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hubspot pricing 2023

Hubspot has been around for more than ten years now. They are a marketing company that offers a complete marketing solution such as CRM, inbound marketing, email marketing, sales services etc.

We will be looking at the HubSpot pricing plans for 2024 and the types of plans.

But before we start discoursing the HubSpot pricing plans, let’s consider what it stands for.

Hubspot is a CRM platform with a powerful interface created for customers’ experience.

It has all the tools and integration any marketer needs for marketing, sales, content management, CRM and customer services.

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How Much Does HubSpot Cost?

Stater ProfessionalEnterprises
Sales Hub$50$500$1200
Marketing Hub$50$800$3200
Service Hub$50$400$1200
CMS Hub$25$400$1200
Operational Hub$50$850$2000

2024 Hubspot Pricing: What You will get

The HubSpot tool has Min four products which are:

  • Hubspot CRM
  • Marketing hub
  • Sales Hub
  • Service hub

They are all available in four plans, and the features are varied.

The starter plan costs $50 per month, the professional plan costs $500-$800 per month, and the enterprise plan costs around $3,200.

The growth suite bundle contains all the products and advanced features with a discount of 25%.

HubSpot Discount

They offer discounts now for both new customers and existing ones. The deal is applied to all the plans, including growth suites.

You only need to pay for 12 months instead of a monthly payment to get the discount.

This feature will help you to save a lot of money.

Hubspot Products and Features

Now, let’s look at each of these products and what they offer.

The first one is Hubspot CRM.

When it comes to CRM, it focuses more on sales.

Hubspot CRM Features

Here is what the CRM offers for the marketer. With this feature, you can:

  • Track any leads and customers
  • Chart with customers in real-time
  • Creating quality content and generating leads
  • Measuring success
  • Building and designing high-converting form
  • Plus more add ons

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Marketing Hub

The marketing hub is for experienced marketers and marketing teams. This plan allows you to do everything such as the following:

  • Brand email marketing campaign
  • Create and upload content.
  • Full report and analytics
  • Phone support
  • And more

You will have all your marketing tools and data in one place, so there is no need to look for third-party software for your business.

The Hubspot marketing hub creates solutions to challenges many marketers face in any online business.

Marketing Hub Cost

hubspot marketing hub pricing

The starter cost starts from $45 per month for 1,000 contacts. Then, there is an add-on, which means you can add more than 1000 contacts with an additional cost of $20.

The professional costs $800 per month for the first 2,000 contacts. Then, you can increase the number of contacts by 1000 for $50 per month.

The enterprise starts from $3,200 per month for the first 10,000 contacts. Then, increase by just $10 per month to add 1000 contacts.

Note that both professionals and enterprises have one-time onboarding fees. The professionals cost $3,000, while the enterprises cost $6,000.

You can start with a free tool plan and upgrade your account later. This plan helps you to test the Hubspot features.

The Sales Hub

The sales hub is an exclusive advanced sales feature and tool for marketers and experts.

The Hubspot Sales Hub is complete sales CRM software built to help close more deals, build strong relationships, and manage your pipeline effectively.

The good thing about this bub is that it offers all the tools any marketer needs to boost productivity and make the sales process easier

When you subscribe to this plan, here is what you will get:

  • Marketing schedule
  • I-on-I email and video messaging
  • Email notifications and tracking
  • Conversion intelligent
  • Phone support
  • And more

Sales Hub Costs

The Sales Hub starts at $45 per month for 2 users

The professional starts at $450 per month with a minimum of 5 users

Enterprises begin with $1,200 per month with a minimum of 10 users

There is a one-time fee to pay with this hub if you start with professionals or enterprises.

Service Hub

The service hub is all about customer support and has the following features:

  • Email template
  • Live chat
  • Ticketing
  • Slack integration
  • Custom survey
  • Etc

Detail of The HubSpot Price And Plans

Let’s get into the details of the prices and plans of the HubSpot tool.

One of the drawbacks of HubSpot is that it is costly, but thanks to the CRM, it is 100% free.

If the paid plans are too expensive, you can check a few alternatives, such as the Getresponse tool.

The prices are monthly and yearly, depending on your choice.

You can start with the starter plan, which is affordable for small businesses. You can subscribe to any plan using the following currencies:


The HubSpot Pricing Table 2024

$50 per month. Live chat, email tracking, scheduled meetings,1-on-1 email, simple automation, and integration. Only 2 users allow, and more.$50 per month. Live chat, email tracking, scheduled meetings,1-on-1 email, simple automation, and integration. Only 2 users allowed, and more.N/AN/AN/A
Marketing Hub. Get free Trial$0/month. Send up to 2000 emails per month. Basic chat and other tools.$50 per month. Add lead form, landing pages, and email marketing. Up to 1,000 marketing contacts and more$50 per month. Live chat, email tracking, scheduled meetings,1-on-1 email, simple automation, and integration. Only 2 users allow, and more.$4,000 per month. We have up to 10 free users plus 10,000 marketing contacts.
Sales Hub.
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$0 per month.
Start free trial now. It allows one person plus the following features: Chat, email, ticketing, etc.
$0 per month. Get access to some marketing tools but limited use, plus Hubspot brand.This plan cost $500 per month. Allow 5 paid users. It is good for managing your team, custom reporting,1-on-1 video messaging, automation, phone support and moreThis plan cost $400 per month. Up to 5 users. It comes with a starter plan plus the following: support and automation service, onboarding, customer relation tools and advanced 24/7 support.
Service Hub.It cost $1,200 per month.All the profesional features plus This is for top marketers with a team players.Up to 10 paid users.Sales analytics, signature and more$50 per month. Live chat, email tracking, scheduled meetings,1-on-1 email, simple automation, and integration. Only 2 users allowed, and more.$50 per month. No HubSpot branding, 1-on-1 email, live chat, Ticket pipeline, automation, email tracking, template, integration, two users and moreStart with $1,200 per month. It includes up to 10 paid users. Custom reporting, gals, record customization etc
The Growth Suite.It contains all the products that are bundled together. $0 per month. You can save 25% today when you join this plan. $50 per month plus one user$1780 per month.5 free users and up to 2,000 marketing contacts.HubSpot CRM.
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The CMS hub is for people who need web hosting for their blog or website with the customer experience in mind.

The CMS is a content management software designed to make a blog or website. It includes premium web hosting and other infrastructures.

Below are some of the features they offer for this hub:

  • Premium hosting
  • Content delivery network (CDN)
  • SSS certificate

It allow anyone to build a website,landing pages and so on.It is the content management system you need to create dynamic website and optimize conversion on any devices.

The CMS hub prices

The Starter costs $25 per month, the professional costs $400, and the enterprises cost $1,200.

One major setback about this b=hub is that it is a bit expensive compared to other web hosting such as Bluehost, Hostgator, A2 hosting, etc.

In addition, the hub team offer technical services such as template set hub, site migration, and email template rebuilding, which will cost you $1000 for set up.

Other CMS Hub add-ons

Custom reports: Customize template, dashboard etc, which cost an additional $200.

The Operational Hub

The HubSpot operational hub was designed to help teams connect apps, clean the customer’s data, and automate business processes. It is available for free for starters and professionals.


  • Automation
  • Wen hook
  • List segregation
  • Team
  • Data quality automation
  • Content scoring
  • Etc

The starter plan starts at $45 per month, and the professional costs $720 per month, while the enterprises start from $2,000 per month.

The Hubspot bundles

The HubSpot bundles contain both CRM suite plans and create a bundle.

The CRM suites comprise all the hubs: Free Tools, Marketing Hub, Sales Hub, Service Hub, CMS Hub and Operations Hub.

They offer a discount to every Starter, Professional, or Enterprise product bundled at a discounted rate.

The CRM Suites Plans

The CRM suites have three pricing plans, and the Starter costs $45 monthly. The professionals cost $1600 monthly, while the enterprises cost $4000.

What Included in CRM Suites Starter Plan

  • Marketing Hub: 1,000 marketing contacts
  • Sales Hub Starter: get 2 paid users
  • Service Hub Starter: Starts at two paid users
  • CMS Hub Starter and Operations Hub Starter
  • There is also an add-on for this plan

The CRM Suites Professional

Let’s check the features of the CRM suite profession to see if it can fit your business. Below are what you will get with this plan:

Marketing Hub Professional: It comes with up to 2,000 marketing contacts. You can increase the number of contacts through their add-on.

The Sales Hub Professional starts with 5 paid users, while the Service Hub starts with 5 paid users.

It also includes the CMS and the operations Hub Professional.

The CRM Suites Plan

  • The Starter costs $50 per month.
  • The professional plan will cost $!,780 per month
  • The enterprises cost $4,000 per month.

Each plan has add-ons if you need more features, such as contacts and users, which will cost more money.


You know each plan’s price and features; I suggest joining the enterprise hub that costs $4,000 per month.

Does it sound funny?

Of course, paying $4,000 per month is a lot, and most of the growth suite features may not be necessary for your business.

So, I may recommend starting with a Free plan if you do not mind showing their brand to appear in your business.

Alternatively, you can choose a marketing but starter plan to get started if free does not fit your business.

It costs only $50 per month, and you should be ready.

Although there are some alternatives that I can recommend, the GetResponse tool will be the best option. You can check to see if it fits your business.

It is worth it for those who need complete automation and want to scale up their business, but if you only need email marketing systems to grow your business, you can try Getresponse or Convertkit.

Best Alternative to Hubspot Tool

There is many other alternative software that you can check to help you compare both software. You can compare their features, pricing, integrations, etc, to determine which tool fits your business.

GoHighLevel Software: This is a CRM software that provides a marketing automation tool for your business.

What I like about GoHighLevel is that it is effortless to use, and the interface is straightforward to navigate compared to Hubspot.

Getresponse Tool: Getresponse is an email marketing tool with many features. They provide all the marketing tools in one platform. is a sales funnel and website builder for startups and marketers.

If you’re looking for affordable marketing software for beginners and experts, then you may want to check the Getreponse tool.


Does HupSpot offer a Discount?

Yes, Hupspot offer discounts for all their plans, but not for everyone. It provides a startup discount of around 90% for the plans.

How much do you pay for HubSpot?

Your pay depends on your chosen plan and the number of contacts. Most plans start from $50 per month, and you can always upgrade to another plan.

Can you pay for HubSpot monthly?

Yes, Hubspot accepts monthly payments, but the price may be higher than annual payments.

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