Profit Singularity Breakthrough Review [2023]Details & Pricing

profit singularity breakthrough review

Digital marketing is constantly changing, and what is making a difference now are the new strategies and tools and how to use them to maximize profits.

The new recent development that has caught many people’s attention is the Profit Singularity Breakthrough program 2023.

We think it is best to introduce this breakthrough to our readers.

In this Profit Singularity Breakthrough review, we will dig deep into the details of the breakthrough and how it can benefit beginners and experienced marketers who want to scale and maximize their profits.

The Profit Singularity Breakthrough reveals a new approach and a step-by-step training program that teaches anyone how to make passive income by promoting affiliate offers using video ads.

The Profit Singularity uses untapped traffic sources such as TikTok and others to drive more targeted traffic to their offer and double their commissions.

Profit Singularity Breakthrough students have used this process to generate thousands of dollars daily, even without prior experience.

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profit singularity breakthrough

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Profit Singularity Breakthrough Review: A Glance

  • Name: Profit Singularity Breakthrough
  • Creator: Gerry, Rob and Ling
  • Price: $2,497 or a 3-month payment of $997
  • Ready To Join? : Click here
  • Launch Date: Sept 5, 2023

What Is Profit Singularity Breakthrough?

Profit Singularity Breakthrough is a proven system for generating consistent and passive income through affiliate marketing using video ads.

The system leverages a highly successful strategy using AI and creates a path to success for beginners and experienced marketers, even without experience.

In addition, the Profit Singularity Breakthrough also ventured into other untapped traffic sources like TikTok to maximize profit.

What I like about the Profit Singularity Breakthrough system is that it provides all the tools and resources in the training section and ensures that everyone gets results.

Below are some of the tools for the breakthrough

  • Page Builder
  • Automated Scripts          
  • Pre-built landing page
  • Writing tool
  • AI video Tool
  • Plus, other resources to fast-track results.

Watch How Rayan make $80k Per Month.

rayan case stude

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Benefits of Profit Singularity Breakthrough

Untapped traffic sources. No one has ever revealed how to succeed with affiliate marketing through video ads.

Cutting-edge AI software to create high-converting video ads, text to videos, so you will not need to worry about wasting time on video ads.

A very reliable source of profit – You don’t need to worry about the ad account shutdowns.

Unlimited scale – Ability to scale your income from a single account from $5k, $10k, $30k, or $60k with your winning funnel

Access the Proven, repeatable system with winning templates to start from Day 1: videos, landing pages, offers, ad scripts, everything.

If you’re looking for the best training that teaches you how to build a profitable business leveraging affiliate marketing and video ads. In that case,

I recommend the profit singularity course by Chris Reader, Rob Jone, etc.

How Does Profit Singularity Breakthrough Work?

The Profit Singularity Breakthrough works in three main steps.

  • Step1: Choose a Hot Niche
  • Step 2: Find high-converting affiliate offers
  • Step3: Create a single web page
  • Step4: Create video ads
  • Step5: Place ads to drive traffic to the offer page
  • Step6: Identify winning ads and delete non-converting ad

What Makes Profit Singularity Breakthrough Unique?

The Chris Reader profit singularity course is an amazing program that has helped countless people generate income.

  • Proven results by previous affiliates and students
  • Reliable profit stream of income
  • Done for your resources
  • Scaling Opportunity
  • Access to untapped and targeted traffic that can convert into sales
  • Uses of AI tools to reduce work time and save a lot of money

Their previous Course – Overnight Freedom

The previous launch was Overnight Freedom, where they trained people to build a profitable affiliate marketing business using paid advertising to generate targeted traffic.

The Profit Singularity training is based on how to make money by :

  • Generating commissions by promoting low-ticket products
  • Making recurring commissions promoting recurring affiliate products
  • Earning high CPA commissions
  • Promoting high ticket offers and earning high commissions

The training will be a game-changer for many people who registered for the course. They will provide all the materials and tools to be successful in this business.

They’re among the top affiliate marketers, generating 7-figures in commissions.

If you’re looking For the best affiliate marketing training program, then this program will be the best option.

If you are ready to get the FINANCIAL and time freedom you’ve always wanted, try to join this training.

It is time to learn how to build a PASSIVE and SCALABLE income by listening to these THREE legends who want to share their secrets to help you profit from affiliate marketing.

Who Behind the Profit Singularity Program?

Rob Jones, Mark Ling and Gerry Cramer were the top affiliate marketers behind this upcoming training program.

They’re all practising what they teach, unlike other marketers who’re only creating courses to make money out of people without providing any valuable and useful materials.

Gerry Cramer

profit singularity

Gerry Cramer is a keynote speaker, mentor and successful internet entrepreneur.

Gerry launched his online career in 1999 as an SEO specialist. He became the ClickBank #1 affiliate and has generated millions of dollars through affiliate marketing by mastering paid advertising.

Gerry now coaches students from all over the world. He taught 8 of the 10 ClickBank super-affiliates and helped his students become financially independent and make like $30,000 in a single day.

Rob Jones

Rob Jones is a great marketer and well-known in the copywriter industry. He is also a top affiliate marketer, helping people make more commissions by promoting affiliate offers.

Now, you can imagine what you will learn from these legends.

Gerry and Jones have transformed many lives financially through their training program. This is another opportunity to join their program and learn from them.

Chris Reader

Chris Reader is another mentor in the Profit Singularity Breakthrough course. He has excellent experience when it comes to video ads and affiliate marketing.

Profit Singularity Breakthrough Pricing

Profit Singularity Breakthrough price is $2997 for a one-time payment, while the three payments are $997 per month.

Here is the breakdown.

One-time payment: $2997

Three-time price: $997 per month for three months.

Important: Watch Profit Singularity Breakthrough Case Studies Video

What Included In Profit Singularity System

Week 1:  Marketing Funnel

Week 2:   The Perfect Paid Ads

Week 3 – Setting up your Pre-sell Page

Week 4 – Piecing it all together

Week 5 – tracking, split testing & scaling

Week 6- Your business Assets: Ad Accounts & Credit Cards etc

Week 7 – Advanced Strategies and Tips

Week 8- More Advanced Strategies

Bonuses From Course Creators

You will access the Profit Singularity bonuses comprising software and training. Here are a few of the bonuses:

Software & tools
Pre-design landing pages
Image swipes files
Video Ad Maker Software
Weekly Q&A Calls
And more

Profit Singularity Review: Final Thought

Profit Singularity Breakthrough is an 8-week online program that anyone can follow to build a profitable business.

The system reveals how anyone can follow the same process in training, implement what they learned and start making passive income.

All Profit Singularity Breakthrough members get access to proven ad copy, pre-design landing pages, AI video tools and other resources they can use to start and grow their business.

If you want to learn more about the Profit Singularity Breakthrough program and how it works or want to join the online course, visit the official page.

There are many testimonies about the Chris Reader profit singularity program; you can be part of it when you join the training.

The people behind this program are well-known in affiliate marketing and have won several affiliate awards on Clickbank.

Profit Singularity Breakthrough has received positive reviews from members who have found success and satisfaction with the program, mainly for the resources and tools provided by the creators.

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Is profit singularity legit?

Yes, Profit singularity Breakthrough is legit. Many testimonies and student case studies of Chris Reader’s profit singularity training course exist.

Here are a few of the students’ case studies videos you can watch:  

Profit Singularity Breakthrough Bonus

I have a fantastic bonus package for those interested in joining the Profit Singularity training. All the bonuses will be relevant to the movement to help you fast-track your success.

It will not be PLR content that most people offer as a business that will not impact your business.

Bonus 1:Unlimited Email And Chat Support

You will get unlimited email and chat support from me. We can solve any issues you’re facing in your business.

Bonus 2: Ultimate Life Time Recurring Affiliate Programs

profit singularity bonus

This is a list of the high-ticket and recurring affiliate programs. It contains a list of 100 affiliate programs that will ease your work.

Bonus 3: Million Dollars Ad Swipe Library With White Label Right

profit singularity bonus

This is a list of TOP entrepreneurs’ 40 most converting Facebook ads so that you can study and model their actions.

Inside, you will see copies and creative ads of millionaires and top entrepreneurs like Peng Joon, Dan Henry, Russell Brunson and more.

Bonus 4: The Profit Email System

profit singularity bonus

How To Launch A Profitable Online Business With Nothing But Email Address

Bonus 5: YouTube Success Formula: Learn how to profit from YouTube and generate passive income.

Click the link below to ensure you get all the bonuses from me and those with the profit singularity ultra edition course.

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How To Clain Your Bonus

Step 1: Get your Profit Singularity Course through this LINK

Step 2: Send me your receipt to this email:, and I will reply within 24 hours.

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