The old School Links Building That Works-2016 And Beyond

The old School Links Building That Works-2016 And Beyond


By now you already know that the best way to move your website to the top of search engines mostly Google is to build high quality backlinks. Most of the top ten sites have decent and quality content and good on page SEO but the most important aspect is the backlinks which keep them on the first page of Google.

Google give more weight to back-links more than SEO and contents when it comes to ranking, links building is very important if you really want your site in the top 10 of the first page of search engines,

But the only problem most bloggers face is how to find authoritative sites that might be interested in linking to your website or how to get quality backlinks from authority site that can give values to the SEO of your site.

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Well consider yourself very lucky because today I am going to share some of my absolute TOP sources with you.

There are many ways by which you can get backlinks and I am sure you have read hundreds of articles on link building but no matter what you have read, you will still going to get more information about links building that will help you to achieved your goals and improve your site ranking.

Old school Links Building that still work

1. Directory Domination

You may be surprise that I mentioned directory , people believed that this  method is old school when it comes to SEO and submitting link to directory is no longer have values. If you remember Google deindexed some of the free directories in 2012 but the question is why Google did so if link from those directories has no impact on SEO?

With my experience links from most of these directories can still perform wonder and increase your backlinks if done properly. I have tried most of these directories and they more value to my site,it is very easy to get high PR links from those directories because of their aged domain for free.

Below are some of the directories to consider submitting to:

Sites web directory

Su much

Directory world

All the websites




Uk internet directory

Adnan Khan wrote the list of directories from PR 0 to PR7.You can read more, another place to get the list of free and paid directories is strongest links , it contains list of directories where you can submit you link.

2. Edu Resource Backlinks

Everybody knows that .edu backlinks are powerful and can quickly skyrocket you site ranking, the real game changer. The major problem when it comes to edu backlinks is that is not so easy to get even for average SEO and seem very difficult for newbies.

As people think but fortunately not so difficult if you have professional looking site that add value to the visitors and readers. You can easily get links if you know your way, here is how:

Here is the trick, most universities have resource pages or blog where they link to websites that are helpful and provide valuable information to their students and faculty.

Let assume that you have website of finance or artwork. You could get a link from the example above ( by emailing those sites and show them your helpful resource.

To get the list of edu sites perfume the search using Google with the following search string. “your keyword”

If you keyword is artwork, then your search will look like this, site: edu artwork, you got it. See more below: “your keyword” + inurl:links “your keyword” + “resources” “your keyword” + “other sites”

Note that only 5-12% of them will actually post your link, yes not too bad, but keep in mind that one or two of these links can make a HUGE difference in the SERPs.

3. Blog Aggregators

Submitting your site to blog aggregators is another way to get natural backlinks that Google will love and avoid panda, the Google animal that can derank you site if you disobey its rules.

One of the benefits of submitting your website to blog aggregators is that you can get a dofollow links for free. Below are the three easy steps:

  • Submit your website
  • Add a special HTML code to your website in order to confirm that you are the owner of the site
  • Wait for someone from the aggregator to check or take a look at your site if it meet their rule.

If they approve it you’ll have your own page on all the blog aggregators with a dofollow link to your site.

Moreover, one of the most important blog aggregators is Technorati which is a must, below are some other blog aggregators to submit your website to: (PR7) (PR2)

4. Submit Your Site to Feedback Sites

Another great way to get backlinks is through feedback websites and well as feedback of your sites layout and conversion potential. Most of the sites allow dofollow links back to your website.

Most of so called SEO gurus are not using this method so it is very necessary to make use of this opportunity.

All what is required is to submit your site with a description of how you want to improve it.

Here are some Website Feedback Sites that you can use:

5. Submit to Audio Sharing Sites

Only few SEOs are using audio sharing site to get backlinks which is CRAZY because they’re ridiculously easy to get backlinks from. What surprise me is that most of these audio sharing sites are PR powerhouses that can easily move your website in SERPs, so you only need 2 to three minutes to submit on each of the audio sharing sites mention below. Here is how:

Create a piece of audio (preferably music) and upload it to these sites, which give you a nice dofollow link in exchange:

It does not necessary to be a musician before you can create just two minutes song; you can create song on anything related to your site and upload it. You can quickly do this on your Laptop without any problem just make sure it is a little it clear and audible.

What make this method simple and easy to do is that they don’t usually screen by people so you don’t have to worry much about audible. When uploading your music, you will need to describe your music such as title and description, make sure you insert your keywords but do not over use it.

Just record something related to your site, upload it, and grab your authority links. And see your site jumping from bottom to the top on Google.  (PR4) (PR6)  (PR7) (PR5)  (PR5)

6. Get link From Scoop It

There are many benefits of using Scoop It  apart from getting backling, it can increase your website traffic. Using scoop it is absolute favorite ways of building backlinks with a few minutes of work.

Scoop It is essentially a site where people aggregate their favorite content around the web into a magazine format.

Many people personal Scoop It pages are PR2 or higher.

It is very simple to get people to post your stuff ,it only take you few minutes all you need to do is use Scoop It’s built in suggestion feature.

Here is how to get best from scoop it, search for a high PR Scoop It page and hit “suggest”.

Links building

Then send the person a quick message and let them know about your content.

In most cases about 45-50% accepts within a day –meaning dozens of authority backlinks to your site in about 15 minutes of “work”. Very easy

Other site similar to scoop it :

7.Get link from Image Directories

Another best ways to get quality backlinks is to use Image directories. Image directories are very powerful when it comes to authoritative backlinks. And unlike image sharing sites like Flick,Pinterest, these sites allow followed links.

There are many ways to get your image done either inform of icons, clip art or vectors, the basic process is almost the same.

The first thing to do is to get  Hot Topic, note that all image directories screen the submission in order to prevent spam but it doesn’t mean you cannot get it done if you submit the image that their users are really hunt for.

Let assume that you want to create your image such as Icon, check what type of icon people download most, in my own opinion, it looks like icons related to technology; mobile and social media perform well on in most cases. It’s probably best to make an icon set based around this in order to get the best result.

Below are some other image directories to submit your images to:

ICON  /  (PR2) (PR5)  (PR6)  (PR4)  (PR6)  (PR7)  (PR6)

           Clipart (PR5)  (PR7)  (PR7)

Publish And Distribute Quality Link Bait Content

The word “link bait” means articles, videos, infographics and other types of content that use creative and powerful titles and subjects in order to grab the attention and gain backlinks. For example, a website in the marketing industry could publish a post titled “101 Ways to market Your Product” – This type of topic is bound to generate excitement amongst its audience members.

Below is a few example of link bait formulas you can follow include:

List posts, as in the example above

Interviews experts within the industry or niche

Create a controversial content that stand out within a popular topic

Resource roundup articles

Create a content related to the questions people ask within the industry

Following this link bait formula is not enough to guarantee the creation of links or getting links back to your website.  If the content lack qualities or add no value to your readers, it simply not going to gain attraction from your audience.

It is very important to create exceptionally high quality content that are sure to gain word-of-mouth interest that leads to natural backlinks.

Let me expand it a little bit more in order to get my point clear. Before you create your content, look or search for content within your niche that has most share, look at how the publisher wrote and prepare the article such as points, examples, illustrations, reference etc.

Create related or similar article, don’t copy write your own unique article, for example if the  content is ‘’37 Ways To Get 5,000 Traffic To Your Site In Less Than 30 Days Without Spend A Penny’’. You can do your research and create a content that explains ‘’45 Ways or 60 Ways To Get 5,000 Traffic To Your Site In Less Than 30 Days Without Spend A Penny’’

Hope you got it? The best way to get the most share content on web is to use

Links building

From the image above, you can see that most sharing content are content with list, use this site to find content that relate to your niche. Enter the topic or domain to get the most share content. For example I type flat belly diet and click search, see the above result I got.

Create a better content and increase the list, for example, the first content is ‘’6 drinks that shrinks your belly’’ in your own case you can create a 17 drinks that shrinks your belly. What make it get more shares? Quality content, images etc. Make sure you content is even better.

Big lists like that have a VERY high perceived value…which means people are more likely to share them. Now that you have your clearly superior and quality content in hand, it’s time move onto the content promotion.

Remember that no matter what type of content you produce or created it can’t promote itself. How would people know that there is a good content for them to read?

How to Convince Visitor to Link to Your Content

The simplest way is to email people that already linked to the content that you based your content off of. Does that sound difficult? There are many tools that can do the job for you both paid and free, below are list of some of them. Majestic SEO or Open Site Explorer are all work pretty well.
links building

List of Back-links checkers

Front Page

Next, send email to your people who linking to the old content and let them know about your new piece of superior content. Not everybody will reply to your email but if you can get at least 10% it really worth it.

Now it is your turn, how are you link building backlinks to rank your site?

If you have any question don’t be hesitate to ask from the comment.

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Oyundoyin Anthony is a blogger and an affiliate marketer that offers helpful contents to people who are looking for different products for their needs. He enjoys helping people to achieve success in their business.

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