AMBSDR Review [2024] & Bonuses: Chris Luck Training


I am so excited to share the Chris Luck brand ambassador program called AMBSDR.

Many people are interested in this program and feel happy due to its proven record.

There are thousands of testimonies about the AMBSDR program, and people are looking to find something that works to build a profitable business during this economic crisis.

AMBSDR by Chris Luck may be the answer and solution you need. I am sharing Chris Luck’s Membership method review with you.

Chris Luck AMBSDR Review: An Overview

Product: AMBSDR

Author: Chris Luck

Price: $1,997 or $797 for 3 months (Save $1,000) Today

Official Website: Check here

The process is simple:

  • You find a brand you like
  • You Talk about it
  • And start making money

And what if I told you that you could start making money talking about your favourite brands?

The AMBSDR program has positively impacted many lives, and if you want to be part of this success, you may want to join the program.

Many students are making an extra $50k, $100k, $120k and even $500k per year talking about their favourite brands.

Who Is Chris Luck?

Chris Luck

Chris Luck is the man behind the brand ambassador, and he is a great mentor who has trained thousands of students with incredible results.

Chris has been doing online business for more than two decades now, so he has extensive experience making money online.

He has experience in affiliate marketing, Amazon FBA, dropshipping and more.

But now, Chris focuses on building a community with his brand ambassador program.

One thing I like about Chris is that he also partners with Robby Blanchard, who is behind one of the best affiliate marketing training programs, Commission Hero.

Undoubtedly, this Chris Luck AMBSDR program will be a game changer.

Can this type of income like this help you live a better life?

Learn the same system that has helped ordinary people worldwide build a profitable and successful business with no skills, experience, or education.

It helps them realise their dream, generate passive income, and change their story.

This program is life-changing; you need to be part of the system.

What is a brand Ambassador?

A brand ambassador is a person an organisation engages in representing its brand positively, helping to increase the awareness and sales of the brand. According to Wikipedia

How Do Ordinary People Get Paid As Brand Ambassadors?

If you could talk about your favourite brands, you can get paid as a brand ambassador.

It is straightforward, and I have been doing it, and you can do it even better.

And you don’t need to be an influencer to get paid by talking about brands you love if you follow what Chris Luck teaches in his program.

It does not just stop there.

You can also become a certified brand Ambassador so companies may want to work with you.

Now that you understand the nature of this program and how it can help you.

Let’s dive into it in detail.

What Is AMBSDR Program?

What Is AMBSDR By Chris Luck

AMBSDR is a comprehensive 6-week certification training course for becoming a certified brand ambassador.

It includes group coaching three days per week, private community, cheatsheets, templates and more.

It teaches the 3-step system ordinary people use to generate a passive income by talking about their favourite brands online.

At the end of the program, you will be able to find more brands, talk about them and get paid.

With this system

  • You do not need to have a prior experience
  • You do not need to spend money on advertising
  • You do not need to have any special skills or talent
  • And you can start from scratch today.

If you work for someone, this is not for you.

But if you want to work for yourself and make money, this is for you.

Many students make 1k per day; some make 10k per month, while others make over $150k per year by just talking about their favourite brands.

When I first watched the AMBSDR webinar, I was excited about this program and what is inside the training.

You can watch the exciting webinar training to learn what you will get from the course.

 How The AMBSDR Program Works

It teaches the 3 simple steps ordinary people use to get paid talking about brands online.

Why this business is the easiest way to make money online: you can build a successful business that can last for years.

How to automate most aspects of your business and concentrate on what matters most to fast-track your success.

Chris Luck’s students get excellent results before completing the training program.

The method is straightforward to follow.

The three steps are:

AMBSDR guide
  • Build
  • Amplify
  • Multiply

Step 1: You build

  • You find someone successful
  • Sign up for Amazon Associate
  • Create a blog for your business
  • Write one blog post
  • Add your Amazon links

Step 2: Amplify

  • Use the Spyfu keyword tool
  • Add competitor’s website
  • Choose a brand or product to write about
  • Run a similar Ad on Google

Step 3: Multiply

  • 1 Article = 1 stream of income
  • More articles = more money
  • You can Easily Write 1 in 30 min
  • 4 per day = 1,460 per year
  • Get all the work done for you

In summary, you make money by recommending your favourite brands.

There are many ways to do this, but the most recommended is to write an article about your brand, post it on your blog, and then rank it.

It is straightforward.

But if you’re a newbie or new to SEO, you may wonder how to rank on Google quickly and generate traffic.

But you don’t need to worry, as Chris has proven SEO strategies so anybody can follow them and rank easily on Google.

The strategies are straightforward to follow, and once you master them, you’re good to go.

With Chris’s AMBSDR course, ranking on Google and other search engines is as easy as reading 1, 2,3.

You will also learn other traffic methods if you don’t want to use Google without spending money on ads.

You can become an ambassador, and I believe you deserve it.

All you need to do is believe it will work for you and get the power to get paid by the big brands.

You will make money with this breakthrough training; you can see results in as little as 72 hours.

It is impossible to fail if you can follow Chris’s process and implement all the strategies shared in his training.

What I Like About The AMBSDR

1: Easy To Follow System

The training is very straightforward, and Chris reveals all the steps to ensure success.

You can access videos, checklists and PDFs to understand the training better.

AMBSDR is designed for both beginners and experienced; even if you don’t know how to create or design a professional blog, you will learn everything inside the program.

Free Traffic

Chris Luck is a master of SEO and has unlocked the secrets behind ranking websites on Google.

Getting free traffic is very easy without spending money on ads.

Moreover, Chris reveals over 17 ways to get thousands of traffic to your blog and start getting sales.

Earning Potential Is High

Compared to other online businesses, you don’t need to invest in products, have no inventory, and the PPC is optional.

If you’re looking for a business model that can generate 6 to 7 figures per year, then you will be excited with the Chris Luck Ambassador program.

Another thing I like about this training is that you can outsource all the work once you have learned all the tricks from Chris.

AMBSDR Pros And Cons

Below are the advantages and disadvantages of the Chris Luck AMBSDR course.


  • The earning potential is huge
  • Proven SEO strategies from SEO expert
  • No inventories
  • It is an easy-to-follow program
  • You can do it on the side
  • It does not require much investment


  • It is costly
  • Requires additional tools that Chris recommends
  • It is not getting rich quick
  • It requires little work to break six figures
  • It is a six-week training course; you must devote time to it.

AMBSDR Bonuses from Chris Luck

AMBSDR bonuses

Quick start: How to make a fortune working from home

Cheat sheet: How to save more time and make more money online

Template: You have a complete design kite to fast-track your success

Checklists: How to know exactly what to do and when to do it

Accelerator: Copy $4.8k proven passive income products

Partnership: Earning $1K per every person your refer

AMBSDR Guarantee: Try it out for 356 days risk-free

When you take action today and join the Chris Luck Brand Ambassador program, you will get all the bonuses mentioned above.

But not all yet. I have excellent bonuses for you to complement the AMBSDR bonuses from Chris Luck.

All my exclusive bonuses will help you to get more results and fast-track your success.

I am offering you most of the tools Chris uses in his business and recommend them to all the students.

My Exclusive AMBSDR Bonuses

My AMBSDR review will not be complete without offering unique tools to help you achieve your goals.

Anthony’s Bonus 1: First Month of Spyfu Tool

Chris uses the Spyfu keyword tool to find low-hanging keywords that can easily rank on Google.

To fast-track your success, you need this tool, which is why Chris recommends it.

And I would like to contribute to your success, so I am offering you the First Month of Spyful software.

Anthony’s Bonus 2: First Month of Ghost Account.

ambsdr bonus

Ghost is a website builder platform that Chris uses and recommends to all his students.

I am offering you a free one-month Ghost Pro account. This will help you follow Chris’s steps and achieve success without delay. With Ghost, you don’t need web hosting to host your site.

Anthony’s Bonus 3: First Month of

This software is INCREDIBLE.

And Chris was able to achieve so much due to this

With it, you can create hundreds of SEO articles that rank on search engines.

You get one month for FREE of

Anthony’s Bonus 4: SEO Help from Me

Anthony;s bonus

If you have any questions about SEO, I am ready to help you. It will save you a lot of time and money.

How To Claim Your Bonuses

Here is how to get your bonuses and the AMBSDR program.

Step 1: Clear your Cookies

Step 2: Use This Link To Join Chris Program

Step 3: Send your receipt to this email address: or

I will reply within 24 hours on how to get your bonuses.

Chris Luck AMBSDR Review: My Verdict

Now it is time to decide which path you want to follow. Everyone who has huge success and makes a difference has a coach who trains them to accomplish excellent results.

But keep in mind that always impossible to achieve success with free training. And it may take you longer, and you will need to trade your time and energy before you can even get little results.

I believe joining Chris Luck AMBSDR is the best way to save time and accomplish your goal.

The money you invest today will pave the way for tomorrow’s financial breakthrough.

The average medical doctor’s salary is $169,891 a year. Many make more than a doctor’s monthly average wage by discussing their favourite brand.

With this training program, you can earn more than a medical doctor’s salary per year by writing articles about a brand.

The AMBSDR program by Chris Luck is a proven system that has helped thousands of people build successful businesses.

Have you decided to invest in yourself and your future?

If you believe, it will work for you.

Take action today and join Chris Luck, a certified brand ambassador.

You’re the next to share your success story.

Are you ready to take action today and become a brand ambassador tomorrow?

Don’t let this opportunity bypass you.

AMBSDR Testimonies

There are thousands of testimonies about the Chris mentorship program that inspire you.

If you have questions about the AMBSDR review, kindly let me know from your comment below.


Does the membership method by Chris’s Luck Legit?

It works, and many students have shared their testimonies about the program. It provides in-depth training and shares all its strategies to help you generate income online.

I hope the Chris Luck membership method review helps you decide your next step.

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