October 2017 Income Report-How I Made $12,846 In October

October 2017 Income Report: How I Made $12,846 In October.

October 2017 Income Report

I would like to share my income for the month of October with you, though I don’t feel like publishing my income every month but it a good  idea to let people know my income any time I feel to share  my success and at the same time failure in my blogging journey.

I have read a lot of income reports of some bloggers and affiliate marketers, so I decided to write my income for the month of October.

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If you have not start your own blog, this is the best time for you. I wrote an in-depth article on how to start a blog step by step in less than 5 minutes, click here to read it.

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My traffic has increased starting from the September mostly pinterest traffic after I implement what I learnt from pinterest automation.

Most of my blog traffic are from pinterest and Google. If you are not getting enough traffic from pinterest, I strongly advise you to invest in pinterest strategies.

I share my pinterest tips in one of my blog post, you can read it here.

What I did last month.

I promoted two high ticket products, Zero UP and Amazing selling Machine. If you are affiliate, I recommend promoting high tickets offer that can give you at least $500 per commission.

This is one of the secrets of top affiliate marketers. Most of them are making from 5 to 6 figure during launch. Promoting low tickets can give you result but high ticket products can significantly double your income compare to low offers.

If you are looking for high ticket offers to promote, check one of my post where I listed 32 high ticket affiliate programs you can join and promote their products.

If you want to increase your traffic through Google, it is advisable to write quality content and include low keywords that can easily rank on search engines such as Google, Bing etc.

Long tail keyword is the best keyword tools as at the present. It will help you to find low hanging long tail keywords with low competition.

Click here to check long tail keyword

Alternatively, you can use SemRuch tool which has both free and paid, SemRuch is a powerful tool when it comes to SEO and most top marketers are making use of it.

October Income

  • Google Adsense =$32
  • Media,net=$45.5
  • Zero Up=$1,765
  • ASM8=10,998
  • Kindle EBook=$5.5

Both Zero up and Amazing selling machine (ASM8) were lunched on October.The zero up cost around $1,300 while ASM8 price was $3,997 for one payment while 5 payament plan was $997.

Zeru up: 2 sales plus two upsell.

ASM8: 9 sales two cancelled and left with 7 sales.5 paid for one time plan which is $3997 while 2 chooses 5 payment plan.

What I did to increase my sales during lunch.

Promoting high tickets is not a science, it is just like promoting low offer but you need to be able to convince your readers and show them proof before they can take out their credit card to purchase the product.

I promote the offer to my list.

Building the list of subscribers is one of the best ways to build solid online business. You have heard the word ‘’there is money in the list’’.

There are many tools over there you can use to get started. If you don’t have subscribers yet, it is not too late, you can start today.

Here are the list of best auto-response you can use to start your list building.

Getresponse( Claim your 30 days free trial now)

Convertkit (Claim your 30 days free trial )

Writing product review

This is an effective way to promote high offers. Most people would like to learn more about the product and see proof before they take step. Product review help the readers to know what is product is all about and know how it can help them in their business.

This is not only applicable to high ticket products,it is a game changer for affiliate to get more sales during and after lunch. People search for review of any product they want to buy, and if they find your review useful,you will make more commissions.

Read: How to write product review like pro.

Promote through social media, mostly Pinterest and Facebook.

Social media is a great place to drive traffic to your blog. I only use Pinterest and Facebook to drive traffic to my blog, but most traffic came from pinterest. I have spent a lot of time to study how pinterest work and I’m glad the result is amazing.

What I want To Do to increase my Income this year.

Well. This year almost end but at the same time there are lot of room for improvement. I want to take more time and work hard on email marketing.

Email marketing has been an instrument to build a solid online business. Most top marketer s are making thousands of dollars every month from their list, no wonder why they spend more hours and focus more on list building. It is time for me to wake up and follow their footsteps.

Also, I want to start my free email marketing training where newbies can learn step by step guide on how to build 1000 subscriber in 30 days.

If you are new to blogging or you have not been making money from your blog, don’t worry,it is a matter of time,you only need to learn what is working and put more efforts.

People are making 5 to 6 figure per month were also in your show before, so don’t be discourage,keep the hard work up and you will soon see the result that will make you feel like professional. Success does’t come overnight, always be inspired.

That is it for now, may be I will be sharing more income regularly if I think it worth it.

If you enjoying this report, let me know what you think from your comment.

Oyundoyin Anthony is a blogger and an affiliate marketer that offers helpful contents to people who are looking for different products for their needs. He enjoys helping people to achieve success in their business.

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