Automatic Cash Cars Review 2024: Is It Legit?

automatic cash cars review

Welcome to my Automatic Cash Cars Review!

In this age, there are many ways to make money online, and one of it, is Automatic Cash Cars.

It is a platform like Airbnb but mainly for cars.

This review will examine the claim, pricing, training, and whether the course is real.

In addition, Automatic Cash Cars Review will answer the question: Is Automatic Cash Cars legit or a scam?

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Automatic Cash Cars Review and Overview

Product Name: Automatic Cash Cars

Creator: Lay Denise

Price: $97

Niche: Car renting

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What Is Automatic Cash Cars?

It is a training that focuses on teaching anyone how to turn their car into a source of income.

The program is similar to Airbnb, which deals with renting a home, but this course deals with renting your car to make money.

You will learn to list your car for rent on an app like Turo and start making money.

It means you can earn more if you have one or two cars.

Anyone who wants to learn how to turn a car into driven property without driving a single car may want to check this program.

The creator, Denise, claimed she would teach you how to turn a car into an ATM.

But is the program worth teaching anyone to turn a car to generate passive income?

She said the business is straightforward and only takes 3 steps to start making money.

It isn’t easy to know all the methods taught in the course.

One of my concerns about the program is that she only showed one case study of a lady making over 6k per month using the Automatic Cash Car system.

The training consists of 6 modules, and below is what you will learn when you join the Automatic Cash Cars program.

automatic cash cars program

Module 1: The Treasure Map

In this module, you will learn about the car rental calculation. Understand how this business model works to avoid all the pitfalls.

Module 2: Geo Location Secrets

In this module, you will learn about Geolocation and how to have up to 25 cars monthly to make more money.

Module3: Growing Your Fleet Secrets

You will learn how to increase your income by picking the best car.

Module 4: Fleet Protection Secrets

  • Inside this module, you will learn how to protect yourself.
  • How to win before scratches and minor damages occur.

Module 5: Trick of the Top 1% Earners

  • How to prepare your car to get rated and more reviews
  • How to clean your cars
  • Device to install etc

Module 6: Cash Car Listing Secrets

  • How to take advantage to list your car and get more exposure.
  • List of best sites to list your cars

How Do Automatic Cash Cars Work?

Now, let’s talk about how this system works.

A usual car payment with insurance is around $600 per month.

You can make at least $50 a day when you rent out the car.

That is $1,500 a month.

It also depends on the type of car; some cars are worth $90 per day.

That means you could earn $4,000 a month.

Let’s do the math.

Subtract $600 for your loan and insurance; you get $900 in profit.

Have 6 cars?

$5400 per month at least.

The number can increase, meaning the more cars you have, the more money you will make.

The amazing thing about this business is that your profits could double once your car loan is paid off, say three to four years,

How Much Does Automatic Cash Cars Cost?

The creator said the training was worth $997 but gave a discount of 90% and sold the course for $97 as a one-time payment.

The cost of the Automatic Cash Car is affordable, and if you want to jump into the renting car business, try it.

Denis stated that car renting can give you a better return than other businesses like stock, crypto and houses.

But also remember, there is always a risk in any business, and the same goes for car renting.

Automatic Cash Cars Review: Pros And Cons


  • It is a profitable way to make money from unused cars to make money
  • Automatic Cash Car offers step-by-step training to start a car rental business
  • It has good support with email, phone, etc
  • It provides a discount when you take action today


You need to maintain and manage your vehicles

Who Is Automatic Cash Cars For?

The Automatic Cash Cars program is for anyone who wants to make money online by listing their vehicles on Turo for rent.

If you have a car sitting in the garage without doing anything, you can turn it into a money-making system. It takes only a few minutes to list them on the Turo, a peer-to-peer car listing marketplace.

Is Renting Cars Worth It?

Many car owners are making money renting thier car out for individuals or companies who need them. It is a great business.

But if you want to build a new business that can generate 100k per month, you may need to look beyond renting cars.


You can try a car rental business if you want a new business model. And that is what Denis teaches in her course, the Automatic Cash Cars program.

She reveals the secrets most big car renters, such as Enterprise, Hertz refuse to share with anyone.

The automatic Cash Cars course offers 6 modules where you will learn everything about making money and renting cars in your spare time.

This is a great side hustle to make money while still working on other businesses.


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