5 Ways To Use Your Blog to Market Your Business

Blogging is one of the major ways to let people know about your business whether it is online or offline business .When it comes to promoting your business, the first thing is to let people know that your business exist but if nobody aware that there is business somewhere how are they going to patronize or  buy from you?.This is where blogging comes in, it is an excellent tool to create awareness and let the world know about your business, your service or your products and also to get connected with potential customers and promote your expertise.

      Below are the five ways to use your blog to market your business

Tip 1)Post Consistently On Your Blog. Most business owners get excited about blogging, post 2-3 times within a week and after 2 to 3 months they promptly forget about the blog. There are many blog with just 8 to 10 post without been update for five to 8 months and this will have negative impact on their business. Your blog post needs to be update at least 4 times per month in order to keep your readers and customers to come back and visit your site regularly. In fact I have seen many blogs that have not been updated since last years and I wonder how such blogs will improve the business or add values to the business when customers cannot find new information that can help them and solve their problem.

To get better result from both search engine and human traffic, it is very important to update your blog on a regular basis. Search engines robots love new content and keep coming back to index your post anytime you have new post which can easily improve your site ranking. Potential customers and readers also like new content; this is what keeps them coming back to read your blog post.

Tip 2) Use Your Blog As A Mirror of Your Business. Your blog is an extension of your business; make sure your blog tell more about your business and services, people need to see your blog as a pole that holds your business because if anybody needs to know you more about your business they can only do so by visiting your site.

Tip 3) Optimize Each Blog Post. It is important to use search engine optimization to optimize your blog post in order to get more traffic from search engine such as Google and ping. Remember that the purpose of your blog is to get customer who are in your target market to read your posts and enter your sphere of influence. Targeted traffic from search engines does not cost any penny, and it is a great idea to get potential customers to your blog and take your business to the next level.

 5 Ways To Use Your Blog to Market Your Business

Treat your blog posts as a separate file to be optimized for search engines. You can use a keyword research tool to find phrases that are related to the main subject of the post, and introduce most of the keywords within the content of the post.

NOTE: Write informative contents that will help your reader solve most of their problems and questions that are bothering them. The content of your blog is very important as it tells people about your business, if people benefit from your contents they have confidence in you and find easy to buy whatever products your recommend for them. Write good content for human and only optimize for robots.

Tip 4 )Does Your Blog Has Free Special Offer That Can Help People? This is another great ways to help your readers, when you give something that is valuable for free, they will see you as authority within your niche. You can also offer a mini course as a bonus for new newsletter subscribers? This will help people who came across your blog incidentally to subscribe to your newsletter

There are many benefits of building list of subscribers as it very possible to reach them anytime. You can send them any information related to your business or offer them your products, this will help you build relationship with them and before you know it, and your business will start booming.

Tip 5) Use Social Medial To Share Information About Your Business, Webinar, Products and Seminars. Social media is another best way to share your information to people who need your service or interested in your business to locate you. You might think that everybody has already heard about your business or upcoming teleclass on life or your products such as e-book, podcast, video etc about becoming a successful entrepreneur or achieving financial success. Not so! People reading your blog might be hearing about you for the very first time, so they have no idea about your teleseminars or products unless you specifically let them know.


When promoting your business or service, you need to avoid overselling, as it will considerably reduce the number of your blog readers. However, let your blog readers know about your seminars and products and through this you will be able to introduce what you want to sell to them.

Make use of your blog to introduce potential customers to your business, generate more website traffic and get new subscribers that you can convert to potential buyer.

Follow the 5 ways to use your blog to market your business and you will see improvement in your business with cost you extra money


Oyundoyin Anthony is a blogger and an affiliate marketer that offers helpful contents to people who are looking for different products for their needs. He enjoys helping people to achieve success in their business.

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