Podbean Pricing 2021: How Much Does Podbean Cost?

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PodBean Pricing 2021:Are you looking for the best podcast hosting service to host your podcast without need to spend much money?

We give you details about the Podbean pricing and plans to choose the one that fit your podcast business.

If you want to learn more about the Podbean hosting, you can check my complete Podbean review.

Podbean has different types of pricing plans, depends on your business.

What Is PodBean Podcast Hosting Service?

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Podbean is a podcast publishing site that providing both free and premium hosting packages for podcasters. It offers a very simple to use interface that integrates publishing, syndication and tools into podcasting while allowing users to monetize their podcast.

Here are the Podbean pricing plans to know how much it costs to host your podcast on Podbean hosting.

Podbean pricing plans 2021

  •  Free account
  • Unlimited audio plan
  • Unlimited plus
  •  The business hosting plan
  • Podbean Enterprise Pricing
  • Nonprofit plan

 Below are the hosting plans to determine the best to host your podcast.

Podbean Free Plan

The free plan allows a podcaster to host their show with limit features. If you’re a beginner, you can select the free plan to get started.

The free plan only allows you to host five hours podcast with 100GB monthly bandwidth.

This plan is suitable for a starter. You can access the app and embeddable Players. Not only that, but you will also get your podcast site, RSS Feed & iTunes Support.

You can customize your podcast site with one of the best Podcast themes from Podbean to make your podcast site look professional.

You get everything to start and host your show with the Podbean free account.

Podbean Unlimited Audio Plan

The second pricing plan is unlimited Audio Plan; it has more advance features compared to the free plan.

It starts from $9/month when billed annually and $14 per month when paying monthly.

It including audio podcasting without limit.

The unlimited plan is right for BEGINNERS or those who want to test their platform. With unlimited storage and bandwidth, you can host a successful show and grow your podcast.

 The plan comes with the podcast stats, custom design and mapping your own domain.

 Another feature of this plan is monetization. The ads marketplace help you to get paid from your podcast, and Premium Sales– to sell your audio, video and PDF of your shows.

If you’re interested in monetizing your podcast and sell your premium content, then Podbean is the best place to host your episodes.

Podbean Unlimited Plus Plan

The unlimited plus plan starts from $29 per month when billed annually or $34 per month monthly. The plan is excellent for video and podcast monetization.

You will get pro podcast theme and full custom design.

The unlimited plus is the best to run a video podcast. It has all the unlimited audio plan features and allows you to monetize your podcast with all the four-channels.

If you’re expert in creating a podcast, this plan is for you as it provides almost all the features podcasters need to run a successful podcast business.

The Business Plan

If you want to go into a full podcast business, this plan is for you.

The business plan starts from $ 99/month billed annually, and cost $129 when paying monthly.It is suitable for networks and business podcasts.

With the Podbean business plan, you can host multiple Podcast channels with multiple Admins. It also allows you to host a private Podcast with the engagement Intel SSO authentication.

The plan also allows you to remove Podbean branding and add your brand to your show. By adding your own brad to your show, people will see you as an authority, which can increase the download and more following.

The Podbean business plan supports live chat and, podcasters will get access to the Podbean Pro App.This is advance features that separate this plan from other Podbean plans.

You get complete access to everything you need to host a successful show and showcase your business brand to the world.

Podbean Pricing Plans Summary

  $ 0: Free Account

$ 9/month when billed annually or pay $14 monthly

$ 29 per month when billed annually or $39 per month

$ 99 per month billed annually or $129/ month

Podbean Enterprise Pricing

What is the Podbean Enterprise?

The enterprise is a hosting that powering podcasts for organizations, corporations and educational institutions.

With their proven experience, Podbean has helped some of the world biggest companies and media organizations. They offer the best-sophisticated podcast hosting you need to create a successful podcast.

The Podbean has pricing plans for enterprise podcast hosting.

The Podbean enterprise is the best plan if you are starting a company podcast, want to expand your reach, and running a wide-ranging network of podcasts.

With this podcasting package, Podbean hosted some of the companies and media organizations shows. They offer the best solutions you need to create and grow a successful podcast.

The enterprise guarantees your podcast runs effectively so you can focus on what you do best.

The Podbean Enterprise Pricing Plans

The enterprise has two pricing plans:

  • Business
  •  Enterprise

The business plan cost $99 per month when billed annually or $129 monthly.

The plan is suitable for podcast networks and small businesses. It has advance features like white Label Podcast App, 100 private members, enterprise security etc.

The Podbean business offers a free trial. It is an opportunity to test its service to determines if it is suitable to host your show.

 The second plan is ENTREPRISE which is a custom price. Suitable for large businesses and organizations, and 500 private members included.

If you’re interested in ENTREPRISE plan, you will need to contact the Podbean accounting to know the cost of the enterprise solution plan.

Nonprofit Podbean Pricing

Do you have a nonprofit organization and want to start a podcast to help you pass information, to help people and more?

PodBean have you cover.

You can start broadcasting the organizational updates, latest news and important issues out to your constituents in no time.

You can start both Audio & Video Podcasting with just small fees per month.

All the nonprofit organization will get unlimited Podcasting hosting. Starting at $9/month, and get unlimited storage and bandwidth, no surprises in your budgeting.

Podbean has an excellent feature for a nonprofit organization: Fundraising

Crowdfunding: This is built-in crowdfunding that makes it easy for people to support your organization with monthly donations.

Premium: You can also raise funds with membership fees, paid contents and more.

It is time to spread your messages. Listeners and members around the world can easily access your content online, via mobile with Podbean Android and iPhone apps and iTunes.

Podbean is hosting more than 120,000 individual and 1,000+ business podcasts. Their users range from educational institutions and real estate agents to churches, sports clubs, travel agents, municipalities and more.

Podbean hosting is secure, very reliable, fast clustered media servers which handle millions of hits daily.

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Podbean Pricing 2021: FAQ

We want to look at some relevant FAQ about the Podbean hosting pricing plans to provide you with the best answer before you join the hosting site.

How much does Podbean cost?

The Podbean price starts from $9 per month for the paid plan while there is a Podbean hosting free account to get started as a beginner.

Which is better Podbean or Buzzsprout?

Both podcast hosting services provide excellent service, but few things differentiate them.

The Podbean $99 per month offers multiple podcast shows and multiple team members while Buzzsprout doesn’t but offer unlimited team members for all its plans.

The Buzzsprout highest plan is $24 per month, and it only allows you to upload 12 hours podcast every month while the Podbean enables you to upload unlimited podcast with any paid plan.

Podbean Vs Buzzsprout: Free Account

Both hosting sites offer a free account, but the difference is that Podbean provides more space and bandwidth compare to the Buzzsprout.

Buzzsprout free Account: Upload 2 hours podcast each month. Episode hosted for 90 days.

Podbean Free Account: Upload up to 5 hours podcast each month with 100GB monthly bandwidth.

What is Podbean branding?

The Podbean branding is like a logo that frequently displayed on Podbean podcast sites on desktop, mobile and the embeddable player.

 However, you can remove if you have a Podbean Business Plan and replace it with your brand or logo.

Users will get the step by step instruction to remove Podbean branding in their dashboard.

Podbean UK Pricing

If you’re from Uk and want to find out about the Podbean UK pricing, it only requires a currency conversion.

If you want to start with $9 per month, the system will need to convert $9 to Uk currency. No increase or decrees in the price.

That is all about the Podbean hosting plans. Now that you have chosen any plan and ready to host your podcast, here are simple step to publish your podcast on Podbean hosting platform.

Publishing Your Podcast Episode on Podbean

Publishing show includes uploading media files, setting episodes logos and writing episode description. With Podbean podcast hosting, you can bring your podcast to life in less than two minutes

Publish a Podcast Episode

Step 1: Create an account. You can start with free. Register for a free account here.

The Podbean podcast media hosting allows you to upload your audio or video files to your Podbean account, and handles storing and serving up all your media files to your listeners.

All the accounts come with an RSS feed that is used to share the content across the web such as iTunes Spotify and other podcast directories. After you uploaded new content, your RSS feed updates other lists accordingly.

Step 2: Click on setting to move to the general setting where you will need to fill other information such as uploading logo, channel title, channel category, channel keyword etc.

Step 3: Click on ”Publish” button to upload your episode

Step 4: Select the file to upload for your podcast. After uploading your episode; you will need to fill the title and write the description.

You can choose if the episode is free or premium.

Step 5: Click “Publish” to release the episode. You can also schedule or save it as a draft.

Now your show is life and people around the world can listen to it.

Watch the video to learn how to get started with Podbean hosting.

Podbean Pricing 2021: Conclusion

podbean pricing 2020

Here you come. You have all information about the Podbean hosting plans, and it is time to decide if the site is fit your business.

There is no doubt that Podbean is one of the best podcast hosting services to host your podcast. They have over 450,000 podcasters that host their show with them.

They provide all the necessary tools and features to start and host your show. You can even start with a free account to get started.

Another benefit of hosting your show with Podbean is that they help you monetize your podcast and generate income.

If you have already host your podcast somewhere, it is easy to migrate your episode into your Podbean account without losing anything.

Another podcast hosting that can be compared with Podbean is Buzzsprout. Buzzsprout hosting is another popular podcast hosting with compelling and advance features to host your show.

Hope the PodBean pricing 2021 review helps you and answer your question about the Podbean hosting plans.

Now that you understand what will cost you to host your podcast on Podbean, let look at some of its excellent features.

Some Amazing Features of Podbean

Podbean is an all-in-one podcasting platform where users can create professional podcasts in minutes without any knowledge or programming skills.

Not only that, everything is mobile-ready right from the beginning.

 Monetization Opportunities

One thing about Podbean is that it allows all users to monetize their content and make a profit from their episodes.

Podbean advertising sponsorship opportunities is the best place for podcasters and advertisers to meet through their Podcast Advertising Marketplace.

Their Premium podcast function enables all the uses to publish protected Premium content and get paid with recurring subscriptions or fees for a particular podcast.

For those who want to start making money opportunity through a podcast, this is the best place to start.

You get all the tools to create a podcast and monetize them without any additional tools to cost you more money.

Android and iPhone App

PodBean mobile app helps your audience access your podcast anytime, anywhere. All users can also record; publish right from the app on the go.


PodAds is a podcast advertising system with dynamic ad insertion. With PodAds, you only need to focus on producing your podcast and let PodAds insert ads as you specify, automatically starting ad campaigns for you.

The amazing thing about the Podads is that no set-up fees, no hassle and there is No revenue share. You keep all your revenue generates from advertising. They only charge a flat $1/CPM service fee.

In case you have any question concerning the Podbean pricing plans 2021, kindly let me know from your comment.

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