How To Improve Your Search Engine Rankings

How to improve your search engine rankings?



To improve your search engine rankings,there are many factors to be considered nowadays,some years back ranking your website on the first page of search engine was very easy and simple, in fact it is possible to create new website and rank high in Google in less than 30 days.

But now, do you think it is possible without any extra work?

There are many marketers there that are still know some ways to rank their sites in top search engine without go extra mile but the question is how do they achieved such great things?

How do you improve your search engine ranking of your website? How to increase your website rank on search engine without breaking the bank for SEO companies?

The answer is through simple search engine optimization and in-depth content, but almost all internet marketers known what we call SEO and yet they find it difficult to get their site rank high in search engine.

It may take you more time to improve your search engine rankings but if you follow the tips in this article,it will help you without any hard labour.

Well if you have been in that position or you are among those people then this information is for you as you are going to learn some important factors that determine where sites are ranked and how it can help you to optimize your site to be in first page of Google within short period.

To be frank climb the first page on Google is not so easy especially if you are on niche that is very competitive. You will learn some important factors that the search engine robot use in determining your ranking and how to position your site for maximum exposition in the present of top three search engine; Google, yahoo and ping.

        How To Improve Your Search Engine Rankings

Below are some tips on how to improve your search engine ranking on google.

1. Quality Content

No wonder why people use to say content is the king when it comes to SEO. Content on your website is the key factors for successful search engine optimization. Your content should provide valuable information on specific subjects relevant and related to your website. In addition, your content need be updated regularly.

Do you think it is enough to just put up a few contents on your site and then never add to it for one month? Adding content to your site should be a continuous process that will help your search engine rankings if done properly.

Length of the content is very important as Google has put weight on quality content that is very informative and has value to readers, written content that contains between 1000 to 2000 words will rank more on search engine that 500 t0 800 words of content. This is what I learnt from Neil Patel, the owner of

I have try his method and is work, so make sure your contents are up to 2500 to 4000 words with the information that  will make your visitors bookmark your site and come back later for more impressive content that add to their knowledge.

It’s also essential to avoid tricking search engines by flooding them with multiple versions of the same content or repeating the same content over and over by using software. Spinning articles will make your site look spamming in the presence of search engine and doing that will not help your rankings but can eventually lead to your website getting banned from the search engines.

Recently Google has place more emphases on quality content more than SEO,so to improve your search engine ranking without spend more time and money concentrate on quality not quantity content.

2. Link Popularity .Many people believed that link popularity is not as important as before, well to me I don’t agree with it because I have seen traffic coming to my site through link popularity.

link popularity Inbound links are still relevant and important for achieving high search engine rankings. Most of the search engines today such as Google and ping regard as one of the most considerable determinants of your site’s rankings.

Below are some of the best ways to get inbound links:

* Great Content – Great and quality content will not only help your rankings by itself, but it will also help you with your link popularity. Other webmasters who visits your site and find great information will want to link to your site because it is valuable to them and their own visitors.

Web 2.0–  Web 2.0 is a great way to improve your search engine ranking on google. It is the single most important sites to get quality backlinks that can transform your website SEO structure.

The backlinks gain from those sites are unbeatable and incredibly good for your niche site in terms of rank,search engine traffic and more.

Create unique articles, just 2 or 3 on these webs 2.0 with the anchor text link back to your site. The first web 2.0 site I would recommend would be Blogger, this would be used for the purpose of creating backlinks and inbound links to your Niche Blog. Create a page on each of the below web 2.0 with quality contents and links them to your niche site.

A link wheel is a set of 10 to 15 web 2.0 properties that link to your website while also linking from your site to each of the web2.0 creating a simple pattern or model. The chart below shows graphically what a link wheel looks like.

Improve Your Search Engine Rankings

Note: This method work very well in the sense that you will need to link back to these web 2.0 to make it work effectively.

This is a wonderful tactic most top internet marketers use to create powerful authority backlinks to their niche sites as it help to gain more value and help get their site rank higher..

                            On-page and Off- Page SEO

Other t things you should considered when doing SEO for your web site are the on-pages and the off-page SEO. Most of the on-page SEO that you need to consider are the following:

Title tag, Meta tags, heading tags, ALT tags and highlighting of the keyword using the bold tag, Italic and Underline. The Link text is an important off-site element or off-page SEO.

3.On-page SEO. On Page SEO is one of the best factors to consider if you want to rank in the first page of Google without sweating if done properly.

It simply means how you link your site pages to each other in other to make it easy for your visitors to navigate from one page to another. Many bloggers tend to ignore this and is one of the determinants if you want your site to rank very well in search engine. Here is what you need to do to get the best result when optimize your site.

 1) Title Tag and Meta Tags

Though presently the Meta tags are not nearly as important as before and are definitely not the only things the search engines look for when indexing your website, they are still some important factor in deciding the relevancy of the page for a keyword search.

Search engines only focus on the following: The Title Tag, Meta Keywords and the Meta Description tags that help them determine the relevance of a website for a particular search phrase.

Preferably the title tags should contain less than 64 characters with your keywords in them and need to be relevant to the content on the page. Avoid stuff keywords in the title tag of your post!

The Meta tag description should be a summary of the page and its contents. This Meta tag should be 160 characters or less and should contain keywords and phrases you are targeting. The description you provide for your page has to convince the visitors in order to click the link to your site. Many people failed in this area and loss traffic to their site.

Your Meta description should be CALL TO ACTION if you really want it to convert very well. If your site is number 1 in the first page of Google and your Meta description lack call to action and cannot convince your reader to visit your site there is tendency that site in the number 3 may gain more traffic if it has call to action that can trigger visitors to click the link and read what the whole content is all about.

Possibly the least of all Meta tag to search engines is the keyword tag. Nevertheless, it shouldn’t be ignored. This tag should contain important keywords and phrases within the body, title, and content of the page.

4. Bold, Italic and Underline Text

Bold, Italic and Underline text is given a little more weight than ordinary text but not as much as heading tags. Make sure you bold, Italic and underline your keyword within the content once as it help search engine what your content and keyword is all about. Bold, Italic and Underline your keyword is very important when it comes to on-page SEO,it will really help your page and site to rank very well in search engine.

 5. Alt Text .Many people are still ignoring the power of Alt Text. This is important when uploading image within your content or post. Image can increase the visibility of your site and make your content look professional .Make sure you fill the alt text with keyword you are targeting.

Off-page SEO:

 6. Link Building: Link building is one of the best ways to make your site rank in Google and other search engines and at the same time it is a difficult task to achieve if care is not taking. The best way to start your link building is to start from web 2.0; I have explained this before so you can go back and read it again.

There are some factors needed to consider when building links to your site and I will try to explain them one after the other.

Relevancy-It is very important to get link from relevant website i.e site that related to your own site or that are in the same niche. If your site is weigh loss niche you can only get link from website related to weight loss. Though in some cases I have seen many webmasters getting links from irrelevant site without being panelized by Google. For example you can get link from news site such as,, link from these sites may not have negative impact on your site.

Quality of Links not Number of Links.Years back Google ranked website base on the number of backlinks but the story has changed, I have seen site with 10 backlinks in the number 1 on first page of Google and site with more than 1000 backlinks in number 5 on Google. What this means is that the quality of link is more important than the number of links pointing to your site.

If you get links from the authority site, I mean site with quality contents, good traffic and rank very well in search engine, your website will gain more visibility and rank very fast than ordinary website with few contents without any social engagement.

Another important factor to consider when building links to your site is where is the site you want to link come from? You might be wondering what type of question is this or how does it related to the link building?

Google place more weight for website located in USA than site in china, Germany etc. For example if you get 20 backlinks from sites located in US and another person within the same niche has 100 backlinks from site located in china, this first will rank higher than the latter because of the location.

Well I cannot explain why this is happened but from what I learnt from link management; they explained from their findings that website getting backlinks from US sites are raked well than other country.

Following the above SEO will help you greatly to improve your search engine rankings. Remember that the search engines are advancing all the time and Google is changing their algorithm every time. Always avoid tricking search engines because in the long run they will catch on and that could mean the end of your site.

There are many other ways to improve your search engine ranking but the above methods count a lot when it come to search engine rankings.

If you stick to the basic techniques above  you will improve your search engine rankings without fear of being banned by Google and other search engines.

Thanks for taking your time to read this article, if you have anything to add to it please let us know from your comment and share your experience with others.

Oyundoyin Anthony is a blogger and an affiliate marketer that offers helpful contents to people who are looking for different products for their needs. He enjoys helping people to achieve success in their business.

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