Amazing Selling Machine Review (ASM11) (Bonus $6,180 Value)

Amazing Selling Machine Review

Amazing Selling Machine (ASMX) Review

Looking for an honest review of the Amazing Selling Machine course?

We will share all that you need to know in this In-depth  Amazing Selling Machine review.

Amazing Selling Machine 11 is a comprehensive and one of the most popular Amazon FBA course as at the moment.

In this review, you will discover how the Amazing Selling Machine course can help you to build a profitable and successful business by leveraging the power of Amazon.

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If you’re still struggling to build a profitable business, there is a way you can start selling on Amazon, and you’ll find all the answers right in Amazing Selling Machine.

 Amazing Selling Machine: Overview

What To Expect From This Course

The Amazing selling machine is training created by Matt and Jason and presented by Mike McClary and Rich Henderson.

They teach and show you what you need to know in a simple way to understand, no BS. The training revealed the easiest way to nearly automate this entire Amazon business so you can simply run it with Just a Laptop from anywhere in the World.

Amazing selling machine 11 is an updated version ASMX. The course teaches the fastest way to build a business from scratch by leveraging existing resources. It helps you to create your own brand that you control.

What is the Amazing Selling Machine?

The Amazing Selling Machine is a course created by Matt Clark and Jason Katzenback. They training people how to build a real and solid online business selling physical products by leveraging the power of Amazon FBA.

The training has been regularly updated over the years. I heard about the ASM 6 way back in 2016, while the ASMX, the last version was launched on October 3 2018. The Latest version, ASM 11 is set to open on October 16 2019.

An existing member of ASM has generated over 8.5 billion in revenue in their various Amazon FBA businesses according to the last survey.

Both Matt and Jason and the amazing selling machine team have a great experience when it comes to selling products on Amazon, so I don’t question their authority in this business.

Inside The Amazing Selling Machine

Here is what new about ASM 11 training

  • Newly and refreshed 8 module web class with over 120 videos
  • Online Weekly coaching call: The live call is hosted by top Amazon sellers to answer all your questions.
  • ASM Success Promise: If you follow the course and meet criteria laid out, and if you’re not happy with the training, they will reimburse you for ASM & unsold inventory up to $7500
  •  Product and Keyword Research Tool: All members will get 90-day free access to the keyword research tool available to help you grow your business.

ASM11 Modules:

Module 1:Building Your Product Opportunity

In module 1, you will learn how to pick the right product to sell (and get the list of 100 hand-picked product opportunities)

Also, you will get access to step by step guide to set up your business with Amazon Seller Central account. The video also revealed how to analyze and choose the product that will sell like crazy on Amazon.

The types of products to completely AVOID, the system to select a Perfect Product that sells. Not only that, you will get access to the ASM product selection criteria template to avoid the pitfall.

The video show you the simple steps to create your HOT product opportunity list and how to narrow it down to the absolute BEST.

Module 2: Selecting Product and Find Great Suppliers

Module 2 has a lot of amazing tips. In this module, you will learn how to find products with low competition and high volume to sell. How to labelling and designing your package- this is the most crucial aspect of this business.

  • The simple trick to discover how much you can make from every sale on Amazon,
  • The surefire way to make easier sales, the 3-Step Sourcing System, finding and contacting suppliers,
  • How to get samples for your top product opportunity.
  • How to pick the BEST supplier with the HIGHEST profit margins,
  • The brand name creation process and the Amazon listing setup process,
  • the easy way to building list automatically with Package Inserts.
  • How to determine either to shipping by sea and air and the process of placing your first inventory order.

Module 3:  Setting Up Your First Inventory Order

In module 3, they revealed the secrets to keyword research, SEO and how to rank your product on Amazon. Here is what you will learn in this module:

  • How to list your items with the right keyword research.
  • The simple  SEO tricks to rank on major search engines.
  • The trick to getting long-tail keywords for your products, this can help you outrank your competitors.

Module 4: Establish Your Brand on Amazon.

This module deals with how to build your brand to make your business outstanding in front of your competitors.

  • The right way to establish your product and brand on Amazon.
  • How to find the exact steps to prepare for massive launch success,
  • The simple method to create your global brand images with a brand site,
  • Setting up your list-building funnel, and more.

Module 5: The Perfect Product Page

This is one of the most important modules as it teaches you the step by step to promoting and driving buyer traffic to your Amazon product listing.

They will show you how to create an irresistible Amazon product page with their Product Page system including keyword research. The amazing step to crafting bullet points that SELL, the simple but powerful strategies to closing the sale with a compelling product description.

Not only that, you will learn how to bring your product to life with quality product images, how to strategically PRICE your product to increase sales and profit, AND how to get reviews of your products on Amazon with email autoresponder series AUTOMATICALLY.

Module 6: The Perfect Product Launch

This module is amazing. As your product goes live, you want to get traffic as much as possible to your Amazon listing.

Module 6 teaches how to create brand awareness and how you can develop it with sales tactics which only available to Amazon Sellers. Learn the secrets to skyrocket your product up in the Amazon rankings.

Also, in this module. ASM revealed the easy way to use Amazon coupons to double your sales. You will also learn ins and outs of Amazon advertising system to double your profits without losing your money.

Module 7: Advanced Marketing And Traffic Tool

Traffic is the soul of online business. In module 7, you will learn different ways to drive targeted traffic to your product using both free and paid.

After your brand is established and your sales are steady, this module shows you how to accelerate your sales to double your income, how to manage your inventory to maximize profits.

The training will show you how to get people to review your product and get more positive feedback compared to your competition. Review play important roles when selling on Amazon, and it will make people trust your brand.

Module 8: Taking Your Business To The Next Level

This module is all about scaling your business. You will learn how to leverage the brand you’ve built and your customers to double, triple your online business multiple times yearly by adding additional products to your brand strategically.

This will help you EASILY multiply the success of your business.

ASM Supplementary Lesson

The Mentor Program

This is the second component of the program.

According to Mark Clark, their only goal with the training is to make sure you build a successful business. To make sure this happens, they’ve brought in some successful Amazing selling machine members to help you start and grow your new Amazon business.

Averagely, the Mentors have sold more than $1 MILLION on Amazon EACH in their own businesses.

These amazing people not only have built very successful businesses themselves but also absolutely READY to help people like you. They are very happy in giving back to the community that’s helped them.

With this program, anytime you have a question or need help when building your business with ASM, the Mentors are ready to help. They’re 100% active in the community every day and are waiting to help you continue growing your business.

The Private Community

How’d you feel, if you get instant access to a private community of HIGHLY SUCCESSFUL, MILLIONAIRE Amazon sellers?

The Private Community filled with people who have BUILT Amazon business from scratch and produce millions of dollars in sales. They are all EAGER to assist YOU to follow in their path, so you can achieve a good result they have.

But, there is NO WAY to access this PRIVATE and ELITE community without the Amazing Selling Machine.

You can access this ONLINE community from any computer, any browser and on any device 24/7. Also, there are

live group coaching calls that give you the opportunity to ask any questions, get incredible support and learn additional strategies.

The Private Resource Vault

This is a resource they use to build their Amazon businesses – and you will get exclusive access to it as an ASM member.

Here is an example of what you get from this vault. Copy-and-paste supplier contact templates, product & sample templates, and other proven templates you can simply copy to grow your own Amazon business.

They’ve included everything you need to build a successful business with this model. All you need to do is get some inventory – which is as little as $500 to $1,000 to get started and they’ve taken care of the rest FOR YOU.

The Automation Tool Suite

Tool 1: The Brand Launchpad

Getting traffic is one of the most problems for many new entrepreneurs.

ASM team has decided to help their student out, not only a step-by-step training that shows you how to get targeted traffic, but also a unique traffic SOFTWARE to generate more sales.

For the past year, they have been a powerful tool and test their internal traffic system. For the first time, they are making it available to all members.

The tool was designed and built by Amazon sellers and have been tested and used, finally ready for YOU once you join the training.

Tool 2: The Powerful Amazon Analytical Tool

A secret tool used by many of 6, 7, and 8-figure Amazon sellers. As a member, you’ll get complete access for 12-month that includes many powerful features.

Tool 3: The ASM Business Dashboard

ASM team want you to succeed by getting access to all to have the information you need to run your profitable business right at your fingertips. They built another powerful new tool right inside the dashboard named the ASM Business Dashboard.

It will give you real-time, critical, data telling you exactly how well your Amazon business is performing at that very minute.

Tool 4: The Ultimate Product and Keywords Research Tool Set

This tool will allow you to rapidly identify which products out of more than 500 million on Amazon match our exclusive ASM criteria. It will also help you to validate how much your competition is selling every day to verify which products are the best opportunities.

The keyword tool also helps you determine the steps to make your product better than your competition by showing you exactly what other customers like and don’t like about them and more.

This tool alone worth thousands of dollars.

Overall, an amazing selling machine is absolutely incredible training that gives you everything you need to be successful in your business.

It is very rare to find this type of training anywhere, every process is done with example and template you can copy and follow.

Is Amazing Selling Machine For You?

Yes, of course, the course is not for just everybody who interested in selling on Amazon. It is for people who have determined and ready to face all the challenges to build a successful business, not for those who are looking for copy and paste online business and be expecting to make $10k per month while they are sleeping.

  • ASM is for Someone looking to build a profitable business selling on Amazon
  • Who have little experience on Amazon FBA and want to learn from experts who have generated millions of dollars selling on Amazon.
  • Beginners who are ready to learn with little capital to invest
  • People who are looking for advanced training to get more results
  • Successful Internet marketers who want to start e-commerce business increase their source income
  • Only people who are ready to invest $4997 and more.

Amazing Selling Machine Review – What I like

Here are amazing things I really like about this course. Though I strongly agree that it is very expensive but there is some update you need to know before making your decision.

The course is divided into small sections that are very easy to absorb. This is different from other training where they will bombard you with outdated materials and bores you to death.

By the end of week 2, you will already have your first product ready and on its way to your house. And at the end of week 6, you will be getting ready to launch your first product.

The training is taught in audio, text, and videos. You can get access to the training course in a different format.

You will get access to other students like you who have sold a million dollars to help you and show you their skills.

You can download each module in PDF, so you can read them on your laptop, iPhone etc.

  • Created by successful and top Amazon sellers
  • Complete Step by Step Video training
  • The training is design towards helping you get results
  • Access to ASM members’ active community
  • Eight live sessions to get all your questions answered plus recordings for those who cannot make it live.
  • Get Amazon seller Approval guidance
  • Access to tools at a discount rate
  • There are already successful students who get results
  • Only a few Amazing Selling Machine X complaints
  • Ability to sell on Amazon platform from anywhere

What I Didn’t Like

The course is a bit expensive.

Yes, it is expensive but, if you can get your hand on in-depth training that allows you to build a sustainable eCommerce business, Price should not be what to discourage you.

Although not every person will be able to afford it, if you are among those people, then you can look for another alternative.

The other side of the eCommerce is that it may not be for EVERYBODY, Some may be successful while some may not. If you really want to be successful in life, then get ready to take a risk.

Another thing to consider before sign up is that ASM training is that it is very intensive and it may not be for lazy people. But if you think you can face the challenges, then you are good to go.

What is Amazing Selling Machine’s Price?

The price of Amazing Selling Machine 11 as of September 2019 is $4,997. There is also 6-month payment plans that cost $997/month for six months.

Although the price is high, ASM 11 has six months buyback and 100% 30-day money-back guarantee. So, if you are not satisfied with the training within 30 days, you can ask for a refund.

My Final Taught About Amazing Selling Machine

As e-commerce business is growing exponentially, and Amazon is looking for ways to increase their revenue every year and ahead of another e-commerce rival like Walmart, eBay etc. They need more sellers to increase their revenue and be in control.

This is where Amazing Selling Machine comes in. It teaches how to start your own Amazon FBA business from beginner to advanced, and make sure you have success.

Click here to start your Amazon FBA today

Now, it is time to invest your time and money in the Amazon business to build a profitable and thriving e-commerce business.

With their 8-week training, top support, amazing bonuses, buyback guarantee, money-back guarantee, and their live session training to help you get results, you have 99% chances to succeed with Amazon business.

Amazing Selling Machine Bonus

If my ASM cut your attention and want to join the training, make sure you claim your $6,180 bonus. Click here to check my bonus page.

Is There Any Alternative ASM Course in 2019?

There are many alternatives to Amazing Selling Machine that can help you get started without breaking the bank when it comes to eCommerce and drops shipping, You also check other Amazon FBA courses to learn more about selling on Amazon.

There are also many tools and training that can help you to start Amazon FBA business such as, Q&A by Scott. 

Another great alternative is the Kibo Code, you can check the Kibo Code Review to learn more.

Disclaimer: The links on this page Amazing Selling Machine Review contain affiliate links, therefore I will be compensated for anything you purchase through any of the links. 

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