The Kibo Eclipse Review [2021]Kibo Eclipse Training

Hi, thanks for checking my Kibo eclipse review by Aidan Booth and Steven Clayton, a new eCommerce training that teaches you how to build 6 figure dropshipping business using a unique type of eCommerce model.

Kibo code review

Kibo ECLIPSE is a program that teaches people how to build a profitable business using a unique style of eCommerce that has generated MILLIONS of dollars over the past couple of years.

What makes the Kibo Eclipse different to other eCommerce methods is that it is MUCH faster and more accessible for people to learn and implement, even with no previous experience.

This is a rock-solid business model that does NOT involve Amazon, Inventory or overseas suppliers. Plus, it does not require you to be in the US to make this work.

But the amazing thing about the Kibo Eclipse is that the customer success rate for two versions of the Kibo Code training program has been outstanding and excellent.

There are many testimonials from people earning hundreds, even thousands of dollars each day using the same system you want to learn from the Kibo Eclipse course.

This program isn’t going to be a “relaunch”. Its entire new business model focuses on a MASSIVE BREAKTHROUGH they have made over the past few months.

To give you ideas of the training:

  • A BRAND NEW marketplace
  • A complete source of targeted traffic
  • Untapped by the “biz op” crowd
  • 2X the size of Amazon

And currently, BOTH Aidan and Clayton are doing $100K/month using the exact Kibo Eclipse blueprint.

They have spent thousands of dollars enhancing the Kibo software and tools that make the process EVEN EASIER for the students.

The Kibo Eclipse Review: An Overview

  • Founders: Aidan Booth And Steven Clayton
  • Price: $3,997 OR 4 payments of $997
  • Official Website: Click Here
  • Niche: eCommerce

What Is Kibo Eclipse Program?

The Kibo Eclipse program is an 8-Week online training that reveals step-by-step instructions on building a profitable eCommerce business using a unique drop shipping style. The Kibo Eclipse training is MUCH faster and easier to set up with no prior experience.

It is an entirely new system that focuses on speed of set up, unique methods of getting high converting traffic to your store

With Kibo Eclipse model:

No up-front inventory orders
No Amazon
No need to order products from China
No Shopify Account

Who Behind The Kibo Eclipse Training?

the kibo code eclipse

Aidan Booth and Steven Clayton are the two masters who designed and create this amazing training.

They have created many successful courses in the past such as Kibo Code, Kibo code quanton, 100k factory,7 figure and more.

So the Kibo eclipse will definitely be another successful program from the two legends.

How Much Does The Training Cost?

The Kibo Eclipse price is $3,497 for a one-time payment, and you will get a discount of $491.

The 4 payments option cost $997 per month. If you join today, you will pay $997, and the next payment will be in 30 days time.

You will make the third payment 60 days time, while the final payment will be 90 days from now.

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