new training. There are also other people who are killing it every day, week and month.

>>Join The 123 Profit Lab Free Training Here

Who Is The 123 Profit System Creator?

Aidan booth and Steven Clayton of 123 profit

The creator of this new business model is Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton. Both are amazing guts, and they have launched many 8 figure successful businesses in the past year.

Both have helped countless people to build profitable businesses through their annual launches. They are not only teaching people how to make money online, but they also practice what they preach.

When it comes to affiliate and CPA marketing, they are simply the best among the equal, and now they want to share with the public, the secrets and strategies that have helped them generate thousands of dollars every month.

The Secrets inside the 123 profit plan method

You will learn how Aidan Booth and Steven Clayton built a consistent 7-figure online income without selling anything.

  • How Aidan Booth and the 123 profit team generate $10,914 each day and $45,778 per week using 3 simple steps you can follow and get the same results.
  • The simple and high-converting landing pages Aidan and Steven use to generate hundreds of dollars per hour and how you can carbon copy them.
  • How they generate $1k per 100 clicks with conversion rates of 60% compared to eCommerce store where the conversion rate is below 5%.
  • The 3 sources of instant traffic to thrive thousands of clicks and the secrets of converting this traffic to make profits fast without even losing their money.
  • The program removes all the headaches, such as customer service, store setting, product launching, etc.
  • Get access to the Aidan inner-workings $50k campaign, and how you can implement the strategy and scale up your campaign to generate more profits.

The Pros and Cons of Aidan Booth 123 Profit Lab Program

The No-Sell and the Profit Lab is designed to educate you on a new online business model that can help you generate thousands of dollars every month without selling any product.

  • No selling is required to make money
  • It is easy to implement
  • It does not involve inventory, suppliers or customer care.
  • It does not involve shipping any product
  • Not traffic issues
  • It is easy to scale up


  • The price is high, and not everyone can afford it
  • It is not a get rich quick
  • It requires time and efforts

123 Profit Pricing: How Much Does 123 Profit Cost?

Before joining the Aidan Booth profit system, you need to know how much it will cost.

The 123 profit training cost $3,497 for a one-time payment.

And there is also an instalment payment to make it easy for those who can’t afford the one-time fee.

123 Profit Review; Conclusion

The 123 profit Lab training provides real ways to make money and build a profitable business in 2023.

You will get access to all the training materials that can help you master everything you thought and quickly follow the steps and start seeing results.

It is time to learn from both Aidan Booth and Steven Clayton as they reveal all their secrets of generating thousands of dollars without selling anything.

The business model is easy to set up, and it only requires a website and traffics. The business potential is very huge while the risk is very low.

123 Profit is a unique way of generating income online. The method is a twist on CPA marketing.

The 123 Profit system doesn’t require selling anything. All you need is a simple webpage, targeted free traffic, and to scale up; you can add paid traffic.

If you are an affiliate marketer or want to start, this is more or less training on affiliate marketing but majorly on CPA offers.

123 Profit is a new Business Model that has nothing to do with eCommerce, dropshipping or Internet marketing niche.

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