Doodle Maker Review 2022: Features, Pricing, Pros & Coins

Doodle Maker review

Hey, thanks for checking my Doodle Maker review- DoodleMaker By Paul Ponna & Sid Diwar

The Doodle Maker is an artificial intelligence tool that automatically transforms any text into doodle videos in any language.

It includes unlimited text to speech, language translation, asset library for effortless doodle video creation.

It is a multilingual video tool that can translate any video into over 60 languages.

Videos are a great way to communicate messages or stories to people. A handful of psychological research has proven that humans generally remember what they saw in a video a lot more than they read or heard.

That’s why videos have, over the years, become a vital aspect of advertisement and storytelling. Businesses know the importance of videos, and that’s why there’s a budget for it in every ad campaign.

But the question is, does everyone have the money or budget for creating videos?

Top marketers have the money, and they know what they will gain from video ads would be 5x than the expenses. But for the regular vlogger or small scale entrepreneur, there’s no money lying idle.

That’s where doodle video software come in. It does not cost much money to create high converting and engaging videos with this tool.

Doodle Maker Review 2022 & Overview

Product Name: Doodle Maker

Creator: Paul Ponna & Sid Diwar

Official Website: Click Here

What Is Doodle Maker Software?

Doodlemaker- doodle maker review 2022

It is an Artificial Intelligence Video Maker to create the fastest animated doodle video in three steps to save time and money.

The tool simplifies video creation to save you time and money while producing premium quality videos on any topic.

What Are Doodle Videos?

Doodle videos are animated videos done in a simple yet attractive style. They’re also known as whiteboard images or animation, and they allow anyone to tell a story in the simplest yet most beautiful way.

Although doodle videos have been around for nearly two decades, they only grew in popularity in recent years. And the best way they’re being used at the moment is for advertising.

Imagine watching an advert that looks like a funny hand-drawn cartoon with the right images and audio. You’re not just intrigued by the drawing; your mind likewise stores the details of the advert.

At the moment, there are multiple doodle video-making applications online. And among the best of the best, the DoodleMaker was co-created by Paul Ponna and Sid Diwar.

Features of Doodle Maker

Creating doodle animations on Doodle Maker is pretty easy. It comes with a variety of features that make your doodle works easy and distinct from one another.

Among the variety of features, here are the ones you need to know about:

Surf Through 50+ Languages

Are you speaking any other language apart from English? Are you trying to reach an indigenous or non-English speaking audience? Doodle Maker comes with over 50 languages you can design your visual texts into.

With its extensive AI, your videos will receive the necessary touch they need to draw in your audience.

250+ Models At Your Beck And Call

Rather than spending money on costly voice-over artists and recording models, Doodle Maker comes with more than 300 pre-installed models you can customize to your taste.

With the pre-installed models, your doodle audios will no longer sound boring. Plus, it cuts off the need for a voice-over budget.

HD Images and Rendering

Say goodbye to blurry and pixelated images in your doodle videos. There are millions of pre-installed icons and images you can select from to create your videos, and they’re all crystal clear.

All you need to do is to input your introductory post, choose from recommended images, utilize excellent pre-installed fonts for your texts, and your doodle videos will be rendered in HD.

If the application’s pre-installed images do not fit your idea, you can easily import them directly from your phone’s storage.

Multiple Video Formats

You decide the format you would like to have your videos rendered in. There are more than enough video formats to choose from, and they work best for recommended platforms. What’s more, is that there’s no fear of quality reduction.

Pros and Cons of Doodle Maker

It’s often said that for every advantage, there is a disadvantage. Doodle Maker comes with advantages and some disadvantages too.


It is simple yet classy. It strikes a nice balance of simple and easy-to-use interface with numerous options for customization. The pre-installed models, languages, and application design makes your work easy.

The multiple video formats and platforms for sharing your doodle videos  DoodleMaker make your work easy. You can make a batch transfer of your videos rather than trying to send them to one person at a time.

Your visual and audio quality is not compromised in Doodle Maker. This is thanks to the AI running the application. However, it’s a great idea to ensure that your audios are transparent and recorded in a place without noise.

This will ensure that the final output is excellent. The same also applies to importing your images into Doodle Maker – only select the best images and audio files.


– There have been reports of Doodle Maker crashing on the mobile phones of some users. However, these issues are generally due to low RAM or low processor capacity on some mobile phones.

– Doodle Maker no longer supports some mobile phones. As such, you cannot use Doodle Maker on all phones – it’s better to get a phone with a strong processor capacity and RAM before installing the application.

The doodle tool allows you to create Whiteboard, Glassboard, Blackboard or videos with your custom background image or colour inside the Doodle platform.

You don’t need to buy any expensive video creation tool again while using this video tool.

What Do People Say?

Generally, there’s a high favourable rating for Doodle Maker online. Users love the software and mostly applaud its convenient and straightforward interface.

With Doodle Maker, you save time and money when creating doodle videos. It only takes a matter of minutes to get your videos done.

I like this tool because it gives you the easiest way to get results with video while you still get access to over 300 stunning templates across the hottest niches & Industries.

Many video experts love the Doodlemaker while some professionals give the tool a positive rating.

It produces male and Female natural voiceovers in 60 different languages and over160 Voices. And this is one of the reasons we agree with the claims about the quality of videos and voices it produces.

Doodle Maker Pricing Plans

DoodleMaker comes with multiple pricing plans with distinct features. These include:

White-label Unlimited: It comes with more features and has a one-time payment requirement of $497.

Deluxe Upgrade; at $49 the deluxe upgrade allows you to use essential features and some extra useful features to make excellent videos.

Toon Video Maker App; this comes at a one-time price of $39 and allows you to make essential cartoon videos.

Client Engine App; this is the cheapest plan at $29. It comes with basic yet excellent features to work with.

Who Needs Doodle Maker And Why?

Entrepreneurs, vloggers, teachers, freelancers, trainers, and everyone who has something to do with videos can and needs to use Doodle Maker. It’s the first of its kind to come with an excellent AI for smooth operations on the application.

It’s an excellent alternative for creating stylish and straightforward video advertisements, tutorials, and stories.

  • Content Creator
  • Blogger
  • Coaches
  • Teacher
  • YouTubers
  • Affiliate marketers
  • Authors
  • Social media managers
  • And more

Doodle Maker Review: Conclusion

In general, DoodleMaker is one of the best video software for internet marketers who wants to use video as a promotional method and to engage their visitors.

Today, your license to DoodleMaker Video software includes unlimited video creation, for you and your clients.

So grab it as they can only accept a limited number of people at this one-time price of $67.

Whether you want to create videos on YouTube to make money or want to promote your products and services, this is a great tool to help you in your business.

Not only that, it can increase your video engagement and views, which can help in ranking your YouTube video.

In case you have any questions about the Doodle maker review, kindly let me know from your comment.


How much does a doodle maker cost?

Doodle Maker cost $29 as a one-time payment.

How good is Doodlemaker?

Doodle Maker is one of the best Doodle video software, and many marketing professionals love the tool to create fantastic doodle videos in any niche.

With online education booming, people rely on video and other sources to attract more customers to grow their businesses.

What is Doodly’s alternative?

The best alternative is Doodlemaker, which is very cheap.

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