The Kibo Eclipse Review [2024] Kibo Eclipse Training

Kibo eclipse review

Before we jump into the review, you may want to check the 123 profit training by Aidan and Steven.

You might have heard about the Kibo Eclipse program if you want to start an eCommerce business. And you may be wondering if it is a real business or a scam.

My passion is to help people discover new business opportunities, and over the year, I have reviewed many programs and training courses like the Kibo Eclipse review.

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I have gathered information about the Kibo Eclipse system from reliable sources and put together a complete and detailed review of the program.

The Kibo Eclipse Review: An Overview

  • Founders: Aidan Booth And Steven Clayton
  • Price: $3,997 OR 4 payments of $997
  • Official Website: Click Here
  • Niche: eCommerce
  • Launch Date: 19th of Jan,2022

What Is Kibo Eclipse Program All About?

what is the Kibo eclipse program

Kibo Eclipse is a 12 weeks program that teaches how to start an eCommerce business uniquely. The Kibo eCommerce business model is easiest to understand, most predictable, and much faster for people to implement, even without prior experience.

It does not require Amazon, no inventory, no overseas suppliers.

The online training reveals step-by-step instructions on eCommerce business using a unique drop shipping style.

It is an entirely new system that focuses on speed of set up, unique methods of getting high converting traffic to your store

Who Behind The Kibo Eclipse Training?

the kibo code eclipse

Aidan Booth and Steven Clayton are the two masters who designed and create this amazing training.

About Steven Clayton

Steve has been running online businesses for more than 17 years after leaving his job in 2003.

He built a digital business that made over $50K per month with affiliate marketing.

He then expanded his business to eCommerce and built a 7-figure revenue stream, which is the core of their business today.

About Aidan Booth

In 2006 Aidan started with the idea of building a small income stream that would allow him to be independent.

He knew that he’d never be able to be completely free if tied down to a day job, so he found a way to make money online.

 Aidan booth had built a consistent online income of more than 20k a month and became officially free to live anywhere globally.

He quit his day job and has never looked back since then.

So that is where it all started.

Fast-forward to the present day; their business has grown tremendously.

They have created many successful courses in the past such as Kibo Code, Kibo code quanton, 100k factory and more.

So the Kibo eclipse will definitely be another successful program from the two legends.

How Does The Kibo Eclipse Work?

You register a high-quality generic domain (You will get access to a tool that finds good ones in the training section)

▪ You set up a store with a preloaded high-converting theme (It only takes a minute to set up with the Kibo system)

▪ Find profitable products using Kibo eclipse software (from a selection of about 3 Million items).

With this system, you are not focusing on a niche or market. You focus on the profitability of the products.

▪ You load up your store with these product listing (It does not require any images or text creation)

▪ You then send instant traffic to the product listings using cheap and untapped traffic methods.

▪ When you make sales, you contact the USA-based suppliers, then drop ship the products to the customer directly. (You will never touch ANY inventory or buy anything upfront and the products delivered FAST)

▪ Then you optimize your store, keeping the profitable products, eliminating the ones that are not selling, and then keep on scaling up.

Repeat the process to find more winning products while increasing profits simultaneously.

The Kibo Code CORE model

Kibo eclipse system

Here is a brief overview of how the 3-Step system works.

STEP 1 – Activate Your Profitable Product

First, you identify a core selection of 10 hot and profitable products.

Like I explained before, you don’t search for products based on a niche; you search based on what will MAKE PROFIT.

Now, if you’ve done product research before, you know that there are many ways to research and find products that have the potential to generate high profits.

And I’m sure you also know that finding winners isn’t relatively as easy as it sounds.

But this is something you WON’T need to worry about. they have technology tools to find winning products fast, and VERY effectively.

Once you have identified your initial selection of products to sell (and the suppliers’ who have them in stock), then you load them up on your super-optimized DONE-FOR-YOU store.

The good news is that the Kibo special software means that setting up your web store requires no technical knowledge and only takes minutes.

Your domain name, the logo is all taken care of, AND you will be using the same storefront that Aidan and Steven use to generate thousands of dollars each day.

STEP 2 – Generate FREE Traffic & Sales

The second step is all about reaching an initial milestone of $1000/week in profit by taking advantage of instant, hyper-targeted FREE traffic from the Facebook marketplace.

The Facebook marketplace has hundreds of millions of users, and the aim here is to identify the most profitable products from the selection you found in Step 1.

And when you make a sale? The way it works is beautifully simple.

1. A person sees the product on the Facebook marketplace then orders it directly off your Webstore.

2. You get paid

3. You order the product from your US supplier

4. The supplier ships the product to the customer directly

5. The difference in the amount that customers paid for the product and the amount that the supplier charges you for the product is your PROFIT.

And as you know, the fulfilment process is fast and easy, and you NEVER need to see or handle any of the products you sell.

The end aim of Step 2 is to reach: Milestone 1: $1000/week in PROFIT

STEP 3 – Multiplying Your Marketplaces & Traffic Sources

The third step is reaching milestone #2:$5000/week in profit.

You do this by taking the most profitable products you identified in step 2, then pushing them out to additional marketplaces, including the untapped market that they will reveal to you during the training.

This will allow you to get in front of even more people and make more sales.

You may think that this sounds farfetched – and yes. To reach this level and make any sales at all, you will need to work hard to get the system set up and running.

This WON’T happen on its own (obviously).

However, realize that the potential here is colossal for those who put in the effort.

Just look at some of the numbers we have done recently.

Once you have hit milestones 1 & 2, you rinse and repeat the three core steps.

You do this by finding NEW winning products, quickly launching them into your store and increasing the money you’re making daily.

Then scale it from $1000/week (milestone #1) …to $5000/week (milestone #2) …to $10,000/week (milestone #3) and beyond.

The Kibo Eclipse Training Components

Let look at the eight components of the Kibo Eclipse training to show you what to expect during the training sessions.

Kibo Incubator

The first component of the Kibo eclipse is the Kibo incubator. It contains 8-week training that will show how to build an eCommerce business in a unique way.

Member gets access to the videos, pdf and other materials to make the course easy to learn and digest.

Kibo Jumpstart

The Kibo Jumpstart is a weekly live training session with Steven and Aidan, including their in-house team of experts.

They hold training sessions every week to help you fast track your success and start generating income in no time.

Kibo HQ

This module is jampacked will premium materials and tools built by the creators over the past years. It helps you to scale up your business.

Aidan and Steven have spent over a million dollars to develop the Kibo HQ tools and other materials to ensure that all members can access tools to grow their businesses.

Kibo Oracle

If you are into eCommerce, you will understand how difficult it is to find profitable products to sell in your store.

And that is the reason they designed Kibo oracle advanced software. It is an advanced tool to instantly access millions of products without extra effort.

You can filter the list of products to find the winning and profitable one that has market demand.

Searching for HOT and high-demand products is one of the factors to be successful in the eCommerce business, so you don’t need to worry about finding products with high profit margins to sell.

Kibo Converters

Your store can’t make money without visitors or traffic. The Kibo converters is a new tool to help you convert all your visitors into buyers.

All Kibo eclipse members will get free access to the software to increase conversions.

Kibo Socializer

Since the primary goal of the Kibo Eclipse program is to teach people how to get sales using free traffic. You will access the Kibo socializer to boost sales by taking advantage of social traffic.

The socializer tool is designed to help you drive targeted traffic to your store and start getting sales without investing in paid ads.

They have tasted the Kibo socializer tool, and the results are excellent.You can check The Traffic Syndicate program.

Kibo Accelerators

No doubt, every business want to grow and increase their profits. This module of Kibo eclipse focuses on other ways to get additional traffic and marketing strategies to 10x your eCommerce sales in 2022.

Kibo Mentor

As a member, you get support from a dedicated team and other Kibo members to ask and answer questions.

It is a way to meet other people with the same goals,  share your experience and gain more knowledge to help you in your business.

How Much Does The Training Cost?

Now let take a look at the pricing of the training program. If you’re interested in the Kibo Eclipse program, you may want to know how much it will cost to join the course.

The Kibo Eclipse price is $3,497 for a one-time payment, and you will get a discount of $491.

The 4 payments option cost $997 per month. If you join today, you will pay $997, and the next payment will be in 30 days time.

You will make the third payment 60 days time, while the final payment will be 90 days from now.

The Pros and Cons of the Kibo Training

Getting to the end of the Kibo Code review, let look at some of the pros and cons.


  • No massive competition
  • Easily scale-up
  • Very easy to implement
  • It doubles the size of Amazon
  • You can set it up and running within 24 hours
  • LOW startup costs
  • HIGH predictability
  • Rapid Results


  • Very expensive
  • Require hard-working
  • Not get rich quick

Who Will Kibo Eclipse Benefits?

Already have an online business or working on growing one.

a) A form of diversification

b) A ‘cash funnel’ so you can grow faster.

This Kibo Eclipse model has incredibly high-profit margins and provides a simple path to quick cash generation without the need to struggle like other business models.

If you’re starting a new business.

If you’re looking to start a new business, the best way to kickstart your success is by using a tested formula that GETS RESULTS.

You will get an actual roadmap to ensure you avoid pitfalls that you might otherwise encounter if you were to do it alone.

What makes the Kibo eclipse program unique?

There are NO traffic issues.

2. You can get RAPID and ongoing results.

3. There are no supplier issues.

4. The financial risk factor is shallow.

5. You can do this without giving anything up.

The reason I recommend Kibo Eclipse Course

  • The creators have a good reputation when it comes to eCommerce training
  • It model is easy to learn and implement
  • High-profit margin compare to other online business
  • No inventory Risk
  • Not required to order from overseas
  • More success stories of past students
  • Traffic strategies are covered, no traffic issue
  • You can build your brand without the risk of ban

Kibo Eclipse Review: Final Verdict

The Kibo Eclipse training is a solid system to build a profitable business using a unique style of eCommerce that has generated MILLIONS of dollars over the past couple of years.

What makes the Kibo Eclipse different to other eCommerce methods is that it is MUCH faster and more accessible for people to learn and implement, even if you’re a beginner.

The Kibo model does NOT involve Amazon, Inventory or overseas suppliers. Plus, it does not require you to be in the US to make this work.

But the amazing thing about the Kibo Eclipse is that the customer success rate for two versions of the Kibo Code training program has been outstanding and excellent.

There are many testimonials from people earning hundreds, even thousands of dollars each day using the same system you want to learn from the Kibo Eclipse course.

And currently, BOTH Aidan and Clayton are doing $100K/month using the exact Kibo Eclipse blueprint.

My Kibo Eclipse Bonus

This review will not be complete without offering you an amazing Kibo Eclipse bonus to accelerate your success.

Instead of giving you bonuses with ZERO benefits such as EVENT, PLR that won’t help your business. I have put together some of the best bonuses to accelerate your success with this course.

Bonus 1: Personal Strategy With Me ($2,000 Value)

kibo eclipse bonus

I’m a certified customers acquisition specialist, and I can help you in your business. You will get support from me whenever you get stuck VIA messenger or email. So, we can solve any challenges you’re facing in your business.

Bonus 2: The Secrets Trilogy Box Set ($997 Value)


Looking for the best books in marketing and traffic? These are great books by Russell Brunson, the man behind the Clickfunnels software.

As a bonus, I will pay for these books and they will be shipped to your doorstep. Don’t miss this opportunity to get access to all these materials. Get all the secrets trilogy box set today as a bonus.

Bonus 3; List of USA Dropshipping Companies ($49 Value)

We have compiled the list of best US dropshipping companies where you can find the HOT products to dropship without waiting a month. Your customers will get purchase their products from you on time. No more china issues again.

Bonus 4 -Product Image /Logo-Done for You ($250 Value)

I want to help you succeed in your business, so I partnered with a professional designer to design your logo for you FREE. A good design logo that will attract buyers and prove the quality of your brand and store

More bonuses you will get:

  • 5 million niche products
  • 400+ Shopify Niches
  • Ultimate Secrets eCom Niche List

 Instruction About The Kibo Eclipse Bonuses

The bonuses are ONLY available for people to join the Aidan Booth Kibo Eclipse program through my link. join the Training here

Please send your receipt to this email so we can confirm your purchase.

Frequent Ask Question

Is there any other cost During The Training?

Yes, apart from the investment of $3,497, you will need a tiny budget for the following:


You will need to register a generic domain for your store. It only costs you $10 to $12 to register a domain.

Web hosting

You need to host your store using any reliable hosting, and the price may be different depending on the hosting you choose.

You may find good share hosting between $12 to $20 per month.


The Kibo system allows paid and free traffic to drive targeted traffic to your store.

They shared complete free traffic methods to drive sales, but if you need sales fats and want to scale your business, you can use video marketing and also learn how to increase YouTube video views to get more results.

Do I need t contact the customers?

No, you don’t need to contact people who purchase your product. All products will be shipped by US dropshipping company you work with.

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