50 Money Making Apps That Pay You Money In 2024

money making Apps That Pay You

Looking for the best apps that will pay you money in 2024

In this post, I will share the money-making apps that pay you to perform small tasks and earn gifts or cash.

Did you know you can make money with just a smartphone?

This is real! Below is the long list of smartphone apps that pay their users. These are the best money-making apps.

How can you make with these Apps?

The answer depends on you. But if you want to make more money and generate passive income, you may want to look for the best online business you can start, such as affiliate marketing, blogging, freelancing, etc.

Most of my online earnings come from affiliate marketing. If you want to start making 2k,3k,5k, and 10k per month, making money with these apps won’t take you anywhere.

 50 Money-Making Apps That Pay You Money

1. Survey Apps

Many surveys allow you to download their apps and make money by doing small tasks. Below is the list of the best survey apps for earning money.

Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie is the best survey app that allows you to take the survey and get paid cash.

It doesn’t matter who you are; you can be an influencer, marketer etc. It allows you to share your opinion to help brands deliver good products & services while you earn money for your time.

It works in three steps:

1. Take Surveys

The first step is to build your profile & they’ll match you to surveys.

Step 2: Earn Rewards

After completing a profile, the next step is participating in surveys and earning virtual points.

Step 3: Get Paid

With survey junkie, you can redeem your virtual points for PayPal or e-Giftcards; it depends on you.

Survey Junkie is a great place to join a community of millions of people who like to share their opinions in exchange for rewards.

If you are looking for the best apps for making money, join the Survey Junkie now and get paid.

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2. Swagbucks

Another survey app that pays you is Swagbucks.

You get Free Gift Cards & Cash for everything you do online, such as watching videos, shopping online, searching the web, and Answering surveys to earn points.

With Swagbucks, you can redeem your points for gift cards to retailers like Amazon and Walmart or get cash back from PayPal.

Cash Back Apps for Earning Money

Now, look at some of the best apps that pay you money when you shop online through cashback.

3. Rakuten

One of the best apps for earning cashback is Rakuten. There are many opportunities to make money from this app, and if you’re an online shopper, it is time also to make money when you buy something online.

You can get paid to shop at your favourite stores. Get cash back, shopping deals & offers from more than 3,500 stores with Rakuten.

Rakuten is available in 12 countries, including the United States, Canada, France, Germany, Austria, etc.

4. RebateKey

You can earn up to 100% Exclusive Cash Back Rebates from Trusted Retailers.

With RebateKey, no more clipping coupons or mailing in UPCs. Just buy, claim and wait for your check to arrive.

If you want to earn more cashback from your favourite stores, download the RebateKey app.

5. MrRebate

Another great app that helps you to get cashback is MrRebate. They work with more than 3000 stores. It is straightforward to join; it only requires downloading their app and starting shopping online while still getting paid.

6. Upside

best apps to make money fast

Use the Upside app to get cash back whenever you make a purchase. It works in three simple steps. Claim your cash back at any location near you.

You only need to purchase at any shop with your credit card. Then, earn cash back directly into your bank or Paypal.

Upside has over a million customers who are using their app to get cash back. It is among the best money making apps that pay you cash or gift card.

7. Marble

daily earn money app

Marble is the only insurance app that allows you to use their app to make money online. It is a reward program that will enable you to sync your home, rentals, auto, etc, in one dashboard.

Marble is the first platform that rewards you for managing your insurance monthly. With the Marble app, you can save money and unlock offers with simple actions.

8 Ibotta

Ibotta is well-known and among the top-rated apps that pay you money. Many people rated the app 4.5/5.

If you love shopping online and want to earn cash back, add Inotta to your daily app. You can also redeem your money for a gift card

Shopping Apps that pay money

1. Checkpoints

With this app, you can earn points and use them to buy gift cards.

This app rewards you when you take quizzes, shop online, watch videos, complete offers, search, and more.

You can get a reward for any task you perform. Millions of people have downloaded this app, among the top money-making apps.

2. Easy Shift

Easy Shift is one of the best money-making apps. The app pays you to do simple tasks similar to Secret Shoppers.

It gives you the freedom to earn money where and when you want. Each Shift pays from $2 to $20 and is paid within 48 hours of completion. It is among the best apps for making money on your phone.

3. Quick Rewards

This is a new app that allows you to get free rewards.

4. Field Agent

It is another good mystery shopping type app. This app is my favourite for mystery shopping.

5. Gigwalk

is another Mystery shopping app. It can help you to take photos of restaurants for Bing search.

money making apps

If you’re looking for too little spending money or want to earn an extra paycheck, this app can help you.

Work anywhere you want, and you can even start making money today. The app is one of the best apps for making money.

6. Groupon Snap

App for cash back on groceries.

7. Mobee

Mobee is a mystery shopping app. It is a new way to make money on your smartphone.

money making apps

They pay thousands of dollars to their mystery shoppers daily. It only takes less than 5 minutes to earn cash. If you are looking for the best money-making apps, Mobee is the answer.

8. MobiSave

It’s a great app for cashback on groceries.

9. Product Testing

Get paid to test new products.

10. Berry Cart

Get cashback on groceries.

money making apps

Berry Cart is a great app. It is among the best money-making apps that pay you on the market.

Photo APPS

11. Iconzoomer

I love this app. Iconzoomer is an app that allows you to get assigned photo-taking tasks.

12. SnapWire

Like class hop, you earn by taking photos.

Apps That Pay Money for taking a survey

13. Idea Shifters – One of the best apps for taking surveys for gift cards. A shifter is a leading-edge platform that enables you to share your opinions on topics from the latest gum to the latest smartphone or tablet.

You can respond to a survey at your convenience. They pay you for your time and input for every survey completed.

14. Survey Junkie

With this app, you can take surveys anywhere and get paid.

15. Quick Rewards

If you love watching videos, you will like this app. With the Instant app, you earn points towards gift cards for liking pages and watching videos.

16. Quick Thoughts

Great for taking quick surveys and earning.

17. Google Opinion Rewards app

Take surveys and earn Google Play credit.

18 JingIt

For Getting paid to watch videos. This great money-making app pays you to watch a video at your convenience.

19. Nexercise

It is an excellent app for people who want to reach a specific goal. You can choose the part of your body you want to work out by selecting from more than 20 pre-built workouts or creating your own.

money making apps

Exercise is not the only app to earn cash for meeting exercise goals; it is among the best money-making apps.

20. Amazon Reward Survey

With this app, you earn by taking surveys.

21. Perk TV

This app helps you earn by watching videos.

22. Mr Rebate

You will enjoy this app when you earn cash while taking a survey.

23. StockUp –For those who love grocery stores, this app is for you. It helps in entering prices for items at grocery stores.

24. Directly

This app is for learning and answering questions.

25. Smart Panel

A Smart App runs in the background of your phone and records statistics. The app pays you to keep it on your smartphone.

26. Inbox Dollars

With this app, you earn by downloading things and reading emails. It is just like taking a survey.

27. Receipt Hog

If you love buying things in the store, use this app to take a photo of your receipts and earn gift cards.

28. Bookscouter

For those who love reading books, novels, and so on, this app helps to scan books and check their values. Most people find valuable books through this app.

29 .GymPact

This app is for people who want to lose weight. It helps you meet your goals and get paid.

30. TSU

TSU is a social networking app. You earn by creating engaging content and reading other content.

31. Mobile Rewards – You earn every time you watch videos and complete offers.

32. Receipt Pal

The Receipt Pal app allows you to scan grocery receipts and earn points for gift cards.

33. Tap Cash –I love this app and use it any time I want to download an app on my phone. You earn by downloading new apps on your smartphone.

34. Free My Apps

If a game is your hobby, you can earn more money any time you download free games through the free My app.

money making apps

Free My App is the top money-making app in the game.

35. Panel Station app

Earn by taking surveys through the panel app.

36. NexTrack

Everybody wants to live healthily. With this app, you earn by sticking to your fitness goals.

37. Clashot app

Earn by taking photos. This is a great way to earn more online.

38. Slidejoy

is a good app for people who like watching ads. It will also pay you to watch ads. After unlocking your smartphone, you will have the opportunity to engage in an ad. This is for Android users.

Money-Saving Apps

There are many ways to save money, and one of them is to get cashback on any products you purchase.

39. Ebates

is one of my preferred money-saving apps and one of the best ways to earn extra money ever. Earn cash back for online purchases. Ebates has over 2,000 stores where its members can purchase online and get 10% cashback.

You can also join the referrer program and earn more when you refer a friend and make a purchase through their link.

Other money-saving apps are:



is another app I use frequently.

42. Adme

Another lock screen ad for smartphones.

43. Tap2Money

Earn by completing a task.

44. Fiverr app

Start to earn money by creating your gigs and getting hired.

45. Premium Reward

Get rewards anywhere you shop. With this app, you can win prizes and get rewards from the business you love, as well as punch cards. It is available for both Android and iPhone.

More Making Money Apps that pay you

46. IQ

1Q is another app to make money. It pays you an instant $.50 every time you answer a simple question. Honestly, It’s that simple. Companies ask a question, and you provide the answer. You get paid instantly into your PayPal account without any delay.

47. Making money

Work at the Home app: This is another great app with more than 60 legitimate ideas to make money online in 2024

This app will give you all the information you need to get started, such as money-making ideas, work at home, what you need and other tips.

If you are interested in working from home and making money online, you should download this app and choose the money-making method that is best for you.

48. Buy and sell App

apps that make money online

Mercari is a great app that allows you to sell and buy interesting products. If you sell stuff online, this app might help you. It is available for both Android and the Apple app store.

49. Qustodian

An app that pays you to a few ads on your mobile.


With Appnana, you earn by downloading games and apps.

Apps That Pau You To Invest


making money online zero investment

Arrived is a real estate investing app that allows you to buy shares of cash flow rentals for small investments as low as $100.

If you’re looking for the best way to invest your money, try the arrived app today and watch your money grow.


  • Earn quarterly dividend
  • Low minimum investment
  • The app is very easy to use
  • Very reliable


  • Listing can quickly sell out fast
  • Limited liquidity


Fundrise is another investment app that allows anyone with as little as $10 to invest. It is the best place to start building your portfolio.

You don’t need to have thousands of dollars before you can invest with Funsrise; start today with $10 and start growing.


  • Start with $10
  • Quarterly cash flow
  • Reliable investment app


  • Liquidity
  • Limited operation tracking


Making money apps for free

Robinhood is one of the best investing apps for making money. It is an investment app that allows you to invest your money starting from one dollar.

It allows you to invest in many ways, such as stocks, options and ETFs.In addition, you can use Robinhood to get more crypto for cash.

You can buy and sell crypto starting from just $1.It even allows the transfer of BTC, SHiB, DOGE and ETH.


If you have used any of the making money apps before, kindly share your experience and review with us in the comments.

Many Android apps pay you, and if you have a smartphone, why can’t you use it to earn more cash in your spare time?

Thanks for reading the list of 50 money making apps that pay you to do a simple task.

Other ways to make money online

As I said earlier, if you’re serious about making money online or starting a profitable online business, you may need to look beyond apps to make money.

You can start a YouTube business to share your skills and experience with others. Becoming a YouTuber is a great way to earn passive income online.

You can read my blog post on how to make money on YouTube to give you more ideas on how to get started.

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