Why Am I Not Making Money Online? Build Trust with Readers

Why Am I Not Making Money Online?


In today’s post, I am going to answer the questions that are bothering your mind: “Why I am not making money online”and “Why isn’t my website converting?”

Occasionally, somebody will take action but make no money. This can be very confusing and discouraging.

The reason most people are not making money or conversions is because they have fundamentally misunderstood how making money online works.

Why Am I Not Making Money Online?

I am going to show you what that misunderstanding is, and tell you the exact tools you should use to fix it.

You Need to Build a Relationship with your Readership

This is where most internet marketers got it wrong, they failed to build relationship with their readers and therefore when they recommend any product or offer to them, they take no action because there was no strong relationship, no trust.

They wrongly think that building a niche blog with regular blog posts related to the subject will make them money.

They put different types of banners on the website, hoping visitors will click on them.

Even if visitors click on banners, the traffic won’t convert well because the traffic is cold.

In other to make money, the blog needs to build a strong relationship with the readers so they will trust your recommendations.

The Easiest Way to Build Trust with Readers is through Email Marketing

Millionaire affiliate marketer Mark Ling taught me in AffiloJetpack that the simple method he use to double his income was by removing all the banners and replacing them with opt-in forms.

The best way to build a trust is through email marketing because people read their emails. When they receive regular, high-quality emails they like, they will happy to trust you.

Replace all banners with email newsletter opt-in forms. Use opt-in form plus freebies such as eBook to encourage people to sign up.

In AffiloJetpack training, Mark Ling offers you a 49-page eBook—“How to Make Super Affiliate Commissions”—to give as opt-in bait for Internet marketing websites.

When readers get more than what they expected, they build trust in you.

How to Write Emails that Build Trust

To build trust, readers need to feel like you care more about them and their business.

If you send too many hard-sell emails, readers will feel used. Hard-sell emails are written majorly to promote a product or offers—and do not provide high-quality content that they can use.

For every 1–3 hard-sell emails, send 3–5 soft-sell emails first. This builds a strong relationship.

Soft-sell emails are mainly high-quality articles emailed directly to them, with a brief product recommendation add at the beginning and end.

In AffiloJetpack membership, Mark Ling’s year-long email autoresponder sequences have 3–5 soft-sell emails for each 1–3 hard-sell emails he sent.

If visitors receive quality emails before they are offered affiliate product, then they will be less doubtful, as you have proved you know better about the niche.

Wrapping Up

If you are not making money chances are that you are not building relationship with your readers and that is why they refused to buy your recommended product.

There is need to provide quality content and offer a quality material in exchange of their email.

Provide information that can help them to grow their business, if they happy, they will ready to follow you and buy whatever you recommend for them

Want to making Money Online and build trust with readers?

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Building trust and strong relationship with your readers go long way in establishing your business,that is why many people keep on asking equation Why Am I Not Making Money Online?.

If you have any equation,kindly let me know.

Oyundoyin Anthony is a blogger and an affiliate marketer that offers helpful contents to people who are looking for different products for their needs. He enjoys helping people to achieve success in their business.

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