GrooveKart Review [2023] – A Better Alternative To Shopify


Groovekart review


Hey, thanks for checking my Groovekart review, the best alternative to Shopify.

In this Groovekart review, I will share with you some new features of Groovekart that can also help you in your eCommerce business.

Also, I will answer the question ”Does Groovekart connect to Woocommerce”

If you are into eCommerce or drop shipping, you know it is very important to deal with one of the best e-commerce platforms to make everything work out the way you want it.

There are many e-commerce platforms where you can build an online store and upload your products. But that doesn’t guarantee your success if they don’t have all the features that can help you automate most of the tasks and concentrate on marketing.

But what if I tell you that there is a new e-commerce platform that seems better than Shopify and its alternatives, would you believe it?

It is GrooveKart dropshipping software. It is a FREE eCommerce platform, easy to use, more affordable with more features and built-in standards without the need to pay for expensive apps.

>>Check the GrooveKart official website

I know you have tried a few of these platforms without any results or seem very difficult to work with. It is a good idea to find a platform that is very easy and simple to customize.

That is why Groovekart was born.

What is Groovekart?

GrooveKart is an eCommerce platform, outrageously powerful software with an insanely low price compare to others. It is simply better, easier to use and very affordable.

It has standard features than most of the leading platforms at a low price without any confusing feature grids. Today get all the powerful platinum features right now.

GrooveKart now has a FREE account, you don’t need to pay for the tool, only requires 2% of the money you make from your store. So, what are you waiting for, join the GrooveKart eCommerce platform today and start selling?

Groovekart Review 2023: Overview

  • Product Name: GrooveKart
  • Website:
  • Market: Ecommerce
  • Price:$79 per month or $497 per year

If you’re looking for an e-commerce platform that is very easy to use, then try Goovekart. The interface is so easy and even beginners will love it.

You don’t even need any tech support team. No web developers are needed. It truly plugs and plays a solution.

Save more money with Groovekart.

Groovekart is very affordable. The user only needs to pay once and get a full year of GrookeKart’s powerful features at an affordable price that is less than people would pay each month for the competitors’ starter plan.

It makes you money and at the same time saves you money, no other platform has done that.

GrooveKart Review: Features

Now, let’s look at the features and how they can help you scale up your e-commerce business.

Accept Payment With Easy

You can integrate your store with the most popular payment gateways such as Paypal, Stripe and fun part is that Groovekart never charges you a fee per transaction like other platforms. Zero hidden fees.

Easy to connect with your payment gateway

Groovekart was designed for both Mobile and Desktop.

Groovekart review


We are in a mobile era and most advertising is seen on mobile and smartphone devices. That is the reason your checkout pages need to be ready to make sales easy. GrooveKart gives you the best mobile checkout page.

Custom Domain

With a custom domain, you can simply use this tool with your own brand domain. All you need is a domain nothing else, so you can have instead of your store

Design Your Store

With Groovekart, you can design a very attractive store and customize it to your own taste.

Coupon and Discount

If you are among people who like given coupons and discounts, you will get everything you need to sell your products at a discount rate and also help your customers to get a coupon code for your store.

You only need to enter the discount information, and expiration date and with a few clicks, you’re all set. Coupons can significantly increase conversion at the checkout by as much as 37%.

Sell Local and International

Sell anywhere around the world with different currencies.

 Marketing Research

With Groovekart, shipping is easier. It was built with robot shipping management and fulfilment.

GrooveKart Studio: Landing Page Builder

groovekart review 2022

GrooveKart Studio: The eCommerce landing page builder. Get access to the revolutionary drag-and-drop builder. One of the most powerful store builders for e-commerce.

GrooveKart Studio is a new Groove Kart feature to help you create high converting landing page to sell more of your product.

Groove Kart Provide Two Faces of eCommerce to increase your store sales and conversions.

When you are selling a lot of products with different categories and sizes, you want to use GrooveKart’s eCommerce Store.

But when you are selling other items that require direct marketing copy such as a weight-loss supplement, or a Drone, you want to use a Storeless-Page.

This is the reason GrooveKart Studio was created. They want all your pages to be feature-rich. No other eCommerce platform offers you both Storefront eCommerce, and Storeless eCommerce like GrooveKart does.

You can now add a product button or embed checkout pages to your store and then do up-sells and down-sells and more. It is straightforward like 1,2,3.

Another fantastic thing is that you can send the user to the thank you page or back to your store. Groovekart has hundreds of eCommerce templates for your store.

Simply Design Your Pages, Funnels, and Complete Sites.

With GrooveKart Studio, You can easily create Storeless eCommerce pages, Bridge Pages, Checkout Pages, Upsell Pages, Downsell pages, Thank You Pages and more with just a click of a mouse.

No more expensive designers or developers, GrooveKart Studio makes it easy, fast, and fun. And all these features are FREE.

 Products Design Tool

With this tool, you can set up your design editor in a minute and make your customer’s experience the best.

 Layer App.

The drag-N-drop patterns to any type of apparel you can think of. This feature is available on Groovekart and no other platform can allow you to easily drag patterns onto apparel for 1 off printing.

Groovekart review


Get free access to more than 100 hot-selling designs in the following niches:

Men, women, kids’ sneakers, High tops, Bowling Shoes, Tote bags, Flip Flops, Women’s High Heels etc.

GK-ALI Connects

The GK ALI connect is a marketplace with easy access to awesome and HOT products at wholesale prices to sell them at retail prices and make more profit.

With GK, Groovekart users can find thousands of affordable products and low wholesale prices for the GrooveKart store in a matter of a minute.

GK Ali-Connect is very easy. Only requires browsing and finding products, then just clicking a button to add the items to your store.

When customers order, shipping is then sent directly to your customers all hands-off. No inventory, No risk. Just Profits.

Premium Native App Built In

It has more than 20 built-in apps that can help you automate your business at zero cost. This will save you a lot of money and unlike other platforms where you will need to pay extra fees to get access.

Build In Help Desk

With Groovekart’s built-in help desk, you don’t need to worry about third-party software again or need to spend extra money.

It is important for your customers to get support in the first place when they come to your store. The support link on your site will link to a built-in ticket system to communicate with your customers and this helps you keep track of all the conversations and updates.

When it comes to eCommerce business, happier customers mean fewer refunds. Most shopping cart platforms make you pay extra for this.

Want more features?

>>Click here to learn more about GrooveKart

GrooveKart Pricing

Groovekart has two pricing plans: Monthly and Annual plans.

The Groovekart is FREE to use but you can upgrade your account. The monthly plan starter starts from  $79 per month. The basic plan will cost $99 per month while the premium plan cost $149 per month.

The Annual plan is $497 per year. Learn more about Groovekart pricing.

The tool gives you everything you need to build a successful and profitable e-commerce store without coding experience. The studio page builder is very easy to customize with drag and drop.

All users get access to very powerful apps to automate your store without the need to do any manual work.

What You Will Get From GrooveKart

  • Sell your products with variants
  • Easily create categories
  • Powerful reporting
  • Analytics Intelligence
  • Customer lookup
  • Powerful shipping features
  • Best free native apps
  • Built-in support desk
  • Timers
  • Scarcity tools
  • Social proof
  • Reviews
  • Funnels
  • Drag N drop builder
  • Products design
  • Upsells
  • Downsells
  • Bump


Did I tell you that you can transfer your Shopify store to Groovekart with just a click?

Yes, if you have a Shopify store and you’re not satisfied with the features or pricing, in less than two minutes, you can migrate your store without losing anything free of charge.

GrooveKart Vs Shopify

When you compare GrooveKart Vs Shopify, GrooveKart has built-in 20 most popular PAID apps from Shopify and they are all included with NO extra costs.

The SHOPIFY Advanced Plan costs $299 per month and when you add all their 3rd party-apps you may end up spending close to $600 every month.

Not only that, but Shopify also takes a percentage of your store’s sales on every transaction which starts at 2.0%.

With Shopify you pay:

  • A $299 monthly fee (to compare GrooveKart )
  • For additional APPS and a % of your success.

While with GrooveKart you have a super low Monthly rate and they never charge you any fee or % of your sales.

With GrooveKart you pay:

A $99 per month (Compare to a $299 Shopify monthly payment) Or

A $497 per Year (Compare to $3588 Shopify per year)

Groovekart is the best alternative to Shopify and if you’re new to e-commerce and thinking of starting, you may choose Groovekart and get all the premium features to automate your store and only concentrate on the marketing aspect of your business.

GrooveKart Pros and Cons

Let’s now look at some of the advantages and disadvantages of the GrooveKart dropshipping tool.


  • Start for free
  • Tastest page loading times
  • Hosted on the Google cloud platform
  • No need to pay for the third-party helpdesk
  • Powerful store builder for eCommerce store
  • Accept payment
  • Premium product design tool
  • Print-on-demand features
  • One-click upsell
  • Custom domain
  • And more


Requires to upgrade to paid feature to get advanced features

GrooveKart Vs Shopify: Which One Is Better?

If you’re a beginner, I recommend Groovekart, as it has more features and is less expensive compared to Shopify.

You don’t need to spend any extra cost with Groovekart, but Shopify has many apps that you may need to get more advanced features.

The amazing thing is that you can transfer your store from Shopify to GrooveKart with just one click. It is very easy and no coding is required.

GrooveKart Free Account

You can now use the GrooveKart eCommerce platform for free and later upgrade your account if you need more features.

It does not require inventory and no warehouse. It has print-on-demand and dropshipping features for everyone to sell their products.

So, you can create a free GrooveKart account and start selling your products. You can sell unlimited products without paying any fees.

GrooveKart Bonus

I am ready to give you the best GrooveKart Bonus when you sign up through my link here. All my bonuses will help you to fast-track your eCommerce business.

 Bonus 1: Traffic Secrets

You probably might hear about Traffic Secrets by Russell Brunson, the founder of Clickfunnels. When he released his Traffic Secrets, he sold over 45 thousand copies in less than two weeks.

To drive millions of targeted traffic to your store or website, this book is a MUST. But I am offering it for free now.

Bonus 2-List of USA Suppliers Directories

You will get access to my list of US dropshipping directories where you can find suppliers without any risk. This will help you to have more than enough places to get USA-made products to sell in your store.

Final Thought

If you’re selling on Shopify and not satisfied with their fees or want to try another platform, then I recommend this tool. It has more features, is very easy to use and is simple to set up.

Thousands of people have been using it to sell their products with huge success. It doesn’t matter any niche you find yourself in, you are good to go.

Shopify is one of the well-known e-commerce platforms where you can drop-shipping your products. Their integration is also very easy with some paid apps while only a few free apps are available to integrate with Shopify.

Groove Kart FAQ

 What Makes GrooveKart Different?

It offers you more ways to increase conversions and make more money.

They have more features built-in without extra charge. There are over 20 built-in apps, and more are still coming that you pay EXTRA at Shopify and other platforms.

Another advantage of this app is that they don’t charge you a transaction fee per sale like Shopify.

You take all your profits. GrooveKart Studio helps you to sell more of your items using a sales funnel without extra charge.

The software also comes with built-in three prints on-demand systems to help you add instant products to your store and make more money.

Check the GrooveKart official page for more

Is There Any Money Back Guarantee?

Yes, if you are not satisfied with the Groovekart software, you can ask for your money, and customer support will be happy to refund you without any problem.

They believe their tool is one of the best e-commerce platforms, and that is the main reason they offer you a complete refund in case you are not pleased with the tool.

How Much Does The Groovekart Cost?

They now offer three monthly plans. The starter plan cost $79 per month, the basic plan cost $99 per month and the platinum plan will cost $149 per month.

But the good thing about the Groovekart pricing plan is that you can start with a FREE account, and later upgrade to any plan of your choice.

How many eCommerce stores can I build?

You can create unlimited stores compared to other platforms where you need to pay for each store you create.

Can I cancel My account at Any time?

Yes, you can cancel your account at any time within 30 days if Groovcasrt does not give you all that it promised. If you’re in a paid subscription, after cancelling your account, you will no longer be billed.

How secure is GrooveKart?

GrooveKart uses the standards in encryption technology, and that is what makes GrooveKark among the best and safest to run your online business.

The software is DCMA and GDPR compliant, and they take privacy and security seriously at GrooveKart company.
With this information, you are assured that all your data are 100% secure without any problem.

Does Groovekart connect to Woocommerce?

Many people want to know if they can connect Groovekart to Woocommerce. And if this feature exists, it will be an advantage for Groovekart users.

From my research, I have not seen any information on how to connect or integrate Groovekart with Woocommerce.

But I am sure you can connect any tool together with the help of Zapier. You can also comment in the comment section if you have any details about the integration of Groovekart and Woocommerce

In case you have a question about the Groovekart review, kindly let me know from your comment.

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