How To Write Affiliate Product Reviews Like Pro

how to write affiliate product reviews like pro

how to write affiliate product reviews like pro

Writing product reviews to sell your affiliate product is a good plan, that’s because affiliate marketing is about building trust and using this trust to sell your products.

The more trust you develop with your visitors the more affiliate sales you will be making.

With product reviews, you can gain this valuable trust.

People can sense if you are being honest about your affiliate product and they can sense desperate affiliates who are needlessly overselling.

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There are affiliate marketers who direct their traffic to their product’s sales copy using their affiliate links, but those affiliates don’t voice their own opinion on the product.

Plus, by writing product reviews you get to be creative, especially if you own an affiliate blog.

You can use many blog plugins and tools to increase the amount of time your visitors spend reading your product reviews.

In this article, I will show you the best techniques to write your affiliate product reviews; techniques that can yield high affiliate sales.

How to write Affiliate product reviews like a pro

Using the Art of Persuasion in Your Affiliate Product Reviews

Not all product reviews are the same, as each one tries to play on the certain emotional needs of the potential buyers.

You have to keep in mind that your end goal is to make affiliates sales, and for that to happen you need to know how to convince and persuade people to buy.

There are many ways to persuade someone to buy your affiliate product; it all comes down to knowing your target audience and your niche mentality.

I will show you four persuasion techniques that you can apply to your product review.

Writing Generosity Based Product Reviews

Being a generous person is a good quality to have in you.

And being generous as an affiliate marketer is one of the most effective persuasions and selling strategies out there.

Knowing how to write your product reviews to reflect this generosity is what I will be discussing here.

You can become a generous affiliate by:

  • Giving out bonus for your buyers
  • Offering a discount coupon for your affiliate product

Write an information-rich PDF guide or even a mini-course if you can, then mention in your product review that you will deliver it to anyone who buys using your affiliate link (as a bonus).

Here is an example of affiliate marketers writing generosity based reviews:

how to write affiliate product reviews like pro

Contact the product owner and tell him that you are one of his affiliates, then ask him if he can give you an exclusive coupon code.

Offering such discount coupons on your product review will appeal to buyers who are seeking discount deals.

You can even end up making it affordable for them to buy.

Adding all of this to your product review will make your product more appealing, and buying the product through your affiliate link will become the most obvious choice.

Writing Product Reviews that Eliminate Scam Worries

Sadly there are niches which are known to sell scam products; mostly in the make money online, forex and gambling niches.

This doesn’t mean that they are blacklisted niches; on the contrary, the demand for products in these niches is very high.

But because of a few bad apples, many potential customers spend some time researching the product before buying it.

Which is a good thing because it makes them look for product reviews to read, and hopefully find you and your affiliate link.

Basically, products that require eliminating scam worries are those that make bold claims, which make some people sceptical.

This is an example of a scam eliminating reviews:

how to write affiliate product reviews like pro

Writing Comparison Based Product Reviews

If your affiliate product is competing with more established products, then you need to write comparison reviews.

Think about it, why anyone would buy your affiliate product if there is a market leader product out there.

After all they have probably heard of this market leader product before and they know it has 1000s of buyers; which makes it a safe buying decision.

The only way to beat this leader product is to compare it with your affiliate product in a more favourable manner.

You can compare the prices (assuming your affiliate product wins), or you can compare certain features in favour of your affiliate product.

This is an example of a comparison based product review:

how to write affiliate product reviews like pro

You can even add your affiliate link for all the products you are comparing.

This way you are making a sale no matter which product your visitors like.

Creating Video Product Reviews

Applying video marketing to your affiliate marketing campaign can help you drive more traffic and exposure to your product’s affiliate link.

People love videos; they are easier to process in our brains than text-based product reviews.

Adding your own voice in the video and even showing your affiliate product while it is in action can make your affiliate sales skyrocket.

People with loveable personalities and those with the gift of delivering information in a simple manner can benefit from video product reviews.

Remember, it’s all about trust when it comes to selling in affiliate marketing.

And who do you think people will trust faster, a faceless text product review or a real person talking in a review video?

I bet the review video guy wins.

These are examples of video product reviews:

how to write affiliate product reviews like pro

You can create your video and upload it to YouTube; also add the video to your affiliate blog.

Your affiliate link (which is what is going to make you sales) can be added directly to the video description, or you can add a link to your text review version.

Just remember to remind your viewers to check out the link in the description section, because people sometimes forget to do that.

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Give your full attention when it comes to writing your product reviews; it is the page that stands between you and the sales.

You might need some copywriting skills which allow you to grab the reader’s attention in the most important sections of your reviews.

Nonetheless, there are many training courses out there that help affiliates write converting product reviews.

If you have any questions on how to write affiliate product reviews, let us know from your comment, and we will reply in less than 24 hours.


Ibrahim Dahy is a computer programmer and internet marketer. He has created a course (Affset) to help affiliates start their business from scratch.

Oyundoyin Anthony is a blogger and an affiliate marketer that offers helpful contents to people who are looking for different products for their needs. He enjoys helping people to achieve success in their business.

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