Email Swipe -How To Write An Effective Email Newsletter

Email Swipe- How To Write An Effective Email Newsletter

Email Swipe

In this post, I am going to show you step by step how to create an excellent email swipe for your website’s email newsletter series.

The purpose of these email swipes is to use them to promote affiliate offers while being engaging for your subscribers.

Most top internet marketing are making huge amount of money through Email marketing, and I’m sure you heard the word ‘’money is in the list’’

This is what Mark Ling –A millionaire affiliate use to double his money. It is a vital skill to learn, but you need to do it in a right way.

Why most of top marketers succeed with email marketing? Because they provide value to their readers while promoting high-quality products.

Email Swipe – An effective tool for affiliate marketers

There are two types of email swipe: soft and hard sell swipes. You need to know how to structure your email newsletter to increase open rate.

Today I am going to teach you ins and outs how to write both a soft-sell and hard-sell email swipe- the same steps Mark Ling used in Affilojetpack to make $534 from I niche site.

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A soft sell is a campaign that uses a more creative and friendly sales newsletter to promote business or brand.

Balancing Soft-Sell and Hard-Sell Email Swipes

 Soft-sell emails are useful effective newsletters emailed directly to the reader.

Most people write 250-400 word long, which might not be able to convince reader, soft-sell email need to be able to communicate effectively.

Soft-sell email swipes should be around 750–1,000 words long, filled with useful, valuable, interesting and actionable content.

It may also contain a short recommendation for a related product.

Hard-sell emails are similar to short sales letters emailed directly to the reader, and are usually 350-600 words long.

According to the experts in email marketing, in every 3–4 soft-sell emails, you should create 1–2 hard-sell emails.

This is the perfect balance between providing useful information and making money.

 How to Write a Soft-Sell Email

Start by briefly recommending a relevant product to your readers.

After this, write a 700- to 1,000-word article related to your niche.

Write content that is interesting. If you provide quality content, then users will trust your recommendations.

How to Formatting Email Swipes

Effective newsletters need to be very creative and contains formatting words such as bullet points and headings to split content into readable in presence of the reader.

At the end, briefly recommend the relevant and valuable product.

email swipe

How to Write an Effective newsletters – Hard-Sell Email

Written hard-sell email is not as difficult as many people taught, but it requires some little idea and creative if you want to increase the open rate when sending email newsletter.

How to write an effective e-newsletter the converts like Crazy

7 steps to write an effective email newsletter

Step 1. Start the email with a hook. A great hook empathize on a certain problem the reader is facing.

Step 2. Point to your chosen product as the solution to the problem. But in case you don’t have any product to sell to your readers, you can promote affiliate products from

Step 3: Post a link to the chosen product, and encouraging readers to click.

Step 4: Write 1–2 paragraphs explain step by step how the product will solve the reader’s problems.

For any problem, there must be a solution, so, your e-newsletter should address how to solve the problem, then link to related product that can provide solution.

Step 5. Write 4-6 bullet points highlighting the top features of the product.

Step 6: Write another paragraph explain how the product will solve the reader’s problems.

Step 7. Write a short call to action, then post a link to the product again before signing off.

Call to action is very important to make your readers click link to the product you are promoting. A strongly call to action always trigger readers to show interest in whatever you are introducing to them.

Wrapping Up

When it comes to affiliate marketing, email marketing produce more than 75% result than any other promotion.

Most internet marketers consider email marketing as a strong bone of online business, and that is the reason list building is very important.

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Now it is your turn, what are the step you follow to write your email swipe and how you increase the open rate of your newsletter?

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