9 Best Whiteboard Animation Software [2024] Ranked & Reviewed

Whiteboard animations are great for catching viewers’ attention; If you run an educational YouTube channel or perhaps even want to make your presentation a little unique, they can come in handy. One might wonder, but I don’t have artistic skills; how do I get it done? 

The old method would have been to hire a professional animator to create one; however, this costs too much because you have to pay for every video the animator creates.

Fortunately, the rise of whiteboard animation software has created a perfect solution to this challenge. 

There are various animation software, some free, paid, or a mix of both. This post covers my top whiteboard animation software that helps me create professional-looking animations, including their best features and costs. 

2024 Top Four Whiteboard Animation Software

There are several notable animation software, but I have compiled a list of some of my best animation software to create quality explainer videos.

Be sure to note that these programs are premium, and a fee has to be paid to use them. 

Doodly Whiteboard Animation Software

whiteboard animation program

Doodly is an excellent whiteboard animation program with a brilliant user interface that embraces both new and old animators. One of the program’s best features is SmartDraw, a custom drawing feature that lets one include images and control how it is drawn. 

Despite being an absolute favourite of most whiteboard animators, one of my concerns about the software is its lack of built-in voice recording.

Plus, Doodly does not offer a free trial. Instead, the software offers a 30-day, money-back guarantee for their two price options; Standard and Enterprise. 

The Standard is priced at $20 monthly, and the Enterprise at $40 monthly, both billed annually. Still, there’s a lot of media to use, and the program allows one to freely import and export files.

But note that Doodly only accepts exporting quality animation videos in the MP4, MKV, OGG, and WebM formats. 

Explaindio Whiteboard Animation Software

Best Whiteboard Animation Software

My best features of Explaindio are its drag-and-drop feature and the easy-to-use interface. The Explaindio whiteboard animation software is also well known for its ability to create professional 2D and 3D videos, making it perfect for nearly every user.

Furthermore, the program has a media library with over 800 doddle images and supports importing and exporting files in different formats.

The program offers one of the lowest prices in the market with its three price options; Monthly, Yearly, and One-time payments.

Its monthly plan costs a recurring fee of $37, while the annual fee costs $67. In contrast, the one-time payment costs an expensive one-time fee of $497.  

If you want to create an amazing whiteboard explainer video for your business or you have a YouTube channel, this is a better whiteboard video software to create quality explainer videos.

Explaindio doesn’t have a free trial window, but they have a 14-day money-back guarantee. I must mention that the downside I didn’t like about the program is its lack of a built-in voiceover recorder and the inability to upload videos directly to other websites. 

Explaindo supports Windows and Mac, so you can use the tool on any computer. It is not a cloud-based software, users can work on it without connection.

Doodle Maker Whiteboard Animation Software

doodle maker

Doodle Maker is an artificial intelligence whiteboard video software that automatically transforms any text into doodle videos in any language.

It includes unlimited text-to-speech, language translation, asset library for effortless doodle video creation.

It can create quality explainer videos and translate any video into over 60 different languages.

VideoScribe Whiteboard Animation Software


VideoScribe is a popular whiteboard animation program for good reasons. The software offers an elegant yet easy-to-learn user interface and versatile tools that help to create flawless animation videos easily.

My best feature of this software is the 7-day free trial that enables one to test it before making a purchase.

The program offers two pricing options: Monthly and Yearly. The Yearly plan is very reasonable, with 64 per cent off a monthly plan at $14/month. In addition, the integrated voiceover recording option makes it easy to create voiceovers. 

Also, the VideoScribe media library is extensive, with over 6000 images and 200+ copyright-free audio, but you can also upload media from your device.

Moreover, the program enables one to export high-definition videos directly to platforms like YouTube and Facebook.  

Vyond Whiteboard Animation Software


Vyond, previously Go Animate, is a browser-based software. One of the best features of Vyond is its freedom during creation; compared to the usual industry standard of restricting users to certain characters, it allows me to be more flexible with my characters.

For instance, I can change their hair colour, shirt colour, and expression. 

The best part is that I can create my characters from scratch using the program’s design wizard. Backed up with an inbuilt media library that offers extensive video templates, royalty-free images, music, backgrounds, etc.

Vyond simplifies animation creation. Additionally, Vyond has a text-to-speech feature that makes creating voiceovers easy.

Vyond pricing isn’t the cheapest in the industry with its three-tier pricing options; Essential at $49 monthly, Premium at $89 monthly, and Professional at $159 monthly.

But they offer a 14-day free trial to help you decide if it’s the best option. Yet, its voiceover options aren’t limited, as I can use the built-in recording feature to create or upload voiceovers.

Top four free whiteboard animation software

Below are four free whiteboard animation software worth checking out as a newbie. What I love most is that I don’t have to pay a dime to use them and can create quality short video animations with enough practice. 

Renderforest Whiteboard Animation Software

renderforest whiteboard

Renderforest is a versatile freemium software whose capabilities include creating whiteboard animation. Despite being completely browser-based, it offers different video templates and an extensive library of over a thousand scene templates.

Unfortunately, as a free user, there are limited assets, and I can only create videos for up to 3 minutes.

Still, the software has a user-friendly interface and easy-to-use tools. It also allows me to add voiceover or background music to my animation videos.

In addition, it has a preview option that encourages editing and fixing mistakes before downloading a final copy and sharing it. However, as a free user, video export quality is restricted to 720p and will contain a watermark. 

Powtoon Whiteboard Animation Software

Powtoon is another freemium animation software for creating quick whiteboard animation videos. With a simple and user-friendly layout,

I love how I can use the program’s free version to create compelling animated videos with its basic functions. The best feature of Powtoon is its vast library of royalty-free music. 

However, it also enables importing audio files. Despite the limited media templates, lack of support for video files, and the maximum length of 3 minutes of a video for free users. Most first-timers are happy with the software’s simplicity and ease of use.

Animaker Whiteboard Animation Software

Animaker is a web-based software highly similar to Powtoon. The freemium software has the option to create blackboard, notepad, and glassboard videos, aside from the standard whiteboard videos. 

It is excellent for beginners and non-designers with its easy-to-use interface. However, as a free user, I could only create professional-looking videos with a standard quality of 2 minutes in length and export five watermarked videos directly to YouTube every month. 

Aside from these, there is a limited library of visual and audio templates. But, the best part is that I can preview my animation videos in my browser before exporting them, and it features a built-in recorder. Still, I love how I could also use the program’s advanced text-to-speech for creating voiceovers. 

Raw Shorts Whiteboard Animation Software

Raw Shorts is a simple software to use for creating animation. It features a drag-and-drop interface and an interactive timeline that makes creating videos easy.

The freemium web-based software is excellent for newbies and professionals with thousands of whiteboard templates, graphics, and characters. 

Unfortunately, I could only create videos 2 minutes long and export three videos in a month as a free user. The software integrates with third-party platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, etc., for easy export, but videos are limited to SD quality and watermarked.

Best Whiteboard Animation Software: Conclusion

Now you have access to the best whiteboard animation tools to create an engaging video for your business.

Which animation tool would you like to use for your next animation video?

I recommend Doodly as the best whiteboard animation tool; it has excellent features and produces quality videos for your business.

You can create any animation video with these tools. And if you want free animation video software, those listed here are among the best free animated software to create quality videos.

PowToon has more features, and it is free if you don’t want to go for the premium tool.

But if you want outstanding results and to grow your business faster, you need to subscribe to the paid version.

My Recommended Animation Tools Are:

Features to consider before choosing a whiteboard animation software

Price and Value

Cost is a significant feature to consider before choosing whiteboard animation software. Usually, the price of software determines the features one can access.

For instance, freemium software might enable you to create flawless animations but limits you to downloading watermarked or low-quality copies unless you pay.

So, while free software might be effective, consider the prices and values of the different software I have compiled on this list to help you make the right choices if you are willing to pay some price to avoid any limitations. 

User-friendly interface

A whiteboard animation software should have a user-friendly interface that makes it easy for users to navigate and use.

The idea of the software is to simplify the process of creating animations, not confuse one further. Thus, ensure that you examine the simplicity of using any program before paying a subscription fee. 

I love to consider software with easier import and export features, a vast media library, and one that enables custom drawings. These features give me complete control over the look of my animations and help me export my content directly to any platform of my choice.

Free trial

If you are looking to pay some cost for whiteboard animation software, it is vital to try it beforehand to ensure that it has the features you need.

Most programs will offer a free trial or a free version with some limitations to help users understand its functionality. However, I also find that some software offers a refund if unsatisfied with the features within a specified period. 


Which is better Doodly or DoodleMaker?

Doodly is far better than DoodleMaker concerning hand drawing. It has more templates as compared to DoodleMaker.

Also, the DoodleMaker. is among the best whiteboard video makers to create an explainer video with an easy sketch.

Doodly available in both male and female voices for recording.

Which is better, VideoScribe vs Doodly?

Doodly is better than VideoScribe. It has a library of 150 music tracks, depending on the Standard or Enterprise plans. 

VideoScribe has a more extensive audio library than Doodly. although both are good for whiteboard animated videos.

What is whiteboard animation used for?

Whiteboard animation is a presentation that creates a series of drawn pictures on a whiteboard, recorded sequentially to create an animated display.

It creates a style of video that shows the viewer static images drawn on the screen.

Is whiteboard animation software free?

There are free Whiteboard Animation Makers to create animated videos. Software like easily make whiteboard and doodle are free to create videos directly in your browser. But if you want to create professional animated videos, upgrade to a paid account.

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