45 Actionable Blog Post Title Ideas To Get You More Traffic

45 Actionable Blog Post Title ideas That Will Drive Massive Traffic To Your Website

blog post title ideas

One of the major factors people read blog posts is the headline and title of the post. If you really want to attract massive traffic to your blog, check below blog post title ideas to give you ideas to write attractive and amazing blog post titles on your blog.

You can increase the traffic to your site by as much as 200% based on the headline of the article. Not only that the title can have a huge impact on the audience.

And if you’re a blogger, you know how important is the headline and title of your blog post. Not online it can drive more traffic to your blog, but also increase the click rate in the search engines.

You can read a complete guide on how to start a blog if you don’t have a blog yet. And if you’re not making money from your blog and want to learn how to monetise it, check the 25 ways to monetise your blog and make money.

45 Actionable Blog Post Title ideas

  1. See How Easily You Can ——— With Social media (Get traffic, Attract visitors, make sales, sell more)
  2. The Top 10 Ideas To———–
  3. 7 Ways To Write A Killer—– (blog post, Article, Headlines)
  4. How —————can help you to succeed
  5. What ———–doesn’t want you to know About————
  6. 7 Tips from Zero To Hero—————-
  7. Give Me 3 Minutes and I’ll Make You a Better——— (Blogger, writer, publisher)
  8. How To Build a ———– You Can Be Proud Of
  9. The Beginner’s Steps to——
  10. The definitive guide to———–
  11. The advance guide to———
  12. 7 secret keys to——–
  13. Top 10 ————–experts and professionals use( Secrets, tools,)
  14. 25 costly mistakes and how to quickly avoid them
  15. 9 Ideas That Made Me ——–
  16. How to ———– in less than 24 hours
  17. 7 Case studies that prove———–
  18. 25 Genius hacks that will help you
  19. 7 Things I wish I had known about ( blogging, marketing, making money)
  20. 9 secrets to———–
  21. The #1 way————
  22. 21 tips for——
  23. 25 ways people are succeeding at———–
  24. The first year of ————-
  25. How To Easily Get————Without Any Stress
  26. How I Made———– In One Week As An Unknown Marketer
  27. How to turn your ideas and passion into————
  28. The simple ways to——————
  29. The Surefire Way to Get Out ——– Once and for All
  30. The Busy Mom’s Guide to ———( weight loss, blogging, marketing, money-making, parenting)
  31. A Little Known Strategy for ————
  32. A Surprisingly Effective Strategy for————-
  33. Get Rid of ————– Once and For All
  34. The Amazing Success Stories From First-Time ————– (Authors, marketer) Who Landed Million Dollar————-( Publishing Deals, software deals, app deals)
  35. 27 Best Practices for———–
  36. The #1 Secret to————-
  37. Top 20 Questions About———–
  38. Ask a —— questions about ————-
  39. 7 Shortcuts For———–
  40. Who Else Wants ————
  41. The Simple Steps To Take When————
  42. The Stress-free Way To———-
  43. How an obvious Ideas Made Me ————-
  44. The 10 Minutes Guide To————
  45. How to ———– in 30 days … or your money back.

Let’s look at other blog title templates that get more attention.

The [Number] headlines that cut the attention

When you add a number to the post title, it always cut the attention of the audiences and readers, and that is the reason most listicles’ content goes viral.

The Seven Smartest Things You Can Do To [Get A Result]

Example: The ten smartest things you can do to increase your sales.

12 Things You Never knew About getting a discount.

Nine Secrets your real Estate Agent Won’t Tell You About Selling Your Apartment.

The #1 Way To Cut Bill [That Almost No One Knows About]

A Simple Five Step Formula For Writing Attention-Grabbing Headline

The [How-to] headlines that cut the attention.

How To [Get Good Results], Even if [ You don’t Have Any Experience]

Example: How To Pass Your IGS Exam Even if You Are A Dropout.

Here’s How To Write A Bestselling Book In 7 days

How A Simple Ad Copy Can 10x Your Sales.

If your blog title failed to capture the attention of the readers, then the post is dead before it even goes live.

Thanks for taking your time to check these blog post title ideas. I hope it gives you more ideas on how to write a perfect blog title that can attract massive traffic to your website.

Now is your turn.

What is your best post title that brings you massive traffic? Share it with us.

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  1. Super list but sometimes it all fails when you cannot keep the promise of headline in your post.

    I think write the post first and then headline. All you need to be honest.


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