Top 10 Tips To Set Up A Facebook Page For Business

Creating Facebook Page for business is very important,so If you have not decided to create a Facebook Page for business, you are losing traffic and money.Facebook has been one of the major may to promote your business with or without any cost.Creating Facebook page for business has help many business owner to attract more customer and increase their sales and their business  also improving everyday.

Still wondering exactly how to get your Page started and running right way?

Facebook continues and will continue to change and improve you business by making it a moving target for people and business owners who trying to find the correct steps to set up a powerful Facebook fan Page. But never panic—you will get all the critical pieces that you need to put in place to start your Facebook Page today without experience any difficulty.

To set up your Facebook Page for business, just follow these steps:

Step1: Log into Facebook

Login to your Facebook account and profile but if you do not have a personal profile, do that first at Even if you don’t want a personal profile, it is highly recommend that you create one rather than just creating a “business” Facebook Page only because of the limitations you will run into.

After logged into your personal account, we are going to start creating your Business Page. Your Business Page will be “tied” to your Facebook personal profile, but they are separate completely. People cannot see your personal information from your Facebook Page. No one can even see the name of the administrator of the Page.

Step 2: Create a Page After Logged in as Your Profile

Go to Play around and take a look at the main categories of the Pages and decide which one suite your business. Click on one of the boxes to select that main category for your business and go through the categories in the drop-down menus to see which one fits best.

NOTE: You can also create you page without login to your account if you want to use different Facebook account. Just go to and start creating your business page.

                 FaceBook Page For Business    There are two given two options. The first option is an “Official Page” and the second option is a Community page.If you want to be creating a Facebook Page for business for or a brand then you should be creating an “Official Page”.

Also, if you are going to be targeting a niche market then I would suggest creating a community page. therefore, for the purposes of this example is to create a business page

 Step 3: Select Best Category For Your Business from the Drop-down Menu and Name Your Page

The categories are not always perfect, but for the most part, they aren’t critical. Categories is only important for local businesses page as they are more visible in Facebook’s Graph Search,. But the categories aren’t as important for other Pages currently such as business and brand products.

FaceBook Page For Business

Name Your Page

The name of your Page is very important and it will be whatever you insert into the box just under the Category menu. Take more time to think about your Page name carefully. If you have a clear brand name for your business, then the choice is easy.But if you are newbie or just starting out, you may need not have the clear way to name your Facebook Page for business .For example if you business name of the name of your website is Breast Enhancement, you can name it as breast enhancement tips or guide. Having keywords in your business Page title can be a good idea as it can help you boost the SEO of your Facebook business page because the keywords assist your Page to come up in Facebook search.Word limit of 70 characters for your Page name, so be careful when naming you page.

Facebook also insists on capitalizing the first word of the Page name and you cannot create the Page with unusual capitalizations such as “BloggingPro.” You can petition to have your name changed if this is the official name of your business, but you will have to create the Page initially without the unconventional capitalization.

You can change your Page name when you have 200 likes (or fans), so if you are not sure about how to name  Facebook page for business at the start, don’t be worried,you can still change it latter.

You must agree to Facebook terms by checking “I agree to Facebook Pages Terms” and click Get Started. You are about to great your page and taken through some steps that will help you add your cover photo.Your About information and etc. The first step is to add your cover and profile picture.

Step 4: Add Your Profile Picture To Facebook Business Page

Profile picture is very important and tell people what you Facebook business page all about. Profile picture is the image that appears next to all post that goes into the news feed from your Facebook Page. The ideal size for a cover photo is around pixels by 180 pixels, you can also use larger picture with different dimensions. You can adjust the viewable portion of the profile picture by hand your mouse over the photo and clicking Edit Profile Picture and then Edit Thumbnail.

FaceBook Page For Business

After you have your profile photo added to your page, click Next and you will be taken to a place to add your About information.

Step 5: Fill Your About Information

The About Page is very important as it tells people what your page all about. It has several large sections that talk about your brilliant business. The About Page is always indexed in Google, so describe it using your keyword; it will help people to find your page when searching Facebook or Google.

The basic About information will only contain 155 characters, so write it clearly as it will appear on your timeline just under your cover photo.

It is very important to link your ‘’about page’’ to your website is in this field, so people can easily find your website since this field is so important. You want to add your website address into the website field as shown in the image. You can also add other social site links that you want to direct people to such as Twitter or other social sites by clicking on the Add Another Site link.

FaceBook Page For Business

Make sure you check the Yes button to represent your page as a real business and then click on Save Info. Well done, you have now created your Business Page! There are still a few things you need to do. After completed step 5, Facebook will take you through a series of steps automatically. Let now move to the next step where we are going to discourse about how to get more people to like your page

Step 6: Like Your Own Page

Facebook take you to like your own Page, which is a good idea and you may be the first person to like your page tough it isn’t required.

Step 7: Share your information such as Image, post and photo

Facebook will prompt you to where to share your first status update. Again, you can decide to do this now or skip it and do it later. It is a advisable to have many status updates on your timeline before you start inviting friend and people to like your business Page so they can see the types of things you are going to publish and be sharing on your page.

Step 8: Add your Cover Photo

To make your Facebook page for business completes, you must add a good cover photo. Your cover photo should not more than 399 pixels wide (most standard photos are fine) and it works best if it is sized between 855 pixels wide by 316 pixels high. If you are using standard photo, you will need to position it to fit in the space, though some area of the photo at the top or bottom will be hidden.

As of December 7th, according to Facebook’s Cover Photo terms state that the cover photo cannot include more than 20% text. Also some of the old restrictions such no call to action, no websites addresses have been totally removed. So you can include your website address and tell people to Like your page right in the cover photo.

Once you have a cover photo that meets Facebook guidelines, add your cover by clicking on the Add a Cover button and then select Upload Photo. Choose the photo from your computer, and position it on your Page the way you want it to show and click Save Changes, you are done.

9: Add to Your About Page To Your Facebook Business Page

The next thing is to add your About page information. You should include more information on your About Page, since it give you a chance for you to talk about what your company can offer or do for others. Just click the Edit Page and Update info menu selections from your admin panel at the top of your Page. See image below

FaceBook Page For Business


To update your About Page, click on Update Info selection.

About page play major roles about your Facebook page as you can state all the benefits and good thing about your company and how it can benefit people, also don’t forget to include you website URL on you About page for people to find your site..

The About Page varies depending on the category you choose and you can change categories from this area as well. If you select local business, as your category, you will need to map on your About Page with the address of your business.


Add to your About Page.

Step10: Change Your Permissions

To change your permission simply go into Edit Page, then Manage Permissions from the admin panel and make sure you assess how your permissions are set up. In general, they are set up decently for a new Page, but you may want to change the Profanity Blocklist,it depend on you.You can change it to Medium at least and you may want to change your Message button.

The message button is set by default, which means your visitors can send your messages which are ok in my own view, at the same time you also have to make sure you monitor and watch for messages there. Make sure you are not overwhelmed by massage. It is very important to ensure that you are making it easy for people to contact you in a different way.

Review your permissions.

Now, your Facebook page for business is mainly ready to go out into the world and ready to get likes. Now it is time to get some likes on your Page!

There are more things you can do to your Page such as add Applications, learn more about getting into the news feed and Facebook advertising which will discourse later. But for now, congratulation your Facebook business Page is ready and up and running!

If you have any question about how to create Facebook page for business, please let us know in the comment section so we can help you out. Are you still waiting? Take a step today and you will see your page running tomorrow.


Oyundoyin Anthony is a blogger and an affiliate marketer that offers helpful contents to people who are looking for different products for their needs. He enjoys helping people to achieve success in their business.

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