How To Find a Good Solo Ads Provider With High Quality Services

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Maybe you’ve been searching how to make REAL money online and have read about Solo Ads.  You’re probably wondering what a Solo Ad is and what it can do for you. You may even have considered investing your money in it.  Here are some hints and tips you can use to find good solo ads provider with high quality services to make sure you succeed with Solo Ads.

But first, let us discuss what solo ads are.

What is Solo Ads?

Solo Ads is a very popular and effective way of paying someone with a large list of subscribers to send an email to advertise your product or service.  This method of internet marketing will help you to get many leads.

It is important to get the audience’s attention on your offers, so make sure the list you choose to advertise on should match your offers.

Things to consider when looking for a good Solo Ads Provider:

Search for a good, trustworthy Solo Ad Provider – This can be done on a lot of different websites.  You can search for reviews on Solo Ad Providers at Warrior Forum.  You can search in Google for your niche then Solo Ads. Look for solo ad providers that have established their lists with product sales, joint venture deals and paid advertising.

A lot of dishonest sellers are preying on people selling solo’s since it’s an easy business to get into. You should carefully screen each provider by checking the solo advertising groups on Facebook and also on the warrior forum. It’s really easy to find the honest solo advertising providers there from the testimonials given.

 Avoid low quality Solo Ad Provider – This can be done by contacting the Solo Ad Provider. Give them your name and email swipe with your affiliate link.  Discuss to them about your offer or advertisement.  Try to build your relationship with each other by contacting them and asking them questions.

If they answer your questions without hesitation and they also take the initiative to clear things up, you can say that it is a sign of a good Solo Ad Vendor.  If they engage in the conversation they will want to help you with your promotion and give their list and offer of value.

If the Solo Ad Vendor does not respond to you, then this is an indication that they don’t want to work with that person. Many times when people purchase solo advertising from cheap sellers they end up with an auto-responder filled with poor leads that doesn’t actually buy anything.

Once you find a good Solo Ad Provider and start making money from it, initiate autopilot – You can launch this to run again and again in order to get the quality leads and sales going in on autopilot.

How to differentiate profitable ones from not? not?

Here are four questions you can ask from every provider before you consider buying from them and want to know if they can provide

Question 1: Can I buy a solo ad from you?

Question 2: What average results can you guarantee?

Question 3: What is your average email optin rate for similar offers as mine?

Question4: How much is your solo ad?

You can always negotiate with these people. They are independent marketers and business owners, independent publishers so you should always negotiate with them  the price on the solo ad.

When looking for a solo ad you must consider if the provider just wants your money or are they a real business. Here’s the reason why. Serious solo ad providers constantly have new email leads being sent to their sales channels daily.

So in other words they have new, responsive email leads. When you find a suitable solo provider you can buy from them monthly at a considerable discount without having to worry about dead leads.

A good sign of a professional solo ad provider is in the follow-up. The top providers will tell you if your solo is complete and show the results. They will also offer advice on how you can improve your sales channel. You usually won’t hear from the bad providers unless you initiate contact. And some really bad providers won’t email your offer at all. So pay attention after your solo advertisement has been sent and see how they treat you.

Always remember that not every list owner has a good list. It is important to do a background check on the quality of list. You can also do research by asking around the forums or Facebook groups.. You will most likely encounter a person who has an experience using them in the past and will be able to give you his or her opinion.

Stay away from cheap solo ad providers and stick with the reputable providers that will build your email list fast and get you responsive leads.

Looking and buying a good solo ad is not that different from any other form of online advertising. The bottom line is it’s all about conversions. They are confirmed to be a high source of leads but you still have to know the results of your sales funnel.

Make sure you know what you’re doing first before purchasing a big order. Test and track everything until you get used to it at which time you will be making your email list with solo ads for free.

Having a good auto-responder service is the basis of any email marketing campaign. Most people that sell solo ads have a few auto-responder accounts. Mainly because they can send more clicks this way and in case if one goes down they will have a backup. Before you sign up with any email service, you have to know what their policy is with importing leads, monthly cost for storage and deliverability.

Many people who purchase low quality Solo Ads get scammed. Avoid being one of those people. Try to follow the guidelines shown above and the probability of success will be a lot higher.  Be keen and cautious when using Solo Ads. It can be a great method of marketing when done correctly.

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Oyundoyin Anthony is a blogger and an affiliate marketer that offers helpful contents to people who are looking for different products for their needs. He enjoys helping people to achieve success in their business.

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