Prezentar Review & DEMO 2024: Presentations & Video Tool

In this honest Prezentar review, I’ll reveal the truth about this Prezentar so you can decide if it’s worth the money and suitable for you.

If you’ve tried creating professional presentations for webinars, courses, tutorials, VSLs, YouTube videos, and other purposes, you’ve probably tried PowerPoint, Prezi, and possibly a few presentation tools.

But most of these tools are challenging to master, too expensive or don’t help you create the kinds of presentations that grab attention and get people to take action.

Prezentar is a new presentation tool that claims to be the best cloud-based app; it allows you to create professional presentations quickly without monthly fees like PowerPoint and Prezi.

So, will Prezentar replace PowerPoint and allow you to create presentations for webinars, videos, and other types of content?

Yes, it will replace those tools and save you money.

Prezentar Review And Overview

  • Product Name: Prezentar
  • Creator: Adeel Chowdhry,
  • Price: $47
  • Official Website: Click Here

What is Prezentar?

Prezentar review

Prezentar software allows you to create modern, niche presentations without steep learning curves or design skills.

You log in, select a template, modify the design, and then share it with the rest of the world.

With the tool, you can convert any slide or presentation into a VIDEO or Export it as PDF or HTML.)

The tool has powerful features, and you will never have to spend hours figuring out how to use it!

It has many unique templates with a massive media library that blows Microsoft away.

Furthermore, if you’ve used PowerPoint, you’ll know how dated their templates appear, especially if you’re attempting to create a modern template for marketers and entrepreneurs.

Their templates are fantastic, and you get access to 15 niche design categories, including finance, sports, marketing,  health, languages, food, hobbies, and many more.

Most beautiful designs, colour palettes, overall concepts and thousands of modern graphics, animations, icons, and images are at your fingertips, ready to insert into your presentations with a single click.

Prezentar is a tool for DIYers who want to create powerful, engaging, and persuasive presentations without hiring freelancers or spending a fortune on design software they don’t need.

There are no monthly fees, and the upfront cost is so low that I wonder if they’re losing money during their launch.

Who Created Prezentar?

 Prezentar REVIEW 2023

Adeel Chowdhry, the man behind several million-dollar software launches and a proper marketing veteran with ten years of experience, is the brains behind Prezentar.

What difference does it make?

If the product was designed by someone with a proven track record for delivering results for his customers, I’m more eager to try out their latest tool!

Sqribble and Pixel Studio FX, two of his products, have sold tens of thousands of copies worldwide. Prezentar is poised to be the next big smash hit.

The Features and the Breakdown

  • Ten customizable templates
  • Custom branding
  • Simple drag-and-drop editor
  • 10+ Text & Image effects
  • 1000+ Stock images
  • 150+ HD Slide backgrounds
  • interactive Animations
  • Audio & Music Studio
  • Save your projects in the cloud
  • Image crop tool
  • Social media sharing
  • It has a built-in audio recorder, music studio and editor
  • Export to HTM, Video and PDF
  • Commercial License
  • Agency website
  • And more

For under $100, you have a lot of presentation firepower.

Some of these graphics and templates alone might cost $200 or more.

One thing is sure: Prezentar is jam-packed with value.

Who is Prezentar intended for?

Prezentar is designed for the busy marketer or small business owner looking for a quick and low-cost way to create outstanding professional presentations without steep learning curves.

It’s for people like you who want to grab a beautiful template, drag and drop things around, and turn it into a video to gain more customers and grow their online business.

It’s for people who need professional presentations quickly and don’t want to pay large upfront or monthly fees.

Prezentar can be used to create presentations for the following purposes:

  • Webinars
  • Demonstrations
  • Content Videos
  • Video Sales Letters (VSLs)
  • YouTube videos
  • Video courses (Udemy, etc.)
  • Tutorials
  • Meeting OR Classrooms
  • Facebook videos
  • Landing page videos
  • Seminar

What is the price of Prezentar?

The regular price is $197, but the special launch price is a low one-time fee of $47.

Are there any upsells available?

There are five upsells in Prezentar. But I recommend one or two because they’ll be helpful depending on your business. (Plus, they’re only available for a limited time, making it even more enticing.)

The Upsells are:

Presentar Professional

Prezentar Professional will grant you access to 150 additional templates, slides, graphics, icons, features, animations, and more!

It also includes a fantastic Video Sales Letter creator that is “locked/hidden” until you upgrade.

This individual product built into Prezentar allows you to create visually appealing video sales letters that convert exceptionally well.

It enables you to create any video sales letter to convert up to 10% higher than standard sales pages.

A ‘text to slide’ generator inside allows you to paste your script and instantly convert it into slides.

You can then record your voice directly from the dashboard, add music, and edit it without any software or plugins.

It is highly recommended.

Prezentar XFACTOR (monthly templates)

This gives you $1,500 worth of new, modern presentation templates, graphics, slide backgrounds, and icons every month for an entire year for one low price (no recurring charges).

Excellent for keeping your presentations fresh and attracting attention from month to month (perfect for agencies and other high-usage marketers).

Because you get templates loaded into your dashboard every month for a whole year for a small one-time fee, it works out to the price of a Starbucks. 

Prezentar HALO ( 4-in-1 software suite)

This upgrade is a monster.

You will receive four powerful apps to help you leverage your presentations to get more traffic and double your sales.

They are as follows:

APP for creating flipbooks. This is an incredible tool for converting your presentations into interactive flipbooks, which are now popular!

APP for 3D Rotating Carousels. A design app that displays your presentation and other content in a spinning carousel that grabs attention and engages people.

APP for Hypnotic Transitions: A collection of presentation slide transitions that will keep your audience engaged and move them through your slides to your sales pitch!

APP HD Background Skins: A collection of cool video player backgrounds will draw attention to your video and increase views, leads, and sales.

Prezentar’s Auto Job Finder

Because Prezentar comes with a commercial license, this upgrade is a great way to make money while still using the software for your business.

If you use Prezentar to create presentations as a service to get paid, you’ll need Prezentar’s Auto Job Finder.

It will find new jobs and clients for you from various freelance sites and notify you so that you can fulfil them.

It is a time and money saver. Some clients will pay you up to $2,000 to design and create presentations!

Prezentar Agency Edition

The Prezentar agency allows you to create presentations faster. And with this edition, you can start your agency or expand your current one.

Add 25 team members to your account to maximize productivity and get more clients and revenue. If you work hard, you can earn six to seven figures with the Agency edition.

Prezentar Pros and Cons

What I like about this software

My Prezentar Review will not be completed without sharing the pros and cons of the product.

I mentioned earlier that Prezentar might be too simple for some people, but that’s what I like about it!

It is a simple yet effective presentation tool.

Select a niche template, drag and drop elements, insert or remove elements, and then tap to publish.

  • There are no steep learning curves.
  • There’s no need for Google for assistance.
  • Oh, and there’s no need to download software because it’s entirely cloud-based.

If you’re short on time and need to create modern presentations for your courses, webinars, tutorials, sales videos, and other projects from anywhere in the world, Prezentar is the right tool.

What I Don’t Like

The product has up to 5 upsells.

Although the upsells are not compulsory, 2 to 3 should be the maximum. But if you find any of them useful for your business, there is nothing wrong with them.

Prezentar Review 2024: Conclusion

Prezentar software is for busy marketers, entrepreneurs, bloggers, coaching and creators who want to get the job done quickly without having to deal with steep learning curves or getting lost in a slew of features they don’t need or won’t use.

You can create engaging presentations quickly with point-and-click templates, a massive media library, and a super simple drag-and-drop design editor.

You can also record audio, export your presentations to video or PDF, and share them online.

It saves you money to hire freelancers and no monthly fees.

It also includes a commercial license and an agency website, allowing you to make money by creative presentation and videos as a service!

It is a presentation tool you can TRUST, and from our research, the software will compete with other tools like PowerPoint in the future.

If you’re looking for a proven tool and not just hyper that makes false claims, this tested software is what you need to create and design high-converting presentations and videos to grow your online business.

I hope the Prezentar Review help you to decide if the software is right for your business. This is an opportunity to grab this software if you need slides, presentations or videos for your product and services.

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