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The Billion Dollar Amazon Business Model Nearly Everyone Overlooks

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What Is The Wholesale Formula Program?

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The Wholesale Formula is a complete Amazon wholesale course that teaches how to start an Amazon FBA wholesales business model with little investment and build a massively profitable Business.

The training was designed to help people leverage big brands through wholesale’s power to replicate what’s already working on Amazon efficiently.

Wholesale is a low-risk Amazon business model. It requires sellers to find established products ( brand name products), buy them in bulk from the manufacturer, and resell them on Amazon for a higher price.

With wholesale, you don’t need to waste time dealing with suppliers. Also, it does not require launching new brand products on Amazon.



6 modules of step-by-step video training showing you the exact methods to build, automate and grow your Amazon business.

Product Analysis

Next you’ll learn how to effectively and efficiently analyze Amazon products to determine their profit potential to see if they’re the right fit for your business.

Value Propositions

Stand out and make yourself irresistible to brands to significantly increase your account approvals! Your Amazon expertise will help turn your partnered brands into raving fans.

Resource Vault

“The Vault” is where we lock up all of the good stuff that isn’t one of the TWF core concepts. It’s filled with the supporting lessons that you may (or may not) need while going through the course.


This newest course created by Dan & Dylan of The Wholesale Formula will teach you exactly how to think like a business owner (including how to scale and automate your business).


For your first 60 days in the program, TWF has hired experts of their formula to coach you through their training program in regular live video coaching sessions. Each coach is a 6-or-7 figure Amazon seller using The Wholesale Formula in their own business.


Master our proprietary scouting methods of Black Box Scouting, Amazon Filtering, and Super Targeting. You will use these techniques to find the best wholesale product opportunities quickly!


Discover the exact systems we use to contact brand owners, open wholesale accounts, and negotiate lower prices. Accurately forecast sales to place accurate initial orders and reorders, ensuring you never miss a sale.


Email templates to contact Brand Owners, Communication templates, as well as access to checklists, spreadsheets, and other fill-in-the-blank tools & resources.


Even after all their success and experience with Amazon, TWF is still learning new ways to grow and improve, and love nothing more than sharing those new insights with you.

The Wholesale Formula Price

The Wholesale Formula price is $2,997 for a one-time payment. And you can also pay an instalment payment of $874 for 4 Months.

And you have a 30-day money-back guarantee if you’re unsatisfied with the program.

The Wholesale Formula is the premier training program for starting and continually growing a business on Amazon.com. Since 2015, the online program has taught over 7,00 students worldwide how to sell on Amazon using the unique reverse sourcing wholesale business model.

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