13 Top & Famous Mastermind Groups For Entrepreneurs In 2024

famous mastermind groups

Currently, mastermind groups offer a chance to learn from people who are more than willing to help put theory into practice. It is a way to meet different types of people with the same goal and are business-minded.

The number of mastermind groups that are available to join is limited, and some require inviting you before they can allow you.

So if you’re thinking of creating a mastermind group without understanding the overall mechanics of marketing and the right tools to implement advanced sales strategies and tactics, you may experience loss and suffer slow growth.

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What are masterminds?

It’s important to understand what a mastermind group is all about. Masterminds are peer-to-peer gatherings of the leaders and industry titans.

In the business world, some of the best mastermind groups are led by those who’ve achieved good results and wild levels of success.

These are the type of people like Dean Graziosi, a multiple New York Times bestselling author, and Russell Brunson, the founder of multi-million dollar software. This individual has done up to $1 billion in sales with his brands and companies. Not people who are blessed with a silver spoon in their mouth.

Aside from Graziosi and Russell, mastermind leaders like Frank Kern, Joe Polish, and Roland Frasier are well-known.

Kern is one of our generation’s most influential online marketers and one of the most successful business coaches in the world, even though he overcame his severe struggle with frustration and fear.

The goal of masterminds is to help other members learn from the collective experience of the group. The influential leaders help guide those involved and fellow members who’ve also struggled to overcome all the challenges.

A mastermind group is a rare opportunity for networking and getting one-on-one help at the highest level with a set of people who can deliver the fastest and most proven systems that work.

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How To Find The Right Mastermind Group?

Mastermind groups seem to have grown up all over the internet to this day. But, not all groups are created equally. While some newcomers to the entrepreneurial world are thinking of building their masterminds, only a few are very active.

So, how do you go about finding the best and most famous mastermind group that fits your needs?

It depends on where you are in business and life. Well-known entrepreneurs in the industry run some of the best mastermind groups. But, you may face a financial challenge in joining a group like that.

You only need to find goal-oriented people who are playing the game at a higher level and don’t just join a group where you’re the only smartest person. Instead, join a mastermind where everyone is sharing their best experience.

I have come to realise that people are seeking out masterminds because they’re looking for a revolutionary change. They want to accomplish massive goals and take their business to the next level. Graziosi, one of the famous entrepreneurs, breaks it down into four parts.

He explains each of the four components to help you achieve ground-breaking results in any area of your business or life.

Before thinking of joining any great mastermind group, here are a few questions to ask yourself.

Where are you?

Where are you right now? Be honest if you’re ready or willing for the change you desire. It may be difficult to get to where you’re looking to achieve your goal and make your dream a reality if you can’t be honest with where you are now.

Because that can create momentum, you need a starting point.

Where do you want to be?

Where do you want to be? Where do you want your business to be? The problem with people who created the famous mastermind group finds is that many people lack a clear vision of where they want to go.

Once you have an answer to these questions, it’ll help you to create your vision and the direction you need to go to make your dream a reality.

Why do you want it?

Why” can be more potent than you envisage when it comes from your heart which can be the driving force behind any disappointments. Understand why you want something and be sure that it’s not just something shallow.

When you have a clear vision of why you want to do something, it will propel you to take action at the right time.

How will you get there?

The real question now is how you will get there.

But this is straightforward if you know where you are now and where you want to go. The only thing left is gaining the ability to take you there. To avoid any difficulties, make sure you outline that.

Make a detailed and clear plan if you want to achieve success. A good mastermind is well-designed to deliver you the “how” and create a plan for your startup, growth and profits.

What are the best mastermind groups in the world?

There are many mastermind groups over there, but we are looking at those that can positively impact your life and business when you join.

Some might seem expensive, but the amount of money to be part of these transformative groups may not be as important as the results you will receive.

 11 Famous Mastermind Groups To Grow Your Business

1. Russel Brunson’s Inner Circle

russell brunson expert secrets book

Russel Brunson, the Clickfunnels founder, is one of the most brilliant online marketers and entrepreneurs who’ve built a nearly billion-dollar sales funnel software. He runs a very popular mastermind called Two Comma Club

People who join Russel Brunson’s Two Comma Circle will learn from one of the best sales funnel masters to grow their businesses using his strategy that has helped thousands of people transform their businesses into millions of dollars every year.

If you want to learn anything from starting a business and growing it into millions of dollars, then you may want to check this group.

Russell is well-known when it comes to funnels, and he has helped countless people like you to generate millions of dollars from their businesses.

If you want to grow your business using a sales funnel and become a funnel hacker, then you can check is funnel hacking training.

3. Jeff Walker’s Platinum Mastermind

Jeff walker mastermind group

Jeff Walker is famous for his renowned product launch formula, which teaches the secrets, methods and practices for launching a digital product.

Thousands of entrepreneurs have used Jeff Walker’s system to generate more than $500 million in revenues. Walker’s Platinum Mastermind is a group of individuals who want to succeed in marketing and personal development.

If you are a course creator or want to launch digital products, then this is a great opportunity to join the Jelf Walker mastermind group tagged Launch Lab

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3. Dean Graziosi and Matt Larson Organized Brilliance

His group is one of the leading mastermind groups, particularly for those ready to become scalable and profitable leaders in the real estate business.

Graziosi’s level of knowledge, skill and desire to add massive amounts of value is merely the best in the industry.

4 Frank Kern’s Inner Circle

Frank Kern is another influential and successful online marketer. He coaches entrepreneurs around the world to create explosive growth.

He is among the most knowledgeable business coaches on the planet, and his Inner Circle is one of the best mastermind groups in the world without any form of advertisement.

5. Roland Frasier, Ryan Deiss and Perry Belcher’s War Room Mastermind

Another mastermind group out there is Roland Frasier, Ryan Deiss and Perry Belcher’s War Room Mastermind.

To join their group, you will need to sign up at their Traffic & Conversion summits — one of the biggest marketing conferences in the world.

6. Brendon Burchard’s Mastermind

Famous Mastermind Groups

According to Forbes, Brendon Burchard’s mastermind group has been named “the world’s leading higher performance coach”.

It is one of the leading groups of its kind out there for those that are chasing success.

7. Joe Polish’s Genius Network

Joe Polish is a well-known influence in the marketing industry, and his Genius Network is made up of people who run on average, a $10 million-a-year business with strong desires to take things to the next level.

Polish connects industry titans in their respective fields to help create transformative results at his events which focus on personal and business relationships.

8. Frank Kern’s Inner Circle

Frank Kern is another influential and successful online marketer. He coaches entrepreneurs around the world to create explosive growth.

He is among the most knowledgeable business coaches on the planet, and his Inner Circle is one of the best mastermind groups in the world without any form of advertisement.

9. Verne Harnish’s CEO Boot Camp

Verne Harnish is a founder of Entrepreneurs Organization and author of the book Mastering the Rockafeller Habits.  Harnish’s CEO Boot Camp mastermind covers scaling up businesses and many other concepts in business.

10. Kent Clothier’s Boardroom

Kent Clothier found himself in the real estate industry. His company, REWW, teaches over 21,000 students and has done over 4,000 real estate transactions with more than 3,000 estates under management.

11. Dan Sullivan: The 10x Ambition Group

Dan Sullivan is an entrepreneur who founded Strategic Coach, a famous global corporation helping entrepreneurs worldwide. Dan Sullivan 10x Ambition group is an excellent club designed for successful entrepreneurs who want to experience fantastic success.

The best online business mastermind group training you can join is Knowledge Business Blueprint, created by Tony Robbins, Dean Graziosi and Russell Brunson.

It was created by the three entrepreneurs’ legends who have built millions of dollars in business.

If you want to create your mastermind group and scale it up, you may need to meet the type of people with a clear vision to help others achieve their goals.


The YPO claimed to be the world’s largest leadership community of chief executives, with over 34,000 members.

If you’re an executive looking for the best community to join, you may want to try the YPO group. The group will help you to supercharge your goal and passion, to thrive and improve life, business and world.

With the YPO, you can create deep personal connections with other leaders who understand you and your challenges.

Website: YPO.com

13. The Lifestyle Investor Mastermind

Justin Donald created the lifestyle investor mastermind group, and it is perfect for members looking for a more advanced program beyond the Justin books, online courses, etc.

The mastermind group help people to 10x their wealth and freedom using a simple and reputable process.

You will benefit from the group and all the online programs from Justin to help you build a profitable business and increase your income.

He has coached selected people and investors on how to build highly profitable cash portfolios by providing access to his network.

Enjoying a passive income deal when you join the Justin Donald group. If you want to invest in your future, this is a group to start.

Learn more about the Justin group and see if it fits your needs.

FAQ About Mastermind Groups

What exactly is a mastermind?

Mastermind comprises professionals and experts who share their knowledge, advise, educate peers, and support to improve the business and skills.

A mastermind group helps you and other mastermind group members to achieve more success by implementing what they learned. Members challenge each other to set vital goals and accomplish them.

What is Tony Robbin’s mastermind?

Tony Robbin’s Mastermind is an epic event hosted by Dean Graziosi and Tony Robbins to empower people by creating a thriving business that impacts and generates income by selling their knowledge and skills online.

How much does a mastermind group cost?

The cost of a mastermind group varies depending on the group owner and the group’s structure. Most groups start from $1,000 to $25,000 to join.

How do I find a mastermind group?

Finding a public mastermind group is not rocket science. You can check the Facebook group. Few online communities list the best groups that are available to join.

How to Start a Business Mastermind Group?

Knowledge Business Blueprint may probably be the best you can join. They will show you how to profit by selling your skills and experience through the set of people who enter your mastermind.

If you have any questions on how to find famous mastermind groups to join, let me know from your comments.

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