How To Find Best Product To Sell On Amazon In 2024

how to find product to sell on Amazon Are you looking for the best product to sell on Amazon?

I’m going to share with you how to find your next Amazon products easier than what you could imagine.

Finding the winning product has never been easier, and if you want to build 100k per month selling on Amazon, you need to research and find the hottest product you can sell with high profits margin.

This is where many Amazon FBA seller got it wrong.Many just decide to choose a product they like without considering the cost,market demand and profit margin.

And that is the reason I put this article together, to guide you to find and choose the products that can sell well on Amazon and make more profits.

To have an idea of what to sell on Amazon, here are the best categories on Amazon.

  • Apparel and Accessories
  • Skincare
  • Haircare
  • Nutrition
  • Supplements
  • Kids and Toys
  • Health
  • Homes and Garden
  • Home decoration
  • Pets Suppliers
  • Sports and outdoors
  • Patio, Lawn, and Garden

After you have identified the best categories, you can easily find a profitable product you can sell on Amazon to make good profits.

The 9 Steps To Find A Product To Sell On Amazon

  • Find what is selling on
  • Select the category you want to search
  • Pulling up the top products in the category
  • Find products that meet the “Profitable product” criteria
  • Verify that the products Are Profitable
  •  Deep Down Further And Analyze your Competition
  • Check If There’s Private Label Potential For The Product
  • Looking For Amazon Listing With A few Customers Reviews
  • High Margins Is Most Important

If you are selling on Amazon or you are about to start, it is very important to know how to find quality products to sell and make more profit without any pitfall.

One of the major difficulty most people face is to get the right product and make money while selling on Amazon. It can also be a challenge because there are thousands of products in different niches, markets that you can sell.

If you fail to find profitable products then it’s going to end up being a waste of time, money and efforts. Also if you choose a market that is too competitive, then it may end up being impossible to be able to make any income.

One of the most important process to consider when selling on Amazon is the ability to pick the right product and this will determine your success or failure. You need to take more time to carefully research Amazon to find a GOOD product.

What makes good products?

Good products are: Light and small enough to be easily picked up – Only find a product that is not heavy or big due to the costs to ship both in and out, not even mention the returns and storage.

Specific niche products – You want to find one specific product to start with, don’t just pick a product because it selling well on Amazon and another e-commerce store.

Product prize between $20-100. There a lot of money to be made in products over this range, but may require a lot of capital to get started. Most items under $20 are even tougher.

Products with a consistent stream of buyers – You want a product that is going to sell regularly all year long and in the future. Don’t get into super seasonal stuff such as Christmas Ornaments, Halloween Costumes etc.

Products that can be sell for twice as much as buy price. Your goal is to make money selling on Amazon, so you need to find a product that can give you more profit.

Types of Product to Avoid: There are types of product you may want to avoid. Fragile products. If you are thinking of any product to sell, forget about any product that is fragile, otherwise, it may be a complete waste of time.

Trademarked product: Don’t buy anything that has a trademark on it to avoid being sued.

Criteria To Find Products To Sell On Amazon

  • Priced between $20 and $100
  • Best Seller Ranking (BSR) between 500 and 5000
  • 500 reviews or less
  • Has private label potential
  • The weight of 3 pounds or less

This is very crucial before you think of finding what to sell on Amazon. What is the price range of the product you want to sell? Most products that are selling well on Amazon are range from $25 to $200 but I will advise you to start between $20 and $100 if you are a beginner.

Make sure the product has at least 50 reviews and above or 500 reviews or less. Does the product you want to sell have private label potential? Your product must have private label potential.

To find profitable products to sell on Amazon, you will need to head to the and see what is already selling  (what people are buying). This may depend on your market and niche.

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How To Find Best Product To Sell On Amazon

Step 1: Find what is selling

One of the easiest ways to find hot and profitable products on Amazon is to locate the best seller in your market or niche on Amazon. For example, I choose beauty and personal care, you can locate the categories at the left-hand side of the Amazon. how to find a product to sell on Amazon

Step 2: Select the category you want to search

For the purpose of this article, I selected Beauty and personal care. At the top, click on the best sellers in beauty and personal care. Beauty and personal care—— bestsellers Through Amazon Best Sellers List, you will able to get ideas of the top 100 products that are presently selling on Amazon, to give an idea of what products to sell.

Step3: Pulling up the top products in the category

From the above research, you can click on each of the lists of bestsellers on Beauty. Since Amazon listed 100 bestsellers’ products in each category, so you don’t need to stress yourself, just check all the listed products.

Step 4: Find products that meet the “Profitable product” criteria

Out of those 100 best sellers products, find those that meet the criteria I listed above. One of the major criteria is that the products must have private label potential.

By following the criteria’s, you can find the list of potential products that you can sell on Amazon and make more money.

The easiest way for Amazon seller like you to make money on Amazon is through private labelling a product. Since you already have a list of hot products, just make sure they can be private labelling.

What is a private label on Amazon?

Private Labelling is a process of buying existing products direct from the manufacturer and then placing your own branding and logo on the package and sell them on Amazon.

Here is the trick, you find a product that is already selling on Amazon and then finding a supplier from a website like Salehoo and just slap your own label or packages on the product.

It is very easy to model a product that is already selling and profitable, and then just make little change to make it slightly better from other products in the same market, do your marketing very well, then you are ready to make a lot of money selling on Amazon.

Step 5: Verify that the products Are Profitable

Now you have a list of products that are selling on Amazon in your preferred categories. You need to make sure that the product is profitable before you list it on Amazon.

There are more tools that are available to do the work for you, but my recommended tool is Jungle Scout.

The tool can help check Amazon Best Seller Ranking, the products sales data to know how many sales the competitors are getting every day, and also helps you analyze the competition.

The amazing thing about the Jungle Scout is that it analyzes the Amazon bestseller ranking. If products have an 8,000 Amazon Best Seller Ranking, means that they’re selling a lot of units’ every day.

Even 250,000 still better and good, selling a few units every day. But remember, the criteria is to find the product is range from 500 to 5,000 Amazon bestseller ranking.

From the example of the niche about ‘’Beauty and personal care,’’ you want to make sure there are MANY products that are selling on Amazon in that market, this will show that the market is big enough for you to sell.

Step 6: Deep Down Further And Analyze your Competition

To make work easier it is important to analyze the competition and make sure you’re assured that you can strongly compete with the other products that are selling in your niche. how to find a product to sell on Amazon The easiest way to analyze the competition is to look at their reviews and the quality of the product they sell on Amazon.

You need to avoid competitors with thousands of reviews because it is going to be very difficult for you to compete with and it may even take years to get such a number of reviews for some products.

So take time to look at the top products on Amazon and take note of how many reviews they have. There are chances you might find some products with less than 500 reviews, while some might have a couple hundred and are selling very well.

In case you want to make the work easier, you can use the tool I mentioned before Jungle Scout, as it helps you to find the best product to sell on Amazon.

Now that you have known how to find a product to sell on Amazon and figure out what product to sell, it is time to find out if the products are private labelling potential.

Step 7: Check If There’s Private Label Potential For The Product

This is a very crucial step I strongly recommend to take a look at a website like Alibaba to check if there are manufacturers and suppliers already making that product.

You need to find out and make sure that there’s private label potential for any product you want to sell on Amazon, and how much the product will cost.

Head to Alibaba and search for the product using a keyword that related to the product, you will find a list of potential suppliers and manufacturers that making or producing the product.

On Alibaba, you can check the cost of the products to make and see what other types of products are out there that you could potentially sell on Amazon. how to find a product to sell on Amazon Another website that I think you can check is Aliexpress, most people also find reliable suppliers and manufacturers at a very low price.

Almost all the products on these websites are a good product to sell on Amazon and can help you put together everything you need for making the right decision.

But make sure you verify the suppliers and manufactures through their contact to avoid any mistakes and issues. Finding a potential product to sell on Amazon is your ultimate goal.

Reach out to the manufacturers and suppliers and ask them some questions before you take any step.

They are there to help you and through them, you might even find certain products that will also be more profitable and easier to create. Other places to find the product you can sell.

Step 8. Look For Amazon Listing With A few Customers Reviews

best product to sell on Amazon One way to be successful in selling on Amazon is to have your product or items listed on the first page of search results- Appearing first when people search for your product.

You can search for the product with less than 45 to 80 customers review. When searching for a product, and you find the top Amazon listings product with only a few customers review, that is great. Amazon ranks most products based on the reviews.

The less review competing products have, the more comfortable you can rank when you start generating sales. Also, make sure to check how the competition is generating Amazon customer’s reviews.

This plays a significant role in your success on Amazon when listing your product. Tips: Product reviews can also help you identify and verify good products opportunity. Read what others are saying about the competition’s product, then use it to improve your product.

Step 9: High Margins Is Important

Once you have found a product that passes all the requirements mention above, you can now find the right supplier who will provide you product that you will private label to sell on Amazon at a low cost.

Most people prefer China to find low-cost products to sell on Amazon. The best place to go is Alibaba for the product you want to sell for a high-profit margin.

On Alibaba, open a product page of the item you’re interested in purchasing and compare the price with the one selling on Amazon. You want to find a product that at least 70% less than the retail price listed on Amazon. Find product to sell on Amazon If the average retail price on Amazon is $12, you want to pay no more than $2.50 for that Item. Margin is significant when it comes to succeeding with Amazon FBA.

It determines if you will make profits or not. You need a high-profit margin to cover all the hidden fees that come when selling on Amazon that you probably not account for when you are searching for what to sell. So, when evaluating what product you should sell, don’t forget about the profit margin.

If you’re buying a product size for $12, retail it for $19.9 on Amazon won’t work. The retail price needs to be like $35 to $40 to leave yourself a profit margin after all the fees and hidden costs.

In summary

Finding the best product that has low competition may require more time and efforts. It determines your success when selling on Amazon.

Also, make sure you do more research to know the profits margin of the product before you order your product to protect unforeseen issues. Amazon FBA is a lucrative business and I know many people who are making 6 figure per month by just selling wired items on Amazon.

If you are just started I strongly advise you to undergo training where you can learn step by step guide, and how to avoid some common mistakes that can hinder your success.

Amazing selling machine is one of the best training where you can learn everything you need to know to start Amazon FBA business.

Find product to sell from USA suppliers

Many eCommerce business owners are now preer to outsource thier products from USA manufactures instead of waiting for many days for thier product to arrive from China.

Salehoo is a great place to get access to thousads of USA manufactures in different categories,

Another great option is to use Google trends tool to see what is trending or what people are buying most.

In case you have a question on how to find a product to sell on Amazon, kindly let me know from your comment.

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