The Loci Cycle Review [2023] Is The Loci Cycle Legit?

Loci Cycle Review Thanks for checking the Loci Cycle Review by Chris Munch and Jay Cruiz.

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The Loci Cycle promise to help you to build a REAL, hands-off business by driving a constant flow of targeted buyer traffic to any product or offer you wish to promote,

It also works with the wholesale formula course. And it automatically converts those visitors into buyers so you can get paid repeatedly without an email list, a product of your own, or paid ads, even if you’re a complete beginner.

Loci Cycle Free Workshop

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The Chris Munch and Jay Cruiz Loci Cycle program will help you empower your business with content marketing and excellent AI-powered software tools to automate most of your business to generate $2,079 per week and scale it up.

The Loci Cycle Review: An Overview

Name: The Loci Cycle

Creator: Chris Munch and Jay Cruiz.

Price: $3,495 OR $995 x 4 split payment

Official Website: Click here

What Is The Loci Cycle?

The Loci cycle is a software and 12 weeks training program that will empower your business to create and distribute content for your brand quickly and easily to build, stack and scale your profits to $2,079 per week.

It is the most powerful way to attract more traffic, leads, and sales for your online and local business. The program teaches you to archive top organic search results for the keyword you want to rank for with the loci cycle and ampifire.

The Loci Cycle is the only Automated Content Marketing Software that’s specifically designed for any online business such as affiliate marketing, consultant, dropshipping and eCommerce businesses.

The Loci Cycle training program includes a step-by-step video course to help you master content marketing even if you don’t have any experience. Take the first and most crucial step on your journey to make over 2k plus per week in profit-living life by your design

Who Is Chris Munch and Jay Cruiz

Chris Munch started his first online business in 2006 and generated over 200,000 sales online, built an 8-figure SaaS platform from the ground up doing what he teaches.

Chris Munch is a digital marketer and a successful entrepreneur. He is a founder of a popular press releasing distribution company, Press Cable and an l automated software, AMPLFIRE and the popular affiliate platform, MunchEye.

Jay Cruiz

Jay Cruiz got tired of the “rat race” and quit his job in 2013 to start his own business Joined forces with Chris in 2015 and grew sales by 350% in record time

You might be wondering, who they are, so let me very quickly give you a bit of background.

Jay is an entrepreneur and a co-founder of the press Cable and Amplifier. He is a successful marketer with a wealth of experience.

Both Chris and Jay have launched many successful online training programs with outstanding results and generated 7 figures in their online business..

They have over 15 years of combined experience and trained thousands of success stories.

They both joined together to release this amazing training, The Loci Cycle course is going to rock the world.

And as you will see, they have done incredibly powerfully with an extreme level of automation

How The Loci Cycle System Works

The Loci Cycle system will empower any dropshipping and eCommerce brand, local business, marketing agency and entrepreneur to easily create and distribute content for their brand, products and services.

It features A.I powered automated content marketing software and video training course. The training course will teach all users how to create stackable, scalable profits and become their boss.

The system works in three steps

Step #1: Choose Proven Offer Step #2: Deploy Your Loci Step #3 Activate The AI, Traffic Tool

 Step #1: Choose Proven Offer

So first of all, you need something to sell, right? However, you do NOT need to create your product. Instead, you will be promoting someone else’s offer that is already PROVEN to sell and get a commission for each sale you generate.

You will get step-by-step training to learn exactly how to do this and which proven offers to promote. For example, the secret crypto offers you can make commissions from cryptocurrency WITHOUT investing in coins or risking your capital. Once you’ve chosen an offer, you need to proceed to step 2.

Step #2 is to Deploy Your Loci Farm

Step two is straightforward; there are already authorities sites designed to pre-sell the offer you are promoting. It is fast and easy to set up using a copy-and-paste template, and they are also structured in a precise way, so no extra skill is needed.

This is the same method Chris used to sell over 200,000 products online, so he knows exactly what works and what doesn’t works

Step #3 Activate The A.I Traffic Tool

Once you have chosen an offer to promote and deployed your Loci Farm, it’s time to turn on Amp traffic. This Loci process spreads your ad all across the Internet in multiple formats, generating traffic from over 200 of the world’s biggest and most trusted websites.

Does the process sound like a lot of work, don’t worry. In the presentation, they will demonstrate their secret software in action that automates this entire process. Now that you understand the whole process.

If you want to use video to drive more customers, you can check Prezentar software to learn more.

The Loci Cycle and Ampifire

If you have not heard about ampifire business, it is a content-making company that helps small and local businesses increase their sales and 10x their profits. People like the Ampifire because it increases visibility and grows your online business with content marketing.

With this feature, you don’t need to spend any money on ads; the ampifire will do all the work and distribute your content to more than 200 top websites in the world. Combining strategic content and the right placements will drive prospects and customers to your product and service.

With Ampifire, you can create unique content and place it in over 400+ quality placements across FIVE different media types to drive thousands of targeted traffic to your business and brand.

But how do you make money with this system?

You connect products and offers with the right people who are looking for them.

In the training section, you will access the resource and provide you with their copy-and-paste Loci Farm template without requiring any technical skill or experience to set up. But the question is,

how many Loci Farms do you need?

If done correctly, each Loci Farm you build has the potential to drive steady sales. It’s impossible to know exactly how much profit each Loci Farm will generate until you turn on the traffic.

For example, let say you have just 5 Loci Farms up and running, and each one makes a few sales per day. Some sites will be more profitable than others, but this is more than realistic.

Overall, if you have just 5 profitable Loci Farms and each farm is making a few dollars per day — adding up to a total of $297 per day — you will be on track to hit six figures.

Then you rinse, repeat, and scale to the level you desire.

The more campaigns you do, the more money you will make. Chris and Jay have developed a foolproof strategy for identifying hidden “cash cow” offers you can promote that are virtually guaranteed to convert. Over 5000 loci farming opportunities are waiting for you in an exploding new future niche.

The Results of the Loci Cycle Program

In case you doubt the program, here are some of the results of the beta tester. They use the THREE-step system to FARM over 2k per week profits with almost ZERO completions In any niche using an automation tool.

NOTE: The results are not typical, and this is not a get RICH quick. It requires work and effort to earn money. They use only the THREE steps method plus an automated traffic tool to achieve their results from the low competition.

What is Included In The Loci Cycle Program?

The Loci Cycle Masterclass

The first thing you will get access to is The Loci Cycle Masterclass. This is a 12-week training program that will guide you through the step-by-step training you need to build, stack and scale your profits to $2,079 per week.

By the time you complete the training program, you can expect to hit your income goals.

Then you rinse, repeat, and scale. The Best thing is that there’s ZERO guesswork. The websites, the offers, and the traffic are ALL 100% done for you. All you need to do is to follow the training, get familiar with the process, put in the effort, and let your Loci Farms generate income.

The Loci teams will also be handing you the keys to the A.I. traffic platform they have built that automates the entire process.

Ampifire Software

The second thing you will get is the AmpiFire software. The Ampifire Software is the world’s first and only amplification engine that attracts buyers to your Loci Farms through the power of content amplification.

Chris and Jay have spent more than $1 million in the past five years designing this Ampifire software to automate traffic generation in their own business. And the software is not available to the public, but you will be given exclusive access to this when you join The Loci Cycle without paying any setup fee.

Ampifire Credit: Ultimate Pack

The AmpiFire software is powered by credits, and each credit allows you to create and publish one campaign. You can use these campaigns to promote any product or offer in any niche.

They usually charge $497 per credit, but they give you 12 credits for FREE when you join The Loci Cycle. This is enough credits to run one campaign per month for an entire year, so the traffic is taken care of.

Copy and Paste Loci Farm Mini-Sites

All loci users will get their copy-and-paste Loci Farm template for promoting any product or offer. And they will show you in the training section exactly how to set it all up step by step, without any technical skill Best of all, you won’t do it alone because they’re also giving you 12 months of email coaching.

12 months of the Email Coaching program

You will also get detailed support from Chris’s team of in-house experts fully trained in The Loci Cycle system. Every student has a dedicated coach to get unlimited email support for an entire year, so you can get answer your questions.

Your coach will support and guide you throughout the process and pull out all the steps to make sure you succeed.

Private Mastermind Access

There are over 10,000 people in this group with huge success. And they are ready to help YOU succeed as well. The only way you can get access to this group is through Loci Cycle programs.

The mastermind group is worth $97 per month, so $1,164 for lifetime access is more than a fair estimate. The total value of this training package is $30,838. But obviously, they are not going to charge you thirty grand, so don’t worry.

All That You Will Get Remember, just one campaign generated over $12k in a year for Adam. And you’re getting credits to run 12 campaigns.

So you can see that this would be a GREAT deal if you took action today. You can get started today for only $3,497 or four easy payments of $995. And that’s what it’s going to take to create this kind of impact with excellent results.

Loci Cycle Special Bonuses

NOTE: These bonuses are only for the first 50 people who join the program

  • 90-day challenge
  • 6 Figure Case Studies
  • One-on-one coaching call
  • Crypto Loci Farm Mini site builder
  • Loci Cycle live VIP Admission

Check My Personal Loci Cycle Bonus

Does Loci Cycle work for any business?

Yes, you can use the loci cycle to promote any of the following businesses.

This is an opportunity to take your business to the next level. Many people lose their job while many companies close down during the pandemic,  but online businesses succeed and increase their profits.

 The Loci Cyle Review: Pros and Cons


  • It is a proven business model with a lot of opportunities
  • It allows you to generate profit with CRYPTO without the need to buy a coin or risk your money
  • The traffic problem is solved. You get access to A.I can generate targeted traffic to your offers.
  • Access to a group of people who are ready to help you with any questions concerning your business.
  • The system is straightforward to clone with little efforts
  • Access to the 12 free credits to promote your offers


  • The price is a bit expensive,$3,495, and not everyone will be able to afford it.
  • It is not a get-rich system
  • It requires putting more effort into the system

The Loci Cycle Review: Conclusion

I like the Loci Cycle because anyone can clone their unique system, generate more than 2k per week, and scale it up even without prior experience.

You will get access to Ampifire 2.0  software and other free targeted traffic sources they have developed without spending money on Google and Facebook ads. Not only that, access to the exact formula to find a high-converting product or offer with ZERO to low competition.

The entire business can be set up and run in 2-4 hours per week without building a website, paying for ads, or requiring any inventory.

I hope The Loci Cycle review answers your question and helps you to decide if the training is for you or not.

The Loci Cycle Review: FAQ

What Type of Niches Can You Promote With Loci Cycle?

You can promote any business you can think of. It works with both physical and digital products. They don’t rely on bestselling or hot products like others, so they have their criteria to find niches and products that generate consistent income with low competition.

Does It Require High Budget To Get Started?

No, it does not require any budget to get started. Like other business models where you will need to spend an amount of money on paid ads. Don’t forget; you will get 12 free credits when you join the training to run 12 campaigns in 12 months.

Also, you can check my Doodle maker tool to create a doodle video for your online business. Also, you may check the number of video views to make money on YouTube.

Disclaimer: I receive a small commission when you buy through the link from this Loci Cycle review at no cost to you.

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