How To Steal Your Competitors Long Tail Keywords And double your Traffic

How To Find Competitors Long Tail Keywords



Most of the internet marketers and blogger find it difficult to come out with winning keywords that can rank on search engines without breaking the bank for SEO Company. What I discovered is that some don’t have enough time to do the in-depth keyword research before thinking of what to write and what to put into the content.

it necessary to learn how to find keywords

In the end, most of them end up targeting the wrong keywords that are very competitive with no search volume. The most profitable keywords are those that have moderate amount of searches and low in competition. Combining multiple profitable keywords on a page will increase your search engine ranking and boost your traffic.

What you will learn:

  • How to research profitable long tail keywords
  • Digital vs Physical keyword
  • Long Vs short tail
  • How to steal your competitor’s long tail keywords using Semrush and GKP
  • How to find competitors keywords
  • The best keywords tools

The List of best Keyword Tools

How to research profitable keywords

Getting profitable keywords is not as difficult as many people taught of but it only requires little effort to come out with winning keywords that can attract visitors to your website. There are many tools to help you when it comes to keyword research; some are paid while some are free. It depends on you and the kind of result you want.

Let start our research from the well know keyword tool which is Google keyword

Now, let head to Google Keyword Tool, the most popular keyword. We need to know what people are searching for, the number of searches and see if the keyword is very competitive or not. When researching your keywords list, it is necessary to evaluate the amount of search engine traffic you can drive to your website.

Traffic will definitely come from different places rather than only the search engine like Google and Yahoo, MSN but this is one of the simplest ways to quickly evaluate the keyword phrases for your potential market. What you are looking for is the list of KEYWORDS that have moderate search volume and low competition

Google keyword planner

Let research for the keyword ‘’Yeast infections ‘’and see what will come out.

Long tail Keywords

You should see a breakdown of all the relevant keywords and phrase relating to your niche. The data below shows and illustrates how much search volume each keyword has and how much advertiser competition for each keyword.

As you can see, the keyword yeast infections are not so competitive, you can easily rank for this keyword within a short time. It has a search volume of 8100 for global monthly search and 5400 local monthly searches.

Make sure you conduct your keyword research using exact match; this can give you the true database on a number of times keyword has been searching for in Google. My prefer search volume is 1000 to 2000 and above for local searches per month.

Below is the breaking down of the results

  •       The competition for the keyword is very low
  •        It has high search volume
  •         It has long tail keywords up to 3-4 words
  •         Most keywords are related to actual problem solving.For example

how to prevent yeast infection and

Yeast infection treatment

These are digital keywords people are searching for when looking for certain information to solve certain problems, there is no model or specification included. It is necessary to know how to identify keywords that can make your visitors to but from your website.

Does your niche related to the digital product or physical product? For example, if your website is nutrition, it means most of the product you can promote as an affiliate with being eBooks and few physical products. That is where physical and digital keywords come in.

Digital Vs Physical keywords

Digital keywords are the keywords that people are searching for to get more information that can solve the certain problem either just reading the content or buy eBook that related to it. Most of the digital keywords are not specific, and mostly no-names attach to it except few and with my experience, they don’t have more searches no matter how popular the product is.

If you create a product on SEO and you name it Top 7 ways to rank your keyword with SEO, just for example, people need information on SEO will not type the name of your eBook but only search the keyword related to SEO not the name of your product.

From the above research, we can see that most of the keywords are related to digital information such as how to get…

For example, let say you write article on ‘’how to treat yeast infection’ ’people looking for such information are those that have yeast infection and looking for ways to treat it.If the visitor come across the eBook that explain how he or she can treat yeast infection in less than 2 weeks, there is possibility of buying such product.

Another example is ‘’CNA Classes Online’ ’this is a digital keyword because the visitor is looking for where they can learn more about the CNA classes online, they don’t have any intention to buy any products, either looking for where they can register for the online course or need information on steps to start online training.

Physical Keywords

Physical keyword is the keyword people search for which require the specific name of the product. People searching for this keyword are willing to buy what they are searching for and not to read only content alone.

If you want to promote a physical product, you need to narrow your keywords down to the specific name of the product, your keyword should be what people will type in to search engine to find what they are looking for. For example, you want to promote cell phone; there are different types of a phone such as iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy, HTC, Blackberry to mention few.

People that want to buy the phone will not be searching for the general name ‘cell phone’ but search for specific one they need such as iPhone 5, HTC and so on.

In physical keyword, the trick is to get the actual name of the product you are promoting with low competition and ensures that it reflects what your niche site is base on.

Let look at the electronic, there are hundreds if not thousands of products on Amazon. As I was searching for products to promote, I came across ‘shaver’ and then head to Google keyword planner to determine if the niche worth to promote or not. The term gets search approximately 9000 times month and 2400 local monthly search, the keyword is not so competitive and I can easily rank for the keyword.

I selected the following keywords from search shaver

Long tail Keywords

  • Braun electric shavers (buyer keyword)
  • Best electric shaver for men
  • Best electric shaver
  • Electric shaver
  • Panasonic shavers (buyer keyword)
  • Norelco electric shaver (buyer keyword)
  • Philips electric shaver ((buyer keyword)

What are the factors I considered before tapped into this niche ‘shaver’

i).The keyword has enough searches per month

ii).The keyword is not highly competitive

iii)The keyword has a ‘’buyer keyword’’ where the brand name and the model number of the product or the exact specification of the product is used in the search query. People searching in this way, know what they need, particularly if they have attached prefixes or suffixes such as buy, need a discount, reviews, offers etc.

It is a good idea to target one main buying keyword for the focus of your site and build more pages that are related to the main keyword. For example, my main primary keyword is Norelco electric shaver then I can search for more related keywords which will be the secondary keyword.

Here are the lists of other keywords that I can use in support of my primary keyword; Norelco electric shaver

  • Best electric shaver for sensitive skin
  • Best men’s electric shaver
  • Braun 350cc series 3 men’s electric shaver razor, (buyer keyword)
  • Best women’s electric shaver,
  • Rechargeable washable electric shaver set ac (buyer keyword)
  • Men reciprocating rechargeable electric shaver (buyer keyword)
  • Braun electric shavers (Buyer keyword)

The above keywords in red are not buyer keywords, but people are searching for them to get actual electric shaver they can buy. It is a good idea to have such keywords as you can write articles surround them and recommend one of the best shavers for them to buy.

For example, if you write an article on ‘’Best women’s electric shaver’’ you can link it to Braun electric shavers which is one of the best shavers on Amazon.

All the above keywords are long tail keywords which is one of the important factors to consider when researching your keyword for your niche site. I can write quality review content on the above keywords and rank on the search engine without breaking the bank on SEO. Then I move further to create more pages surround the same primary keyword electric shave. I can create more pages for the following keywords:

  • Panasonic electric shaver
  • Remington electric shavers
  • Braun electric shavers

If I create a page for Panasonic electric shaver, then I will need to get more keywords that I can use for a review post. As I entered ‘’Panasonic electric shaver’’ into the search I got the following buyer keywords:

  • Panasonic es8103s
  • Panasonic electric shavers for men
  • Panasonic wet-dry electric shaver

All the above keyword are buyer keywords, I mean they are the products people are searching for and willing to buy on Amazon or another related website.

It is important to know how to add keywords to your website or contents

Here is the breaking down of the research

long tail keywords


Once you have done research and gather all the keywords that can work better with your niche site, it is very important to target long tail keywords.To make it work perfectly, you will need to include your keyword in the title of your specific page and post, in the first paragraph of the post.

If you want to really go down with this keyword and build niche site on it, then you can build your niche site on a specific buyer keyword such as Panasonic electric shaver and create pages on different ‘’Panasonic electric shaver’’.

You can use the following as your domain.


Why not using the exact keyword for your domain? Simply because we want to avoid Google EMD update, although we cannot conclude on the effect of exact match domain according to some experts, Google may penalize such sites.

It is necessary to analyze how competitive each keyword phrase is, that is you need to evaluate the relative difficulty of ranking for each niche keyword you have gathered.Have it in mind that successful keyword targeting requires constant monitoring and good tweaking to get better conversion.

Note: Always remember that a keyword tool returns a keyword doesn’t mean you will be able to rank better for it or that the traffic it sends from search engines such as Google and ping will end up converting. You need to make constant keyword management a priority and be very careful about how you analyze keyword in order to improve your results.

      Why Don’t You depend On Google Keyword Tool Alone?

It is obvious that thousands of people are making use of Google keyword everyday and in some cases, you may find it difficult to rank on the first page if you rely on Google tool alone. There are thousands of hidden keywords that GKP will not show you, and those keywords are not competitive that means you can easily rank on the search engine.

So, we will need to check other keywords that can help us identify those hidden keywords. There are many keywords tools that can do the job and all of them have their limitation but those that common and used by top internet marketers are simply the best because it has been tested and work greatly for them.

List of the best Keywords used By top Internet Marketers

For the sake of this article I will recommend Long tail keywords tool as it very simple to use and work great. Others work better but in some cases it depend on the individual interest so I recommended to check them and pick the one you think will help you.

Using Long Tail keyword Tool

Long Tail Pro is widely use when it comes to keywords research, it will help you sort your keywords based on domain availability, local exact searches and CPC. It will compile Google’s first page results, and also analyze how many backlinks are pointing to your competitor’s pages.

Having all of these features wrapped into one tool probably help our keyword research speed .With this tool, you can research your keywords within a very short time and get the accurate results.

Why There Is Need To Compare Two To Three Keyword Tools?

I was researching keyword on CNA which is one of the competitive keyword, I firstly use Google keyword to determine the keywords and the number of searches each keyword has per month. I came across CNA Classes Online which has high search volume but very high competitive and am very sure it will be difficult to find myself on the first page of Google if I target such keyword.

I then moved on to long tail pro to find the hidden keywords that can easily rank and have decent search volume, so I got some variation of CNA classes online LIKE CNA Online Classes, Online CNA Classes. All these keyword are not very competitive but not showed up with Google keyword tool.

If you really want to get the best result from the keyword, you need to take your time to perform in-depth keyword search and come up with the winning keyword that are very easy to rank. No matter hours you spend on keyword research that wasted, it really worth it.

Learn more about Long tail pro

Now you have learnt more things on keyword research and I believed you will Put it into practice whenever you are performing keyword for your new content.

The next now is how to steal our competitor’s long tail keyword and out rank them.

Don’t you think is possible?

Yes it is very possible; we only need to see the keywords that put then on first page, copy them and with little twist you will see your site on first page of Google without hard work.

         How To Steal Your Competitors Long Tail Keywords And Outrank Them

When it comes to keyword research, there are some experts that take their time to perform keyword search and come up with winning keywords that can easily rank on Google and other search engines without much efforts.

We may not be able to compete with them simply because they combine many keyword tools and hire expert to do the job. The only way to compete with them is to steal their long tail keywords and get the same even more traffic to our website.

One of the best tools to steal long tail keywords are Google Keyword tool and Semrush. Semruh is a powerful keyword tool for keyword research and to check the backlinks of the competitors. You can use free version and get better result but for these that can go for premium will have a better advantage to get more work done with little time.

Let start from Google Search or Semrush search

The first step is to find your competitors; this can be done by typing your keyword into Google search and see the result that come out. We only need to check first page but there are cases that we will need to move down to second page to get the details of how those site ranked for that keywords.

Note:There are many keywords in the page 2 even 3 that still getting thousands of traffic, so don’t just thinks only first page can get decent traffic though it may depends on the niche and the search volume of the keyword but it is very important to dig down to page 2 and 3 .

For example, if my keyword is ‘’Braun electric shavers’’ then I enter the keyword into Google search, below is the result I got.

long tail keywords

Plug those URLS into the Google keyword and Semrush search to get the lists of the keywords those URLs rank for. Alternatively, you can enter the keyword into the Semrush search to get the same result.

Below is how?

How to Use Semrush To Steel Competitors Long Tail Keywords is a powerful tool when it comes to keyword research; it is very useful to spy on the competitors within your niche and also to get some decent long tail keywords that can easily rank on the first page of Google.

There are two ways to do it, you can use the first competitors we gathered using Google or use semrush to find the competitors by typing the keyword into the search.

Let start by typing the keyword ‘’Braun electric shavers’’ into tool search and see the result, below are the list of the competitors that came out. I scrolled down to the bottom, where you’ll find a list of the keyword main competitors and the competition map. As you can see there are many website that ranked for the keyword ‘’Braun electric shavers’’, these are the competitors.

long tail keywords

That is what make Semrush one of the best tools to get details about the keyword competitors, it provide more information about the website, the traffics and the number of search per month. It also provide the list of backlinks each of the competitors has as it can help to know the number of backlinks to get in order to compete with these website if you really want to outrank them.

I started from the first competitor by type the keywords into semrush search and see the result. Below is the step to follow.

Go to

Plug your keyword into the search box

Move down to the bottom under organic search

You will see 1st to 20 ranking sites for the keyword ‘’Braun electric shavers’’

Semrush shows more related keywords such as braun electric shavers and 4 more related keywords.

  • braun electric shaver     
  • braun electric shaver part
  •  electric shaver braun    
  •  best braun electric shaver

In the left hand side , it also show more keywords that you can target using long tail pro, this gives you ideas of keywords that has buyers intentions.

Now scroll down under Competitors in Organic Search, click on the first URL and see what keywords it ranked for, it will brink you to the new page where you will get the list of top organic keywords.

long tail keywords

NOTE: If you are using free version, it will only shows you 5 keywords and for those that can avoid the premium version Good luck.

You can check up to 5 URL and collect all the keywords into your note pad or copy them on the word and saved.

Another simple way to steal their keyword is to check their top Anchors, just scroll down and look for anchors. Here are the list of the anchors I found:

  • braun series – electric shavers for men
  • braun series electric shaver – ultimate shaving
  • braun electric shaver

With this method you will be able to see every long tail keyword they are ranking for. And this is very useful when researching your keywords.


Because with Semrush,you can see exactly how much traffic each keyword is bringing in.

To get the best result you will need to combine this with Long Tail Pro, this is one of the most powerful keyword tools at your disposal. Honestly, it cuts your risk and reduces your time waste.

Using Google Keyword Planer

There’s no other way to say this:

Keywords are THE most important part of SEO.

Unfortunately, most people go about keyword research in the WRONG way. They start by typing a keyword into the Google Keyword Planner. But to be honest Google keyword planner will not give you exactly keyword you need to attract traffic from search engines. There are certain problems with keyword planner…

Problem #1: Google Keyword Planner only release out keywords that are VERY closely related to what you put into it

Let’s say that you run a flower shop.

You have just launched a new delivery service and need a keyword for the flower delivery landing page.

So you head over to the Google Keyword Planner and type in a keyword that customers might use to find you, like “gardening for beginners”:

Click on the “search for new keywords and ad group ideas as usual’’

Below is the screen that you’ll see:

long tail keywords

From the above result we can see that the results are similar and very close to the keyword I entered into the search such as:

  • vegetable garden for beginners
  • gardening tips for beginners
  • herb gardening for beginners
  • lower gardening for beginners

Those are the exact kind of keywords that the tool spits out.

Second Problem: It gives the same keyword suggestions to everybody…including your competitors

It’s not bad enough that the Keyword Planner hands you a stack of uninspiring keyword choices…

No wonder most keywords are so competitive!

Luckily, there’s a simple way to get out of those frustrating issues…

The simple way to Hack the Keyword Planner for Original and Underground Keywords

Step #1: Head over to the Google Keyword Planner

Click on the “search for new keywords and ad group ideas”

Here’s the screen that you’ll see:

long tail keywords

Step 2.You need to enter your competitors landing page in the space called your landing page.

Normally it supposed to be your landing page but there is no rule that against your competitors landing page.

Let’s continue with our gardening for beginners as example…

As you see, the Google Keyword Planner (GKP) didn’t give us any fresh ideas when we used a seed

keyword like “gardening for beginners”.

Watch what happens when you enter a weird page…

…like the homepage of a competitor (in this case ):

long tail keywords


From the above result we can observer that the result is a little different from the first search and when you dig down you will find a lot of keywords you can easily rank for without any backlinks.

But the problem is that you are not the only one using GKP,so the only way to get outstanding result is to compile all the keywords and put them into long tail keyword tool. Google keyword planner is a good keywords but don’t rely on it if you really want organic search traffic, it is a good idea to use up to 2 keywords tools and compare the result than to depend on GKP alone.

Click here to learn more about long tail pro

Get more keywords from the ad group ideas beside keyword idea and I can assure you that those keyword may not be very competitive.

The most important things is to get as many as long tail keywords from your competitors pages using Semrush and GKP and use long tail keywords to identify those that have high search volume with moderate competitive that can easily rank on search engines. Getting long tail keywords with decent volume and low competitors should be your priority when researching keywords.


It require little time and effort to get wining keywords but it really worth it if you eventually find yourself on the first page of Google with high search volume keywords.

After reading this content what do you think?

Would you like to add more to it? Let us know through your comment. Please if you have gained something from it may sure you share it with your friends and others.

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