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Affiliate Programs that Paying High Commission For Bloggers and Affiliates To Promote.

affiliate programs

If you are a blogger or affiliate marketer and want to increase your income, I suggest promoting high paying affiliate programs that pay high commissions.

This is one of the best ways to make 5 figures or more monthly. There are many affiliate products that can give you more than $1000 per sales.

This is one of the secrets of top affiliate marketers who are making 6 figures every month.

Why You Should Focus On High Paying Affiliate Programs?

The best affiliate programs are those programs that offer high-ticket products for affiliates to promote. These type of affiliate programs are programs that super affiliate marketers love to promote.

A common mistake and misunderstanding about high-ticket products is that it is very difficult to make a sale if the product is higher in price. Say $3499 for example.

But the truth is that such an opinion is totally wrong. Well, I was in the same shoe before, until I promoted a product called Amazing selling Machine .

The price of the product was $3499.Imaging, after writing the review of the product and posted it on my blog, I only promoted it using Pinterest and also to my list.

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After the Amazing Machine went live, I was thinking if I would be able to make a sale. But to prove the misconception of people about high ticket product, I was able to make TWO sales.

The two sales earn me $1750 with just little effort.

So, I’m telling you now that high ticket products is actually EASIER to sell even compared to low tickets products.

In addition, if your target is to make a 5 hundred thousand dollar this year, do you think selling low ticket can give you such a result?

If you are promoting products that give you a $25 commission, then how many sales you’ll need to make 500,000 dollars.

Let do simple calculation: 500,000/25=20,000.

Hmm, you’ll need to sell 20,000 copies of products to make 500,000.

But, what of if you are promoting a product that pay you $500 commission. How many copies you’ll need to sell?

Simple math, 500,000/500 =1000.

You only need to sell 1,000 copies in a year, which can be achieved.

On the other hand, if you’re promoting a product that earns you $1000 commission, you’ll only need to sell 500 to hit the 500,000.

If the products cost $2000 the number reduced to just 250.

For me, I’d rather focus on promoting high ticket affiliate programs compare to others.

Getting the desired result in most cases requires to learn from people who have achieved in affiliate marketing. One of the major obstacles most newbies even expert are facing is that they don’t want to invest their money to get result on time.

If you want to make the most from affiliate marketing, you need to invest money and time. During my journey in affiliate marketing, I’ve learned a lot.

I would like to introduce you to one of the best affiliate marketing training course, only if you are ready to take a step to build a multi-million dollar online business.

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Which Affiliate Programs Are Worth Promoting?

There are thousands of high paying affiliate program that claimed to be the best, but when you check them, you will discover that they are not worth promoting.

But, I have carried out a lot of research and find out those that worth promoting in different niches.

High Ticket Affiliate Programs

Interested in high ticket affiliate programs to double your affiliate earning? below is the list of high paying affiliate programs you can promote and start making more money.

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11 Travel Affiliate Programs for Travel Bloggers

If you are a travel blogger, I guess you are looking for best travel affiliate programs you can promote on your blog to increase affiliate earning.

I have selected high ticket affiliate programs you can promote as a travel blogger to monetize your blog. Check the link below to read the 11 travel high paying programs.

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ShareAsale affiliate Program

best affiliate programs

SareAsale is another well-known program where affiliate can promote products from different merchants. They have more than 3900 merchants and you can get access to different products to promote, ranging from digital product to physical products.

Affiliate receive commission based on sales. You can choose from more than 3,900 programs that allow you to earn commissions. Shareasale is one of the reliable and dependable resources for affiliate marketers.

Click here to register with ShareAsale now.

I will be adding more affiliate program. If you have a question, kindly let me know through your comment.

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There are also many ecommerce affiliate programs worth promoting such as Shopify, Amazon FBA training etc.

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