How To Get More Organic Traffic Fast Using CTR Magnet Method

How To Get Organic Traffic Fast Using CTR Magnet Method

Organic Traffic

Today, I’m going to show you how you can quickly get more organic traffic to your site without content, backlinks and social shares.

I have used this method and my clicks rate instantly increase and double my organic traffic. Not only that, Dean from Backlinko also use the same method and his website move from number 12 to number 5 on Google in few days.

Do you know that there are many factors Google consider before ranking any webpage on to the first page?

Most people ignore one of the most important factors and only work on backlinks, social shares and SEO.

Apart from the factors mentioned above, another major factor Google put into consideration is CTR. Many people even so called SEO guru ignore it.

CRT play major roles in raking your website.

What is CTR?

CTR means Click-Through Rate. It is the ratio of visitors who click on a specific link to the number of visitors who view a page, advertisement or email. It is important concept in search engine marketing.

What happened when your CTR is low?

This will affect the organic traffic and can also decrease your web page ranking.

Remember, your CTR depend on two main factors, title and description tag.

If your title and description tags are powerful, it can significantly improve your CTR and at the same time, if the title and description tag are awful, then expect low CTR which cannot benefit your website.

This mean you will be getting low click rate and result in very low organic traffic even if you are on the first page of Google.

How Does The CTR Affect Your Ranking?

Most people are not aware of the effects of high and low CTR in Google ranking. CTR is one of the major factors as I said earlier for Google to move your website up and down.

So from now, don’t play with it.

The Power of CTR In Google Ranking

Here I’m going to explain this with simple illustration for you to have a better understanding.

Let say your page rank number four on the first page on Google for keyword ‘’how to make money online’’ and the title and description tag could not generate more clicks.

Google will see the page as not relevant, as people are not interested in reading your content, then it might drop your website into number 7 or 8.

This means lesser traffic due to the low click through rate.

On the other hand, let say, you rank number 7.Normally, number seven result will get less than 4% of all traffic.

So if whatever reason, number seven result is getting 10% of all clicks. Wow, this tells Google that people want to read this content, let move it up so more people can easily find it.

That is the power of click through rate in the Google search result.

From this example, you could see that surfing keywords into the description tag can’t help to increase the click rate but well writing title and description tag play major roles in Google ranking and CTR.

Now, the question is how can you get more clicks and result?

The answer is the CTR magnet method.

The CTR Magnet Method

One and only major reason you publish quality blog post and optimize it with keywords is to get organic traffic to your website. And one of the easiest ways to drive organic traffic is to improve and increase website clicks rate using CRT magnet method.

Here is three simple steps to get most result from CTR magnet method.

  • Step 1: Find Google ads.
  • Step2. Include words and phrases from Google ads into your title and description tag.
  • Stet 3.Get more clicks.

Now, let break down all the steps into details

Step 1:Find Google ads

The first step is to find the Adword ads for your targeting keywords. Adword advertisers spent thousands of dollar for advertising for one main goals- to get clicks and conversions.

They have done a lot of split test before they arrive to the results. They optimized their ads for maximum clicks.

Let say you have a blog post title list building, held to the Google and type the keyword list building.

Take a look at the Google ads and see what they have on title and description tag .Once you get the idea of the title and description tag of the ads, then move to step two.

Step2.Include words and phrases

Include words and phrases into your title and description tag. Since our main goal is to get more clicks and increase CTR of the page.

Write a powerful title and description tag using the adword ads. Both the title and description tag of the ads were well optimized which is bringing a lot of clicks for the advertiser. If not, why would they be spending a lot of money without any result?

A Case Study From Brian Dean of

 Brain Dean is the man behind, one of the well-know SEO blog on internet.

He uses the CTR magnet method to rank his post ‘’list building’’ fro number 12 to number 5 in a matter of few days.

Currently his blog is number 4 for keyword list building on Google first page.

Let look at his title and description tag of his post.

Title: 17 Insanely Actionable List Building Strategies (That Work Fast)

Description tag: 17 insanely practical list building strategies that you can use to build your email list TODAY. Get More Email Subscribers.

Does the title grab the attention of the reader?

Absolutely yes.

Does it contain power words? Yes, of course. Power words: Practical, TODAY and Work Fast.

 According to Dean, when he firstly published the post, the title tag was too long and it could not even show all on Google search.

Here was how the title post look like: 17 Insanely Actionable List Building Strategies That will…….

The click rate was terrible.

Compare to this: 17 Insanely Actionable List Building Strategies (That Work Fast).


You can see the difference.

Dean went ahead and search Google for keyword related to list building. He search for Email Marketing keyword and discovered that almost all Google ads related to email marketing uses some common words such as list building, Email Subscribers, build and email list.

He quickly rewrote his tile and description tag and include all those words into his title and description tag.

What happened next?

His blog page jump from number 12 to number 5. Today is number 3 for keyword list building.

That is the work of CTR and POWER WORDS in Google search. I will talk about POWER WORDS later.

My Case Study.

What if I tell you that I experiment this method and it work perfectly.

Here is how.

One of my blog post rank on the number 5 on the first page of Google for keyword ‘’high ticket items’’.


Wow, that is very interesting. But the issue is that I’m getting less that 4% of the traffic from Google.

Normally, if my title and description was well structure, at least I should be getting 10%.

What I did was to change the title and description tag of the post. After few days, the CTR improved and the organic traffic increase significantly.

Now, my blog page is number 3 on first page of Google for that keyword.

You got it.

There is no magic, only need to do it at right time.

Step 3 Get more clicks

Once you add all the word and phrases into the tile and description and everything done well, your page will increase in Google in a few days and find yourself in more click and more organic traffic.

In addition, you may need to build several high quality backlinks to the page after you have seen improvement to get more result.

How To Improve Click Through Rate

If your site rank on the first page of Google and you are experiencing low click rate, it is very important to improve it before the ranking goes down.

One of the easiest ways to increase and improve click rate is to use what is called POWER WORDS.

This is very simple, all what you need to do is to add the power words or phrases to your Google result.

Below are the list of power words you can be used to drastically improve the click through rate.

Today,Right now,Instantly,Fast,Work quickly,Step-by-step,Easy,Quick,Simple,accurate, affordable,secrets,proven,absolutly etc

These words have proof over and over again to drive more clicks. This is because all the words and phrases emphasize fast result. When someone scan through Google first page, they want to read the content that is going to help them right now.

When you include these words into the title and description tag you will be the result they want to click on.

That is the POWER WORDS.

What this teaches us is that you may be number 1 on Google and number 5 may be getting more clicks and  more traffic.

You need to maintain balance.Ranking on the first page is good but let your title and description tag  are exciting to the readers to generate more clicks.

After reading the post, you have all what it take to rank more pages and get more clicks using the CTR magnet method.

Now I want to hand over to you. Which of the strategies in this article you want to use first?


Let me know from your comment.

Oyundoyin Anthony is a blogger and an affiliate marketer that offers helpful contents to people who are looking for different products for their needs. He enjoys helping people to achieve success in their business.

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