9 Ways To Promote Affiliate Programs on Your Blog & Double your Profits

How To Promote Affiliate Programs on Your Blog

I guess, if you are reading this post, you probably looking for ways to monetize your blog through affiliate marketing programs. This is one of the most crucial aspects which needs to pay more attention to as a blogger or affiliate marketer.

To increase the earning through blog require bloggers to promote their own product or affiliate products. Most bloggers fail to monetize their blog in such a way to double income after spending hours to created contents.

If you check , Michelle a famous blogger you will see how he monetize its blog to make more money in other to complement his effort.

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9 Ways to Promote Affiliate Programs on Your Blog And Increase Your Conversion

1. Write a Content Post That Specifically Promotes an Offer

Most of the articles you post on your blog serve the purpose of sharing good content as a way to earn your visitors’ trust. I suggest that you combine the two, by writing good content while also promoting an offer such as affiliate programs

. Your content should not look like an advertisement, it should solve a certain problem that your reader may find useful while reading.

Here is an example:

  • Write an article about how to play golf better or teach a golfer on how to play golf. Include affiliate link for a Golf-training information product.
  • Post an article on how to shed 10 pounds within 7 days and include affiliate link for weight loss eBook
  • Write an article about how to save money during the vacation. Include your affiliate link to a vacation savings book or eBook.

It is important to make your affiliate product you are promoting related to your article; you cannot promote how to make money eBook on retirement article.

2.Post a Review

Written product review is one of the best ways to promote the affiliate program. People are always looking for reviews about specific products before they purchase.

If you do your keyword research, you will see many searches that look something like this: “[product name] review.” And that means you can attract some traffic with your product reviews.

Writing just review may not help you to get more hits, your review needs to contain proven tips that will trigger your reader to buy the product through your review.

Here are 3 proven tips you can use to Increase your response rate:

I ) Create video reviews. Yes, text reviews are great – particularly if you include pictures and screenshots of the product. But video reviews are better and it takes a step further since you can actually show someone the product in more detail, which helps people imagine owning the product.

Once people imagine owning a product, they’ve pretty much to make a buying decision!

ii) Craft eye-catching titles. The title of your post is very important and it can increase the traffic to the review product. A blog post titled “[Product Name] Review” is straight to the point… but it may bore. Instead, you can create a little mystery by using titles like:

  • Example 1: 9 Things You Didn’t Know About [Product Name]
  • Example 2: The Truth About [Product Name]
  • Example 3: What People Need To Know About [Product Name]

iii) Create honest reviews. You need to not only give honest reviews but also give complete reviews – product pro and coin. This is important if you want to build credibility by mentioning the flaws and weaknesses of the product. Your readers will trust you more. And that means they are more likely to purchase and subscribe from what you recommend.

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3. Give Away a Freebie to promote affiliate programs

There are many benefits of giving away a good freebie and it serves 3 purposes:

i). It can be used to build trust. Visitors buy from those they know, like and trust. A good freebie that solves a certain problem gets people to trust you – and that means more sales.

ii). You can use a good freebie to make money. Clearly, you can also make money with your freebie since you’ll include your affiliate links in the product.

iii). You can use it to build your list: This can be done by offering the freebie in exchange for an email address. If you want your freebie go viral, however, then you can just give it away and ask other people do the same. Then you need to include a link in the freebie to drive people to your newsletter sign-up page.

What type of freebie should you give away?

Firstly your freebie needs to solve a certain problem in your niche.

Secondly, it must be something that people want, that means you need to do market research.

Thirdly, it must be valuable i.e. something that people would like to buy.

What Format?

It is important to look to your market – what are they already buying? Whatever it is, you need to deliver your solution in a similar format.

For example:

  •    eBooks, reports and so on.
  •   Live access to webinars or teleseminars.
  •  Using Audio freebies such as downloadable interviews, audiobooks, etc.
  •  Videos.
  •  Tools like WordPress plugins and themes, keyword tools, spreadsheets, journals, calculators, etc.

4. Make Appealing Titles or Headlines for Important Posts

You should always take time to craft good titles for your posts no matter what you’re posting to your blog.It is very important to put more effort when you’re crafting titles for your most important posts.

Here’s the reason…

The title is the most crucial part of your blog post…

The more eye-catching and compelling your title, the more visitors who’ll read your post…

The more visitors who read your post, the more readers you’ll have clicking on the affiliate links in your post…

And the more visitors you get on those affiliate offers, the more money you will make!

See what I mean?

Most of your readers will just skim your post titles looking for something that catches their eye. It means that whether they actually read your post, it based or depends on how compelling they found the title of your post.

Below are examples…

Your readers are skimming titles and they see a post called “Dog Training.” Does the title send your visitors scrambling to click on that link?

Probably NOT. It’s more likely to send them scrambling to bed for a nap.

Now let look at the some of these bland titles reworked into eye-catching titles:

  • “Puppy Training”- “The 9 Training Secrets Your Dog Trainer Refused To Show You!”
  • “Making Money” -“The secret About How to Making Money Online without Wasting Time!”
  • “Overcoming The Fear of Heights” – “How a 22 Years Old Guy Who Was Deathly Afraid of Heights Overcame His Fear to Become a Pilot!”

You can see how I re-write the title to make it appealing to the visitors, title of the post determines whether your visitor or people will read your blog post. Always find more time to structure your blog title if you want it to go viral and get more people to read it.

5.List Resources at the Bottom of Your Posts

If you are selling information products, then every blog post you make gives you a perfect promotional opportunity.

All you have to do is list 2 or 3 “recommended resources” at the bottom of every post.

These recommended resources are, of course, your affiliate links to related products.

Tip: In some cases instead of posting a list of recommended products, you can also post links to previous articles – especially your high-converting posts.

Also, instead of using “Recommended Resources,” you can also test out other phrases such as follow:

  • “Further Reading”
  • “Resource Suggestions”
  • “Product Recommendations”
  • “For Further Reading”

This is another best way to promote affiliate programs on your blog. Most of the visitors would like to know more about the tools that help you achieve your goals and results.

6. Create a Resource List

I mentioned earlier that you could include a short list of 2 or 3 “recommended resources” at the end of your blog posts. Here’s another idea:

If you’re just posting a list of resources (such as a list of books), then you can post this list in a permanent place on your blog, top or sidebar of the blog.

If you are adding more information – such as reviews or comments on the resources – then you’ll want to create a regular post.

You can then link to this post from your front page (e.g., from your sidebar).


  •    The Top Seven Ways to Build a List
  •  The 21 Business-Building Tools I Couldn’t Live Without
  •  The 17 Books Every Blogger Ought to Know About
  • The Ten Keyword Tools Your Competition Doesn’t Want You to Know About
  • My Top Seven Income Generators

7. Give Away a Kit to Your Readers

To keep your readers and subscribers you may give out free kit Two or three times a year. This kit should include several eBooks, reports, videos, software scripts and other resources that your prospects need and want.

And every product in your kit should contain your affiliate links to related products.

Note: Private label content is content that you can modify in just about any way you like (as long as you follow the PLR license terms).

So if you don’t want to create this kit yourself, you can make use of PRL. Simply search in Google for your niche keywords alongside the term “private label rights” or “PLR.” to get started.

Example search terms: health and fitness PLR or gold PLR.

Here are examples of kits you can put together:

  •  A book about how to write killer sales letters.
  • A report about how to write eye-catching headlines.
  • A sales letter dissection on video.
  •  An interview with a known copywriting expert.
  • A collection of free WordPress plugins.
  • A list of the best WordPress themes.
  • A book that teaches people how to write a blog that everyone will love.

8. Link to Your Strongest Blog Posts

If you notice, you’ll find that some of your posts have considerably higher response rates than others. Of course, as you are creating more blog posts, the older posts will drop off your front page and eventually may just get lost forever in the cemetery of your blog archives.

And this may make your income from that post dries up faster than rain in the desert. But what is the possible solution?

Promote your high-converting posts!

You need to link your related post directly to your high-converting post by including a specific call to action where you tell readers to click through and read the other post.

You can also include a “resources” section at the bottom of your new post that points to the high-response posts.

Make sure both posts relate to each other, for example, if the new post is about backlinks, you can link it to SEO articles etc.

9 . Use Banners and Buttons

Why limit yourself to plain text ads?

You can use banners, buttons and other graphical ads to your blog to increase your earning.

The key is to test your graphical ads.

Example: Some people find that blinking and flashing banners are ignored due to ad blindness. Whether that’s true on your website or not remains to be seen – so test it!

You can make use of ad rotator to give your ads equal time.

Most affiliate product vendors provide banners and buttons for affiliates. If your vendor doesn’t, just ask or create your own. You can get a good image from iStockphoto.com and use a graphics program like Photoshop or others such as free Gimp at www.Gimp.org to create your actual banner.

This is not new to most affiliate marketers, it is one of the commonest ways to promote affiliate products or products. The majority of bloggers use the banner to promote affiliate products and it converts well.

So if you have not been using a banner to promote offers, give it try and see the result.

You need to start applying these tips one by one until your blog becomes a selling machine by providing value to your visitors.

There are many affiliate products to promote and it only requires a little time to set it up. You can sign up with the following affiliate programs:

Now it is your turn, to tell us how you promote affiliate programs on your blog. Kindly share it with others and let them learn from you.

If you enjoying this content, kindly share it with friends and others.

Oyundoyin Anthony is a blogger and an affiliate marketer that offers helpful contents to people who are looking for different products for their needs. He enjoys helping people to achieve success in their business.

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