How To Use Google adwords Conversion Tracking Code

Google adwords conversion tracking code is very simple but need some skills and techniques if you don’t want to waste your money when advertise on Google. The important to taking your business to Google is to make awareness about what your business really about, sell to those who visit your site or collect their email address and promote your business or services.

Why Google adwords Conversion Tracking Code?

Advertise on Google is not as difficult as many people think but you need to determine the amount you want to spend compare to how much you can make through your campaign. That is why it is very important to track the visitors who visit your website and know those that perform action by sign up, buying or purchase, download and so on.

Google adwords Conversion tracking code will help you determine the keywords that convert very well and those that are just wasting your money. Before you place your ads on Google it is very important to perform keyword research and know what people are searching for relate to your business.

This article is not based on how you can place your ads on Google adword, it will only explains how you can track your conversion in order to eliminate those keyword that failed to convert and left with ones that can increase your RIO.

The first step is to configure your conversion tracking on Google Adword account.

google adwords conversion tracking code


Click on red conversion, it will take you to where to configure your tracking code, then type the name of the ad you want to track which called conversion name, then select webpage as seen below.

google adwords conversion tracking code

Click save and continue you will see another pop up where you are to select the conversion value for your Google adwords conversion tracking code.

google adwords conversion tracking code

There are three options there but it depend on you, if the purpose of the ads is for the visitor to buy your product you may consider  option 2 which may require another setting apart from tracking code. For the purpose of this article I choose the first option.

Enter the amount you want to pay for each conversion, you can start from 0.5 if you are promote a good offer that can give you RIO, So determine amount you want to pay for each  conversions.

In most cases it depend on your niche and how it is competitive ,if it is high competitive niche you may be ask to increase the amount otherwise your ad may not show or start, so take time to check your campaign to know what Google require you to pay before your ad start run.

Another interesting things is that you can select the type of conversion you want from the count, see image below. The next is how many days do you want to track your ad it all depend on you, just make sure you test all the campaign to know the one give you high click conversion rate.

Once you are have set everything here, click continue and select I make changes to the code under who make the changes to the code on your website, click done.

Below is a sample of the conversion code to place on your website. Copy the code and place it between the <head>and</head>   of the header of your theme through theme editor.

google adwords conversion tracking code

After you have set up Conversion Tracking, it is very important to check if your tacking code is properly placed on your site and ensure that is working.

To do that, Make sure you placed the conversion code on your conversion page. It may be tank you page or confirmation page, and then you can then verify the code in a simple way.

How to Confirming and Verifying Google Adwords Conversion Tracking Code

After you have install conversion tracking code on your site, you can now confirm that the code is on the correct page and verify your code on your page. There are many ways to do that but I will stick with the simplest one in order to confuse you and to avoid any mistakes.

Check your Google Adwords conversion tracking Code

Step 1.Go to the site on which you are tracking conversions and visit the conversion confirmation page or similar. The page customers see after they have completed a conversion -let say, a “thank you page’’ after they  sign up or make a purchase .

Step2. Check the tracking source code for the page. This depends on browser you are using but I will take Google Chrome to explain the process. In Google Chrome, click View, then click Developer, then View Source, in some cases you only see View source you can also right-click to choose View Page Source. These steps will be different in other browsers as I said earlier.

To do it open your thank you page or related on Google browser, at the right hands side place your cursor on Google chrome badge ,a pop up will show, move your cursor down and place it on tool, then click on view source .

google adwords conversion tracking code

The html code will appear, now look for the Google conversion code. If the tracking code was successfully placed, you’ll see a comment tag that looks like this: <! — Google Code for {Action name} Conversion Page –>. The {Action name} should be the name you entered earlier in the field “Action name.”

google adwords conversion tracking code

Note: If the tracking code isn’t on the page, that shows the conversion tracking code was not properly place on the website, you will need to go through the conversion tracking setup process again and add the code. You may need to go through the conversion tracking setup process and add the code.

                                 Verifying Google Adwords Conversion Tracking Code

There are four options for verifying the conversion tracking after your code is set up correctly. But I will explain two out of the four since they are the best to use and the other options require you to click on your ad, and you will be charged for the click.

(I)                 Use Tag Assistant

Using Tag Assistant is one of the best way to verified Google conversion tracking code,it is  a free Chrome Extension that will automatically checks Google code snippets on any website  page in real time. It will show you the tags and errors found in your tracking and also help you resolve the problem, and make suggestions for conversion tracking improvements, including updates to old codes.

If you prefer this method then  Download and install Tag Assistant via the Google Chrome Store or visit the Tag Assistant Help Center for more information.

(ii) Wait for a Conversion to Occur

This is another method to verify your conversion tracking code. If you discovered that a click on your Google  AdWords ad resulted in a conversion, and you know the click occurred after you activated conversion tracking code, you need to  wait for the conversion to appear in your AdWords account.

This will help you to determine the keywords that lead to conversion and those that failed to convert, after it appear on your Adwords  account make  sure you remove those that have high click rate with low conversion in order to waste money.

You can learn more about setting up the conversion tracking code here.

I hope this post help you,If you have any question kindly ask from comment .




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